Normal method of applying petard (explosive device) to gate of fortress. The fuse has just been lit and the Fusilier is retreating quickly in order not to be 'hoist with his own petard'. Stipple engraving c1800

We’ve often heard, and just as often seen it misused and misunderstood, the phrase “hoisted on his own petard.” 

Perhaps we find this phrase so amusing because we’ve heard that the word “petard” comes from the French word for “fart.” 

But in this phrase the word “petard” refers to a primitive exploding device that would later become known as a bomb.  The original petard was a simple box of gunpowder that was placed against a door and ignited, for the purpose of creating an opening through which soldiers could gain entrance to attack.

Therefore, the phrase “hoisted on (or by) his own petard” means that one has been blown up (that is, hoisted or lifted) by his own bomb.  I believe that when we hear that phrase nowadays, we tend to picture someone humiliating himself by farting in a social situation.  Or better yet, …

… farting so forcefully that they are literally raised in their chair by the force of the expulsion of gas.  But the real meaning is more accurately described by a similar phrase, “blew up in his own face,” especially as in the case of a saboteur or terrorist having a bomb explode as they were transporting or planting it, doing the most damage to himself.

In any case, this phrase, in any of its interpretations, is what comes to mind when I see Republicans or other political opponents of President Barack Obama espousing the “birther” argument that Obama is not legally qualified to be President because he is not a “natural born citizen” of the United States, as required, but not defined, by the Constitution.  I don’t know where he was born, or who his really daddy is, but I’m not about to go on record as a birther.

I want to urge those who wish to be taken seriously: “Don’t take the bait.”  By taking up the birther argument, you are playing right into Obama’s hands.  It just makes you look like a kook, which is exactly what his team wants.

Back in 2008, we had a lot of people studying his Certificate of Live Birth, a virtually meaningless document that proved nothing.  And many people tried so hard to read too much into it, and they just ended up looking foolish.  Like kooks.

Then, about a year ago, in April 2011, Obama released his so-called “long form Birth Certificate,” supposedly to stop the conspiracy theories about his birth.  But here’s where you need to think like a true strategist.  The white house could have released a simple one-layer image, like the many images on the internet.  It could have been a GIF, JPEG,

TIF, or other type of image file… what you would expect if there was an actual photo taken of the birth certificate.  Instead, they release a multi-layered PDF, which has the look of a forgery before the image is flattened or has the layers merged into one image.  To anyone who has worked with Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, both of which use multiple layers of images which are usually saved to a single-layer PDF for the “finished product,” you just have to ask, “What were they thinking?”

I mean REALLY!  Are they such amateurs that they go to all this trouble to create a multi-layered forged birth certificate, and then FORGET to merge the layers for the version they put on the Internet?  Really?  You think they are that stupid?  I don’t.  I think they knew exactly what they were doing.  They were just yanking the chains of the birthers.  Just reviving the argument that has worked so well for them.  With each new document the birthers come up with, the more normal, uncurious people just laugh them off as kooks.

This is why you haven’t seen Fox News or Rush Limbaugh or John McCain or Mitt Romney jumping on the birther bandwagon.  They know exactly how that would make them look.  You got it.  Like kooks.

A few days ago, a promotional pamphlet hit the blogosphere from Barack Obama’s old book publicist.  In it, his bio described his as “born in Kenya.”  That was the meme Obama wanted for himself before he decided to take a serious run at the presidency.  Back then, it seemed exotic to be from Kenya.  It bolstered his “African” creds, instead of the spoiled rich half-white kid raised by his white family in the vacation paradise of Hawaii.  Who’s going to take an Oreo from Hawaii seriously on African-American issues?  Since he was not descended from American slaves, he decided to be a second-generation African.

At least, this is the way it appears to me and many others.  The reality of his birth and upbringing didn’t fit the way he wanted to be perceived in the black communities, so he reinvented himself.  Then when he decided to run for president, he had to reinvent himself again, or uninvent himself.

You know something?  It has always been my opinion that Barack Obama never took himself seriously as a presidential candidate in the early run-up to the 2008 election.  I believe he was just trying to make a name for himself like so many other also-rans, like Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, and others you would never have heard of if they hadn’t decided to run for president.  I truly believe Obama was as surprised as anyone that his candidacy took off and overcame the juggernaut Hillary Clinton.  I think that up until the Iowa Caucuses in January of 2008, he figured he’d be doing good to come in third behind Clinton and Edwards.  Then, from out of nowhere, he won the frickin’ lottery.  Oops!

It probably never occurred to him until the early primaries that his “Natural Born Citizen” status would ever become a serious issue.  I think all politicians think they are squeaky clean until the opposition starts digging up their backgrounds.  Who in their right minds would ever think that a boyhood fist fight would ever pop up to haunt a candidate for office?  Or an old bookseller’s blurb?  Whodda thunk it?

So this last week, we’ve all been delighted to see this old book publisher’s pamphlet showing Barack Obama’s biography claiming he was born in Kenya.  But as No Quarter’s Larry Johnson and others have been careful to point out, it was probably a lie that Obama was telling back then to make himself appear more interesting.  And it may well be that he used a false claim of foreign birth for other reasons, like college enrollment or visiting POCKisTAWN with his gay lover.

Yes, I still make fun of Obama as being a foreign-born closeted-homosexual phony intellectual gasbag.  Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things.  It’s just his lying about it that bugs me.

So we are all still left wondering if Obama is legally unqualified to hold the office of President.  We may never know.  I guess I’d have to say that doesn’t matter at this point.  Now that he’s been in office nearly four years, it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone except the die-hard birthers, and that’s mostly so they can finally say “HAH!  TOLD YOU SO!!”

