So much for the meme that Mitt Romney’s wealth makes his lifestyle so different from ours. Or that his “traditional marriage” is just that — not actually so, given that Mitt willingly does jobs that most wives would be expected to do.

Yes, Mitt Romney really hand-washes his own shirts in a hotel bathroom sink (not easy to do, I can attest, even though I am a woman, heh). Then he irons each sleeve, button hole, seam, and collar — hard to do without regular practice, which he surely has. More Mitt attributes, revealed by his campaign staff to show his “soft side,” tell me that he is not an out-of-touch, awkward elite that the media reflexively describe. “The Unzipping of Mitt Romney: an Effort to Show His Softer Side,” at The Daily Beast, is about “humanizing” Romney because “no candidate could need it more.” Woah.

Howard Kurtz’s “Unzipping” begins with a description of a long friendship so startling to the Beast‘s Kurtz that he goes on and on about it for several paragraphs: “The story about a 35-year friendship between Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu was striking for reasons that had nothing to do with international diplomacy.”

it was interesting to learn that the future presidential candidate and future prime minister met in 1976 when both worked for the Boston Consulting Group. But the real head-snapper … in the New York Times piece last weekend came in the seventh paragraph.

“We can almost speak in shorthand,” Mr. Romney said in an interview. “We share common experiences and have a perspective and underpinning which is similar.”

Mr. Romney said in an interview?

The inescapable conclusion: The humanizing of Mitt Romney is now under way. Can the People cover story be far behind?

Did you expect us to laugh, Howie?

If you want more hilarity, check out the rest of Kurtz’s story: “The Unzipping of Mitt Romney: an Effort to Show His Softer Side.”

P.S. For more on Romney’s “softer side,” scoot down to this section of Kurtz’s article:

… [The New York Times] carried a textured piece on Romney’s “body man,” Garrett Jackson, that mainly served as a window on the former governor’s personal preferences. We learned that Mitt likes peanut butter and honey sandwiches, McDonald’s pancakes (usually eaten in the car), Cherry Coke Zero, chocolate milk, and peanut M&Ms. He hates being late. “He’s just a normal guy,” says Jackson, who offers to do the gov’s laundry but finds that Romney would rather wash his own shirts in the sink. And iron them too. …

Ummm … in my experience, “normal guys” do NOT prefer to wash their own shirts and iron them too. No way. If you had Mitt’s dough, wouldn’t you hire someone to do the job for you? The question isn’t a knock on Romney. The anecdote just blows my mind.