Jon Huntsman, a thoughtful rational man, finally had enough of Mitt Romney’s attack on his patriotism. Check out this this exchange during today’s MSNBC’s debate.

The “US v. THEM” mentality leading our country downhill at warp speed needs to change. Compromise has become a dirty word, but the country will never rise again unless we learn to listen and see what can be worked through as Americans first.

  • Anonymous

    Huntsman won that round.  It’s too bad that he doesn’t have a ground organization that would allow him to: (1) win the nomination, and (2) with the Presidency.  Whether one wants to admit it or not, Romney has the best chance of beating Obama.  And in the final analysis, that’s what counts.  In the race for the White House, there are not points for second place.

    • Tricia

      If he gets some traction he can get a ground troup and mega-$ together in a hurry.  After this debate he picked up over $100,000 in just a day.  Big stil-unaffiliated Republican money is yet to be dispersed trying to figure out where to place their bets.

  • Anonymous

    It seems unlikely to me that a thoughtful, rational man would have dissed a whole state,

    “Iowa picks corn, New Hampshire picks presidents.

    Those words seem more like an arrogant man to me. I’ve had enough of arrogance with the current resident of the Oval Office thank you very much. But that’s just me. Huntsman struck me as arrogant from the gitgo, his remark confirmed my opinion. Even if not arrogant it was incredibly stupid.

    • Guest

      He should stop making jokes (but, hey, none of us are perfect) and then credit Sununu who as Governor of the state could get away with being the originator of that remark.   

    • Pat Racimora

      KenoshaM–We’ve been here before.  The man should not make jokes.  It’s not what he is good at.  Yet there is a grain of truth–The Iowa GOP does not always pick Presidents.  NH has a better (though not perfect either) record.

      • Scottymac54

        I think maybe Barky has ruined our comfort level and sense of humor for these kinds of remarks.

        The problem is, that during the last campaign, Obama, Michelle, and even their campaign staff would routinely pepper their public comments with these sorts of attitudes, that reek of elitism.

        And, that time, you realized that they MEANT IT.

        Obama-mania was at its apex at the time and, as a Democrat, you really were not allowed to denounce them for it, or even question it as a foolish political tactic, that was unnecessarily hurtful and divisive.

        I think that what Huntsman did not appreciate, was that he was going to be judged carefully and scrutinized, just because he did serve in Barky’s administration, and we’d expected him to show a bit more sensitivity to that sort of thing.  It’s puzzling, because that side of him doesn’t fit with his quiet, intelligent, thoughtful image.

        When Huntsman made that comment, it particularly rankled, because it demonstrated to some of us that a key part of Obama’s failure to connect with the public and build enough confidence to rebuild the nation, was that superior, look-down-your-nose-at-us mentality Barky showed so many of us he had.

        Most of us here recognized it instantly and really did call the party to task for it, but we were ridiculed and scorned as discriminatory and guilty of manufacturing outrage, and that was a key reason for the political schism that followed.

      • Anonymous

        Yes we’ve been here before. He said it, he owns it. A joke? Not a very funny one. I’m simply offering my opinion of him as a thoughtful – rational man.

        Had it been Romney who said it I wonder what the reaction would have been. 

        My opinion of him was all ready that he was arrogant. His offhand dismissal of the good people of Iowa as hicks confirmed my opinion.  My opinion, that’s all.

  • Anonymous

    Huntsman is right. This is getting completely insane. Anyone who is a Republican who works in any way with any Democrat is going to be shunned and ostracized forever for this disloyalty. Do they think this is going to attract the Independents?

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree.  As much as I loathe O, I still feel that by working UNDER him and FOR our country was not a bad thing.  If you have a talent–his ability to speak Chinese–you must use it for something you believe is right.

      There are a few Dems here in Colorado I would work for in a heartbeat.  We need to meet in the center somehow.

      • Tricia

        I don’t think Obama wanted to screw us with a bad China policy. And, according to Huntsman, his relationship with Obama was remote.  Obama was lucky to get someone who understood the culture and could try to keep things cool. Our China relationship is VERY complicated.

