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Imagine that you’re running for president, labeled a moderate, probably because you oppose “the expansion of slavery,” not the stamping out of slavery everywhere. Somehow you win the presidency but, before you’ve been inaugurated, seven states secede from the Union and form the Confederacy.

To quell hot heads, you (Lincoln) direct your first inaugural address to the South, proclaiming once again that you have no intention, or inclination, to abolish slavery in the Southern states. …

MITT, THIS IS FOR YOU: Although it doesn’t destroy you, your perceived moderation — “blasted from all sides” — will maim you throughout your presidency, just as it did Lincoln. How is it then that in 1862, in the midst of a vicious civil war, Lincoln and Congress bonded to pass the following — and might you, Mitt, find a way to bond with sufficient members of Congress to pass at least two such items by the end of 2013/early 2014?

  • Intercontinental Railroad System financing
  • Homestead Act expansion system
  • the Morrill Act land-grant university system
  • U.S. Dept of Agriculture

This proves that it is remotely possible for the right person can assume the presidency if he/she is gifted in quickly picking up what leadership methods work and getting rid of what doesn’t.

BARACK, THIS IS FOR YOU: If you don’t have talent for leadership — and you’ve BLOWN four years, even with Congress aligned on your side, failing even to feign leadership — you do NOT get a do-over. No how. No way. You’re outta the Oval, and the new guy gets his four years.

And, I’ll be damned, Lincoln didn’t learn a thing about politics:

At the close of the war, Lincoln held a moderate view of Reconstruction, seeking to reunite the nation speedily through a policy of generous reconciliation in the face of lingering and bitter divisiveness.

Mitt, I’m not sure that will comfort you. But at least you have one worthwhile example.

And don’t worry. NONE OF US expects you to pull off a Lincoln. We just want you to be steady, competent, attentive to relationships, and action-oriented (aside from on the golf course).

Oh. How did I come to learn of this?

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  • lola828

    Obama has got more things done in 3 years than almost all modern Presidents.

    > biggest healthcare reform in generations
    > biggest economic stimulus and economic recovery plan ever
    > got us out of the 8 year war of Iraq
    > reconfigured the Afghan strategy after years of no strategy and now moving to end that war
    > inacted a plan to save one of the biggest industries and sectors of the economy; the automotive sector
    > biggest nuclear arms treaty since the 1980s
    > killed Americas number one enemy; Bin Laden
    > biggest investments in alternative energy in the history of the country, moving us further away from fossil fuels
    > biggest advancements in gay rights ever; allowing gays in the military and the first time a President has support gay marriage.
    > signed the Lebetter Act, the single most important piece of woman’s right legislation rights in a couple of decades
    > biggest financial sector reform legislation ever inacted
    > kept the homeland safe with no major terrorists attacks
    > etc. etc. etc.

    That is a very strong and broad record of leadership. I cannot think of another President in modern times who has faced more challenges and accomplished more in such a short period of time. Can you name a modern President that has gotten more done in his first three years?

    You infer Romney is a “moderate”. Wasn’t it Romney himself that said he was “severely conservative”.

    Here is a question: What has Romney done for America for the last 6 years other than sitting on his money and paying little taxes? What leadership has he shows in the last six years?

    • shelldoll2

      Yeah and where did that stimulus money go?  To Wall Street and the Big banks.  More people are on food stamps and welfare than when we had the GWB debacle. People are still losing their homes and jobs or having to take jobs at less than half  of what they used to make.

      Gay people still cannot come out in the military. Or did you not hear about the Lt that came out and was court martialed under Obama?

      The black community in many cities are in dire straits. Even Maxine Waters said so. Obama’s response? Crickets.  He’s too busy fighting for illegal immigrants to stay in this country.

      You are delusional. I am a black woman. Go on and tell me what it’s like in your condescending yuppie white liberal way. 

      • lola828

        +40% of the stimulus was a tax cut
        +25% went to States to help bail them out and keep fire fighters and others on the job
        +25% went to infrastructure projects

        Wall Street and big banks got money under Bush’s TARP, but most of them repayed it.

