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WaPo used the only unflattering photo of Ann Romney I've seen.
The “war on women” is not over. Obama’s large base argues Hilary Rosen should NOT apologize, appearing on CNN, MSNBC, Current, and in print via The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel and Kathleen Parker‘s astonishing WaPo column:

[T]his faux battle is silly and utterly off-point … a peashooter contest in the Twitter Lounge. Yet … everyone from the president of the United States to the Catholic League to the GOP and the Democratic National Committee has felt compelled to inveigh.

President Obama, reminding folks that he was raised by a single mom, noted that women who stay home with children are doing hard work and that anyone who argues otherwise should “rethink their statement.” Rosen quickly rethunk and apologized for saying something true, …

vanden Heuvel agrees but adds the magazine’s “The Real Hilary Rosen Scandal,” that asks “about the nature of Rosen’s consulting firm, SKDKnickerbocker, an unregistered lobbying firm … one of the biggest names in the influence business by using its ties to President Obama and leaders in Congress.” Enter Anita Dunn.

Per a senior Dem: “Serious Dem operatives are aghast at Hilary Rosen’s misguided attack on Ann Romney’s work history. She and others at PR firm SKD Knickerbocker have represented many clients that have raised hackles with senior White House staff. It’s an open secret in the Dem consultant community that SKD has been signing up clients based on ‘perceived White House access’ tied to prior relationships and employment.”

As we’ve reported, SKDKnickerbocker is led by a team of former Democratic operatives and key White House figures. But instead of promoting a progressive agenda, or even an Obama agenda, these consultants score huge contracts by helping corporate interests lobby for policies that are not in line with the public interest. Many SKDKnickerbocker employees, including Anita Dunn, a former White House communications director, are also frequent White House visitors.

We’ve compiled a partial list of SKDKnickerbocker’s clients. Since the firm refuses to register as an ordinary lobbying firm, we don’t know their full roster of clients:

— SKDKnickerbocker was hired by Kaplan Education to block Obama’s reforms on for-profit college companies, an industry plagued by by low quality education, false promises to students, and fraudulent business practices.

— SKDKnickerbocker was hired to push for billions in tax breaks for already profitable corporations. As Bloomberg reported, SKDKnickerbocker manages a lobbying campaign called “Win America,” an effort by companies like Google and Pfizer to receive hundreds of billions in tax breaks on profits made overseas.

[I left off the rest of the list. Go to “The Real Hilary Rosen Scandal” at The Nation magazine to read it all.]

Real life intervenes! I will add more soon.

UPDATE: Among the videos I watched as I was writing this post is this from The Young Turks, who are very popular in the left blogosphere. Even if you haven’t heard of them, trust me that they are big in the social media world of liberals.

Bill Ayers is probably a hero to The Young Turks and their ilk. Rashid Khalidi too. And I feel safe in saying that the Turks and their friends do NOT approve of Obama’s presidency and wonder whatever happened to that Ayers protege.

TYT lost their show at MSNBC and ended up where its rejects go: Current TV. Host Cenk Uygur gets rather agitated defending Rosen:

Wolf Blitzer Scolds Hilary Rosen
Over Ann Romney On CNN

Here’s more: “CNN should apologize for Wolf Blitzer’ bullying Hilary Rosen into (another) apology to Ann Romney.” Seriously.

The comments are something:

Dwinna: For some reason, I can’t even get this video to come up! I hope that’s because it is too busy! If not, I sure hope Current gets it fixed because this needs spread around like a huge virus! We should have a petition demanding that Wolf Blitzer be fired! Hillary should have stood up, slapped his ugly mug and left!!!!
Peter: Wolf Blitzer, look into the camera and say “I am a douche”
Connie: CNN should apologize for Wolf Blitzer, but alas they are co-conspirators in making everything into anti-Obama. They spin one thing, while actually doing something else. I no longer watch CNN for a reason. They are political hacks, with purpose.
Check out more.

And this proves that Current TV has a few viewers! At least 6 or 7. Sadly, I don’t get the channel but many of you have told me that I’m not missing anything.


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