The election is well underway, and Team Obama thrashes and preens. The Obama re-elect is said to be struggling for money in comparison to 2008. The Obama re-election lacks the mobs scenes that dominated the conversation.

The underlying tale is the national and global economy. There are rumblings that the national economy is hesitating — jobs, housing, confidence — and then there is the ever unpredictable EU and Asia (the Bo Xilai coup episode has the usual suspects of Hu and Wen deeply spooked).

What will alarm the Obama-reelect? For POTUS, seeking funds is much easier than governing.

POTUS is a campaigning expert; however, it is worth noting that he campaigned robustly in 2012 with negative results.

Team Obama has shifted its attack lines from calling Primary Candidate Romney a flip-flopper to awarding Presidential Candidate Romney with the badge of Plutocrat-in-Chief.

Why? Because flip-flopping is too much like a centrist and accommodator (the old POTUS Obama), while the class warrior attack line is what the Occupy crowd on the Democratic Left regard as effective. The New New POTUS Obama is a self-confident “Waiting for Lefty.”

What is POTUS waiting for? The economic indicators to stabilize. We all are waiting. No revisions yet, still tracking 2.5% GDP growth in the first three quarters of 2012.

In Strategy Shift, Obama Team Attacks Romney From the Left
President Obama’s team wants to keep Mitt Romney in the conservative territory he staked out in the Republican primary.

Rising Fears That Recovery May Once More Be Faltering
Global finance leaders are meeting in Washington to discuss oil prices, unemployment and other issues putting a cloud over the global economic picture.
POTUS Obama to West Palm Beach fundraiser, April 20, 2012.

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