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I’m almost tempted to lift the ban on the obnoxious, idiotic PPAA just to get a taste of his delusional claims about how swell Obama’s economy is doing. The news trickling in is not good. Let’s start with the IMF, which believes the euro is in big trouble:

The crisis-hit euro is teetering on the brink of collapse, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said.

In a significant vote of no-confidence, Tuesday’s report from the global financial organisation admitted the troubled European single currency had “flaws” and was at risk of a “disorderly default and exit by a euro area member”.

And it warned that a euro meltdown could be even more devastating for the world economy than the 2008 credit crunch, the express.co.uk reported.

But who cares about Europe. Things here are peachy. Right?

Wrong!! The National Association of Realtors are out today with some more grim news:

Sales of previously owned U.S. homes in March unexpectedly fell for the third time in the last four months, showing an uneven recovery in the housing market.

Purchases dropped 2.6 percent to a 4.48 million annual rate from 4.6 million in February, the National Association of Realtors reported today in Washington. The median forecast of economists in a Bloomberg News survey called for an increase to 4.61 million. In January, sales at a 4.63 million rate were the strongest since May 2010. . . .

Short sales surpassed foreclosures for the first time in January, the latest month for which figures are available, according to Lender Processing Services Inc. Almost 24 percent of purchases were short sales in January, compared with 19.7 percent for sales of foreclosed homes.

Foreclosure filings, including notices of defaults and bank repossessions, fell 16 percent in the first quarter from a year earlier after lenders under legal scrutiny slowed actions against delinquent homeowners, RealtyTrac Inc. reported this month.

Investors accounted for 21 percent of purchases last month, down from 23 percent in February, today’s data showed. Such figures suggest the recovery in housing isn’t broad-based, said Jay McCanless, a housing analyst with Guggenheim Securities LLC in Nashville, Tennessee.

“We’ve seen investors and cash sales continue to be anywhere from 20 percent to 33 percent of monthly sales,” McCanless said. “That may be giving the appearance that there’s more activity, more demand for housing than may actually be the case.”

Remember. Until the glut of underwater properties are cleared off the books and buyers keen on living in the properties they purchase increase significantly the economy will continue to struggle.

How about jobs? Any good news there? Nope, so says the Labor Department:

In the week ending April 14, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 386,000, a decrease of 2,000 from the previous week’s revised figure of 388,000. The 4-week moving average was 374,750, an increase of 5,500 from the previous week’s revised average of 369,250.

The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 2.6 percent for the week ending April 7, unchanged from the prior week’s unrevised rate of 2.6 percent.

The advance number for seasonally adjusted insured unemployment during the week ending April 7 was 3,297,000, an increase of 26,000 from the preceding week’s revised level of 3,271,000. The 4-week moving average was 3,317,750, a decrease of 21,500 from the preceding week’s revised average of 3,339,250.

Soaring gas prices are taking a toll. This is not a case of more people flooding into a robust, rapidly expanding job market. Just the opposite. The job scene remains anemic.

Things could get really interesting in the next couple of months–there are growing indicators that Israel is going to strike Iran. If that happens the world economy is likely to tank and any hope of recovery in the United States will be dashed for the foreseeable future.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    OK, we now see the April454 methodology.
    1.  Ignore the concern and dismiss it’s validity.
    2.  Change the question into one where the statistics for your case look better.
    3.  Use unsubstantiated generalities that may not apply to the original question.
    4.  Answer at length so as to appear substantive.
    Among analysts, this is known as the “Booz Allen Hamilton technique,” and it is applied when one has absolutely no regard for a client and believes them to be so ingnorant that they won’t understand what you are doing.
    How very Obama of you.

    • April454

      More meaningless fluff from you.. I thought you worked in intelligence.

      • Retired_from_SPOnaj

        And of course:

        5.  When nonsubstance and nonresponsiveness is exposed and challenged, resort to ad hominem attacks in the hope that by doing so you will provoke the challenger into ad hominem responsesl. 

        • April454

          I think you need to look up the definition of “ad hominem “.

          That is too easy a cop out. Easy to claim “ad hominem”  to avoid answering the questions or to back up your BS.

          • Retired_from_SPOnaj

            I guess there is one more rule to the Booz Allen Hamilton/April454 technique, to wit: “6. Always have the last word, whether or not you have anything to say.”

