The Obama team, especially his aloof, detached Secretary of Energy, are dropping the ball and failing to act decisively to produce more oil, improve oil refinery and lower the price of gas. Nope. The Obama policies are driving the price of gas up. What proof do we need? I’ve got the video:

Okay, so maybe that isn’t the Obama Administration. Actually, we shouldn’t insult the chimps. They are damned talented and able to do the “Irish” thing. The Obama gang? Not so much.

Check out the little brain on Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, (we’ve got the before and after):

So he was for “paying more for gas” two weeks ago.

Now? Not so much?

Steven Chu may be a Noble prize winning physicist but, when it comes to economics and oil production, he is a moron. A smart person would not speak the stupid shit he has said. Hell, Forrest Gump would know better than to call for raising the price of gasoline.

Go back and watch the dancing chimps and decide for yourself–Steven Chu was tap dancing like a rat on crack in walking back his outlandish policy of wanting to impose higher gas prices on Americans.

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