Conservatives claim to believe that the power of government should be limited when it comes to personal privacy. At least that is what I believe. Conservatives bristle justifiably at the intrusion of TSA agents groping one’s crotch at an airport security checkpoint.

So here comes Virginia with a new law requiring a woman who wants to get an abortion to undergo a sonogram:

The Virginia state legislature has introduced a bill requiring women get a sonogram before they get an abortion. It must be given by an MD at least two hours before the procedure — not one of the “nurses” employed by the abortion clinic — and the woman must be given the opportunity to see the ultrasound image and hear the heartbeat.

She is not required to do either, but the option must be made available to her. Pro-abortion advocates immediately flew into attack mode, because heaven forbid anything be done to ensure women get the correct medical information before having an abortion! Hysterics over any attempt to curtail abortions are nothing new, and this time they’ve come up with a rather… interesting argument. Ultrasounds equal rape!

Well, is it rape?

Leave it to Jon Stewart to answer that question:

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Punanny State – Virginia’s Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill
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Yes, if the State can force you to spread your legs and insert a foreign object against your will, that is rape. While I can understand the desire of pro-life advocates to ensure women have all information about the fetus before choosing to abort one, the State has no goddamned business imposing this kind of procedure on any woman.

Your thoughts?

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