So much for the meme that Mitt Romney’s wealth makes his lifestyle so different from ours. Or that his “traditional marriage” is just that — not actually so, given that Mitt willingly does jobs that most wives would be expected to do.

Yes, Mitt Romney really hand-washes his own shirts in a hotel bathroom sink (not easy to do, I can attest, even though I am a woman, heh). Then he irons each sleeve, button hole, seam, and collar — hard to do without regular practice, which he surely has. More Mitt attributes, revealed by his campaign staff to show his “soft side,” tell me that he is not an out-of-touch, awkward elite that the media reflexively describe. “The Unzipping of Mitt Romney: an Effort to Show His Softer Side,” at The Daily Beast, is about “humanizing” Romney because “no candidate could need it more.” Woah.

Howard Kurtz’s “Unzipping” begins with a description of a long friendship so startling to the Beast‘s Kurtz that he goes on and on about it for several paragraphs: “The story about a 35-year friendship between Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu was striking for reasons that had nothing to do with international diplomacy.”

it was interesting to learn that the future presidential candidate and future prime minister met in 1976 when both worked for the Boston Consulting Group. But the real head-snapper … in the New York Times piece last weekend came in the seventh paragraph.

“We can almost speak in shorthand,” Mr. Romney said in an interview. “We share common experiences and have a perspective and underpinning which is similar.”

Mr. Romney said in an interview?

The inescapable conclusion: The humanizing of Mitt Romney is now under way. Can the People cover story be far behind?

Did you expect us to laugh, Howie?

If you want more hilarity, check out the rest of Kurtz’s story: “The Unzipping of Mitt Romney: an Effort to Show His Softer Side.”

P.S. For more on Romney’s “softer side,” scoot down to this section of Kurtz’s article:

… [The New York Times] carried a textured piece on Romney’s “body man,” Garrett Jackson, that mainly served as a window on the former governor’s personal preferences. We learned that Mitt likes peanut butter and honey sandwiches, McDonald’s pancakes (usually eaten in the car), Cherry Coke Zero, chocolate milk, and peanut M&Ms. He hates being late. “He’s just a normal guy,” says Jackson, who offers to do the gov’s laundry but finds that Romney would rather wash his own shirts in the sink. And iron them too. …

Ummm … in my experience, “normal guys” do NOT prefer to wash their own shirts and iron them too. No way. If you had Mitt’s dough, wouldn’t you hire someone to do the job for you? The question isn’t a knock on Romney. The anecdote just blows my mind.


  • alicewolf

    Well, being a close friend of Benny Netanyahu is another thing that most cannot aspire to.   Especially Samantha Powers.  Or Power.
    Whatever her name is……………..doesn’t she think he’s “Atrocious”?

  • April454

    Romney will be I believe the wealthiest Presidential candidate ever. He and his family have lived quite the wealthy life style with all their houses, private schools, etc. He has also sat on his ass/money for the last 6 years doing nothing for America.

    There is no way to somehow dress Romney up so that it appears that he relates with the average Joe. He should be proud of his wealthy, his lifestyle, etc. He should wear it as a badge of courage.

    • Hokma

      Hey PPAA – He is proud of his wealth and is someone that average people should and can aspire to –  –  versus a flim-flam snake oilt salesman like Obama.

    • Wisewoman2

      Everytime you Obots decry Mitt’s earned wealth I think of John F. Kennedy and John Kerry both democratic president who did not earn their wealth.  Just remember when you bring up Mitt’s wealth many people think you are hypocrites.

    • APO_AE_09173

      Mitt Romney gives a very generous amount to charity each year.  More importantly he gives of himself it is a part of being a Mormon. (love us or hate us we volunteer like crazy)

      He serves his fellow man in more ways than most people. As does his wife.

      There is nothing wrong with being successful unless Barack Obama needs a devicive wedge.  Then the successful suck and are evil. But he shure sucks up to them for money to do things he wants.

  • EllenD818

    I’m not sure I believe it.
    When my second husband proposed I said “OK. But I don’t do shirts.”
    (True story).

  • myshiba

    mittens is a ‘non-starter’…Palin/West 2012…if not, the it’s Gary Johnson for me!

    • Madame_deFarge

      So you are actually a Democrat helping put Barry back in office? That’s just silly.

    • beachnan

       How can anyone take you seriously if you start out with Palin.  She is not ready to be president.  Not by a long shot.

      • beachnan

         Plus she didn’t have the cajones to get into the game. 

  • Madame_deFarge

    Sorry…try to edit from a phone.

    “Though I didn’t like them at the time, I see….”

  • Madame_deFarge

    Sorry, trying to use edit from a phone is almost impossible…
    “Though I didn’t like them at the time,”


    papers found in ben laden house show contract between him and the talaban.
    game changer for peace talks????????


