How sweet is this? Just as the Democrats are pushing frantically the meme that Republicans hate women they shoot themselves with their own weapon. We already touched on the hypocrisy of the Obama White House in paying women less than men. The icing on the cake? Hilary Rosen goes on CNN and, with a straight face, insists that a woman who raised five boys “never held a real job.”

Holy Jesus!!! Hilary, baby, you gone brain dead?

To paraphrase Jim Croce, “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape; you don’t spit in the wind” and you damn well better not mess around with Ann.

Anyone dumb enough to think that a woman who stays at home raising two or more children is on some sort of Club Med vacation is, per Darwin’s Law, not smart enough to live very long. But Hilary’s attack on Ann Romney is worse. Ann not only raised five boys, but she did so while battling cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. Are you kidding me? There are many Republicans who are not excited by Mitt, but when it comes to Ann, they love her. Hilary Rosen, you are a genius. You’ve found the magic switch that will rally Republicans around Mitt Romney.

The Obama reelection team of Axelrod and Messina at least understand this. That’s why they were so quick out of the box denouncing Rosen as batshit crazy. But I don’t think that will stem the damage. We don’t hear a single Republican insisting that stay at home moms are deadbeats.

Fire away.

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  • Dbeez1252

    A moron or clueless? What? Because she revealed that Democrats (and that would include the proprietor of this website) hate, loath, and despise everything and everyone traditional, normal, heterosexual, and above all, “white.” She revealed the Democrat Party’s take over by the radical left including the murderous union thug Trumka and and his sidekick Hoffa, who threatened war on the nation if Obama was not re-elected, the murderous radicals Bill Ayers, et ux, Bernadine Dohrn, and the hate and contempt of the leftwing lesbian community for anyone who would have been regarded 50 years ago as someone to admire BECAUSE she stayed home to raise her children? My God what madness this has all come to! You Clinton Democrats allowed this to happen. You’re every bit as responsible as the communists you let take over your party. That’s maybe a cold remark, but sometimes the truth hurts. So now you have to deal with it because you didn’t have the balls to stand up to the thugs 4 years ago. You wouldn’t call them out for what they were. Now the whole nation faces bankruptcy and possible disunion. We have blacks in the streets and in the schools of my state threatening race war, sometimes openly, sometimes with the thinnest of media veneer. So burn in hell you Dems! Morons! FOOLS. You were hoodwinked and now all of America must pay for what you’ve either joined in or what you allowed to be done. So sad to say, but you all know it’s the truth.     

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