First things first: thank you, FlipFlopper (FF), for the linked excerpt of Romney’s op-ed, re-posted below. [Also below – HelenK alert! – an Update.] Romney’s May 4 op-ed at begins:

Dear Mr. President,

Welcome to Ohio. I have a simple question for you: Where are the jobs?

THIS is how highly successful executives write. I know because I’ve worked with, and for, many Fortune 400 leaders and/or top-drawer execs in entertainment management, software development, and more. They all wrote like Mitt Romney. Their notes invariably minimalist. Short and unadorned. A hundred percent clear, especially in delivering punches, albeit within rules of business etiquette. In Romney’s first two sentences, I saw three punches. See if you concur:

1) “Welcome to Ohio.” Romney knows that Ohio is key for both men. But does Obama display any real interest in Ohio beyond its electoral college numbers? Is that why he flies in and out, stopping just long enough to deliver a fire-’em-up campaign rally speech presidential policy address? (Well, until today when he finally called the event a rally.)

2) “… simple question for you.” This is Romney snark. Below, in the portion FF quotes, Romney tells Obama, flat-out: “you’re out of your depth.” Yowza.

3) “Where are the jobs?” You know why Romney asked that question. Besides its intended blow.

I hate it that I can’t reprint the entire op-ed. I’ve skipped multiple punches you can read, but I want to point out that Romney uses the word “FORWARD” in an active, energized sentence:

I have a path forward to accomplish that. I have spent much of my life in business, turning around troubled enterprises. I can do the same for the most troubled of all enterprises: our federal government.

All thanks go to FlipFlopper for finding and sharing this excerpt from Mitt Romney’s op-ed — a challenge to Obama:


Mr. President, forgive me for being blunt, but when it comes to economic affairs, you’re out of your depth. Unlike you, I am not a career politician. Unlike you, I’ve spent more than two decades working in the private sector, starting new businesses and turning around failing ones. Undoing the damage you’ve done will be a daunting challenge. But I’ve learned a thing or two about how government policies can kill private investment and stifle job creation and I have a plan to get government out of the way.

Mr. President, while campaigning for the presidency nearly four years ago, you declared that you were “absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”
Mr. President, the American people are tired of the grandiose promises. And they are even more tired of the paltry results. …

Ohio’s unemployment stat is currently running in the seven percent area, a full point below the national monthly average. I wonder how many unemployed Ohioans are no longer counted because they’ve been out of work so long that they’ve simply given up. My gut estimate is that Ohio’s number of the uncounted unemployed is higher than the national average. That’s because Ohio depends on manufacturing jobs more than other states.

UPDATE: David Axelrod sent me this video. It stars Barack Obama. Say, does that O in FORWARD look like a bullet hole to you? Is it a subliminal marketing reminder of Obama’s sole accomplishment? — when he killed bin Laden, which in Obama-speak, he “couldn’t have done it without the help and support of our cabinet, our military, the finest military … blah, blah, blah … with the brave men and women who found bin Laden” (or words to that effect).

That was so funny. When he introduced former governor Ted Strickland. Hey, Barack. How come you didn’t get the current governor of Ohio to come out today?

And how about that fine senator Sherrod Brown? [CALLING HELENK!!! HELEN!!!] Who’s avoided appearing with Obama when he came to Ohio to deliver a fire-’em-up campaign rally speech presidential policy address?

  • jrterrier

    love these lines:  “Mr. President, the American people are tired of the grandiose promises. And they are even more tired of the paltry results.

    Mr. President, your promises now ring hollow. If you have brought new ideas to Ohio for creating jobs, why have you waited three years to unveil them? Have you suddenly had a revelation, or is it because 2012 is an election year? Whatever the case, what you are offering Ohio now is too little, too late.…”

    probably nothing turned me off to then-Sen Obama that the line that his election would be “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”  and the one about “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  that’s when i knew it was all bull. 

    so i love romney’s calling it what it is — grandiose promises.

  • jrterrier

    To your statement that this is how successful CEO’s talk, Romney would be a needed breath of fresh air in DC. Ed Conard who worked with Romney at Bain (and who has just written a book that the media is trying to make controversial) said this when asked about Romney.  :

    Conard on Romney:

    ZAKARIA: What do you think of Mitt Romney as an executive?

    CONARD: I thought he was an outstanding executive.
    He’s everything that you could expect – and it’s hard to watch the cartoon portrayed on the TV. He’s brilliant. He has a deep understanding of how business works. He’s great at consensus building.

    He’s decisive when he needs to be decisive. He’s surrounded himself with the most capable people. He encouraged those people to challenge him and to challenge each other so that there was enormous preparation when you went into the room to talk to him, and he had the highest level of integrity.

    the whole interview was very interesting:

  • Flop_Flipper

    According to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, as of the end of March the unadjusted unemployment rate was 7.8%. A few pockets of lower unemployment exist in the counties immediately surrounding Columbus and Cincinnati and Cleveland. Counties in the vicinity of Toledo continue to be hit hard. The highest unemployment rate is 14.7%, in Pike county. A full estimate of the labor force is broken down by county here. It includes both employed and unemployed data.

    Ohio Boomers have been able to re-enter the marketplace but there is a disturbing trend. What they are offered is nowhere near what they made before, and what they need.

    Jobless rates are inching down as employment steadily improves. Even older workers are starting to find work, career counselors say. But it’s often in a new field and for decidedly lower status and pay.

    Two years ago, Michael Tew was earning $85,000 a year as a production planner for Goodyear in Akron. At 61 years old, he was escorted out the door and into his first taste of unemployment.

    Today, he earns $8 an hour as a driver for a Buick dealership. It was all he could find. The gregarious man has accepted that this might be how his career ends.

    But he has a job. And that makes Obama look good. So everybody’s happy.