    I have been reading about backtrack’s so-called jokes at the dinner last night.
    Hillary drunk blogging and I have lost any respect I ever had for Bill Clinton.
    He campaigning for backtrack who has insulted his wife for years.
    Bill not only is putting party before country, but also throwing his wife under the bus every time he does

    • sablegsd

       She belongs under a bus.
      They don’t have a marriage, they have a mutual business and career contract.

      billary needs to go the hell away.
      I never had any respect for either one of them.

      • beachnan

         Clinton derangement sablegsd.  You have no idea if they what you are talking about, so stfu.


    three years without a budget first time in history
    violate the law and laugh about it.
    I was thinking about the cover of bill ayers book
    guilty as hell, free as a bird. new democratic ideal


    gov funds 16 programs on financial literacy while being in debt to the point where it will take 3 generations to get out of it
    do we laugh or cry??


    backtrack at Ft Steward lecturing the troops on investing in the community. They really do not look that thrilled

    • FLDemFem

       How are they going to invest in anything on Army pay?? Does that idiot know what the military pay scale is?? And as for volunteer work, we have an all-volunteer military. What more does this fool want from them?

      • Madame_deFarge

        I’d say that is about as out of touch as you can get. Idiot.

  • foxyladi14

    just one of the  many reasons that he is wealthy.

  • APO_AE_09173

    What you have to take from this is that Romney doesn’t live like a millionaire.  Romney grew up with a father that knew what is was to be dirt poor. A dirt poor legal immigrant from Mexico.

    We as thinking people need to look at this man with his wealth and realize that though he is as rich as many Hollywood Stars and New York Socialites he does not flaunt his wealth. He doesn’t throw fits on planes when he is told to turn off his phone.

    Justin Beiber is a smart mouth kid and has a 100K car.  All 4 Romney vehicles almost add up to that. Beloved Oprah has at least one Bently.

    Romney is a frugal intelligent modest man. He could easily afford to pay for laundry services. But it wouldn’t be done just right and he gets to remember his roots each time he launderes his shirt–he knows there are millions of Americans doing the same tonight.

    Mitt Romney will be a good steward of our tax dollars. He will save them where he can. He will keep faith with the nation and give a good account of what he does on our behalf.

    Unlike Barak Obama.

    • foxyladi14


    • beachnan

       Love your comment.  Elitism is a mindset.  It is not about how much money you have.  The Obamas act elite.  They are above us all looking down on the dirty and stupid masses.    Mitt and Ann are down to earth.   Mitt is the real deal, Obama the phoney.  America needs the real deal.

    • FormerLiberal9

       If Mitt treats the taxpayers like he treated the shareholders of the companies he worked for we will all be in good shape.

    • April454

      So now it is all about his father and not Romney’s privilege?  You cannot deny Romney’s silverspoon, so you take it back to his father. Funny..

      Lets go back even further to his Grandparents who moved to Mexico in the first place because they were polygamists.

      • APO_AE_09173

        Obama’s dad was also a Bigamist–at least the women in the relationship with Romney’s grandfather did so with full knowledge.

        But that is not the point. Romney is wealthy and GOOD for him that is one of the promises of America. My Point–Romney is not some flagrant abuser of his wealth nor is he some one who is so out of  touch that someone else raised his kids or indeed does his laundry. (other than his wife)

        He is a good steward of his money, and of the investor’s money at Bain Capital.  Mitt Romney will be a good steward of the public trust.

        I, like Mitt Romney, believe that the money I EARN belongs to me and what I contribute to charity and taxes is my contribution to the nation.  Barack Obama belives that the money belong to the government first and is “Allowed to keep” more than he needs.

        The abusively wasteful spending and blatant rape of the investors in GM to save the unions ought to be a red flag to every American. Teachers, Cops, Firemen and municiple employees all over the nation lost billions of dollars of value in their retirement funds due to the government “saving of GM”. Just to save Obama’s most important voting block.

        Not one non-union worker kept his job at GM except in middle management.

        Now we push the Volt! A car that gets less milage to a charge than the ORIGINAL Electric car from the late 1800’s.

        Recognize that he has made some terrible decisions and refused to take ownership. I fully acknowledge that Bush effed up the economy by allowing the rampent growth of speding without income to cover it.

        Romney is no messiah. He is a good man. A moral man. Everyone who has hired him has glowing praise. He isn’t perfect and at least he admits it and takes responsibility for HIS ACTIONS.

        We need an adult in the white house to actually lead for a change.

