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Is Obama a wee bit unpopular? +Open Thread

West Virginia primary results — Democratic Primary — are simply priceless: Obama 59% and Judd 41%

Yes, Keith Judd, without ever campaigning got 41% of the ballot and likely delegates to the Democratic Convention this summer.

Oh, but that is not all there is to this story…

Keith Judd is currently a resident at the Beaumont Correctional Facility serving a 17 year sentence for making threats against the University of New Mexico.

What else can one add to this embarrassment? Despite mainstream media claims to the contrary, Obama is not that popular in some parts of the country. Seriously, 4 in 10 West Virginians picked a convicted and incarcerated felon over Obama? Yes, priceless.

Source: MailOnline

Corrected with final poll results giving Obama only 59% of the vote and Judd 41%
Matthew Weaver is president/CEO of Project Weavers, which offers project management training and PMP exam prep courses.

  • alicewolf

    What is this world coming to?    Unless we put a stop to the current trend towards placing the Missile Defense Shield, that is the NATO MDS into operation, Phase 1 staring on May 20th, it won’t matter who comes out top in the polls, because Vladimir Putin has requested formal guarantees that it won’t be used against Russia, and if these are not given by the time Phase 1 comes along, then Russia will regard it as an attempt to threaten it, and will take steps to correct matters.
    Meaning they will destroy the installation before it’s complete.
    MAY  20TH everyone…………………………that’s ten days away………………..
    time is running out………………………….we have to make certain that by then the USA is not being used as the thermonuclear backup for NATO and whoever else is determined to confront Russia………………………….
    Count down to sanity, okay?   Ten…………nine……….eight……………..

  • April454

    The funny WV electorate. They have never voted for Obama. WV is a pretty racist state, at least that is what those on the ground say.  

    But, indeed Weaver you are not telling the whole story.

    I believe the Democratic Primary was open to everyone, including Republicans.

    Also, in the same primary Mitt Romney barely edged out Keith Judd. Romney did even worse verys Keith Judd than Obama.

    “Mitt Romney, who, with 58,651 votes in West Virginia’s primary, barely edged out Mr. Judd…”

    Romney up until it became clear he was the nominee was barely able to pull in 40% of his won political parties’ votes.

  • arabella_trefoil

    Yes. Obama is unpopular. And this morning’s NYT gives me another reason to think he’s in big trouble. If the NYT is right (questionable) Obama is allegedly going to kind of- sort of support gay marriage. And the rah-rah editorial in the Obama ass-kissing NYT is of interest.

    I agree with those who say you can’t trust the polls. What people say in a poll and what they do in a voting booth are two different things.

    Gay marriage is not popular in some of Obama’s core constituencies, but Gay marriage is a must-have for Obama’s die hard liberal constiuency. He’s got a problem here, one that sliminess and weasle words won’t help.

    The economy is in the shitter. People vote their pocket books. Or now a days, they vote for their abiltiy to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

    How things have changed in four years.

    Plus, Obama hates the job.

    The kiddies who rallied for Obama are now graduating college with huge student loans and no prospects of getting jobs.

    The only thing I worry about is if Obama drops out of the election. And I still think he will.

  • Veronica Verona

    Every time I see the photo above, I think,

    “Crying?  Barry, there’s no crying in politics!”

    • Matthew J. Weaver

       No, leave the crying for Boehner.

      • Veronica Verona

        Boehner cries for different reasons.  Barry cries because no one believes he’s the emperor.


    Rep Paul Broun wants TSA administrator to resign immediately
    we would like the whole bunch to go away
    save money, and not have to make the decision
    molestation or radiation????


    Breaking News: White House: Russia’s Putin cancels plans to attend
    G-8 meeting and hold summit with Obama, Medvedev to attend in his place.

    • HARP2

       How`s that for being flexible ?

  • Hokma

    The most obvious question is how does a convicted felon currently serving a 17 year sentence get on the Democratic Party ballot in the first place?

    • HELENK2

       yeah, usually they go to jail after they are elected

    • HARP2

       Must have been his turn.

  • Hokma

    And Obama is having his convention in s state (NC) that just voted to ban gay marriage.

  • cameoanne

     … “What else can one add to this embarrassment?”

    Well, let me offer this; in NC – of those who took the Democratic primary ballot, 20% (including me) voted for “No Preference”.   Proud ‘bitter knitters’ here.

  • HARP2

    Usually they get elected first and THEN they go to prison.


    house votes to stop funding DOJ which in turn stops immigration lawsuits against states

  • Veronica Verona

    Watch out for the vote tampering and corruption from the Obama camp after this one.

  • Anthony_1

    You hate gay people?  You should remove all household mirrors, in that case.  You might hurt yourself.  Asswipe.

  • Anthony_1

    I think he’s going to try to use this as an explanation as to why the AA numbers will be down at the polls.

    Fooling no one

    • Anthony_1


      Can you ban this jerk off please?

      • Matthew J. Weaver

        Yes, done as far as I can at the moment.

      • TeakWoodKite

        Seriously. spamming the thread is not cool but this is over the top…

      • Matthew J. Weaver

         All gone.  Apologies it took a bit of time.

        • Anthony_1

          Thanks, Matthew

  • EllenD818

    I still think “None of the above” is a good bet.


    I read two stories today that had two different outcomes

    one near Orlando Fla a white supremeist group was arrested for training for a race war as it  should be

    black panther prepare for violence after the election. no arrests
    why not?