    • jrterrier

      I don’t think it looks Pres Obama look good.  It may make the MSM continue to try to make him look good but that’s why poll #s show that 2/3 of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction.  Maybe that’s why the Obama-campaing had hit upon their new catchword:  Forward.  It’s more of the 1984-speak.  Forward is backward; ask not whether you are doing better than 4 years ago, ask how you will be doing 4 years from now. 


    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says decision to grant India possible waiver for Iran oil imports is 2 months away – @HenryJFoy

    these Iran sanctions are beginning to be like the healthcare bill every body gets a waiver

    • foxyladi14

       only his buddies get waivers.


    what the hell is this?????????????????????

    releasing high level taliban detainees if they promise not to return to battlefield.

  • felizarte

    I would be most interested in how Barack responds to Mitt’s challenge.  I think that Mitt is employing a great technique of mocking Obama’s thinking.  It should get under Obama’s skin because of his well-known narcissism.  Obama does not like to be blamed for anything and hates being mocked.

  • Popsmoke

    TO wylrae!!! I am a conservative who believes in the rule of law. And no in legal actions I take the COURTS word over any liberal or conservative…..

    • KenoshaMarge

      I would too if there weren’t liberal courts and conservative courts.  How can justice be served with that? Same with how the DOJ is now just an arm of what ever party is in control, not an entity for justice.

      Not being a smart-ass, I am seriously asking a question.

      • Popsmoke

        Marge.. DoJ is a law enforcement agency not the judicial branch.  Yes they are A Political and that is a problem…

        But we do have a judicial process that includes appeals to higher courts. Yes that is also not perfect either. But its better than 99% of what is on this rock right now….

        • KenoshaMarge

          I take your point and I do know that DOJ is law enforcement.

          What worries me is that when  law enforcement is politisized then it is difficult to obtain justice because some cases will never come to trial and some that shouldn’t will. Being charged with a crime/offense often leaves a taint that time doesn’t erase. There are always some who believe that where there’s smoke there’s fire.

          The same thing worries me about liberal courts and conservative courts. There should be courts that follow the law and not some partisan ideology. And yes I know that’s naive.

          I also agree that what we have is better than what most have. Doesn’t mean that we can’t strive or wish for better.

          • Popsmoke

            Marge I cannot argue this one with you! By the way, your on target not naive….


    if this does not wake up the young, I do not know what will

    • HELENK2

       backtrack in 3 1/2 years undid what  reagan did in 8 years on unemployment

    • jrterrier

      great graphic.  here is former NH Sen Judd Gregg making a similar point.  Remember that Pres Obama offered to make Gregg Secretary of Commerce; after thinking about it, Gregg withdrew his name from consideration saying:  ““It has become apparent during this process that this will not work for me as I have found that on issues such as the stimulus package and the census there are irresolvable conflicts for me.,” (

      This is Gregg’s statement on yesterday’s election in France:

      “. . .
      Ironically, all this is done under the banner of “fairness and equality.”

      It is obvious that voting for one’s living is a great deal easier than working for it. It is easier to blame someone else who is wealthier for a reduction in the standard of living than to look in the mirror and ask hard questions about the nature and effect an expansionist government has on the quality of life in a society in general.

      The driver of this process is at its most basic level envy. In a democratic system it is very simple to claim, for what seems like a long time, that if you just take more from your neighbor, you will be able to live better.
      But in the end reality has a way of setting in. Countries that choose this path see that, rather than all the boats rising on the incoming tide of massive government expansion in the name of goodness and light, the boats actually start to wallow and the wealth of the society as a whole begins to erode significantly.

      Rather than being lifted up through greater productivity and economic growth, the society becomes mired in finger pointing where the many, through their politicians, blame the few.”


    Dr warren weinstein held captive in Pakistan by al qaeda

  • Popsmoke

    Let me say this again. We have some nerve to go around and tell other countries how screwed up they are???

    “Charles Cragin, a Romney
    supporter who lost Saturday’s bid to chair the convention, called the
    turn of events at the Maine convention “bizarre.” Cragin said the
    Paul-led delegation may not be recognized at the national convention
    because of violations of rules of procedure this weekend in Augusta. “

    • beachnan

       What a stupid statement.  Who stole an election.  Are you trying to say that Paul was going to win the election?  Get over yourself and your ridiculous statements.

      • Popsmoke

        When you try not to seat delegates without just cause and in this case the Paul folk out maneuvered the Romney folk. You are STEALING an election and depriving those a vote.

    • stodghie

      pop, you are getting desperate. i think that is darn funny!

      • Popsmoke

        You think trying not to seat delegates because you were out maneuvered is funny?

        Ok lets laugh at this? I think you have an IQ lower than dirt and that should prevent you from voting at all….

    • Flop_Flipper

      The article does not mention what violations of the rules may have occurred. Nor does it attribute any effort on Cragin’s part to deny the seating of delegates. He made an observation, if I am reading this right.

      Paul supporters are known to be very passionate. And this is not the first report of shenanigans.

      Good for Paul if he won Maine.

      • Popsmoke

        There was no violation of the rules. That is smoke. The Paul Campaign’s legal beagle, David A. Warrington is an expert at the delegate issues. This guy can thread a camel through the eye of a needle when it comes to delegates…

        He got Maine and Nevada… Romney will get the nod no doubt. But Paul will end up controlling the convention… Watch…

        Mitt take notice…..

    • jrterrier

      it’s the caucus system.  it just allows for a vocal minority to overturn the will of the electorate. 

      i’ve seen it first hand.  it’s not pretty.  it happened in 2008 in the DEM caucuses and it is happening again in 2012.  it allows those who are willing to shout loudest and intimidate others to take over.   

      • Popsmoke

         Yep and its all within the rules…. The caucus system needs to be hung out to dry…..

  • HARP2

      France can always sell off most of it`s military vehicles. Never used but of course the reverse gears are worn out.

