I love the frenzied, hysterical reaction of the crazed Obama supporters to my earlier post. They were crawling over my post about the Bullshit Meme that Republican Voter turnout is low. I realize those brain-dead, nitwits are beyond the reach of reason, but for the rest of you here are the full numbers. We are talking about voting primaries. We are not talking about the caucuses. Why?

A genuine primary election allows people to participate. Unlike a caucus, which is held only for a limited time period (usually during hours when working people cannot attend), a primary allows early voting and provides a twelve hour window (at least) when voters can show up and do their thing. Comparing caucus numbers to a primary vote is complete bullshit. They are two completely different cats.

The media story line, which is a lie, is that Republican turnout for primary votes is down. If you use the NY Times link you can look at each state that has held a contest. It tells you clearly which state has held a caucus or a vote.

So far, thirteen states have held voting primaries. And the results?

In 2008 Republicans cast 8,678,317 votes. In 2012? 8,654,163 votes. Only a difference of less than 25,000 votes in 2012. That is not a statistically significant difference. The major change is in two states–Florida and Virginia. In Virginia in 2008 there were four candidates on the ballot. In 2012, because of the incompetence of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, only two. If those two had been on the ballot do you really believe that the numbers would be the same? Hell no.

What about Florida? 300,000 fewer people voted in 2012. However, the top vote getter in Florida in 2008 was John McCain, who received 701,761 votes. So what about 2012? Mitt Romney got 775,014 votes. Significantly more than McCain achieved.

If you exclude the votes in Florida and Virginia, the numbers tell a story of a dramatic increase in Republican participation. 6,239,567 votes in 2008 versus 6,718,995 in 2012. That’s just shy of 500,000.

The numbers tell the story. Except for two states, Republicans are turning out in larger numbers for the voting primaries in 2012. If Republicans did not care or were growing weary, the votes over the last three weeks tell a dramatically different story. The number of Republicans going to the polls in Alabama, Mississippi and Illinois increased by more than 200,000 votes.

Those are stark facts, not opinion. Yet the media would have you believe that Republicans are staying home and not voting. It is a damned lie. But when it comes to re-electing Obama, lies are all the Democrats can count on.

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