We learn via the WSJ that President Obama has a “hit” list. Shades of Tricky Dick! Really? This would be scary stuff if we didn’t have investigative reporters and the MSM to alert the public. Oh wait…

Presidential “Hit List.” Just the phrase should send a chill up your spine. The President of the United States has a “hit list” of people, private citizens, who have the effrontery to contribute to the campaign of his opponent. He has made their names public. He has a website that is smearing them. The frakkin POTUS!

Barack Obama, the obamacrats and the obamamedia would like you to believe that everyone that doesn’t like, support  or trust him, feels that way because of the color of his skin. We are frightened or confused because he doesn’t “look” like us. Because of course most of us have never seen a black man before. Seriously? Dems really need to climb out of the 60’s.

Having a hit list is exactly the kind of behavior, behavior that speaks of character not skin color, that makes many of us dislike and mistrust this man. We saw the kind of ruthlessness of which he was capable in 2008. We saw his conduct and we saw the media and the Democratic party encourage  and participate in it.  What will be MSM reaction to this? Past performance suggests that the MSM will once again be MIA.

The “post-racial” POTUS has divided the country and frequently used race to do it. Even for a ruthless and cynical politician this is nasty stuff. Now a “hit list” on private citizens? What’s next a drone strike in your neighborhood if you have a Romney lawn sign? /s

Bill Clinton, who is many things, but not even remotely seen as a racist until Obama came on the scene found himself smeared as one by this post-racial man and his surrogates. Clinton was astounded that anyone would believe it. Another very smart man who evidently wasn’t as savvy or smart as he thought he was.

But that’s okay, ol Bill has swallowed his bile and gotten in line and is campaigning for the man who denigrated him. Politics not only makes strange bedfellows, it makes unbelievable bedfellows to any normal person. If Bill Clinton is the man many of us once thought he was he will be outraged by this hit list misconduct. I’m betting he won’t. Please, please surprise me Bill!

Back in the bad old Richard Nixon days and his “list“, the media was on the story like a duck on a Junebug. Especially since many of them found themselves on the list. These days members of the media don’t seem to care that the White House has waged a war against FOX.  After, they’re conservatives over there. Conservative reporters were deliberately kept from the Journolist lest an errant word intrude. Funny how those that write so elequently about the failure of congress to act in a bi-partisan way are guilty of the same behavior.

I was surprised to read that Mort Kondracke, then a columnist for the Chicago Sun Times was on Nixon’s list. Evidently anyone in the media that wrote something Nixon didn’t like went on the list,liberal or conservative. At least Nixon was a bi-partisan thug. It is important to rememberthat in those days many reporters actually, usually, reported. Presstitution was still in its infancy. Therefore Nixon couldn’t just single out one entity, like FOX, as Obama has.

We know what happened to Nixon. He went beyond his enemies list and proved himself unfit for office. His list and the mindset that allowed it were only symptoms. A symptom that it seems too many men who inhabit the Oval Office have, the idea that they can/should/must crush opposition using the power of their office to do so.

 Nixon was, reportedly, a very smart man. How is it that these smart, powerful men do such stupid things? Is it the Bill Clinton answer; because they can?

This new list from Obama is frightening. The most powerful man on the planet is targeting private citizens for the crime of supporting his opponent. Even the Democrats should be appalled. Even the Presstitutes that act as his press agents should be frightened and appalled.

I await some sign that we still have a media with some character, ethics and even common decency in this country. I await some sign that the slobbering love affair the MSM has had with Barack Obama has limitations.

You have to wonder if Daniel Schorr was still alive if he would be as irate about Obama’s hit list as he was about Nixon’s. The so-called Elder Statesman Of Journalism had no problem attacking and lying about Barry Goldwater. Perhaps Mr. Schorr would be happy to be a member of today’s Journolist crowd. Or perhaps Mr. Schorr would care more about the abuse of power from the Oval Office than his liberal leanings. One can only hope so.

Would Jack Anderson and James Reston who were also on Nixon’s list be as appalled about private citizens being targeted by this president?  Reston in particular shows what happens when you get so close to power that you forget it’s your job to report on them.

Nixon’s Hit List

Those who find themselves on President Obama’s list may serve as a warning to others that supporting Mitt Romney is dangerous. Being the target of the White House is enough to scare a lot of people away. Who needs this kind of attention? That of course is the intent. You don’t have to, you won’t frighten away all of Romney’s contributors.  Just enough to make a small difference to fight the billion dollar smear campaign aimed at Romney. And anyone that dares to support him.

 The White House can say anything they want and by the time a private citizen is able to protest that it isn’t true the media has moved on, or ignores their protests. Then the person is smeared for good in the minds of many people. The bully pulpit is now occupied by a bully who cannot be allowed to continue with these kinds of actions. What a difference a few years in power makes. From Mr. Hopey-Changey to The Hitman.

Just as Americans were appalled at Nixon’s hit list so I believe most Americans would be appalled at Obama’s. The question is, will they even be informed this time?  Will they hear it on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN? Will the local affiliate tell them? Will Joe/Jane six-pack read about it in his/her local paper? Or the NYT or the Washington Post? Or will the slobbering lovers cover/bury this story as they do nearly anything that isn’t positive for the object of their affection?

The MSM has shown itself unable and unwilling to report about Obama in a non-partisan unbiased way. Will this finally wake them up to their responsibility to inform the public? Or will they be too busy reporting about whether or not Mitt Romney would have gone after Obama Bin Laden? Speculation against a Republican or facts against a Democrat? I know which way I think they will report. And it scares the crap out of me!