  • HARP2

     Wealthy French eye move across the Channel

    quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this
    article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the
    article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.
    Wealthy French people are looking to London as a refuge from fresh taxes on high earners pledged by candidates in the country’s presidential elections.

    The “soak the rich” rhetoric that has punctuated the presidential
    campaign has prompted a sharp rise in the numbers weighing a move across
    the Channel, according to London-based wealth managers, lawyers and
    property agents specialising in French clients.

  • HARP2

     That Didn’t Take Long… Obama Invites French Socialist Hollande to White House This Month

    President Barack Obama invited French president-elect Francois
    Hollande to the White House later this month, expressing hope the pair
    would work “closely,” a spokesman said Sunday.

    In a telephone call to congratulate Hollande on his election victory,
    Obama “indicated that he looks forward to working closely with Mr
    Hollande and his government on a range of shared economic and security
    challenges,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said in a statement.

    • no_longer_a_democrat

      Barky’s calling Hollande for tips. :)

    • Hank DeCat

       Well, that seems to settle the “will America stand with Germany or France” debate. Goodbye France, it was nice knowing ya! At least I got to see Paris before you had to sell the Eiffel Tower & Notre Dame for parts.

      • jrterrier

        it will be interesting how the germans react.  it’s bad enough when you have to work to pay for your own govt’s profligate ways; it’s much worse when you have to work to pay someone else’s; the German people aren’t going to be too happy to have to pay for French’s cradle-to-grave benefits. 

    • Popsmoke

      What did you expect him to do and say? We will not allow French fries at the White House if you don’t do what I say?

      Hollande said it all after his election… Now it becomes hard…..

      Brother you ain’t just whistling …. Le Mer…..

  • Popsmoke

     PS: What really pisses me off here is that we have the nerve to tell other countries how corrupt their electoral system is. While we spin, lie, cheat, fabricate and steal elections. The only difference between our electorial process and a third worlds is that we do not use our military to get people elected…..

    • wylrae

      Military personnel sure are used as a backdrop in many campaign events.  So they are being used to get people elected; albeit maybe indirectly.

      • Popsmoke

        Come talk to me when your local guard until come to your door armed….

    • BronwynsHarbor

      It was sickening to listen to a quite elderly, dignified black woman in Philadelphia say that she is unable to vote because she doesn’t have a birth certificate.  She has an attorney who appeared with her on CNN, and said that her client’s situation is common — particularly since Pennsylvania’s legislature passed an overly strict voter ID law. 

       Many older blacks, because of segregation, never had a birth certificate because they couldn’t be born in a hospital, the attorney said. Her client did have a b.c., but it was stolen with her purse. She’s sent a request with money 4-5 times but never hears back. She is overcome by her worry that she won’t be able to vote. The attorney seemed unable to figure out what to do for her.

      • HELENK2

         does she have any kind of baptismal certificate or that type of record??

      • Popsmoke

        This Voter ID is overkill and really voter suppression… I can’t believe that the State would not except tax returns and or social security information besides a birth certificate.

        Maybe now because of the CNN report she gets that certificate….

        • Justine00

          “except” or accept?

  • Popsmoke

    By the way, Obama a lightweight on economics? Romney a light weight on foreign policy…. And its foreign policy that the president really controls.

    Both of these guys are lightweights and neither should be in the White House…. We just do not learn nor do many really care. This is nothing but a game to many people whose only interest in getting their guy in the WH is….

    Their own special interest…..

    • HARP2

      Best you don`t make up your mind. It`s safer that way and when it`s all over you can say I told you so. Very courageous. That bumpy thing going down the middle of your back is called a spine…..USE IT.

      • Popsmoke

        Your funny… I actually laughed that this. I am spineless?  That is a hoot…. You are clueless…

        • HARP2

           My funny what ? 
          Maybe you meant “you are” or “you`re”.

          • Popsmoke

            Thank you Ms Grammar for the correction. But you’re/your/you are still funny….

    • stodghie

      popsmoke need to watch that. your nose is growing longer. lol

    • BronwynsHarbor

      It seems to happen a lot, Popsmoke.   That we end up with lightweights.  It IS a game.

      I do argue that Mitt Romney has a great deal of executive experience, while Obama had nearly none … even his beloved followers admit Obama has failed to lead or stick his neck out.

      If I’d had my way, President Hillary Clinton would be running for her second term.  But it seems it took her defeat for a lot of people to wake up and realize what they’d passed over. And that she was NOT to be reflexively hated (but I wonder if the former Hillary haters have ever realized that it was the Republicans/conservatives who put those nasty thoughts in their heads).

      Enough about my preference.  Who do you see out there who’d be qualified in your estimation?

      • Popsmoke

        Bronwyns, Hillary would make these two look like one half of the Marx Bothers team…

        Some of my favorites… Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty, Andy Cuomo, Chris Christie, John Thune, Sam Brownback, Jay Nixon, Christine Gregoire… 

        But if its the economy and jobs your after, as well as international experience? Well then there is the unknown that I would push… Michael Duke the CEO of Wal-Marts…. This guy makes Romney look like the milkman….

        Think a guys who runs the worlds largest retailer and employes 2.4 Million folk worldwide, knows something about economics and leadership? 

        Never happen though…. Duke would never submit his family to the the bullshit..

        • jrterrier

          Pop, except for Huntsman’s stint as an ambassador, where is the international experience of the others?  Cuomo’s primary experience is as a womanizer from what I’m told by people who know him and the women he’s known.  Christie is a former fed prosecutor in NJ; smart mouth and sharp but no international experience.  same for the others.  Jay Nixon — what does he know other than republican MO politics; his prior experience was as AG in MO? i can go on with the others.  but you get the drift. 
          Tim Pawlenty, Andy Cuomo, Chris Christie, John Thune, Sam Brownback, Jay Nixon, Christine Gregoire…

    • Hokma

      Other than Eisenhower, Nixon, and H.W. Bush, every incoming President was a lightweight in foreign policy. Romney is no different than Clinton, Reagan or Carter.