        Actually you are completely wrong on the food stamps…. more people were actually added to foods stamps under Bush. read this link:


        Obama did not cause this recession and its impact on black communities. He has only being to clean up the mess.

        Obama fighting for illegal immigrants? How do you figure? Obama has deporting illegals at record levels.

        You live in a bubble of fantasy.

        • shelldoll2

          You are a liar. He’s not deporting them they are leaving. Why?  The economy  here is so bad even they can’t find jobs.  I’ve seen it.  There were many of them here and now they are all gone..  Have you seen the pictures of Mexicans lining up to re-enter Mexico? I have..  My fellow GIs are still dying.  But Obama is replacing them with Mercs our GIs are committing suicide in record numbers. Worse than under GWB.  But you don’t care about that. You’re too busy  on your knees in front of Obama.

          • http://twitter.com/VeronicaVerona1 Veronica Verona

            Lola828 is suspiciously like April454…

          • lola828

            Calling me a liar.. really.

            You are the on living a fantasy world….

            So everyone is wrong accept you. Do a little research before you open your mouth.

            Try this for start:


            If McCain or Romney was President your fellow GIs would still be in the quagmire called Iraq. You would also have no clear path to exiting Afghanstan. You can blame your Republican party for these ridiculous wars and all the wasted sacrifices of your colleagues.

    • respectfulguest

       You might want to put your bs laden post on Yahoo  where it might do you some good.   The  Yahooees seem to have among them the more gullible and less informed.   

      • shelldoll2

        It won’t let me reply to loloidiot. Fantasy world?  How many countries have you lived in or visited? How long did you wear the uniform so your behind would not be blown off of the map?

        You disgust me. You are not worth us saving you.

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  • foxyladi14

     If they are too big to fail they are too big to exist.So let them fail.

  • foxyladi14

       Thanks, Bronwyn.

  • respectfulguest

    Barack Obama came to office with ideas of what needed changing in America that differed from what most Americans wanted changed.  At first it seemed that he was suffering from a lack of understanding of what his “mandate” was and then it seemed that he and his party were taking advantage of the public’s misunderstanding of his promises of “change”.   I think a lot of Americans feel that they have been had by gotcha politicians who have damaged the country on many levels.  The focus of the previous administration on foreign wars has now changed to wars among ourselves at home.  Regretable and dangerous.

    • lola828

      Obama was handed the biggest recession since the great depression. Bush had burned the house down. Obama has spent all his time trying to clean up the mess. Even with that he pushed through massive healthcare reform that will benefit millions, something that was a leading priority that he 100% campaigned on. He also campaigned on getting the country out of Iraq, which he followed through on. Alternative energy was also a priority, which has been a focus, etc.

      Not sure what reality you live in.

      • Hokma

        PPAA/April454/scottymac454/or whatever – Obama and his incompetence and absence of leadership are over. The blame is all his. All he inherited was a recession. Obama made it into the recession that economic quandary it became and all his deceit and lies will not persuade anyone anymore other than a clueless moron like you.
         It’s over for Obama and it is not certain he will come away from the Democratic convention with the nomination.

        • http://twitter.com/VeronicaVerona1 Veronica Verona

          Talk about fantasy…99 to 0 Obama’s budget fails….again.  Obama is a loser.

  • Popsmoke

    Seems like everyone is coming out of the woodwork….


  • FormerLiberal9

    I have mixed feelings about the use of drones by police departments ect. I can see where they could be of great use in border patrol work and in highly congested areas for traffic control to name a just few good uses of these high tech machines. I can also see where they could be abused and invade the privacy of ordinary citizens.

    If they are used only with court orders and their use strictly monitored I would have no problem for police departments to use them. I think that simply outlawing their use because they could be used wrongly is a understandable but somewhat knee jerk reaction. 

    • shelldoll2

      Wrong. Under The Patriot Act they can already spy on us and search our homes without warrants.  It’s not “knee jerk” to think the government will abuse this power.  Black sites and torture anyone?

