West Virginia primary results — Democratic Primary — are simply priceless: Obama 59% and Judd 41%

Yes, Keith Judd, without ever campaigning got 41% of the ballot and likely delegates to the Democratic Convention this summer.

Oh, but that is not all there is to this story…

Keith Judd is currently a resident at the Beaumont Correctional Facility serving a 17 year sentence for making threats against the University of New Mexico.

What else can one add to this embarrassment? Despite mainstream media claims to the contrary, Obama is not that popular in some parts of the country. Seriously, 4 in 10 West Virginians picked a convicted and incarcerated felon over Obama? Yes, priceless.

Source: MailOnline

Corrected with final poll results giving Obama only 59% of the vote and Judd 41%
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