      • beachnan

         Who cares if he has money?  Kennedy was rich and so was John Kerry and John Edwards.   Did the Democrats care if they had money when they ran?  The answer is no.  It didn’t make a difference then and it shouldn’t make a difference now.  I worry more, that we have a President who went to school on everyone else’s dime and did drugs while he was there.  Those are the sort of things we need to worry about, not whether or not someone has been successful. 

  • Flop_Flipper

    Methinks Kurtz has a closet tingle for Mitt. Writing about unzipping him so folks can see his soft side. What’s next? In Part II will Kurtz tell us that Mitt’s soft side would make a black man blush?

    I can affirm that normal guys do not prefer to wash and iron their shirts in hotel rooms. But I’ve done whole loads in a bathtub out of necessity when the laundromat broke more than a few times.

    This is so off topic that I hesitate to place it in an open thread. This morning I was watching a squirrel ramble about in my new garden and it struck me that I had never seen a squirrel shit. I mean never once in my entire life. So I gotta ask…. do squirrels have secret poop shoots or are they just very private?

    • KenoshaMarge

      Don’t know about the squirrel poop Flop, but they pee on my back porch often. Of course I have a dish there with sunflower seeds and nuts for them every morning so perhaps they are so reluctant to leave the goodies that they pee in public.

      • foxyladi14

         I love my Babies too Marge.I pop a big bowl of Popcorn every day for them.

    • Popsmoke

      Holy squirrel shit batman! The real question is where do…”secret” squirrels shit?

    • no_longer_a_democrat

      oh, that is a good question, I haven’t either… very strange… they’re like manchurian squirrels with their crap. LOL!

    • FLDemFem

       Here is a picture of squirrel poop, in an attic.

      • FormerLiberal9

         That answers the question. Squirrels are not closet poopers they are attic poopers.

      • Flop_Flipper

         Thanks for clearing that mystery up.

  • Popsmoke

    More spin…. 

  • KenoshaMarge

    All this is just to try to counter-act the constant barage of the obamamedia, that includes Kurtz most of the time, to paint Romney as an out-of-touch rich man. One of the evil 1%.

    I know you are a Kathleen Turner fan Bronwyn, so here’s one you may not have seen. I was not a fan but this one may convince me to take another look at her.

    Obama slow-jamming the presidency
    by Kathleen Parker

  • no_longer_a_democrat

    Very interesting article. Frankly, I don’t know if I believe or not, but I really don’t care if he can wash his own shirt or not, I’m not voting for him to see if he can do the best job to wash shirts.

    I used to work in a dry cleaning job for one of my part time jobs, not that hard, once you get enough practice. So, its not that I don’t believe he does it himself, if he does, that’s great, he can save taxpayer money by doing his own laundry once he’s in the White House, but then I wonder like Browyn, doesn’t it make sense to have someone else do it?  But whatever, bigger problems.

    But what impressed me more is that I read that he gave away his inheritance to the other siblings, wanted to make his own money. I don’t get that vile feeling from him, I did from Santorum, sorry but I really don’t like Santorum; I probably would have voted for Santorum give the Barry marxist alternative, but ew, I cannot stand Santorum, thankfully that is no longer the choice. 
    With Romney, to me he seems like tofu, not exciting, but he’s competent, and an adult, and sincere. I want that in a leader, he may be boring, but he’s competent compared to the jerk that’s there now.
    And while very far right conservatives may not like Romney is not in the relm, I like the fact that he seems to consider all the choices before making his decisions, I see him as center right not far right, and I like that about him.
    Barry is very very very far left, who the LSM tries to convince the drones that he’s a centerist; he’s not. 

    • foxyladi14

       rub-adub. presto chango!!

    • Madame_deFarge

      I understand completely why Mitt washes and irons his own shirts. It’s the same reason that, even if I won the world’s biggest lottery, I would continue to launder my own underwear. You have to keep a personal menial chore to do for yourself to keep your feet on the ground. In the face of being wealthy enough to have your every personal need addressed by strangers it can keep you human. In other words it reminds you that you too put on your pants one leg at a time and that your fecal material does not smell like Chanel #5 rather you are a human being just like everyone else. He’s wise enough to know there are subtle pitfalls to money and priviledge. I would not be surprised if he takes on domestic chores as well.
      From what Mooch has told us Barry doesn’t even pick up his dirty socks and underwear but walks away leaving them for someone else. Of course, those things don’t define whether a person is qualified to be POTUS but it does say something about character. Considering Barry’s elitist, nouveau riche, look down his nose attitude it speaks volumes to me. Isn’t that the reason people like the Obamas take million dollar vacations and remove themselves from the mainstream…becoming out of touch? Though I didn’t like them
      At the time, I see Reagan and brush, etc. No wonder they headed home at every opportunity…at least a little closer to normal.