This may be the Obama campaign, all of it, repeated from now until November 6.

A presidency fixed on a murder by gunshot.

Ironic? Dubious? Does it means that Mitt Romney or George Bush or any Republican would not have launched a operation against Bin Laden?

Is this the foreign policy campaign of POTUS Obama? The man who shot Liberty Valance, Seals Scenario?

The slow down shown in the 2.2% GDP for the First Quarter is deep fear in the White House and in Chicago. The consumer cannot sustain the spending with this weak a pattern. And the jobs numbers will tremble.

Is Chicago playing for time? Joe Biden tries the “killed Bin Laden and saved GM” line to cheering. This is a presidential campaign about the future? Strange days.

And the reason Mr. Obama is superior to Mr. Romney is because he shot Bin Laden? What does that make the second term? A bounty price reward?