But if you were running against him in an election, as John McCain did and Mitt Romney will, would you really want to win it by a technical foul on Obama’s part?  Would you want your claim to the Presidency muddied by the implication that you only won because Obama got disqualified?  Would you want that to be your legacy?  I don’t think so.

The political and legal wrangling over this issue would fill volumes, so I don’t intend to address the legal meanings of the requirement, definitions inherent to it, or claims that Obama does not meet that requirement.  My personal opinions are all over the road on this subject.  I can certainly see that there is plenty of circumstantial and perhaps conclusive evidence that he does not meet that constitutional requirement, but as he has already been President for nearly four years, I feel the point is moot (not “mute” as some say, which makes me want to throttle them).

Even if we had absolute, irrefutable evidence that Obama was born in Kenya, as he apparently claimed prior to 2007, it would do no good to argue the point because public opinion is against you.  Since we all know how easily documents can be forged, especially digital documents on the Internet, no document is going to convince the majority.  It just makes you another “birther,” which has become synonymous with “conspiracy nut.”

A birther is the political equivalent of a “truther,” one who believes the President George W. Bush administration had a role in the 9/11 attacks.  Birthers are likened to people who believe in UFO abductions, people who believe in Bigfoot, people who think the CIA has put listening devices in their dental work, and people who believe the world is actually being run by a secret cabal of super-wealthy power brokers.  Of course, all of the above have true believers that there are strong elements of truth to them, but none has been proven so far.

And by the way, I have seen plenty of evidence that parts of the 9/11 attacks are different than what the government and media would have us believe.  I am pretty firmly convinced that some, if not all, of the building collapses at the World Trade Center were controlled demolitions.  It seems logical to me that government officials might feel it would be better to bring those towers down in a controlled way rather than let them fall sideways, spreading flaming debris for blocks.  I could easily be persuaded that if our government knew there were fully-fueled jetliners in the air around Washington, on the verge of being used as guided missiles, that the military would have jets in the air as fast as we could scramble them.  But once they are in the air and shadowing the jetliners, what would be their orders?  Just hang back and watch?  It sounds plausible to me that their orders would be to bring them down in an unpopulated area — like rural Pennsylvania. I’m only saying, it sounds plausible.

Speaking of unpopulated areas, I think it’s pretty safe to say that if I were a UFO navigator or commander, I would find it pretty easy to avoid being seen up close and personal in highly populated areas.  And if I wanted to clandestinely kidnap human specimens for my biological experiments, I’d find it much easier and safer to do so out in the boonies.  And if I was a Bigfoot, or any form of non-human primate, I would probably stay away from humans as much as possible, and I’d probably find that a pretty easy thing to do, given all the wilderness on this continent and others.

And I think we all pretty much know that the world is being run by the secret societies of the super-wealthy crowd.  We don’t have any real proof, but it just makes so much sense!  It has to be that way!

But I don’t buy the thing about the CIA putting listening devices in my fillings.  If that were true, they’d have locked me up a long time ago!!

  • msbetz
  • joseph silvestro

    You’d have to be utterly stupid or willfully ignorant to not connect the Bush Administration to 911. Are you kidding me? Especially given his cabinet full of PNAC neocons, Rumsfeld, Perle, Wolfowits, Libby, Feith, etc. who were calling for increased defense spending,  preemptive strikes, invasion and occupation of Middle east countries, toward the end of Clintons term. As for controlled demolition,  you’re right, but are you speculating that the buildings were wired  for demolition after the planes struck? I sure hope not, because it would take weeks of planning, and drilling, and wiring to achieve those building coming down in almost perfect symmetry.  Anyway, you seem to think that those who seek truth based on legitimate concern  should just shut up so as not to be labeled kooks, and allow those who lie and cover up, along with the sheep who readily accept it to continue in deception?

  • LVJude

    For all those that responded negatively to my original post and to those others that still believe in this “issue”, I suggest you go here which is from the congressional research service of the library of congress. Among other things it states the following:

    “It should be noted that there is currently no requirement under federal law… for any federal candidate, that is, candidates to the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, or the office of President, to publish, produce, or release an official “birth certificate.”  and “the initial burden of proof is always upon those who challenge a candidate’seligibility, and not on a candidate to “prove” eligibility”

    “It should be noted that both documents from the State of Hawaii, that is, the so-called “short-form” Certification of Live Birth [the “COLB”], or the certified copy of the longer formcertificate of live birth, according to the official declarations of officers of the State of Hawaii,have been officially
    certified by the state, and are therefore “self-authenticated documents” under Federal Rules of Evidence”

    “It should be noted, however, that the SupremeCourt has clearly ruled that a citizen at birth, such as one born “in” the United States, does
     forfeit his or her citizenship-at-birth status because of removal as a minor to a foreign country,even a country in which one or both parents are or become citizens and nationals. Rather,citizenship may only be forfeited by a citizen of the United States by an affirmative action of renunciation by one having the capacity to do so (that is, as an adult)”

    “The weight of more recent federal cases, as well as the majority of scholarship on the subject,also indicates that the term “natural born citizen” would most likely include, as well as native born citizens, those born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents, at least one of whom had previously resided in the United States, or those born abroad to one U.S. citizen parent who, prior to the birth, had met the requirements of federal law for physical presence in the country”

  • beyond partisan

    First of all…yes, I absolutely want Obama disqualified if that is possible. I think he’s that dangerous.

    Second, I am tired of people trying to silence other people with the “conspiracy kook” charge. It makes me more determined to speak up – and if my so-called “friends” on Facebook want to disown me over that, fine by me. They weren’t my real friends in the first place. 

  • MG6

    Following up on the Cory Booker squeeze…

    Lol! He is right on it and is relenting (without fear).