      • Retired_from_SPOnaj

        Oh, by the way, two more independently-owned retail businesses in my neighborhood threw in the towel this weekend.  That’s forty more people out of work.

        • April454

          What neighborhood do you live in?

          So two retail stores close and that is how you judge whether the entire economy in your area is improving?

          How many retail stores have opened recently in your neighborhood? How are retail sales overall in your neighborhood? Are they up since 2008 and 2009? Has there been any new construction in you area recently? How about local unemployement claims? Are they up or down recently in your neighborhood? How about house prices? Are they still falling in your neighborhoods? How about house sales? up or down recently? etc. etc.

          How about the next store you go into in your neighborhood you do a simple test and ask the cashier whether business has been up or down in the last year or since say 2009 when Obama took over? 

          • Retired_from_SPOnaj

            Answers to April454’s questions, some of which have been previously answered, but which A454 failed to pay attention to:

            1. No new retail stores have opened since 2009, based on city/county business license applications for my neighborhood.
            2. There has been no new commercial construction in my neighborhood, based on building permits.
            3. Unemployment claims have steadily risen.
            4. Home prices have sunk.
            5. Home sales are flat.
            Even if you and Mr. Obama don’t care about those 40 neighbors who lost their jobs, I do.

  • alicewolf

    The monetary system is demonstrating yet again that it is kaput.
    Propping up the corpse of the oligarchical bankster cartel’s network of bursting bubble manufacturers is a worthless task.   You can embalm this cadever and dress it up in Gucci Pucci or whatever Ucci you choose, make it up to look like Lady Gaga but the party’s over and the players are homeless, penniless and hopeless.   We have to get back to what the spirit of our Constitution is all about.  Reinstate Glass Steagall.  Put the too big to fail banks under bankruptcy protection, have Congress to start uttering credit under Article 1 Section 8, and get some infrastructure projects going, of a magnitude sufficient to keep our people working for two or three generations time.  Give the US citizens something to live for, and to be proud of.   Get NASA back on the Constellation Project, build NAWAPA, construct a  nation wide mag lev railroad system, get the US steel industry back on it’s feet, the tool makers back making tools, the concrete mixers making concrete and have our skilled workers working again, and training our youth to become skilled too.   Advance our scientific research and development capabilities .        in a nutshell, let’s act like Americans.

    • Flop_Flipper


      • http://twitter.com/VeronicaVerona1 Veronica Verona

        Then the candidate for president must demonstrate the visionary skills, business acumen,  be the embodiment of the american culture, and uphold the ideals of how positive americans view themselves.

        That ain’t Obama.  Never was. Never will be.

      • alicewolf

        Thanks so much for your encouragement!

    • piattq

      Sounds like a government solution to me.  Don’t think that works.

      • alicewolf

        The Constituion gives Congress the power to utter credit, the Congress is supposed to represent us, the people, so if by “government” you mean that Congress would be acting constitutionally, then that’s just the way it should be. Privatization is where corruption creeps in, and the incentive for everything to be profitable so that the salaries for the CEO’s can soar, and the jobs can be outsourced to a country where slave labor still exists. Of course the government should utter credit, and of course the credit should be made available for projects that will increase our scientific capability and put people to work on worthwhile projects that give them self respect and have a long life expectancy. Who wants a part time job for Christmas in a store as a Santa’s helper? Be real, we need engineers, tool makers, scientists and skilled technicians so that we can overcome the obstacles we are facing like famine, insufficient water management and supply, lack of affordable energy, lousy transportation system, crumbling infrastructure, bad educational results. Private enterprises will not be able to straighten this all out, we need to shut down the banks who are only interested in gambling with our money not in investing in our future. Government isn’t the bogey man, we are, if we are not prepared to get involved and get things moving in a direction that works.

  • http://twitter.com/VeronicaVerona1 Veronica Verona

    Let’s see… if I follow the obot line of thinking….I’m supposed to be outraged at what Romney does with his own money…but I’m supposed to not care what Obama does with mine and all other tax paying citizens money.

    Isn’t that about right?

