It was Anderson Cooper’s top story, and the evening’s KTH (Keeping Them Honest) critique. KTH: Are Republicans waging a war on women?

“ insists House Republicans want to keep student loan rates low by waging war on women’s health. Keeping Them Honest, Anderson Cooper digs into the numbers and facts.”

Yes. It really happened on Cooper’s May 3rd show. Cooper told the spokesperson he should be reporting the facts, not meeting “his agenda.” And, when President Obama is cutting millions from his 2013 budget, Cooper added, “I don’t see ad attacking President Obama. You only seem interested in attacking Republicans because that meets your political agenda.” Woah!

Below, more from Cooper’s blog, “Claiming the funding impacts women more than anyone else is untrue”:

Tonight on AC360: Assault on women’s health care?

Last week Democrats accused Republicans of waging a war on women. They say the extension of a law keeping interest rates on student loans from doubling should be paid for by taxing oil companies. Instead, the House approved a bill that would pay for the program by eliminating preventive care funding in the health care reform act.

That, Democrat leaders say, is an assault on women’s health care, specifically. But, Keeping Them Honest, the funding affects everyone, not just women. Claiming the funding impacts women more than anyone else is untrue.

You can see exactly what programs are supported with resources from the Prevention and Public Health Fund for 2012 on the Department of Health and Human Services website.

The organization MoveOn.Org created an ad framing the issue as the Republicans pitting students against women. Tonight, Anderson speaks with Justin Ruben from MoveOn.Org about the issue. Watch the interview at 8 and 10 p.m. ET on AC360°.

How about that?!

And did you notice that MoveOn’s Justin Ruben seemed more than a bit surprised?

Is there a kind of shake-up taking place at CNN? Has it struck them that they have an opportunity to carve out a place in TV cable news that can set them apart from their competition, particularly MSNBC’s overt disgust with everything and everyone connected to the Republican party? If Cooper keeps this up, he can also set himself apart from Fox News’s primetime opinion programming.