  • Flop_Flipper

    I don’t care where Obama was born. I’m not exactly positive that he was born. Perhaps he is the result of a composite DNA experiment. Don’t really know. I am certain that he needs to be voted out of office and that’s good enough for me.

  • Popsmoke

    Must be in the Kansas City water system…. 

  • Hank DeCat

    I hate to tell you this, Steve, but under the new definition of “birther” by the Brain Dead Left, the fact that you think Obama lied about being born in Kenya to make himself “exotic” or to get “street cred” or for any reason whatsoever instead of accepting the “fact-check/typo” excuse from the publisher, means you are a birther, and thus, one of the kooks.

    It’s the newspeak — it will always get ya.

  • sowsear1
  • sowsear1

    More fuel for the fire..BO accused of harassment at Harvard:

    (Seen at MOTUS)

    • samb1

      Good to read your posts sowsear1
      I wonder where those guys are now?

      • sowsear1

         They were paid to be quiet.

    • HARP2

        Can a sitting President issue his own pardon?

      • FLDemFem

         No, he can’t. He can pardon anyone but himself.

    • jrterrier

      is this for real?

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    OT, but still good:  If you want to read the ultimate smokin’ the Hope peace bong defense of Elizabeth Warren, this is it:

    This is so beyond spin that in an alternative universe, it would be the lead story on an O”Reilly Factor bragging, “The Spin Starts Here.”

  • sowsear1

    Add this to the pot and boil it:

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Steve, lola828 has returned, fearlessly taking on your satire on the truth(er) about birthers.  And for moral support, lola has brought along his/her Betters.  Who knows what comic relief lurks in the hearts of (wo)men?

    • FormerLib160

      I’m amazed they can get thru the day, being as “smart” as they are.

  • EllenD818

    I missed the “layered PDF” part when the long form was released. That confuses me – what exactly are on the layers?

    Last week the artist in the shop next to our office came in in a panic. He is in his sixties and, although he is a terrific artist, he  apparently only works on a flattened document – to make it worse, a jpeg.
    Now a client wanted his last job delivered on layers and he didn’t have a clue. Luckily he had saved versions so I showed him how to take his original version as the bg and cut and paste a layer onto it for each change that was made to it to get to the final.

    But if there is only one version of the BC, you are just cutting and pasting over the same thing so I am confused.
    Also, I believe only Photoshop has the “preserve editing abilities” for layered PDFs.

    So if the layers are the same as what is underneath, you are indeed right, Steve, that someone is playing games.

    • Steve_in_KC

      There are plenty of articles online, none of which I am inclined to endorse with a link, that show the different layers found in the PDF that was posted by the White House.  But to help you picture it, imagine the image I posted above as the background layer.  Then suppose that text from other Hawaiian birth certificates, like registrar signatures and seals, or numbering or such identifiable items, are layered on top of the background.  Each layer consists of transparent backing, so only the text or rubber stamp image shows when it is placed on top of the background – imagine each layer as clear film with small parts of the total image.  The resulting composite might then be the background image, a layer showing rubber stamps, a layer showing signatures, a layer showing typewriter print, etc.  The White House released a PDF with all those layers clearly still intact, not merged into a single image.  I say it was not stupidity, it was mockingly placing bait and giggling while they wait for the responses.

      • jbjd

        “There are plenty of articles online, none of which I am inclined to
        endorse with a link, that show the different layers found in the PDF
        that was posted by the White House.”

        See, that’s your first mistake. The WH didn’t post anything. The campaign posted the ad on the WH blog. (You can tell this wasn’t the WH by noticing the only person speaking about the image at the press gaggle was Dan Pfeiffer, whose job title, WH Communications Director, means, he molds the President’s political persona.

        Here’s my (instant) take on the PDF v. JPEG controversy.

      • EllenD818

        Thanks Steve.
        Yes, I understand layers but are you saying that the seals, rubber stamps, and signatures are on separate layers with the bottom background under them being the certificate texture alone? In  other words, if I turn off the layers I will only get the texture of a blank certificate paper?

        If that is the case I can understand why people can’t accept it.

        I can’t make the image of my BC into layers with the texture underneath unless I cut the layer objects out out of the background and then go back and remake the background area they are cut out of match the rest of the paper – probably using the cloning tool.

        This seems nuts.

    • Juliezzz

      Here’s just one video of many showing the problems with the released birth certificate

      • EllenD818

         Thanks Juliezzz!

  • LVJude

    I can’t believe I read the words ” there is plenty of circumstantial and perhaps conclusive evidence that he does not meet that constitutional requirement”. First, the constitution uses the term “natural born citizen” but does NOT define it, therefore there is no constitutional requirement. Second, it has been accepted since at least 1790 that one of the possible qualifications for citizenship  is having one parent that is a US citizen no matter where you are born.  Obama’s mother was a citizen and therefore so is he.  Why does everyone ignore these simple facts?

    • LVJude

       OOPS – didn’t mean to post this twice. Got hung up registering. Sorry

    • Steve_in_KC

      The issue is not if he is a citizen.  The issue of presidential qualification is “natural born citizen,” which is an entirely different thing.  Unfortunately, the constitution does not clearly define that term, and therein hangs the tale.

      • BuzzLatte2

        Isn’t there also a possible hang-up with Stanley Ann’s age and the prevailing laws concerning transferring citizenship to Barry in 1961?  

        • jbjd

           Yes; of course. Assuming he was born in 1961; the U.S. Code did not confer his citizenship based on her citizenship unless he was born in the U.S.

          • BuzzLatte2

            Yes, assuming he was born in 1961.  

            I like the 1959 birthdate theory myself.  Obama was born about two weeks before Hawaii became a state.  It makes it much more juicy…and mama only what, 15?

          • trixta

            Yes, jbjd, and BO also held Indonesian citizenship as a boy when he lived with his mother and step-father.  (Indonesia does/did not allow dual citizenship.)   

