Update: An example of Salon’s brain on drugs with side effects including hallucinations, agitation and confusion. How to make Mitt look small” — “After last night, Romney is probably done complaining about Obama’s ‘politicization’ of bin Laden’s death.” (more at the end)

VeteransForAStrongAmerica.org: President Obama has spiked the Bin Laden Football so hard that Navy SEALS, retired and active duty, are hammering him over his zealous efforts to take credit for their handiwork.

In response to President Obama hiding behind our troops and taking credit for their actions – we’ve released our newest ad entitled CREDIT.

The ad tells a simple but powerful truth: Our service members sacrifice greatly to protect this nation and deserve the credit for keeping America safe, secure and strong.

— From VeteransForAStrongAmerica.org.

NOTE: That Web site is well worth a visit. Besides the video, there are many great photos and several “policy briefings” on issues pertaining to national security, including — rightfully — the budget.

ALSO: On this page of the site you can sign up for e-mail notices and/or send an e-mail to your members of Congress.


UPDATE: How to make Mitt look small” — “After last night, Romney is probably done complaining about Obama’s “politicization” of bin Laden’s death,” Salon magazine:

Mitt Romney just received an emphatic reminder that he’s not running against an ordinary candidate – he’s running against the president of the United States.

For a while, it was beginning to feel like the presumptive GOP nominee might be getting the better of Barack Obama in their tiff over the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death.

After Obama authorized a campaign video that suggested Romney wouldn’t have given the go ahead for the mission that killed the al-Qaeda leader, Romney and an army of Republican leaders and commentators cranked up the righteous indignation. …


Obama used the speech to lay out his roadmap for the end of the war in Afghanistan. …

His remarks had the immediate effect of making the dispute over his bin Laden ad seem petty and beside the point. …

It was a dramatic, eloquent speech on an emotional day, witnessed live by tens of millions of Americans who are ready to put the war in the rearview mirror. Whatever political benefit Romney reaped from his appearance with Giuliani – and from the past few days of wailing by the GOP – evaporated on the spot. Romney seemed to recognize it, too.

… Obama had just delivered a signature presidential moment. As a mere candidate for office, that’s just not something Romney can compete with.

READ ALL at Salom: “How to make Mitt look small

Funny, isn’t it, how Salon’s title re-politicized the faux purity of Obama’s seemingly “signature presidential moment.”