Watch this. If I may, I suggest you pay close attention to see and comprehend the torture of these females and their young ones. It is as bad as the four articles I’ve cited in a pending NQ post about the brutality visited upon by adherents of the Muslim “honor” CODE (?), even in the U.S. (that post is coming along soon; I could have made the video below part of that post, but wanted to get an open thread up tonight).This video is not in any way different. It may occur less among Muslims but doubtless hardcore Muslims would likely do the same to these females and their babies.

I’m giving you an out by making this also an open thread. Okay. Now …

… we can talk about it.

Better yet, let the remarkable organization tell you. From HSUS:

Urge Tyson Foods to Ensure Better Treatment for Pigs

The Humane Society of the United States released undercover video footage revealing cruel treatment of animals and inhumane conditions at a Wyoming pig breeding facility owned by a supplier to Tyson Foods. The investigation revealed workers kicking piglets like soccer balls, swinging sick piglets in circles, and ruthlessly beating mother pigs. Along with individual acts of animal abuse, this investigation also highlights the suffering pigs endure when locked in metal “gestation crates” where they cannot even turn around for nearly their whole lives — a standard pork industry practice.

These cages, barely larger than the pigs’ own bodies, prevent the animals from even turning around. Mother pigs are caged like this during their four-month-long pregnancy, taken from the gestation crate and put into another crate to give birth, re-impregnated, and put back into a gestation crate so the cycle can repeat. It’s hard to imagine a worse existence.

Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Safeway, Compass Group (the world’s largest food service provider), and other major food companies have announced that they’ll remove gestation crates from their supply chains. As several leading pork producers are actively moving in that direction, Tyson lags far behind and still defends this extreme confinement. We need your help to move the company to do the right thing.

For GOOD news as well as more cruelty crisis news, visit the entire site, which is MIRACULOUSLY POSITIVE. TRUST ME on that.

  • Sanshiro123

    Some of these sad and angry workers may be good people that have become hopelessly traumatized by years of killing.   I’m sure it is “not uncommon” for slaughterhouse workers to be arrested for having assaulted humans either. After they are fired and jailed I hope there is help for them and their families dealing with substance abuse, domestic violence, depression and overall PTSD related aggressive behavior.

    • BronwynsHarbor

      Often, those are the only jobs they can get.

      However:  Is it any wonder that illegal immigrants flock to slaughterhouses, and are often hired because the slaughterhouse managers can’t find enough “good” workers to do the job.

  • KataKimbe

    As a vegetarian for ethical reasons I am so disgusted by the cruelty that is done to animals that are sentient beings by a so called humane society.  If these animals were dogs or cats… imagine the outrage.  They are not… BUT they feel the same pain and suffer as much.  How can people let this go on and how can people sit there with their BLT and claim ignorance.  SHAME.  No wonder I prefer animals over people, any day of my life.  Those who tortured the piglets in this video should be behind bars.  Sick bastards.

    • BronwynsHarbor

      KataKimbe, your comments are powerful and rich with compassion.  You write, “If these animals were dogs or cats… imagine the outrage.”

      I wonder how many Americans happily buy Chinese-made cat/dog food without having ANY certainty that China isn’t continuing to adulterate the food. Or gleefully emptying the shelves at WalMart to supposedly save some money, even though they’ve probably spent more (oh, but it was a such a deal!) and bought cheaply made c-r-a-p.

      Do Americans bother to find out that the Chinese now raise St. Bernards in massive operations on a scale of cattle and pigs? The Chinese hit on St. Bernards because they are so large, of course, and they are especially meaty.

      Do Americans know that the Chinese believe that dog meat tastes far better if they beat the doomed dog with pointed sticks because — the MORE PAIN the dog feels, the MORE ADRENALIN, etc. is released into the blood stream, making the dog’s meat oh so yummy much tastier? 

      Or that the skinned dog fur is used to make cat and dog toys sold in American pet stores?

      Did they ever see the HBO video in the 1990s that depicted the latest rage among the NEW RICH in CHINA: Cat meat?  The social climber Chinese each select the cat they want to eat. Then the cat is swung, its head slammed into a wall — but not enough to lose consciousness.  The cat (the HBO video shows this done to kittens) is then, while still conscious, skinned alive. Then, yet still alive after being skinned, it is thrown into boiling water where it writhes about trying to escape.  But, shortly, a smiling Nouveau Riche is acting thrilled to be eating such an “in” delicacy.