    • Jim

      …The constitution uses the word “shall” which means there IS a constitutional requirement. It is possible the Founder’s didn’t think there was any dispute over what NBC meant. The one parent citizen ship issue is different and not as clear cut as you want it.

      • jbjd

         It only says, no one shall be eligible who is not these 3 things. It does not say, one shall be eligible in order to be President; or that Electors may only vote for a President who is Constitutionally eligible for the job. (On the other hand; Congressional requirements are absolute! “No person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the
        age of twenty five years, and been seven years a citizen of the United
        States, and who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that state
        in which he shall be chosen.” And “No person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the age of
        thirty years, and been nine years a citizen of the United States and who
        shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that state for which he
        shall be chosen.”

        • Jim

          Interesting. I think the NBC clause has loopholes because the Founders wanted men such as Alexander Hamilton to be eligible. Otherwise, I think you are twisting the intent of the language into pretzels. If you have to fulfill those requirements to be eligible, than no one can vote for someone who isn’t eleigible, because someone who isn’t eligible won’t be on the ballot if the system works.

          • jbjd

             This makes absolutely no sense! Ballot laws are a state by state affair. Not every state requires the candidates whose names appear on the ballot, must be eligible for the job! And, even in those which do; none of these requires Electors to only vote for an eligible candidate. On the other hand, most require Electors to cast their votes for the nominee of the party.

  • LVJude

     I can’t believe that I actually read the words “wondering if Obama is legally unqualified to hold the office of President”. If anyone interested actually looks it up, you’ll find that 1. the Constitution does NOT define natural born citizen and 2, it has been accepted since at least 1790 that one qualification for natural born citizenship is having one American citizen as a parent. Ergo, Obama’s mother was a citizen and therefore so is he. End of discussion.

    • Jim

      Not quite right. The term NBC is subject to definition. The strictest standard is born on US soil to two US citizens themselves NBC. You are correct that the Constitution does not define it, but there were definitions current at the time which can be used to understand Founder’s Intent. Second, One US parent can father or deliver a child that is an automatic citizen at birth – if that single US parent meets (or met) age and residency restrictions. The restrictions have changed over time. The 1961 rules are those that bind.   Birth on US soil is probably enough to ensure NBC status, but there are some who argue that President Obama’s case is not beyond legal argument, even assuming Hawaiian birth. The time for the President to have dealt with this openly was when fellow Democrat and Hillary supporter Philip Berg sued him in federal court in August 2008. One day of court time would have solved this.  You really should read Berg’s lawsuit before you start commenting. Berg is a Truther and a lawyer through and through with little evidence on some of his claims  (the “grandmother’s tape” apparently is fraudulent) but then at least you would understand the arguments.

    • jbjd

       No documentary evidence available in the public record establishes the place of President Obama’s birth. (This includes the repeated claims that contemporaneous newspaper postings exist which announce his birth; and that campaign advertising equals vital documents generated by the “issuing authority.”)

      Now, “[e]nd of discussion.”

      (Do you ever feel even a twinge of shame to support a President who holds the citizens of this country in such disregard, that he would prey on their ignorance of things like campaign expenditure laws; or incite racial animus; just to maintain the lie, he has actually produced such documentation?)

    • Hank DeCat

       Wrong on the facts, wrong on the law. Not even a good try, so no soup for you!

    • trixta

      So, let’s grant that Obama was born in Hawaii.  We know that he held Indonesian citizenship as a boy growing up there.  We also know that Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship.  To become / revert back to a US citizen BO would have to undergo the the “naturalization process.   “Naturalized” is NOT the same as “natural born.” At best, BO is a “naturalized” citizen, thus not eligible to be POTUS.

  • Denise Betters

    1-800-WHINE from the Gop-hers
    Back in the early 1950’s, a giant conspiracy was initiated to elect a black President. A white woman agreed to be impregnated by a visiting Nigerian scholar. She was flown to Nigeria for the delivery, but Kapi`olani Hospital and the local Hawai`i press joined in the conspiracy and announced his birth in the newspapers. The child was then sent to Indonesia and schooled in the evil ways of the Muslim doctrine, then returned to the US and his mother was removed in favor of an elderly white couple claiming to be her parents. The child then supposedly resided with his “grandparents” in a lowly apartment, was fictitiously enrolled at Punahou, then went to college and, during law school, he was fictitiously named President of the Harvard Law Review. The conspirators finally had their opportunity to have their product elected President in 2008 and we are now all suffering due to the recovering economy, increasing employment rates and increased attention to civil rights and social equality. The deception was so complete that the entire US Congress, Federal court system and other government officials failed to see the truth. Thank goodness for Sheriff Arpaio, Orly Taitz for bringing all of this evil conspiracy to our attention. That’s the end of the story. LOLOL !!! 

    • Jim

      Very Funny…especially the part about the recovering economy, and increasing employment and “increased attention to civil rights and social equality.” Oh, and stop leaving out the Democrats who first reported this and have fanned the flames at every step!

    • Jim

      …and you haven’t bothered to even understand the allegations much less get the names right, otherwise you would realize this begins and even ends with Philip Berg, Democrat.

      • Retired_from_SPOnaj

        How dare you disagree with your Betters!

        • BuzzLatte2

          I see it’s intimidation disguised as sarcasm day today at the  demdrone call and blog center.  I wonder if arugula and doughnuts will be served in the break room with a 32oz Kool-aid for those that post the most BS.