  • HARP2

     College students are being played for suckers by the Democratic
    Party again. Barack Obama’s 2013 budget indicates that the interest rate
    on federally backed student loans student loan will jump
    from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent in the summer of 2013.  This comes as
    Obama is preaching his love for college students on campuses by virtue
    of his agreeing with the Republicans to limit the rate to 3.4 percent.
    The doubling of the rate will only occur eight months after Obama’s
    reelection can be attained.


  • shelldoll2

    I oppose the use of drones.  I don’t often agree with Krauthammer but I agree with him on this one.  These drones were designed and paid for use by our military.  Unless there is  a Civil War raging WTH do we need them ?

  • http://twitter.com/VeronicaVerona1 Veronica Verona

    Was it intercontinental or transcontinental financing? 


    this senate can not  even bring forth a budget for over 11oo days.
    Money for nothing seems to be the song of the day for this government

  • Popsmoke

    Sorry kiddo… This is the part of history when the presidency had some power domestically and congressional control was with the Union…. Though much of this did not really get completed until after the war was over and members buried the axes and got to do the peoples work….

    Ain’t going to happen today with the ways things are moving on the Hill….. The only things our legislators want to bury today is each other…..

    • EllenD818

      I agree. That was back when members of Congress thought they were sent there to DO something.
      Now they think they are sent there to PREVENT something someone else is doing.

      • BronwynsHarbor

        I am resigned to agreeing as well.  

        But a lot of that is because of the extremism on both sides.

        Abraham Lincoln got pummeled constantly for being a moderate, from his own party and all the opposition.

        Still, they got that done in a single year.  Popsmoke is correct that the actualization of those programs took a while, but BY JOVE, they did get done.

        One difference: That was when there were still frontiers for people to conquer.

        Of course, these days we have innumerable frontiers to conquer — in science, mathematics, medicine, computers, literature, film, drama, music, and on and on and on.

        What’s different?  In 1862, did they still have the derring do? The triumph of achieving the impossible over the practical, safe course?

        • EllenD818

          I don’t know, Bronwyn. It’s sort of crazy backwards.
           Individuals are afraid to stick their necks out for fear of having them cut off, but the big banks have become reckless gamblers.

          • KenoshaMarge

            True but not as reckless with private money as the damn govenrment is with public, aka, OUR, money.

            I have no love for big banks.
             I refuse to do business with them and bank with a small local bank.

             If they are too big to fail they are too big to exist.

            I thought that even before I saw Charlie Gasparino on Cavuto yesterday. Gasparino doesn’t demonize anyone, just says they are too damn big to effectively manage.

      • BronwynsHarbor

        Ellen, I had to re-read your comment.  You hit that nail smack on its head — “they THINK they are sent there to PREVENT …”

        What would it take to put an end to that?

        We’ve poisoned the well from which Democracy sprang.

        It’s probably time to dig up Thomas Jefferson — I’m dead serious (no pun) — clone him and give him to Larry Johnson, Pat Lang, Valerie and Joe Wilson, Popsmoke, and perhaps a few select others so that they can bring him up to speed on domestic/world economics as well as the few modern inventions he needs to master (computer, TV, etc.) — which, given his fluid imagination and endlessly curious mind, will be ridiculously easy for him.

        Then Larry, Pat et al. will have to break the news to him about the sorry state of Congress, the Presidency, and the courts.

        He’ll doubtless be utterly baffled why Americans haven’t risen up to demand that the Constitution be upheld.

        He’ll want to meet Charles Krauthammer who, yesterday, made an immortal comment about the plans to buy up those drones — vastly cheaper, we’re told, than police helicopters … hmmm … somebody has to have that video of Krauthammer. Maybe I’ll add it to the very top of this post.


        • EllenD818

          Bring ’em all back.
          Thomas Jefferson may be surprised at how it has turned out.
          But I suspect Benjamin Franklin won’t.

    • BronwynsHarbor

      Popsmoke, did you ever get my e-mail? Sent it to the e-mail listed with your Popsmoke ID.

      • Popsmoke

        Your mail went into one of my filters files for some reason. Sorry about that!

    • elizabethrc

      Pop, it appears to me that the only thing the legislators want to bury is us.  We are, after all, a major inconvenience to their having their way.