      • Popsmoke

        Eisenhower had experience. Shit dealing with Montgomery and Patton was a full time job forget fighting a world war and keeping all the allies happy.

        But you have a point. I will note that its who these guys surround themselves with that is key… Nixon relied on “Nixinger” for foreign policy and ole Tricky Dick had a go at foreign policy before the WH. 

        H.W had a ton of play in the international arena previously and relied on the team of Baker and Eagleburger two hired guns… They broke the mold with these two….

        Both Obama and Romney? Their advisers are scarier than the candidates themselves.

        • jrterrier

          Romney has experience with international commerce and getting the St Lake City Olympics especially after 9/11 and with all the international parties to run smoothly requires some of the same talent as Eisenhower ( I said SOME; i’m not equating WWII to the Olympics).

          • Popsmoke

            One Olympic director position does not make a diplomat and Romney is no Mike Duke (CEO Walmarts)…  Look at the back grounds of Ike, Nixon and HW…. That is statesmanship….

    • jrterrier

      and who do you think is not a light-weight?

      • Popsmoke

        Hell Huntsman has more foreign policy experience in his big toe than Romney has even had as  Boss Salt Lake 2002….

  • no_longer_a_democrat

    Love Mitten’s letter!

    check this out, the entire american media isn’t even pretending anymore, I know they were campaigning, lying, covering up for him in 2008, now they can’t even pretend.
    SNL is just a piece of trash now, I loved it in the 80’s, even 90s’, now just like Stewart, etc, nothing but lefties.  Bunch of lefty hacks.

  • April454

    A simple question for Romney: If you would have let the auto sector failed what would you be saying to those couple of hundred thousand in Ohio who would have lost their jobs?

    Ohio have a lot to thank Obama for in just saving the auto sector. One in eight Ohio jobs are connected to the auto sector.

    “Mr. King said advisors to former President Bush estimated 1 million jobs would have been lost in the process. He said that the number of people directly employed in the auto manufacturing industry has risen from 105,000 in Ohio when the two companies emerged from bankruptcy to 120,000 now.

    He said the auto industry supports another 700,000 jobs in Ohio, a number that includes businesses that depend on auto workers, such as diners and other retailers near auto plants.”

    The people of Ohio will not forget that Obama saved the auto sector and that Romney was against it.

    • Hokma

      I’m not sure why you are still here PPAA  . . . .

      “If you would have let the auto sector failed  . . ”

      This is a strawman argument. What precisely did Romney say that he would let the auto industry fail?

      1. GM is not the auto industry – they are one company.

      2. GM did what Romney would have done – gpo through a structured bankruptcy to better organize and allow it to revitalize (if it could). – that is NOT letting a company fail.

      3. I guess Ford is not part of he auto industry because they did not take any bailout money. So how were they going to fail?

      4. Mercedes, BMW, Honda, and other foreign makes have U.S. manufacuring plants and they didn’t and were not failing.

      So where are you facts to support your ignorant strawman argument putz?

      Obama didn’t save anyone. All he did was pad the pockets of the UAW with taxpayer money.

      Fortunately people in Ohio are not as ignorant as you are.

      • Hank DeCat

        That is so true. People (especially useful idiots who can’t think beyond the talking points Obama feeds them) don’t understand what bankruptcy means. They hear it & they think what is a Ch. 7 bankruptcy (liquidation & go out of business). However, many, many companies (and even municipalities & incorporated cities) have gone through a Ch. 11 bankruptcy, which is a restructuring of debt that allows the corp. to continue as an ongoing concern & NOT a liquidation (like Ch. 7). You’d think, btw, since they are different chapters of the US Bankruptcy Code people would have a clue that they weren’t the same thing, but alas. Anyway, a famous case recently was USAirways — they filed for Ch. 11 in 2002 & remained an ongoing concern throughout the bankruptcy & still remain an ongoing concern. The only difference in the final result between Obama & Romney’s solutions for GM  is that Romney’s plan didn’t call for the stealing of millions from the taxpayers to pay off UAW.

        • April454

          I am very well aware about exactly what bankruptcy means. The U.S. auto sector was headed toward a Chapter 7 or liquidation. There was absolutely nobody other than the government at the time willing to stand up and provide any kind of financing of the time. That is why government had to step in. To keep the industry out of a Chapter 7.

          Mr. DeCat can you give us the name of one single institution other than government who was willing to put a massive amount of money into the sector in order to keep it out of a Chapter 7 at the time?

          Romney had no plan. Without government money the auto sector would not have been saved. Prove it otherwise if you want to be a smart as.

          • Hokma

            “The U.S. auto sector was headed toward a Chapter 7 or liquidation.”

            No they were not you moron. Romney had no plan? Yes he did and it was GM did anyway and that was to go through a managed bankruptcy.

            You are as dumb as a fence post and just make up stuff to annoy people.

            Based on your comments they are exactly the same as PPAA with a different monicker – what a coincidence. 

          • Hank DeCat

             I am very well aware about exactly what bankruptcy means.

            Obviously not.

      • HARP2

         He can`t save the party let alone the auto industry.

      • April454

        1. the entire auto sector was saved, Chrysler, GM, Ford, auto suppliers, dealerships, etc.

        2. Romney wrote and op ed in 2008 entitled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” saying precisely not to save the auto sector.

        3. Ford absolutely did receive government support. They received billions in government backed loans to retool.

        4. Not sure what foreign auto makers have to do with anything. If the U.S. companies went down it would have been a disaster for Ohio.

        Where exactly is the strawman? Obama took flack for saving the auto sector from guys like Romney at the time and it actually worked out. Romney said he would not save the sector. The people of Ohio benefited in a very big way from the Obama actions.

        You can read all about Romney’s views on the auto sector here:

        • Hokma

          PPAA –

          You are ignoring what I said and should go back into your basement.