          Looks like Denise is trying to get the Betters over Lola…


    • Hank DeCat

       Habeas corpus is a civil right — one that is spelled out clearing in the original Bill of Rights —  and Obama made it disappear by executive fiat, you moron. Keep skipping around and pretending he’s handing out chocolate bars & hand jobs, but you can shove your “increased attention to civil rights” meme up your lying, fat a** because while you fiddling as this country burns, US citizens are being held indefinitely without charges (when they aren’t being killed with drone attacks) dumba**.

  • Jim

    No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

    I attached above the relevant language from Article II because I wanted to discuss this language and see what people think. I think the plain text reading is deliberate and designed to facilitate the presidential ambitions of Alexander Hamilton. If you recall, Hamilton was born illegitimate and in the West Indies. None of the first seven presidents (at least)  were Natural Born Citizens as they were all born either British subjects or elsewhere.  The birth status of presidential parents is another question. This language grandfathers in anyone who pledged allegiance to the US at its founding. Note what it does not do, It does not define NBC and it does not require proof of NBC. It doesn’t even exclude categorically naturalized citizens. There is no magic language stating a time when NBC prevails. I believe the founders were giving wide latitude to seek the presidency and did not intend to fully shut down that latitude. I think they left it to future generations to decide, and we have decided by leaving it to the courts. I am aware of approximately 11 NBC challenges, none successful. There is also reason to believe that one president, Chester A. Arthur, was born in Canada and may not be a NBC.  I am not convinced that NBC is, of itself, a major issues to most Americans.

    I have followed the current NBC issue since 2008 and I find little clarity. McCain was challenged because of his Panamanian birth, and most people accepted court ruling that birth to two US citizen parents on a military base hospital made him eligible.  I am aware of at least one consitutional scholar who says that technically his claim may not be valid. President Obama has one US citizen parent who may not have been quite old enough to give him instant citizenship on her own. But if we assume he was born on foreign soil does that actually make him ineligible? I am not so sure, given that Chester A. Arthur may well have been born in Canada and the fact (obvious to me) that the Founders were not inclined to have a cut and dried eligibility clause.
    In other words, the eligibility/NBC issue is not cut and dried and even proof that Presdent Obama were born in Kenya might not be enough to unseat him.

    PS Lawyers live in the commas in the Constitution. That is how they have managed to take the obvious individual right to bear arms that is  in the 2nd Amendment and turn it into the right to have an armed police force watch you.

  • KenoshaMarge

    The only thing the “new” revelations proved were that Obama has always been a liar. We all ready knew that.

    Remember that old song by the Ames Brothers? It was called  Undecided.

     Seems like Prezdint Liar-in-chief couldn’t make up his mind where being born would be the most beneficial.

    Okay only old farts like me remember the song. And only because my Dad liked it.

    Good post Steve.

    • Steve_in_KC

      I remember the Ames Brothers all too well, Marge, but I don’t remember that song.  Thanks for posting it!

  • lola828

    Steve, you and Larry Johnson are basically “birthers”. You can always tell a birther, as they are the ones who say “I am not a birther” upfront and then go on to talk about all the details about the birther conspiracy BS.

    You Steve even say at the beginning of this post, I do not know where the President was born, so you yourself cannot even admit that Obama is American.

    You are right however NQ, Larry Johnson and yourself doing posts about this birth conspiracy makes you look like kooks and helps the Democrats.

    When are we going to see Romney birth certificate, particularly his long form and it in JPG format?

    Obama has no obligation to show any of you his birth certificate. Once you give in to you conspiracy nuts, it never stops. It is a never ending loop with you conspiracy nuts.

    Now Steve if you want to talk about racism and Obama, a quick question: if Obama was white like McCain (who was not even born in America) would we be asking Obama for his birth certificate?

    It is all about the narrative to turn Obama into something else rather than one of us. I get it. It works for a lot of morons in this country. He is muslim. He was not born here. He is not a true American, etc. 

    Why not debate the issues? Why not beat Obama on the issues instead of this BS?

    By the way Obama himself never said he was born in Kenya. Prove it. He had a literary agent that more than 20 years ago said that in one booklet. The literary agent was just wrong as she admitted.

    You and Johnson should get your facts straight. Still waiting for those “whitey tapes”.

    • Jim

      This is what I mean by the nasty tone taken by people seeking to label “birthers” as kooks. Did it ever occur to you that McCain’s eligiblity was challenged? Or that Mitt Romney’s father had his eligibility challenged also? You are technically correct that President Obama has “no obligation” to show his birth cert, but that is hardly the point, especially since his agent for more than 16 years said explicitly that he was born in Kenya and his wife has used much the same language. You are also technically correct that we should beat him on the issues. Well, character is an issue and a man who bleats about transparency and openness and is neither transparent nor open has serious character issues. As for the “simple error” theory all you are really saying is that his agent and those areound him are incompetent (Kenya for Hawaii?) and that President Obama  is so lazy he didn’t even bother to read the pamphlet his agent had put together for him in order to sell his writing and brief the press.For 16 years.  Why else did news outlets  say he was Kenyan born until 2007.?  BTW authors I know tell me that the author is the ultimate source of all materials written by publishers and by agents. Logically, it couldn’t be any other way. Oh, BTW there have been something like 11 natural born citizenship challenges and I consider all of them, inlcuding Obama, to be “white” – whatever “white” means in the 21st century. Stop playing the race card. The question is his character and his background, not the color of his skin. You have no idea who my ancestors (or Larry’s) were and you have no idea of the color of their skin. This is not about race, it is about honesty.

      • samb1

        Amen to that.
        Well said.

        • lola828

          Amen my ass..

          • samb1

            you wanted a complement 
            and didn’t get one. 
            That’s so sad.

            Oh well,

      • lola828

        Yeah…. McCain’s eligibility was challenged. Bullshit. It was challenges for about one minute by no one of significance. McCain was actually not even born in the U.S. There was no dispute of that. In 2008, the Senate, including Democrats, actually went so far to pass a pre-emptive resolution to make sure that McCain could run for President. Both Democrats and Republicans went out of their way to protect McCain.

