Unless you are unaware that every season is silly season in politics, and where have you been, you aren’t surprised by the Obama/Romney Dog wars.

Romney put his on the roof of his car and Obama ate one.

We are a country deep in debt, with unemployment over 8%, deeply divided politically and racially and we’re talking about dog incidents that happened long ago and far away.

 Romney’s dog Seamus lived to die of natural causes and Obama was just a kid living in a culture where eating a dog isn’t considered a sin, it’s considered dinner. Should be enough said. Back to important stuff like deficits and budgets.

But no, not with the pinheads and pundidiots who like to turn little and insignificant incidents into fauxrage brouhaha. We are become ridiculous people!

It is not that the “dog lover” vote is insignificant. We are a country that loves our dogs. Americans spent close to $4 billion on miscellaneous pet services in 2011. Some/many dogs live better lives than some/many people.

People not only love their dogs, they love to dress them in ridiculous costumes and humiliate them. Personally I think what this individual did to her/his dog is worse than making it ride on the roof of a car. With or without a  windscreen.

Eating canine is something else entirely. However I don’t think anyone is saying that Obama caught his own, prepared it and then consumed it. He was just a child.

He wasn’t a child when he remarked in his book Dreams From My Father that dog meat was “tough”. That seems a tad insensitive for a dog lover. Something in the area of “oh yuck” would have been much better.

To be fair that was back in the days before Obama knew that he was the smartest guy around. Or before he had a teleprompter. Or maybe it was just something said by a ghost writer.

A picture of Obama riding around in a limo with Bo  may convince people that he’s a dog lover par excellance’ but it does sort of step on the meme of Romney being out of touch and flush with cash. How many dogs do you know who get to ride in a limo?

We like to remain silent and uneducated about the millions of dogs and cats that are euthanized in the US every year. We like to pretend that beef, pork and chicken arrive on our plates by some magical process that doesn’t “kill” them. And lamb? Oh my Dog, someone actually butchers those sweet little baby sheep? Lamb chops anyone? On aisle 3 next to the puppy chops  chow.

As for hunters? They are considered the lowest of the low by many animal lovers. Kill an animal and then eat it? Barbaric. Just eating it is fine.

I escape most of the hypocrisy by being a vegetarian. Not all because I do eat eggs, chicken embryos, and cheese, the  juice of lactating bovines meant to feed their young. It’s a complicated world and gets more complicated when you throw rocks at others. I would know about that. 

I don’t know who started the dogfight, although Gail Collins  was in the forefront and has been busy jabbing Romney with the Seamus story. Given that Ms. Collins bias is not only clear but persistent I don’t take much credence in what she says. Never did. Ms. Collins evidently is just being a dog in the mangerwith the dog lover vote. 

Ms. Collins is also a member in good standing of the Obamamedia and writes an opinion column for the New York Times. Therefore what she has to say is of importance only to those who find her opinion of value. That leaves me out.

If it wasn’t such a sad commentary on our national commentary this whole dog war would be funny. Or funnier. Because with all the problems we have in this country the fact that the POTUS, his Axelrod, his Press Secretary, the GOP candidate and too many members of the press are talking about this nonsense makes you wonder if there are ANY adults in the political class.

Mitt Romney did try to dismiss the story but then he’s accused of “trying to get out of the dog house” by Jay Carney. Carney said he just thought that up. Better he hadn’t. Lame Carney, very lame. 

Some fools are now talking about “Seamusgate.” Or they were until Obama’s eating habits while residing in Indonesia came to light. Oops. Some idiots think that attaching the word “gate” to something makes it newsworthy. It doesn’t.

Full disclosure, I have never put a dog on top of my car.  I had a Great Blue Dane that used to race the kids to the car to ride “shotgun”. Race over the kids at times too. He was the size of a pony. He pretty much sat where he wanted to sit. If the Romney’s had owned Boyo chances are one or two of the Romney kids would have ridden on the roof of the car instead of the dog.

The very thought of dressing my dog in funny clothes and destroying his enormous dignity was never even considered. That dignity was once tested when one of my milk goats butted him in the butt and sent him nose first into a flower bed. Knowing that he was not allowed to eat the goats he rose above it, and the goat, and walked with great dignity back to the house . He was totally unaware that a pink blossom rested between his ears. A sight to remember long after “Boyo” has gone to that great dog park in the sky.

Most of us have great dog stories to relate, most of interest only to ourselves, like the one I related above. We as a nation mostly love our dogs. The idea of someone mistreating them outrages us. But let’s be serious about the outrage. Dogs are being beaten, starved, turned into fighters for human “entertainment” today. It is sad and disgusting. It is something to be outraged about.

Therefore obsessing about Mitt Romney putting his dog on the roof of his car back in 1983 is only done to try to portray him in a negative light.  Did the dog die? Was it injured?  Comparing him to Michael Vick?  Seriously?

It’s all politics. Politics have been going to the dogs for a very long time. Just one more bit of proof.

Oh look a chicken nugget with legs. If that Saint inhales he’s a goner. Alert the media, it’s all Romney’s fault!