      • KataKimbe

        Once you have seen an animal tortured for meat or fur, be it a downed cow, skinned alive cats and dogs or animals brutalized in any way… you can never go back.  They all suffer, because that is what sentient beings do when they have brains, a spine and a central nervous system.

        I did see that Documentary of the white cat that was skinned alive and I can to this day hear the cry.  We, the human species, are one cruel species.  And then people had the gall to criticize Palin for hunting her dinner, while they go into the grocery store to buy that packaged factory meat of suffering.  Which animal had a better quality of life?

        I have no doubt that we are what we eat.  If we eat animals that were propped full with anti biotics etc or that had fear hormones raging through their system all day long… it will affect the person who eats it too.

  • DianaLC


    I had received my regular HSUS emails asking me to send an email to Tyson protesting their association with that facility a few days ago.  I sent it and today got a reply from Tyson.  Unfortunately, I deleted it as I am a bit anal about keeping my email cleared out all the time.  They claimed they have cut back almost completely any ties to that facility, but too little too late as far as I am concerned.

    I am vegetarian for a good reason.  All I ever have to do if someone tries to tempt me with meat is think of some of the things I’ve seen in these videos.  I’ve seen enough, so I couldn’t watch this one.  I have been told, by some people, that those videos constitue vegatarian “propaganda.”  I have read the definition of the word “propaganda” several times.  While it can have negative connotations, it does not have to carry a negative meaning.  Propaganda for a righteous cause is good.

    • DianaLC

      Can’t bring myself to like this one–though I do hope that as the article points out, they really ARE trying to get control over the situation.

      Thanks for all your links.  They are always worthwhile reading.

  • EllenD818

    I use Denmark as the gold standard for pigs. After they were restricted in using antibiotics their production went UP.
    Are you listening politicians?

    • KataKimbe

      Doesn’t mean they are much better treated there either. 

      • EllenD818

        Well, as someone who had MRSA, gratuitous antibiotic use in the US means  something to me.

        Apparently the experts think there is something to be learned in Denmark regarding the welfare of the animals:

        • KataKimbe

          I don’t disagree about that… nor do I think that the fear hormones these animals produce  daily in their miserable lives are good for us.  We are what we eat.  However, this video is about the cruelty and how they are handled. :-(

          • EllenD818

            I agree Kata, I guess I haven’t been making it clear that I think that humane regulations  that are strictly enforced are the only way that this industry should function.


    I would love this to go viral. A Russian immigrant schools a occupier on history and government

    • DianaLC


      That WAS absolutely wonderful.  It will not go viral in this sound-bite age because it was longer than most.  However, I recommend that everyone on this site should take the time to watch it.  But it really again brings us back to the problem of our miserable education system. 

      What that OWS snot didn’t know about history really reveals the blackest of black mark on our education.

      They threw out the teaching of history in elementary schools as an exercise in irrelevance at about the time they determined that teaching standard grammar was irrelevant memory work.  Makes me very, very sad.  By the time kids get to take a history class in high school (at least in this state) it is usually taught by social studies teachers who are more interested in their coaching duties, so they park a television in their classrooms permanently and show videos in no real systematic way.

      Toward the end of my career I became so saddened by the way things were in regard to knowledge of history that I just wanted to cry.  I would constantly get off-hand questions from students as, for example, this:  “Which came first:  WWWII or Vietnam? ”  

  • KenoshaMarge

    I couldn’t watch the video. I’ve seen similar and the picture stays in my mind too long.

    I hope there is a special place in hell for those that abuse animals.

  • HARP2

    Put those responsible in the same conditions for one month and then throw them in jail.

    • BronwynsHarbor


      I sense that HSUS has developed a realistic view of people who consume meat.  It is ideal, and healthiest, not to eat any meat.  But HSUS gets it that, for now, that’s not going to happen. However, HSUS can campaign to make sure that these animals have the best possible lives up until the very end.

      Besides, the meat tastes different, better, coming from animals who aren’t drugged heavily due to illnesses and infections that come from confinement, as well as the wide use of hormones.  Then there’s the creepy use of leftover meat put into the commercial feed for pigs and cows.