        Yeah.. we see Arizona checking out Romney and threatening that if they do not get the paper work on Romney they will not put him on the ballot. Has Arizona asked Romney’s birth state to give them a special guarantee that Romney’s birth certificate is legit? Did Arizona put up a stink about McCain being born in Panama?

        You birthers are complete kooks.

        So let me get this straight. You care going to say that Obama has a character flaw because a literary agent does not know where Obama was born? As Mr. Johnson would say you are a moron.

        By the way Romney should play up his Mexican hertiage. It might help him with the hispanic vote. What is he afraid of? 

        • BuzzLatte2

          What’s Obama so afraid of that he lies about being born in Kenya – it’s out there via Breitbart – can’t argue that one, drone.

          What’s Obama so afraid of that he spends millions in attorney fees to have his records sealed?   What’s he so afraid of that he lets the DOJ try to intimidate Sheriff Joe over their investigation of his latest faux BC.  Remember they KNOW which computer it was generated from – was it in Hawaii?

          What’s Obama so afraid of that he hides behind Marxists like Van Jones and lets Valerie Jarrett be his brain.  

          How fun!  Let’s play the “So Afraid Of” game!

          • BuzzLatte2

            Oooo and how about this one!!!  What’s Obama so afraid of that he had himself added to the biographies of past presidents?  WTF?  

            I think he’s afraid of recognizing that he is on the brink of becoming irrelevant.

        • Jim

          1 – I referred to George Romney, who was challenged,
          2- McCain was challenged for more than a minute, ‘
          3- The whole BC issue was started by Dems and continues to be a Dem issue largely ignored by high profile conservatives.
          4 – An agent acts for his client and is responsible for his actions. Claiming your client was born other than where he was actually born can be fraud if the claim is made to solicit business. i.e claiming  that a Kenyan birth gave special insight into the US ande made his proposed book more sellable and valuable.
          Your comments on McCain are counter productive. Why? Because he took the challenge seriously enough to prove his eligibility to probably 99% of the public.

          • lola828

            1. George Romney… challenged? By who? the point is why is the same level of scrutiny not given to Romney citzenship?  Why is Arizona not also making sure he was born in the U.S.?

            2. McCain was protected by the Democrats. Where was Arizona’s and your concerns about McCain’s citizenship?

            3. Started by the Democrats? Really? Who? Is it Democrats like you who don’t believe Obama was born in the U.S.?

            4. You morons are just speculating. You have no real knowledge of what the relationship was between Obama and a literary agent. You have no knowledge of what Obama knew or what a literary agent was responsible for.

            McCain took it seriously. McCain did shit. The U.S. Senate including Democrats step up and said he was eligible to be President. They possibly were going to inact a law to make McCain eligible, even if he was not under current law.

            Obama did everything he was required to do to run for President. There were no complaints from the Federal Elections Commission and he is under no obligation to show you morons anything.

            Keep up the birther bullshit… you just make your side look like kooks.

          • trixta

            But did lit agent Miriam Goderich ever work at Acton & Dystel, Inc. in 1991?  She  claims she went straight from grad school to work at Jane Dystel Literary Management (JDLM) where six years later she became partners (i.e. either in 1995 or 2003?).   Problem is, JDLM did not exist in 1989; the agency was founded in 1994!    
            ****************************************************TIME LINEExcerpts from Jane Dystel’s bio.][1994] — “In 1994, with a growing roster of clients, she [Jane Dystel] founded Jane Dystel Literary Management, which became Dystel & Goderich Literary Management in 2003.”[see Miriam Goderich’s bio][1995] – “Miriam Goderich and Jane Dystel have been partners since 1995 and they work closely as an agenting team to generate book ideas, help create book proposals, place projects with publishing companies, and negotiate all contracts pertaining to publishing and subsidiary rights.”Excerpts from Miriam Goderich’s bio][1989 or 1997?] — “Miriam Goderich, completed a Masters Degree in English from Columbia University, and immediately when [sic]to work for Jane Dystel Literary Management [JDLM]. Six years later, she became a partner in the agency.”[2003]– “In 2003, the agency was renamed to be Dystel and Goderich Literary Management [DGLM].”turndownobama

        • Jim

          …One other important fact seems to elude you. The literary agent was writing a biography about his client that was intended to be used to further now President Obama’s career. You don’t understand how important that is and how relevant it is. No author would allow an agent to invent his biography. You don’t understand how stupid you sound when you say that a writer would allow his agent to say whatever comes into her head. an you call me a moron.

          • lola828

            What do you know? You have no first hand knowledge about any of this? Was the literary agent hired by Obama? Did Obama ever talk to the literary agent? Did Obama authorize anything the literary agent said? You are completely full of shit. You have no idea what you are talking about, except repeating some Internet bullshit.

        • FormerLib160

          You ObamaZombies are complete kooks


          McCain was born on a military base.

          Look it up.

          Educate yourself.

          Or continue to be the fool that you are.

          We enjoy laughing our asses off at you.

          Truly, we do.

        • trixta

          Obama is a LIAR!

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      lola828 wrote: “You are right however NQ, Larry Johnson and yourself doing posts about this birth conspiracy makes you look like kooks and helps the Democrats.”

      One of the more perfect Hope Bong moments in NQ history.  Hell, Obama’s got it in the bag with NQ, Larry and Steve posting here regularly.  People don’t even need to vote, really.  Besides it will be cold and dark at election time in November.  Brrrrrrr!  Let’s just stay home, Obama’s got it covered.