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Almost right, but since Romney has contributed more to charity than the Obama’s have made in their entire lives, that dog may not hunt (sorry, Fido).  What you’re supposed to be outraged about is that Romney has any money to begin with, and particularly outraged that he earned it through private enterprise.

      • http://twitter.com/VeronicaVerona1 Veronica Verona

        Charity doesn’t matter.  Romney should be paying HIGHER TAXES according to the obots.  That way they have control over “whom” they deem worthy of “charity”.

        • Flop_Flipper

          Isn’t it the least bit suspicious that finally the Obamas give a substantial percentage of their income to charity just before launching this class warfare meme? I’m not certain, but I seem to recall that in previous years they weren’t so generous.

  • foxyladi14

    BO..booed at Fenway

  • arabella_trefoil

    Please don’t unban the bot. Please.
    I posted a link  another thread  to an article in the NYT about Obama’s own economic woes. He is not getting donations from big donors. Where are the bundlers when you need them?

    If Obama is going to run again, he’ll need a lot of money. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t run. Sounds unlikely? I no longer think so.

    • Justine00

      So, Arabella, if he doesn’t run (or loses), is the money he collected for campaigning go to his personal account?

      • arabella_trefoil

        I have no idea.

        My point is this: he could do just as well for himself by not running again. He hates the job. Ex-presidents go on to make money at a variety of ventures. He’ll never want for anything.

        As for his campaign contributions, at the rate they’re flowing in – tens of dollars at a time! It’s chump change.

    • piattq

      I see that Mr. 0 did get a half million from that famous bundler Corzine—wonder if that is part of the missing investor funds?

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  • OaktownK

    Wow, it sure takes some balls to call someone out by name in multiple articles then prohibit that person from responding.  Way to keep things classy…

    • Anthony_1

      Yeah, it must really suck to be you, huh?

    • April454


      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hank-DeCat/100001190387982 Hank DeCat

         Did you mean to reference the ancient Queen & founder of Carthage  or did you mean “Ditto?” (That’s a rhetorical question, btw, because I’m sure that fact went over your head).

      • http://twitter.com/VeronicaVerona1 Veronica Verona

        The singer who fell off the charts years ago?

        • Flop_Flipper

          I think it was trying to spell dildo, in reference to the admonition to fuck off.

    • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

       That’s part of the joy of having your own blog.  Plus, someone who posts anonymously deserves no respect.  There are a couple of Obama cheerleaders who post here who actually use a real name.  They are always welcome.  PPAA?  He can fuck off.

      • foxyladi14

         Thanks Larry!!!!!

      • April454

        So all of your posters on here post with their real name?

        or you will only let people post on her that push back from your thoughts if they use their real name? That is the new criteria? That is quite a name foxylai14 has below. Is that no her drivers license?

        Why would it matter if someone called themselves Jane Smith or Flop Flipper of Hank DeCat or arabella trefoil or Retired from SPOnaj?

        As you said your website, but why both having a public comment section if you cannot take a little decenting commentary.

        • Flop_Flipper

          I must confess that I’ve been wrong about you. My apologies. You aren’t an Obot. Don’t know how I could have missed the obvious. You are definitely an Obutt!

  • foxyladi14

    but he keeps saying things are improving.

  • KenoshaMarge

    It just stands to reason that if it costs more to fill up the gastank and if groceries cost more you will have less to spend elsewhere.

    Add in uncertainty and a lack of belief in government to do/fix anything and you have a nation in trouble. Then the talk of taxmageddon next January…

    Yeah, things are just dandy.

  • April454

    The numbers have generally been improving since the depth of the recession in 2009 and the continue to improve. A bit of a soft patch right now, but seasonality often plays a part at this time of year.
    So far U.S. corporate profits have once again been very strong this quarter. The stock market has stuttered very briefly recently (because of worries of Spain), but has had a hell of a strong showing so far in 2012 and since Obama took office. 
    The 386,000 unemployement claims number is well below the 400,000 to 500,000 number we had a year ago. It is never a straight line.
    The housing market is also picking up:
    “We’re doing so much more business than we have in years,” said Ed Kopal, who runs a construction company in East Texas and has seen his business more than double this year compared with 2011.
    Others, too, foresee more enthusiasm among buyers after four sluggish years.
    Builders requested a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 747,000 permits to build homes in March, the Commerce Department said Tuesday. The pace hasn’t been that high since September 2008.”
    Recent news out of the U.K. and German economies have been much better than anticipated and the U.S. is growing at the highest rate among western countries. That really says something.
    Of course you are hoping that the economy sinks, as you seem to be cheerleading that it sinks. Good luck with hoping Iran wins the the election for you..
    If the economy is doing as badly as you say then why is Obama’s approval rating at 50%? You would think he would be at 30% if the economy was as bad as you say? There is a disconnect in your logic.