    • wylrae

      Come on Helen2, you know why.  Does Holder sort of ring a bell?

  • Anthony_1


    Obama just endorsed gay marriage.

    “President Obama is endorsing gay marriage, telling ABC News it “should be legal.”

    “I think same sex couples should be able to get married,” Obama said

    Well, thanks for telling you what you think.  Now, what are you going to actually do about it?????

    Anyone expect that the LGBT Community is going to believe him?  And does anyone want to bet on what percentage of AA vote he’ll lose because of this?

    • foxyladi14

       My oh My.

    • Matthew J. Weaver

      Unfortunately hell could freeze over and the African-American community will still vote en masse for Obama.

      Surprised to see Obama make any move on this as 32 states have now voted against homosexual marriage.

      I suspect this will have potential impact with Catholics, independents, and moderates. Consider the timing and impact of Franklin Graham’s ads against homosexual marriage yesterday.

      • Veronica Verona

        Buuuuutttt… it’s the black church goers that helped to strike down gay marriage in CA and NC…

        It must be hard for Obama to decide which group of victims to support on this one…

        • Anthony_1

          He’s obviously setting up his excuse why AA support fell from 99.1 to around 80.0.  

          He’ll blame it on his “composite view” of gays, and his uncanny knack of being punished just for trying to be all things to all people.

          • wylrae

            We can only hope that AA support  will fall to around 80.0; I doubt it after all he is a bro.

      • jrterrier

        the story goes that he needs the hollywood fundraising that was/is drying up if he didn’t come out in favor of homosexual marriages.

      • wylrae

        I am a little concerned about how this effects Social Security benefits of a surviving spouse.  How will it be determined, in case of death, which spouse died (husband or wife) and what actuarial tables will used in determining benefits to the surviving spouse?

        Don’t know why this popped into my mind.

    • Anthony_1

      Fuck you, bigot!  You shouldn’t be allowed to comment here, if you want to know what I think.

      Its closet cases like you that always get caught in public restrooms.You’re about as much of a Romney supporter as Popsmoke, so don’t think you’re fooling anyone.

      • cameoanne

        Then perhaps tone down the rhetoric?   It’s a bit over-the-top.

    • Hokma

      What is hilarious about this is that when Romney or Republicans change positions the media calls it a “flip-flop.”

      If Obama changes position, the media call it an “evolution.”

      It makes you want to barf.

    • wylrae


      Little OT, but visited my sister today in our discussing donations to political parties, she showed me how she is dealing with them.  She has printed out address labels stating: “When the borders are closed my wallet will open” and attaching them to the request and returning it in the mail.

  • elizabethrc

    And this guy is probably more honest than Obama!


    what is today’s national security threat?????????

    last week it was global warming, this week it is obesity

    • Matthew J. Weaver

      Barack Hussein Obama II

      • foxyladi14


      • FLDemFem

         Go away, you repellent little twerp!

        • jrterrier

          he’s just trying to make provocative statements so the Obama campaign can claim that this site is full of crazies.

  • JJ_the_PUMA

    The thing to be excited about is this guy getting delegates to the convention!!

    • JJ_the_PUMA

      The only Republican wars I support are the War on Women and the War on the Middle Class.

      • beachnan

         Brownwyn-we have a trouble maker here.  I think he/she/it needs to find another home.

      • FormerLib160

        This despicable person is probably an ObamaZombie trying to get people mad at Repub/Conserv.

        It’s not working.

  • jrterrier

    even as we focus on the newest security threat that was thwarted, there is this note about Lybian missiles that are unaccounted for.

    • HELENK2

       how come in government no one want to see reality or take a chance????????
      CYA sometimes can get it blown off

    • beachnan

       I think you must be here to just stir things up.  Liberal commies?  Down with the gays?  Maybe you had better find another site, because your views are a little too far right for a majority of us.

  • jrterrier

    i have a theory that polls that show that people like President Obama even if they disagree with his policies mask a lot of people who just don’t want to even risk being called racists were they to answer anything other than they like him.  

    • cameoanne

      I don’t ‘support’ the GOP!   I am a “former Dem” as of 2008 – a Hillary supporter.   I voted for McCain and mostly Dem down-ticket.  

      I am now a registered Independent.  I plan to vote for Romney – and, again, mostly Dem down-ticket.   I don’t think I’m alone here on this site.

      • Deapster

        cameoanne, I share similar origins but also realized the Democrat Down Ticket is little more union hacks, which is why Obama got away with what he did to Hilary. Clean out  the public employee union stranglehold on our government. 

        If you vote Democrat Down you are voting SEIU and Occupy up. This country deserves better. Hold your nose, clean them out and start pushing for responsible, independent candidates who won’t see this country out for their own public benefits.

      • wylrae


        I was a 40+ year registered Democrat who became an independent on May 31, 2008.  I have pledged to never again vote for a Democrat at the national or state level; maybe I will on occasion at the local level.

  • doc99

    Given that the BHO Administration has gone out of its way to destroy West Virginia’s biggest industry, I’m amazed Obama came out ahead. Gangster vs Gangster Government … More Popcorn Please.

    • cameoanne

      hmmm . . . but not ‘use and abuse’.  

  • DianaLC

    Indeed Priceless!!!!  Thanks, West Virginia.  When you have to pick between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, what else can you do?