      • BuzzLatte2

        Since they can’t re-cycle the 2008 talking points, they can’t discuss Obama’s non-exisistant record of acheivements, nor can they find any ground on commonality, the demdrones have no choice but to use pea shooters loaded with silliness.  

      • lola828

        As usual your comment makes no sense. NQ and Larry Johnson were against birtherism before they were for it. How about those “whitey tapes”? Still waiting for them from 2008. And you guys worked in “intelligence”.

        • Retired_from_SPOnaj

          lola wrote “As usual your comment makes no sense.”

          Praise, indeed, from one who consistently achieves the aforestated standard.

    • Hokma

      “By the way Obama himself never said he was born in Kenya. Prove it. He had a literary agent that more than 20 years ago said that in one booklet. The literary agent was just wrong as she admitted.”

      Are you serious??? It was his own friggin book!!! Can’t Obama READ?

      Obama is either  foriegn born or he is an opportunistic  liar.  You pick.

      • HoosierinDixie

        She can’t because it does not fit their narrative….IGNORANCE IS BLISS.What I find amusing is that Lola and the rest of the koolaid  kids are so willing to take everything Obama says or does as the gospel truth. He spends millions to keep his past hidden (no birth certificate, no passports, no senate records, no school records, no friends etc….)and they don’t seem to think that is the least bit unusual.  Bottom line is if you or I  (or even a nobody like Lola) were to run for POTUS, everyone we ever  encountered in life would come out of the woodworks for their 15 minutes of fame. And most likely with tons of documentation  and embarrassing stories to boot. But Obama gets a pass on everything with no questions asked. So you can call me a birther, a racist or whatever is the current DNC talking point  but I can now honestly say I don’t know where Obama was born, nor do I care. I do know I have been around long enough to know that when there is this much smoke, there is bound to be some fire. 

        • Flop_Flipper

          I’m going to disagree with you a little. I’ve come to the conclusion that Obots aren’t mindless drones, they just act that way. They don’t believe everything Obama says, they know he is full of shit and they don’t care.

        • Flop_Flipper

          I’m going to disagree with you a little. I’ve come to the conclusion that Obots aren’t mindless drones, they just act that way. They don’t believe everything Obama says, they know he is full of shit and they don’t care.

          • KenoshaMarge

            If it’s an act, it’s a damn good one!

      • lola828

        Why don’t you give us the quote in Obama’s book where it says he was born in Kenya?

        Put your money where your big mouth is…

        • Hokma

          it was his bio that went along with promoting his book. The bio was written by his literary agent. To believe that Obama did not know what was in that bio and did not approve it would require a complete departure from reality. But idiots like you have been living in a false reality for the past few years anyway.

          • lola828

            So now you cannot produce the quote that you said was in his book, so now you claim it was in a bio that went with his book… as usual when you get call out on your BS you backtrack.

            Did Obama write that bio? what that bio officially endorsed by Obama? any third-party can write some promotional material for a book with incorrect facts, that does not mean that Obama had anything to do with it or know anything about it. And that is quite different than your claim that Obama himself wrote it in his book.

          • Hokma

            Look moron – don’t make stuff up – I said it as his bio that went along with the promotion of is book. If you read it would help.

            So according to you Obama doesn’t know anything. He did not care what the literary agent put into his bio – Obama also did not know what Jeremiah Wright said for over 20 friggin years.

            Take your stupidity elsewhere – like your basement PPAA.

    • FormerLib160

      McCain was born on a military base, to an Active Duty soldier and his American born wife.

      You ObamaZombies are truly laughable.

      And rather disgusting btw

    • Hank DeCat

       And you’re a brain dead kool aid swilling moron who believes what Obama tells her instead of what her own lying eyes see.
      I’d rather be in Steve & Larry’s company.
      (see, Steve, told you to watch out for that newspeak).
      (PS — FYI we’ve always been at war with Eastasia).

    • Flop_Flipper

      It seems that you grow stupider by the day. Any intelligent person would recognize that Steve is not a birther. Of course such recognition requires the ability to read and understand what is written, which removes you from the equation.

      • lola828

        Steve is not a birther. My ass. He back tracks on calling them kooks in comments above. He claims that he does not know where the President was born.  He says there is plenty of evidence that may suggest that birtherism is true. What is he writing this article for? It is very fashionable now for birthers to first claim up front they are not birthers, but then to go on at length discussion all the bullshit.

    • beyond partisan

      I donated money to Herman Cain. I am not a racist. And if thinking something fishy is going on with this “born in Kenya” stuff means I’m a “birther” – so be it. Like I give two craps what you think about me, Lola. And no, I’m not voting for Obama this election. So you are wasting your time here. 

  • trixta

    Well, Larry, at least you didn’t call “birthers” racists!  I actually agreed with most of your points, but where we differ on the issue (i.e. BO’s citizen status & eligibility, etc.) is in approach / strategy.    That is, IMHO, where you (and others)  have chosen to humor BO or give him the benefit of the doubt and question him on that front, I (and other “birthers”) choose to  point out  the secrecy, discrepancies, and flat out false information given by BO on the matter.  All we ask is for the facts and authentic documentation — i.e. a full vetting of this man — and LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY.    

    When it comes down to it, either approach is fine by me, since both  have a way of putting BO in a corner and getting  us closer to the truth.  (Of course, you are arguing otherwise here.)   Again, the point is to get BO and the media to tell the truth about the man based on real and authentic information, rather than on specious biography/-ies.   Yes, I agree that he and his team are toying with “birthers” as a way to rev up his base, etc., but the corner where he is currently finding himself in is getting awfully tight (i.e. between “birthers” and those who take him at his word).    And that’s a good thing!By the way, just because I have grave doubts about BO’s citizenship status, doesn’t mean I believe in UFO, Big Foot, etc.   I like to choose my conspiracy theories carefully.   