    • Hokma

      The approval rating is 49% according to Rasmussen and 47% according to Gallup. Those are the most reliable based on history.

      More importantly are any right track/wrong track poll which is completely against Obama.

      Your economic analysis is so flawed it is not worth dealing with – not even Obama is dealing with it.

      As far as the campaign, this worthless charleton in the oval office has been campaigning since the end of the 2010 election. He certainly has not been governing. These are the best numbers he will have. As you get into the late summer and into the Fall when it really does matter, Obama will be finally properly vetted and then will be trounced by Romney in all debates.

      In the end this will not be a close election and Obama will be resoundly tossed out of office before he completes the destruction of this country.

      • Anthony_1

        As you get into the late summer and into the Fall when it really does matter, Obama will be finally properly vetted and then will be trounced by Romney in all debates.

        Long time coming, I’d say. That should make some people choke on their KoolAid

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Great!  Tell you what.  If the economic improvement gets to my neighborhood by Election Day, I will vote for Obama.  If not, I’m voting for Romney.  Fair?

      By the way, here’s another thing to add to Mr. Obama’s economic scoresheet.  Even though more jobs have been lost than gained since he became President, more of the jobs lost have been public sector jobs than private sector jobs.  Isn’t that great?

      • April454

        I am sure the economy has dramatically improved in your neighborhood. By the way tell me which neighborhood that would be and I will tell you how much it has improved in the last few years.

        By the way how do you measure how well the economy is doing? GDP growth, corporate profits, wealth creation, employment, etc. ?

        Actually, you make a very good point. More than 500,000 public service jobs have been lost, mostly at the state and local level. Not much Obama can do about that. He not only has to make up for the enormous Bush burning the house down, but also has to make up for all the Republican Governors downsizing government. Reagan never faced that.

        • Retired_from_SPOnaj

          April454 wrote: “I am sure the economy has dramatically improved in your neighborhood.”

          So, without even knowing where I live, a454 is “sure the economy has dramatically improved” in my neighborhood.

          Credibility:  Zero.  This is the type of general, unsubstantiated hope-a-dope hype that I am very tired of.

          By the way, I don’t need you to research my neighborhood, I can do that myself. What makes you think that I can’t?  Do you think that you are the only one that is smart enough to do research?  I find your patronizing, know-it-better-than-you tone offensive. 

           I use various objective measures, but one subjective measure that I use is increase or decrease in the number of retail businesses, as measured by commercial properties that are in or out of service.

          Since 2008, the population has increased, both public and private sector employment has decreased, retail businesses are down and out of service commercial property space has gone up with no new construction.  I know that this is all President Bush’s fault, but I haven’t seen any solutions yet that have effected my neighborhood.

          I’ve seen worse neighborhoods, of course,  where unemployment is over fifty percent.  But I will vote on what happens in my own neighborhood by November.

          • Flop_Flipper


            More accurately: Dope on Hope.

          • April454

            It is simple because the economy has improved since its low in 2009 in all neighboorhoods. That is just a fact.

            Name me a area of the U.S. where the economy has not improved since 2009?

            You want to say since 2008 and not since 2009. Well yes we have had a major recession in 2008 and 2009 and the economy has not entirely got back to the height of the real estate bubble economy of 2007. However, what you said is:

            “If the economic improvement gets to my neighborhood by Election Day”

            That is completely different. There is a difference between the economy improving and getting back to its 2007 level. I bet you the economy in your area has very much improved and continues to improve.

            What you should have said is that I will vote for Obama if the economy in my area gets back to its 2007 level. That would be a pretty high bar for any President, given the depth of this recesssion. Ronald Reagan did not get the economy back to where it was before the recession he faced on his second term election day.

            I bet the retail business and the commerical property market in your area is in much better shape than it was in 2009 and even just a year ago.