      I have a hard time with it. I cheat, even though I know better. But meat is so expensive that I usually never buy it. This week, I got bacon and chicken at the food bank. Both are in my freezer. I’m going to give both to a neighbor since, after avoiding such videos for a while, I again realize that giving in to my desire for such meat — I adore bacon, dammit — is just harming my self-esteem, my self-respect, my desire to be an example.

      BTW: There’s a local dairy nearby that sells raw milk. I was blown away to find out that they donate their milk to the food bank. I got a half-gallon, and am living on it, with cereal — which is all I can eat these days due to stomach issues. The prescription Prilosec is NOT working.  I can’t remember the time I ate a full meal, maybe nearly two years ago. Next month, I am going to get a gastro-something test. Am buying health insurance I can’t afford and was unable to get until next month. Since Obama has been president, my access to health care has gotten more and more expensive.  Gee, thanks, Mr. President.

      ANYWAY: I am tickled to drink raw milk from cows who have a huge big green pasture. I’ve visited those cows!  

      • KenoshaMarge

        I also had a hard time giving up bacon, meat candy, and chicken Bronwyn.

        I use Morning Star Farms veggie bacon and chicken strips. I even cut the chicken strips up and make “chicken” noodle soup, another favorite. They also have a dynamite riblet that I love.

        I don’t know if any of these things would work with your stomach problems but maybe the “chicken” soup?

        Hope you feel better soon.

        I am still a vegetarian, just can’t give up my eggs and cheese,  but I now only buy free range eggs to soothe my conscience. 

        I still don’t care for tofu, referred to in our house as “tophooey.”

        • KataKimbe

          I am right where you are.  Cheese is my downfall… as is real ice cream. 

      • EllenD818

        Bronwyn check out Cohns disease (which is more a collection of symptoms). My daughter has intestinal problems and is working her way through food eliminations.
        Reduced dairy helped. A friend gave up beef so she is trying that too.
        Her doctor says No Processed Food. Make everything yourself from scratch.
        My son even makes his own Veggie meat, lower card bread, healthy muffins.

      • KataKimbe

        Canadian veggie bacon is delicious and cruelty free.

  • BronwynsHarbor

    I’ve never been the same since I began reading animal welfare news stories in the early 1980s.

    There was only so much of it that I could take.  Yet I got to know many great people who to this day I regard as longtime friends who DO manage to deal with this day in and day out.

    Among my longtime friends:  Paul Watson, captain of the Sea Sheperd, which you’ve surely seen in its highly popular TV series.  I met Paul in 1981 when he was in the Pacific Northwest to work on his vessel, train personnel, raise funds, be near his wife’s parents, and chill out for a bit. 

    Still, when I co-hosted a VERY labor-intensive fundraiser at the Seattle Aquarium, he accepted our request to speak alongside the Seattle zoo’s then director.  A lot of people with Paul’s beliefs would have avoided the zoo director, but not Paul.  Besides, as we all discovered that night, the zoo director was truly radical and wanted to transform zoos from people-centered entertainment venues to animal-centered habitats.

    It has occurred to me that my feelings in watching such videos is A NOTHING compared to being one of those animals being beaten, kicked, twirled in the air like a toy (which the Tyson worker does in the video), and being confined.  

    Being so confined that they can’t turn around, from side to side.  If I lie too long on one side, it gets very painful … to be stuck in that position would be utter torture for me.

    And to have none of my cries heard, just that alone would do me in.  I’ve been treated like that after surgeries — with the nurses refusing to listen to me or to, at my request followed by my demand, to bring my surgeon to me.  At least the nurses could understand what I was saying, even if they ignored it.  These beautiful creatures cannot be understood.

    LASTLY: I grew up on a farm. We had PIGS and STEERS.  They had wonderfully large areas.  The PIGS had a rich, varied diet.  Every night, my job was to take our dinner left-overs to the pigs, and it was such a JOY to feed them, making sure each got a fair share.  I loved them.  

    • KataKimbe

      Unlike Obama, I refused to eat a lot of what was served because I loved the animals early on.  My mom was so mad at me, because growing up in small town Sweden we hardly had a lot of fresh veggies… it was meat and potatoes, and fish summer time.