          Doing a managed bankruptcy is NOT putting a company out of business, It is saiving a company if it can be saved. That is what Romney called for and that is what GM did.

          All thet Obama did was save the UAW with taxpayer money and that is it.

          Claiming that the auto industry was going to completely fail means we have some other means of transportation moron.

          What do other foreign auto manufacurers have to do with this? They make those care here – they are bought by Americans – And they employ American workers. If you are too stupid to figure that out than ask the Daily Koz Kidz what that means.

          Your argument is a strawman argument because you claim Romney said that he would allow the auto industry to fail. He never said that and therefore is a strawman argument.

          Using the New York Times as a credible source of information is like using MSNBC as a credible course for news.

          Now if you cannot back your claims then get lost.

          • Popsmoke

            The mind is a terrible thing to waste…. That is why we have who we have in the WH right now and who is running against that waste, another waste ….

            Its all waste! Call Allied Industries ! Tell them its garbage collection time…

    • Anthony_1

      out of your mind.

      WTF do you know about Ohio?Do you even live in the USA?

      • no_longer_a_democrat

        I think AxelHole is outsourcing the trolling jobs this time around.

        • Hank DeCat

           I don’t think he has a choice but to outsource them. Who in their right mind that lives with this POTUS would still support him enough to troll for him?

    • no_longer_a_democrat

      Hi PPPA!

      How much is AxelHole paying these days for trolling? I have a couple of friends who are unemployed and need some $$, is AxelHole paying the same rate as he was in 2008?? Is he still advertising it on Craig’s List?

    • Hank DeCat

      Saving the auto sector. . .
      Have you driven a Ford, lately?

      • April454

        More crazy logic from you…

        Ford received $5.9 billion of government loans in 2009. The company asked for the government help itself. You are not fooling anyone with your bullshit.

        You guys like to criticize Solyndra for a small “government backed” loan (no actual loans, but only government backing), but seem to convienently ignore the fact that Ford got billions of actual money from the government.

        • Hokma

          It was not part of the bailout program at all and it was not to save their company.

          It was a line of credit with government backing and it was for specific reasons that were cited that had to do with government mandates (fuel efficiency) and protection in case the government actions with GM and Chrysler failed. That is a world of difference than what you claim.

          And you are comparing an already failed pseudo company like Solyndra to Ford?

          Back into your basement PPAA.

    • stodghie

      obama didn’t save anything april. they saved themselves. duh

      • April454

        Yeah.. they saved themselves with all that government money and after the Obama appointed car czar negotiated a life saving deal between banks, bondholders, unions and the companies.

        • Hokma

          “negotiated a life saving deal”
          You don’t actually read the news do you? I mean you don’t have a sliver of intellectual curiosity at all?

          The deal was for GM to go through a managed bankruptcy which is exactly what Romney and others level-headed leaders called for.

          All the taxpayer money went for was to pad the pockets of the UAW so they would not have to forfeit anything.

          Back to your basement.

          • FormerLib160

            These ObamaZombies, like April454, are so easy, aren’t they?

        • stodghie

          april please get your facts in order before making blanket statements. are you aware of even care that many good car dealers with years in business had to go out of business for no other reason than they were republicans and were shoved out of the way for those with democratic leanings?

    • jrterrier

      Romney didn’t say to let it fail; he said let it go through bankruptcy.  That’s what they ended up doing anyhow but only after they gave away a lot to the Unions at the expense of creditors; because the bailout didn’t work.

      Other great companies have gone through bankruptcy and survived.  In any event, Ford made it without a bailout; obviously there was a lot of mismanagement at GM and the other two car companies. 

  • MG6
  • POdVet

    It goes deeper than that in Ohio Larry. I’m originally from the Youngstown area, and crime has always been a major problem there. From the Mafia to the street gangs and just plain thugs all over the city. When Obama promised to make Youngstown a central area of his progress in Ohio, he delivered. No longer do you constantly read in the Vindicator about crimes all over the city, or a murder rate in the top ten for a city it’s size. He didn’t actually improve anything. But per his orders, the Obamatons at the paper stopped printing the information like they used too. The murder rate has not gone down according to the FBI’s statistics though, so as is typical with Obama. His results are based entirely on how effectively he can have the truth hidden bye his corrupt minions.

  • elizabethrc

    I DO believe that Romney and his team really, truly get how this election thingy works!  Today I read that at Obama’s pitiful ‘start’ to his campaign in Ohio at OS, Romney people were there ready to counter the spin.  I also read that there were copies of the restraining orders of accused wife abuser, Sherrod Brown attached to the windshields of the cars.  For those who might not know, Obama has had him tagging along with him on his campaign stops.  Seems Obama thinks he’ll help in his war to ‘help women’. 
    Fat chance.

    • no_longer_a_democrat

      yep!  I guess he really hates the “likeable” ones, which is any woman who dare oppose him.

      I had not heard that, good for Romney’s team for going after everything. I really hope he doesn’t do a Mccain, with “my friends, you got nothing to fear from Barky”

      • Hank DeCat

         Poor McCain — I really think he was content to be nominated. Plus, after 8 years of Bush fatigue, even a cardboard cut out with a “D” after its name was almost guaranteed to win the GE (and, let’s face it, the cardboard cut out did win).  And that’s not even mentioning the unbelievable racist smears (against Bill Clinton for the love of God! If they can do that to Bill Clinton they can do it to anybody) and the disgusting misogyny, both of which caught  even savvy politicians like the the Clintons flat-footed. McCain didn’t stand a chance.

        Romney, OTOH, isn’t just content to be nominated. He seems determined to win. The racist smears & misogyny will not have the same effect the 2nd time around & there is only so much covering up the MSM can do now that Obama actually has a record.