            You say we cannot blame the economy on Bush, but yet you are will to go back to 2008 as you benchmark for the economy and were we are today. In 2008 Obama was not even President. It is a joke that Bush burns down the house and you want to blame Obama for it.

            You will only vote for anyone other than Obama, no matter what the economy has been doing or looks like. Unemployment could be at 5% and you still would not vote for Obama. I get it.

        • stodghie


          hehe here are some real numbers for you to deal with april.

    • BronwynsHarbor

      April. open your eyes.  There’s rain in Spain, the world’s 12th largest economy.  Unemployment among young adults, I believe, is 25-50%.

      if you keep looking there are dark clouds over Italy, potentially much more worrisome.

      These events are affecting the U.S. stock markets

      • April454

        Unemployment is Spain really has no impact on building houses in Texas.

        The stock market is up and up significantly since Obama took office and since the beginning of 2012.

        • piattq

          TX is getting all those refugees from CA trying to escape 10%+ unemployment and a new tax burden that will make NY look cheap.

          • April454

            Actually, as I say above it is all those hard working Hispanics in TX.

    • piattq

      I imagine things are picking up in TX.  I think they are committed to a pro-growth economy.

      • April454

        It is all those hard working Hispanics and the growth they are creating.

  • KenoshaMarge

    I am certainly no economist, and most economists can’t/don’t/won’t agree so what are we to think?

    We’ve been spun so many times by those who know  that it’s difficult to know what the hell is going on. Politics instead of governance is SOP in Washington DC.

    I thought 3 years ago, and still am inclined to think today, that much of the housing market should have been left alone to bottom out. By artificially propping things up, a little here, a little there, it seems to me that it has only delayed the inevitable.

    Wouldn’t there actually be some real recovery in the housing market by now if it had bottomed out back then? And wouldn’t most of the misery that would have caused been over with by now?

    I don’t know. I claim no expertise. I just know that pretending everything is fine and dandy for politicial reasons is a stupid and dangerous way to run a country.

    I also know that there are few in govenrment with the courage or the honesty to do what must be done to keep things from getting worse. Much worse.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hank-DeCat/100001190387982 Hank DeCat

       The banks too. All those companies claimed “too big to fail” shouldn’t have been propped up. Short term things would have been way worse, of course, but long term they would have been a lot stronger. Of course, Obama would have still been in charge, so I doubt they’d be any recovery yet which is exactly why he had to prop them up — it’s all about the re-election, baby, he doesn’t give a flying fig about the stability of the nation’s economy once he’s out of office.

  • jrterrier

    with such lousy figures, i guess the unemployment rate must have dropped to 8.1%, right?

  • TeakWoodKite

    If short sales are now the predominant vehicle of “bleeding the body” rather than forclosure, how is that different economically, as both still carry the same amount of toxic asset value? Is better to have the bank or the consumer left bag holding the bag when the music stops ?

  • no_longer_a_democrat

     One ratings agency who has been honest much more than S&P, etc… and now they are being investigated by SEC, the very same whose employees were watching and downloading porn while “on the job”


  • Hokma

    With all the rhetoric about Europe and China as becoming more pwoerful economcially than the U.S., the fact is that the U.S. is still economic driver of the world economy. Until our economy begins to recover and flourish, the wrodl economy will remain dormant and in trouble.

    Our economy will not recover unless and until Obama is put out of office and his polciies can be immediately reversed.

    As Romney said, Obama is in way over his head and is clueless.

    Democrat Mort Zuckerman, the publisher of US News and World Report an Obama supporter in 2008 said that Obama has been a huge disappointment. He indicated that Obama had no idea what he was doing. In this interview Zuckerman also seemed to support Romney. 

    Just like after World War II, it has to be the U.S. that leads the world out of these economic problems.

    • foxyladi14


  • no_longer_a_democrat

    BTW, I’ve noticed now the DNC and DCCC (who I still get emails from begging for $$) are going after Romney for being successful.


    So, now in America, Obama’s America, if you’re successful or trying to be successful, you should be ashamed?
    I’m not a milliionaire, I certainly don’t begrudge Romney his wealth, he earned it, how does he being an millionaire hurt me?  Did he take that money from me?? NO! 
    As long as he makes opportunity for more wealth to be created, so I can be potentially very successful, that’s the main thing for this independent voter!