        • Scottymac54

          “And, according to Huntsman, his relationship with Obama was remote…”

          I don’t think that’s just a campaign bite.  Barky seems to have remote relationships with everyone in his administration, except for maybe a dozen insiders.

          Certainly he is no Bill Clinton, who, by all accounts, spent long hours, yakking on the phone, building relationships and consensus. 

  • Matthew J. Weaver

    Huntsman is not going to hurt Romney any more than Paul will.  I think the potential of Romney, Paul, and Huntsman taking 1, 2, and 3 in New Hampshire is definitely worth looking forward to.  Think about it, two Mormons and a true conservative, albiet liberatarian.  Talk about shaking up the anti-Romney crowd, especially real RINO conservatives so vocal on Red State and Free Republic…


    This article was very interesting. Even people outside the US are talking about the money raised for campaigns and the effect on the election by it.

    • Jrterrier

      did they just wake up from a deep sleep.  Obama waived out of public financing during the 2008 elections so he could spend as much as he could.  and from an absolute sense, I believe the amount spent so far was paltry by 2008 standards, for example. 

      there was just a perfect storm against gingrich.  he does have baggage; he responded angrily and reminded everyone of his flaws; the ads were effective because they focused on issues that are simple and on everyone’s minds (crony capitalism and its effect on the economy — gingrich was paid $1.3 million from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, he explained it away by claiming that he was paid for being a historian; when he was speaker, there was an ethics investigation at the end of which he paid $300,000; gingrich had no money to respond; he put his foot in his mouth several times unrelated to any ads (attack on judiciary; equating his failure to qualify for VA primary with Pearl Harbor; he peaked with sufficient time to get hit but not enough time to respond (had he peaked when santorum did, he would have won).  

      money actually played a less prominent part this time around.  because of the number of debates, a lot of people were able to stay in the race without spending much including romney, santorum, huntsman, and bachman.  because of the debates, perry’s money didn’t insulate him from himself. 

      • Jrterrier

        i meant to say gingrich (not romney) was able to stay in the race and become prominent because of the debates even though he had little money.

  • Anonymous

    OT: Tebow was on the attack as well. He threw for 316 yards – including a long TD pass in OT to beat the Steelers. Even Elway was cheering.

    • Kata Kimbe

      I don’t know football and don’t care… but I like this because of all the haters.

    • Anonymous


      Since I live in the Denver area, I can’t help but be excited, though I’ve never really followed professional football.  There was a time in Denver when people actually painted their houses that awful orange and trimmed in Bronco blue–or the other way around. 

      I don’t follow football, but I do follow Tebow.  They have been doing stories all week about the little boy from Florida who came to Denver to be able to meet Tebow, who took time to visit with the young boy who is dying of cancer.  The reporters all remarked at how sincere and thoughtful Tebow was during the meeting.

      • FormerLiberal

        Being a KC Chiefs fan I hate the Denver Broncos. But having said that, I can’t help but admire Tebow and wish him and his career well.

    • Anonymous

      Take that Bill Maher you POS!

      • Anonymous

        right on.

  • jbjd

    I just want to point out, the media sponsoring this debate set a 5% poling threshold, + or -. (Also, only registered R’s are polled, and not Unaffiliated.) Perry never polled as high as 3%; Roemer did. Yet Roemer was out; Perry was in.

    Just because the candidate is here on stage does not mean, s/he cannot win the primary. Unless you let the MSM get away with choosing your President; again.

    Even the Wall Street Journal is reporting, this is unfair.

    You can make calls to NH to remind the voters, Roemer is a candidate. You can be one of the thousands recently checking in, via Twitter, etc., to let the candidate know, you agree, buying an election is unAmerican. You can donate to his campaign.

    • Tricia

      I understand Buddy is a good guy–but I still like Huntsman best.

  • Jrterrier

    your intro, “John Huntsman, a thoughtful rational man,” suggests that he is the only one.  I think that Romney is a thoughtful rational man.  And frankly, I believe this is the first time that Romney attacked him in this fashion after weeks of Hunstmas yipping at Romney.
    your desire for huntsman to do well reminds me of the 2008 DEM primaries, when Hillary would be brilliant in debate after debate and then if Obama had one good line, all everyone focused on was on that one line.   