    • Popsmoke

      This is bullshit and absolute crap. This is what is wrong with republicans supporters who have an agenda. I do not particularly like Brown. But this is bullshit. This is a typical restraining order and no where does it say Brown beat his wife… Nor does the divorce action…

      What horse shit…. This is the reason why good people will not run. Assholes who push complete garbage…..

      • no_longer_a_democrat

        “no where does it say Brown beat his wife”

        Actually it does.

         her exact words:
        ““I am definitely afraid of my husband, that he has struck and bullied me on several different occasions, he has completely destroyed my peace of mind and that I am extremely intimidated by him.””

        • Popsmoke

          This is a typical restraining order … Show me the divorce motion not some back water  conservative news source that has no ethics what so ever and a reputation for twisting facts…..

          Besides we do not know the entire story here … yet… So just because of politics you and others are willing to take one person so-called quote as evidence?

          That my friend is bullshit… You should be ashamed of yourself. 

          How would you like it done to you?

          • no_longer_a_democrat

            ” her exact words:
            ““I am definitely afraid of my husband, that he has struck and bullied me on several different occasions, he has completely destroyed my peace of mind and that I am extremely intimidated by him.”””

            I have worked in a women’s shelter, when a women has put this in a legal bidding motion and expressed fear for her safety, I believe her. You have every right not to, I have seen many cases enough to believe a woman when she fears her husband enough to file a restraining order and then a motion to outline visition rights. This isn’t just some quote in a newpaper, its in the legal motion itself.
            To her and her kids, I’m sure it isn’t “bull$hit”.

        • Popsmoke

          Look… You know jack shit as I know jack shit. There is no direct involvement on your part nor mine. Your quoting from a conservative news  not the motion itself.

          I also work with women and children and have had a clients daughter fabricate a child abuse complaint against her step-father. The gal put her step father through hell so spare me the song and dance ….

          There is an old saying in law…. “The truth lies somewhere in the middle between the party of the first part and the party of the second part..”

          I do not know what to believe but I am not willing to make any one-sided accusation .. Guess you left your standards at that shelter?

          • stodghie

            I know jack shit   ahh  popsmoke how refreshing a moment of honesty among the trash.

          • BronwynsHarbor

            Popsmoke, you’re correct.  I spent about an hour yesterday reading all the reports, as long as I could stand it, and it seems like a typical bitter divorce.  

            Except it is not typical in that Brown, because he IS a politician, has to avoid depicting his ex-wife in a negative way — even if he feels strongly that her attitude and what she told the children led to a far more acrimonious divorce.  

            If he comes out and says that, everyone will jump all over him.  And he is doubtless wise enough (one hopes) to know what venting publicly will harm his children even more.  So he has to keep his mouth shut.  He’s in a no-win situation.  

            All he can do is live his life, try to do his job the best he can, and work hard at his new marriage to a very bright woman and make his children from the previous marriage feel secure and happy when they’re with him.

            I vaguely recall that, a few years ago, Connie Schulz was on Charlie Rose — she’s a favorite guest of his — and she talked about their household of children from previous marriages. She came across as finding it challenging but as a strong woman who can handle all the complexities of that kind of situation.

            But, my remarks about Brown avoiding being seen with Obama are true.  A lot of that was because of the intense scrutiny of Obamacare. 

            I wonder if we’ll have to wait until the debates until either man talks about health care.

            Y9ur work sounds fascinating, Popsmoke.  Not easy though.

        • Popsmoke

          This is what is really wrong with politics….

          “When Sherrod and Larke Brown split in 1986, it was a well-known secret
          in political circles that they parted badly. Statehouse reporters at the time were delivered anonymous brown envelopes containing court documents with claims of neglect and cruelty. Larke had sought a
          restraining order against her husband. “I am also intimidated by the Defendant,” her affidavit said, “and am in fear for the safety and well-being of myself and our children due to the Defendant’s physical
          violence and abusive nature.” Brown answered that he had never been
          abusive toward his wife and daughters. A divorce was granted in 1987; the court found both parties at fault.”

          “While Brown was secretary of state, the accusations remained whispers inside the capitol building. Mueller, however, ran radio and television ads featuring a dramatic reading of Larke’s claims of fear and intimidation. It got to the point that Larke, who had remarried and was
          living in central Ohio, called on Mueller to stop airing the ad. She refused.

          This is BULLSHIT pure unadulterated Texas longhorn BULLSHIT!

          Like I said you left your standards back at that shelter….

          • jrterrier

            what is bullshit.  the woman swore under oath that he had pushed and shoved her on several occasions.  the fact that she didn’t want to find herself in the middle of a campaign ad doesn’t mean it wasn’t true.

            i’ve been married for nearly 40 years.  never been pushed or shoved by my husband. 

        • Popsmoke

          By the way, I had not realized that this trash was OLD NEWS until I did a 60 second research check! 1986 actions and 1993 political retreads… 

          First people who pass crap like this around as a public service need to be sued. Secondly No longer a democrat, you should be ashamed of yourself. There is enough wrong with politics today where one can attack on issues rather than pull shit like this….

          Is this what we have really become?

          • no_longer_a_democrat

            Thank you for all the insults.

            “you should be ashamed of yourself”

            “Like I said you left your standards back at that shelter….
            show more”

            “is bullshit… You should be ashamed of yourself. 
            How would you like it done to you? ”

            “Like I said you left your standards back at that shelter….”

            Thank you again for all the insults, never once did I attack anyone for expressing their viewpoints. I guess this what NQ is now, disagree, and know what’s coming your way for disagreeing and expressing one’s views.

          • jrterrier

            sued.  for what?  quoting court records?  he is a politician and this is political speech.  moreover, the truth — in this case an affidavit and court order granting the restraining order — are actual court documents.  and sherrod brown happens to be claiming that the republicans are engaged in a war on women. 

            at least those who are opposing sherrod brown have an affidavit to support their claims.  where is sherrod br0wn’s evidence that mitt romney is engaged in a war on women. 