    • Flop_Flipper

      Obama claims that he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. While that may be true, it does not excuse the fact that as an adult he has had his head up his ass.

      • Dolly Cain


      • KenoshaMarge

        I believe there is a serious epidemic of head up the ass in Washington D.C. Must be something in the water. Or a miasma in the air, it once was, and rhetorically still is, a swamp. 

    • KenoshaMarge

      I liked that Romney said he wasn’t going to apologize for his father’s success. Good for him.

      Obama seems to have fed off the public for most of his life. In fact he’s still in public housing and used public transportation.

    • Anthony_1

      No, in the new “Hopeful Changing America”,  if you are successful then you have to fork some of what you worked your ass of for to others with less or no ambition.  See “Distribution of Wealth”.

      What really galls me is that it was Washington who pissed our tax revenue away in the first place, so instead of cutting pet projects (like Obamacare), they are raising taxes on us instead.

      Instead of penalizing the banks for holding toxic mortgages, it is the homeowners that are being penalized.

      Our  money was squandered, and rather than the drunken sailors being held accountable, it is those who work their asses off who are being made to pay.

      I never felt so fortunate to be middle income in my life…

      • KenoshaMarge

        Not to worry Anthony, if Obama gets his way, you won’t be middle-income for long.

  • Hokma

    On the issue of a potential attack on Iran, I believe most of that has already been factored into the higher oil prices. Whatever loss in supply from Iran can be made up elsewhere.

    I still read about the potential of a regional war if Israel does a strike on Iran and I am still trying to figure out “who” would be the opposition to Israel in that conflict other Iran and their surrogate armies Hezbollah and possibly Hamas. Syria is in no position to engage with Israel. Egypt sure it not nor is Iraq. Other countries want Israel to blunt Iran’s nuclear progress.

    • Flop_Flipper

      You may be absolutely correct but I do not trust that Egypt would not act, as well as Iraq. They may be rational actors but that has never stopped them from doing insane things.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Given that no one really knows who is in charge in Egypt or what will happen there now that their spring has sprung I don’t think we can count on any rationality. In Iraq? Who the hell knows.

        There has been no stability since Saddam was overthrown. Was he a monster? Hell yes. Are those in charge now any better? Who knows.

        There are good, decent rational people in the middle east. Like elsewhere in the world, people tend to ignore them and follow after the loudest voice, the biggest promise and those that promise to give to them by taking from someone else.

        Money may make the world go round, but hatred and bigotry grease the wheels. And we in this country are not exempt from that.

        • Hokma

          Years ago and on two different occasions, a much weaker Israeli army decisively beat down ALL arab armies on all borders. The Egyptians do not forget and do not wish to lose the Sinai all over again. Iraq is far too weak.

          This would be Israel against Iran only.

    • TeakWoodKite

      None of this is a helpful thing. The mere reality of open conflict has long term economic consequeces. Some what like the fall of Britan as dominate world power… it will only accelerate our own asent in to the abyss of nations. And I do not disagree with you.

  • DianaLC

    You know what I liked today?  I was watching the news when up came a story about the polls.  It seems things are pretty tight, but since it was a way to make things look brighter for O,  the polls took the votes for each candidate and asked if the person was voting FOR the candidate or AGAINST the other.  Somehow (I believe this was for Ohio) those voting for O are really for O while a good percent voting for Romney are voting AGAINST O.  At this point I don’t think it matters to me much as long as they vote Romney.  And your post makes it appear that more and more will start choosing ABO.

    But it is very sad—I do have young sons and a grandchild–that they are young in this bad economy.  It’s not at all the hopeful country it was when I was their ages.”

    OH!  And when they reported this poll information they juxtaposed a face shot of O and one of Romney.  That’s what I liked.  It appeared there was a condidate who looked as if he is really an adult. 

    • TeakWoodKite

      LOL “condidate” as in con. :)

      • DianaLC

        Teak–I’m just a terrible typist.

        • Flop_Flipper

          And a closet comedian.

        • TeakWoodKite

          I like the way your fingers think.. TGIF :)

      • http://twitter.com/VeronicaVerona1 Veronica Verona

        New word for Obama – since he is nothing but a con.