  • Dorinda

    Huntsman looked like the solid, patriotic adult while making Romney appear as a very small-minded and petty person.  The moment was fleeting and won’t be noted unless one goes back to the video, but during Huntsman statements, Romney had a very strange, fixed smile on his face.  Didn’t seem as though it was anything to grin about.

    • Anonymous

      Mitt looked particularly nervous IMO because Huntsman 
      mentioned he had two son’s serving in the military. Even the Romney slime machine knows never to go there.

  • Scottymac54

    Wow.  I don’t know how most independents would react to Huntsman’s statement, but I do think they will not like Romney’s reply to it.

    • Kata Kimbe

      This Independent did not mind the answer because he did call Obama a remarkable leader.  He can’t be for Obama and then against him at the same time. I think Huntsman has run an amateur campaign and is not ready to come and play.  He should have shown as much interest in it as he was serving for Obama.  I liked him last year when the rumors were starting about a potential run… but he has just sucked getting his message out.

      • Pat Racimora

        His name recognition (lack thereof) has been a problem for him as well as money  I agree thta he could have run a better campaign–some things he has done well, others not so much. 

        • Kata Kimbe

          I think this campaign could be something to build on, because he does have experience and a more conservative record than many know.  However, he needs to prostitute himself like the rest to get the money… or ask his dad.  Neither is great… but it is the system we have.  I could see him run again with better name recognition.  He just has to dial up the energy and charisma.  After all, if Paul can do it…

        • Anonymous

          There are multiple reasons, including failures to capitalize on obvious opportunities. But the biggest obstacle by far was raised by right wing pundits and commentators who triggered a smear campaign of the candidate virtually from the outset because they too couldn’t get past the Obama appointment or liberal media support to do due diligence on the real conservatism in his record. Negligence that unfortunately launched a vicious cycle of misinformation and mistrust feeding into deepening suspicions on both extremes of the ideological divide. That it has come to candidates roughing up each other by appealing to rank ignorance and jingoism in a debate should be a defining moment of the primary campaign. Americans really are looking I think for a person who will rally the people to a cause, to restore this country to greatness

          • Jrterrier

            it’s really interesting how people believe their preferred candidate is not given a fair shake when often objectively that is not true.  contrary to you, what i have perceived is that he has gotten a lot of good coverage; has been included in debates even when his poll numbers were negligible (compare johnson and roemer).  red state came out against romney and for him several months ago. 

            • Anonymous

              There was one debate in which Jon undershot the numbers but was still included from what I recall. 

              Endorsed by RS ? I guess you mean backed off a month or two ago from trashing the Huntsman candidacy to hell as “disgusting,” “unseemly,” and “traitorous” (a la Ted Kennedy to the Russians.) He is now largely ignored there and has been from the beginning on most right wing blogs and talk radio. The haters that have somewhat, but not entirely come around, include Erickson, George Will, HotAir, FreeRepublic and others. 

              The campaign has been awarded decent coverage in terms of Fox and CNN interviews but gets routinely dropped in terms of on air mentions after the appearance. Either out of simple forgetfulness or an agenda to minimize Obama’s toughest competition. So left out of routine ‘buzz’ and ‘chatter’ between anchors, viewers could easily be forgiven for assuming he was no longer in contention.

    • Andysf

      I guess the conservative are the only one voting for president. The rest of us can just all sit home.

      • Scottymac54

        Yes, they are saying little to nothing, that is tailored to sway Democrats, independents, or moderates.

        “Oh, you have to wait until the general, for the candidates to SWING to the center….”

        Sorry, GOP, but that’s years too late, with so much at stake, and so little quality up on the meat rack.

        And, come to think of it, there’s never been any sort of public acknowledgment from the Republican Party itself, for the massive efforts disaffected Hillary supporters made for McCain, on behalf of this nation.

        There are so many segments of the population, that neither of these dinosaur behometh parties and their apparatchiks don’t even try to establish dialogue with, thinking everyone votes as monolithically as our government/media complex happily portrays, in their averaged polls and generalized, lazy-minded analyses.

        I don’t know what to do about this, but I admit it, you are right.