Just when I was content in my new identity as an Independent I read an article that suggests that I am no such thing. I am instead a “swing” voter. Whatever the hell that is. Cause to tell you the truth, even in my younger days; I wasn’t a “swinger.”

Evidently some of those who are so much smarter than you and me, or at least believe that they are, have decided that most Independent Voters are tethered to one party or the other. Or they “lean” in one direction.

One of those smart fellers is Ruy Teixeira, an American Political Scientist. He is co-author of the book “The Emerging Democratic Majority” wherein he declares that the Democrats are destined to be the majority party in the early 21st Century. He wrote the book in 2002 so perhaps he couldn’t see past very early in the 21st Century to 2010.

I tend to ignore pundidiots from either party that proclaim that one party or the other is going to be dominant. No sooner does one party be given all the marbles than they overstep and the voters slap them down. For all the talk about the stupidity of the voters they always seem to know when it’s time to pull the plug on the power-crazed party in power.

Soon after the “other” party gains/regains power and makes the same mistake and becomes the “new” arrogant and power-crazed party. See a pattern here? As in politicians too damn stupid to learn? There seems to be something in the air inWashington D.C. that brings out the arrogant in politicians. Brings it out a lot!

I confess that I tend to “lean” towards the Republicans at this point in time. That’s not because I actually “like” most Republican Politicians but because in the here and now I find most of them slightly less repulsive than the Dems.  Slightly.

I decided during the Democratic Primary of 2008 that I didn’t much like Democrats any more. I decided that I didn’t want to be one any more. Nothing in the subsequent years has changed my mind.

It was not an easy transition. I had been a Democrat for so long that I wasn’t quite sure how to be anything else. Part of my identity was as a member of the Democrat team. Even when I was repulsed by my team. Sorta like when I am repulsed by the actions of one of my less pleasant relatives. Repulsive? Yes. But still family.

I do not welcome anyone who tells me that my new identity isn’t my real identity. It was too hard to make it a comfortable fit.   Ruy Texeira and William Galston nearly came to an agreement that Independents are not very independent. Then Galston seems to decide that perhaps they are. Or enough of them to make ignoring them, the swing voter Independents a bad idea.

Whether Independent or Swing Voter I intend to keep an eye on both of the parties I find so corrupt and dysfunctional. I will vote for the least obnoxious choice until we actually get some real decent choices. Until we get men and women who care more about their country than the next election. Until enough of us decide that campaign promises mean something and we refuse to re-elect people who don’t keep them. Until we weed out the worst and elect some of the better. That’s my identity.