  • Flop_Flipper

    I know someone that has been unemployed for a while now. Recently this person received a notification that extra requirements for receiving compensation were now in effect because the state’s unemployment rate had gone down. One such requirement was to call and verify that the person was enrolled in the state’s career program.

    He called the number given and after two days of trying was finally able to speak with someone. After verifying that he was already registered, he also asked about the new jobs requirement. Put simply, a person must accept a position in any field, for any amount of money, during any scheduled hours if the state provides the job lead and the person is offered the position after interview. Previous experience and established market value (salary history) are not taken into consideration. Failure to accept the position offered threatened the loss of benefits.

    He then asked the person if the state had his correct email address because he had not received a single lead in over a month. The person verified that they had the correct email address, then stated that if no leads were forthcoming it was because no jobs were available.

  • no_longer_a_democrat

    but but but, Romney put his dog on top of the car!
    (probably to keep it from being eaten by Obama)

    The economy’s screwed. I work several part jobs, and I’ve noticed everything’s slowing down. My opinion, the debt’s going to keep growing, and there will be very little expanding of our economy, who in their right mind is going to invest with a Marxist in charge? So the economy will start contracting, the money will keep getting printed because the spending will not contract & those items have to be paid, which means our debt continues to grow even faster. So we’re screwed if Barry get a second term.


    • Hokma

      “but but but, Romney put his dog on top of the car!(probably to keep it from being eaten by Obama)”


      • HARP2

         Obama invited some friends over for dinner.

        • Dolly Cain

          You are a sick, sick, person.

          • http://twitter.com/VeronicaVerona1 Veronica Verona

            …with some fava beans and a nice chianti

        • Anthony_1

          in the same vein…

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    But Obama is cool.  And he’s making government cool, too!  How cool is it to be partying in Las Vegas on stimulus money and whoring in Cartagena?  Very cool.

    • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

       Excellent point.  Forgot to calculate the “fun” factor.

      • TeakWoodKite


    • Dolly Cain

      Far out and cool. (Puts on beret and snaps fingers).

      • Flop_Flipper

        Reminds me of a Beverly Hillbillies episode where the beatniks meet the Clampetts. They get excited because Granny is going to smoke some crawdads. Later, Elly May tells them she is going to dig some taters. Hilarious!

    • KenoshaMarge

      I suspect not everyone will see it that way. (snark noted)

    • arabella_trefoil

      Dude, it’s just like the Rat Pack days.

      Get out the LP’s and the stereo set and lets do that crazy twist again.

    • DianaLC

      You know–I’ve been thinking that the whole Las Vegas scandal could be deeper than we may think.  (This is my current conspiracy theory–everyone has to have one nowadays.) 

      During the primaries there was a dispute between O’s camp and Hillary’s because the Nevada Dems changed the rules to allow casino workers to vote at the casinos instead of in the designated areas for the workers’ home addresses.  Think, of course, of the SEIU connection–which many people besides me thought about.

      Then later, after he’s been selected as POTUS, he comes out with the stupid admonition to all of us plebes to forget about our trips to Las Vegas and learn to save money.  (My theory now, it’s only a ruse to throw us off his real plan.)

      I know the IG who brought the Las Vegas GSA scandal to light kept hinting about bribery involved and payoffs, which we have yet to hear about.  (My theory is that those were the payoffs to the SEIU, under the belief that the ridiculous event would never come to light.)

      I know, I know—crazy unfounded conspiracy theory I thought up all on my own.  I’m proud of it, though. 

      • Retired_from_SPOnaj

        If there wasn’t bribery, there was certainly remarkable ineptitude on the part of  the government’s real estate experts.  I can assure you that if someone from the private sector were renting 300 rooms for a week in a casino hotel, the best suite in the house would be comp’d for the guy who made the decision.  Instead, Jeff Neely, who must be the biggest idiot on the planet, actually paid over $2,000 per day for his 2,000 square foot suite.

        Meanwhile his boss, the GSA Administrator, couldn’t make it because she was trying to figure out a way how to justify paying Solyndra twice the going market rate for their product to outfit all of the GSA’s buildings.

        But Obama is cool.

        • piattq

          You forgot the “not my money factor”.