        • Popsmoke

          My pleasure and thank you for passing along false flags and rumors to support your own interests. Great public service….

          • jrterrier

            what are you talking about – false flags and rumors.  the are quotes from an affidavit, which is a sworn statement, filed in court; it was sufficiently serious to persuade a judge to issue a restraining order. 

        • elizabethrc

          It’s no small matter to file such a petition.  As a woman who has experienced abuse first hand I can tell you that the worries about your children, where to go, what to do, how to live are huge factors in my not filing such a complaint.  I lived in fear for decades and finally, through life changing therapy was able to move on.  My kids, even as adults today, show the effects of my cowardice in having stayed in the marriage so long.  Both parents need to be so aware of how this will impact their children for life.   I’ll never take lightly the filing of such an order and neither, apparently, did the judge.  Sure, there are people on both sides of a marriage who abuse the process, but I hope I am able to distinguish between those wrongdoings of the few and the legitimate fears of the others.
          Popsmoke has a right to his opinions, but it sounds as though he is using his experience with ‘a client’s daughter’ to color those opinions a bit too much.  I wonder how many he encounters that are legitimate abuse complaints.

      • elizabethrc

        Pop: Save your righteous indignation about Brown.  I noted and saw pictures of the notice attached to car windshields.  I further said “accused” not convicted.
        The fact that Republicans are finally meeting fire with fire is the point, not Brown’s guilt or innocence.
        By the way, in your rush to defend Brown, why did the judge grant the injunction?  I do not know, nor do you.
        We live in the real world, one where Obama has not and will not hesitate to employ the dirtiest tricks imaginable to diminish his opponent.  He has a long history of this so unless we want Obama to have a second term, Republicans had better cut him off at the pass.
        Pleasant?  No.  Necessary?  Most likely.  Do you have another solution to getting Obama out of office?

        • Popsmoke

           “Pleasant?  No.  Necessary?  Most likely.  Do you have another solution to getting Obama out of office?”


      • jrterrier

        wait a moment.  it may all have been hogwash arising out of a nasty divorce; or it may have been true.  the fact is that there was a restraining order issued.  while they are easier to obtain than they once were; the issuance of a restraining order still requires at least a sworn statement of some action by one person that is threatening to the person seeking the order. 

        don’t know about you, but i’ve never had a restraining order issued against me.

        i haven’t been able to find the affidavit but here are some excerpts from articles on the internet: 

        he motion asked the court to stop Sherrod from

        “harassing, including telephone harassment, annoying, interfering with or doing bodily harm to this Plaintiff at her residence or elsewhere.” The affidavit to the motion alleged that Larke believed that unless restrained, Sherrod would “harass” or “do bodily harm” to her; she further stated, “I am also intimidated by the Defendant and am in fear for the safety and well-being of myself and our children due to the Defendant’s physical violence and abusive nature.”

        The restraining order was granted by the court, and prevented Brown from “harassing, including telephone harassment, annoying, interfering with or doing bodily harm to this Plaintiff at her residence or elsewhere.” In fact, the restraining order enjoined Brown from “coming in or around the Plaintiff’s residence … except for purposes of visitation with the parties’ minor children.”

        In October 1986, Larke filed a multi-pronged motion asking for limitation of visitation rights of Sherrod due to “physical and emotional harassment of the Plaintiff” and an order preventing him from coming no closer than the curb of their home during the times he exercises his visitation privileges.

        Her affidavit in support of this motion alleged that Sherrod had “embarked on a consistent course of conduct designed to destroy the Plaintiff’s peace of mind as well as to physically and mentally intimidate her.” On several occasions, Larke alleged, her husband had “intimidated, pushed, shoved, and bullied her.”

        On October 11, 1986, she alleged, for example, that she was “entertaining out-of-town guests for breakfast” when Sherrod stopped by to pick up the kids for visitation. She aalleges she sked Sherrod to put the kids’ things out to the car while she told them to come out. Instead, “Defendant refused to return to van, pushed me up against the wall with his arms in order to pass and entered the house. He refused to leave when asked and began to say insulting, derogatory things about me, my mothering of my children and my character in front of my friends and children.” Larke alleged that “Defendant has embarked on a course of conduct designed to destroy the children’s peace of mind by making defamatory and slanderous remarks about me to them, as well as insisting that they repeat untruthful things that he had coached them to state.”

        She summed up: “I am definitely afraid of my husband, that he has struck and bullied me on several different occasions, he has completely destroyed my peace of mind and that I am extremely intimidated by him.”

        • HoosierinDixie

          I agree with you jrterrior, elizabeth and kenosha marge. The court ruled it was necessary to grant the restraining order thus making it legitimate cannon fire in my opinion. It seems to me the Dems got sloppy and forgot that Obama’s SOP was to have the sealed divorce documents of his past rivals made public simply to eliminate the competition. If they are foolish enough to put the man who lives in a glass house (Sherrod Brown in this case) on the front lines of this faux “war on women,” they should expect the opposition to throw some rocks and break a few windows. Politics can be nasty business but as far as I am concerned, they can fire when ready.

    • Popsmoke

      Another jackass we do not need in the White house…..

      • Justine00

        So, I thought lost its credibility years ago.  (Annenberg is connected to Obummer…) Generally, it’s only cited by Obots, and hasn’t been cited much since 2008.

        • Popsmoke

          I actually know some of the folk at Annenberg…. I can tell you that your so far off that that they are connected to Obama that you need a light year to get back on course….  By the way I am no liberal…..

          • wylrae

            Okay, so you say you are not a liberal!  Why should we necessarily believe you?  Your posts above seem to reflect an eager willingness to accept the word of a liberal senator over that of his wife.

          • EllenD818

            You know, everybody,  liberal is NOT the worst thing you can be.
            Conservative isn’t either.
            Most people are not one-dimensional so I find calling people easy labels rather than arguing specific points is the lazy way out.
            That way of arguing should have been left in high school.
            BTW – this is not directed at Popsmoke or anyone specific. Just been bugging me for a while.

          • jrterrier

            as i noted above, whatever their leanings, this particular fact-check was bogus. 

        • BronwynsHarbor

          BLOG NOTICE: We’ve set the # of indented replies allowed to 5.  So once we hit the 5th indent, “Reply” no longer appears. Which makes it odd to figure out how to reply to someone.  

          People who don’t buy the B.S. put out by either party and who don’t fit “liberal” or “conservative” tags are why we have a growing number of Independents in this country.

          I’ll venture that is no more a pawn of Obama than you or I are.  

          Actually, I take that back.  If we are so consumed with hatred of Obama that we cannot bear a critique of Ed Gillespie’s spiel, well — we’re not very honest folks then.  

          And we unwittingly become the special kind of pawns that Obama truly needs — Obama will welcome the birthers, the Sean Hannity types who waste chunks of their shows on Bill Ayers (an issue that’s a non-starter, if for no other reason than that it takes too long to explain to Joe and Jane Doe), and more Sean Hannity types who rage against the dirty protestors against capitalism… oh, and Ted Nugent railing about moderates.  Yeah, Obama must just LOVE Ted Nugent, self-proclaimed patri-ate (he mispronounced the word something like that).

          • KenoshaMarge

            I have no idea of what occurred between Sherrod Brown and his ex, but I do know one thing, if you are going to join in on the “War On Women” dishonesty your own reputation with and about women had best be squeaky clean.

            What has Sherrod Brown said about this faux Dem “War On Women” meme? If he’s joined in on the attacks on the right then I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. You tend to reap what you sow.

            I don’t “like” Sherrod Brown, never did, never will. Do I think he was a wife beater 20+ years ago? Haven’t a clue.

            I still hold a grudge for how he treated Paul Hacket back in 2006 when I was still a Democrat.

          • jrterrier

            Hey, Bronwyn, not a fair comment.  As both Hokma and I pointed out above, Fact-check is playing fast and loose with this particular fact-check. 

          • jrterrier

            More on why your comment is not fair to those of us who posted that this fact-check is partisan. 

            the first line of the fact-check states:

            “Mitt Romney’s senior adviser Ed Gillespie distorted some economic facts on “Meet the Press” when he accused President Obama of creating a U.S. economy that is “hostile” to women.”

            Yet down the page, in the 7th-9th paragraphs, fact-check in fact states that Gillespie did not distort the facts it’s just that Fact-check doesn’t like what he did state.

            7th para:  “First of all, “recorded history” — which sounds like a long time — goes back only to the Eisenhower presidency. The Census Bureau says it began providing official poverty estimates in 1959.  [REALLY — so it’s ok to defame Gillespie because his numbers only go back to 1959, even though he clearly said he was only talking about “recorded” history!!!]

            8th para:  Second, Gillespie is right that the “number of single mother families living in poverty” in 2010, the most recent number available, is the highest since records have been kept, beginning in 1959. [REALLY — again, it’s ok to defame Gillespie because he used numbers instead of percentages; don’t forget the Twain adage that there are lies, damn lies, and statistics!!!]

            and in the 10th paragraph, the kicker:

            “We don’t mean to dismiss the fact that poverty among this group is high. But the fact is that the progress that had been made in the late 1990s was reversed in the last decade during two recessions under two presidents — one of each party.”

            this isn’t fact-checking. this is more of Obama’s partisan media.   In truth, ought to give itself a big fact 5-pinochios for their column and caption.   

        • Hokma

          IN this case Factcheck ignored what Gillespie actually cited and twisted what he said to create other facts that they knocked. Read what they said carefully and it is a series of strawmen facts.

          • Popsmoke
          • Hokma

            1.  Gillespie said “single mother families” and Anneberg cited only “single mothers.”
            2.  “14 percent increase in the number of single mothers living in poverty under Obama, relying again on the number rather than the poverty rate. The rate has increased 2.9 percentage points under Obama.” By their own admission that changed the facts from the number to the poverty rate.
            3.  And while they agreed with Gillespie’s last fact, that inserted facts irrelevant to what Gillespie said just to tarnish the facts.
            This one is not even a close call. If you call yourself FactCheck then just stick to the facts.
            Also it is worth noting that one looks at actually who is doing the fact checking and based on his background and what he has written in the past it would be reasonable to assume that Eugene Kiely leans to the left and toward Obama.
            While Gingrich and Santorum are irrelevant, Paul has been and will continue to be a major factor at the convention and beyond. I do believe that Romney and Paul have somewhat of an agreement regarding the platform and a role for Paul in the Romney administration. While it would be great to see Paul head a commission on government restructuring, that probably would not happen.

      • jrterrier

        Come one Pop did you even read the supposed fact-checking?  Your anti-Romney bias is showing; guess you are still working on your self-admitted anti-Mormonism.   You really devalue your opinion when you do this.   

        An careful reading of fact-check’s first supposed claim read shows how partisan they are.  Gillespie correctly stated that the “number” of single mother-families is now the highest in “recorded” history.  and their fact checking focuses on the fact that stats only run back to 1959; and on percentages rather than numbers. 

        so what Gillespie said is completely accurate as he didn’t claim that the numbers were the highest ever in the history of the world, just in recorded history.   Gillespie said the “number” was the highest; and fact-check counters with “percentages.”  in other words, fact-check compares apples to oranges and concludes that Gillespie was wrong because apples are not oranges. 

        from fact-check:  Gillespie said the “number of single-mother families living in poverty” is now the highest “in recorded history.” But poverty statistics date only to 1959, and the poverty rate for single mothers — which is a better indicator than the total number — is still relatively low, despite a recent rise. It was 31.6 percent in 2010, the 37th highest rate in 52 years. The highest rate was 42.9 percent in 1962.