    • Steve_in_KC

      Trixta, Larry is innocent on this one.  I wrote this piece of satire, and anyone who knows my writing should know that I should NEVER be taken seriously, except when I obviously should be.  In this case, it’s not clear. 
      I would only say that’s I’m very serious about not taking the bait.  Obama was laughing like the fool he is on the day he released that so-called long form birth certificate.  It was a big joke to him. 

      • trixta

        Oh dear, my apologies to Larry!  Thanks for pointing it out Steve_in_ KC.   I enjoyed your clever article….   Look, as long as we (& the media) are all still talking about Obama and his lies, its okay by me.  It’s all about the LIES.   Sure, “birthers” take a risk at by questioning him on his citizenship status, but, in my view, if such questions are compounded with those who take him at his “word,”  then we might actually get to the truth of the matter.   In any case, “birthers” are asking questions the media has refused to ask.  If the msm can ask questions about Bill Clintons genitalia, they surely can ask a simple question about BO’s citizenship status!  

        • trixta

          Yes, I also caught your satirical tone, Steve.  Nice.

    • sowsear1

      BO may be/is toying with so called “birthers”, but the fact that the last bc was obviously forged maybe a  double fake-out.:  A fake to hide a fake.

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    On a more serious note, albeit OT, it turns out that the “Honest Injun,” Elizabeth Warren, contributed three family recipies to the Native American cookbook, “Pow Wow Chow.”  Pow Wow Chow was intended to feature traditional Native American Five Tribes family fare that was passed down for generations.

    Unfortunately for Elizabeth, it was recently discovered that two of the recipies that she submitted were copied, word for word, out of the New York Times and were originally created by Manhattan chef Pierre Franey.

    Did Warren’s ancestors learn these delicacies during the French and Indian War before the Trail of Tears?

    Here is a more sensitive treatment of the topic from the New York Post.

    • jrterrier

      a couple of the recipes were for crab-related dishes.  steyn wrote a hilarious piece the other day about the nuttiness of thinking that Cherokees in landlocked OK would have access to and a need to hand down crab recipes. 

      • Jim

        Cherokees originally came from the east coast region and would have access to crabs. Some of them wound up in OK but others are still closer to the original home turf.

      • BuzzLatte2

        Ah, yes, *authentic* cherokee indian recipes with a french twist.  Dang! Those smoke signal fires were  like the internet four generations back!

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Steve, Actually, we did put listening devices in your dental fillings.  But when we called the FBI to lock you up, they declined, saying that since the dentist hadn’t used adequate anesthesia, the whole dental session was torture and thus any information obtained from the fillings was inadmissable in court.

    However, we still used the information to stop terrorist attacks that you had planned that you thought “mysteriously went awry.”   Key among these was your plan to introduce hoof and snout disease to the American pig population so as to deny us bacon with our eggs so that we would all eventually turn to Islam out of frustration.  Eat pork and die, takfiri!

    • Steve_in_KC

      AHA!  I KNEW IT!

      That explains the constant ringing in my ears and the constant desire to surrender to someone!

  • samb1
  • samb1
    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Book’em, Dan-O!

  • Jim

    Interesting piece.  I am not sure that “birther” will remain pejorative now that it is clear that President Obama and/or his “team” has made the claim he was Kenyan born. Mrs. Obama twice says something very similar, although you could argue that she “really meant” he has  Kenyan ancestry. She calls him a Kenyan on one video and says Kenya is his home country on another. I think there is reasonable cause for someone to get to the bottom of this issue.  I am glad someone made some sense for me about the PDF “forgery” issue. I was wondering about that. It is plausible to me that the same people who can’t be certain where they want to say he was born can’t be bothered to release a document correctly. It is consistent with general incompetence.. I am still very curious about Sheriff Arpaio and his investigation. I am old enough to know that law enforcement sometimes goes off the rails, but if he has something I would hope there would be some kind of adversarial hearing and cards would be put on the table. It still troubles me that people who ask simple questions keep being called lunatics. After all, Einstein’s theories are accepted because people have tested them hundreds of times. No one starts calling anyone a kook because they plan another test of relativity. Why is it that even though there has never been an adversarial presentation of the evidence – a debate, a court hearing or anything similar – that people instantly decide that those who ask are “kooks” and that such a hearing “won’t change anyone’s mind.” The end of your piece strays badly but does point up one fact: We all have a conspiracy or alternate history belief we toy with. The fact that some people will always believe in Bigfoot should not stop biologists from answering simple questions. It also should force us to recognize that the neighbor who really believes JFK was shot by a man peeping out of a manhole is not actually crazy, lives perfectly well with others and votes. Convincing people with facts should be the goal, not demonizing them because they either want more facts or don’t accept what you say as fact. We all live in glass houses on this issue. It stuns me that the assault on so-called “birthers” is so violent. Any other conspiracy theory is listened to and either refuted or walked away from. Last I heard a very large number of people were suspicious about the whole issue.

  • foxyladi14

    LOL Steve another winner.

    • Steve_in_KC

      Thank you, foxy!

  • jrterrier

    “But I don’t buy the thing about the CIA putting listening devices in my fillings. If that were true, they’d have locked me up a long time ago!!”

    i don’t know about this one.  are you sure? 

  • HARP2

    He may or may not be legal but ask yourself this one question.

     With the exception of “Tingles” Matthews, not one reporter has ever asked Obama why
    he won’t release his long-form birth certificate.  No reporter has
    asked him why he continues to hide his life records from the American People, or why he
    has spent millions to keep those records hidden, or why he is continuing to illegally using
    civil servant, Justice Department attorneys, to block attempts
    by the American People to have them unsealed.
    Not one.  Ever!

  • DianaLC

    Steve,  I get your point about the “birther” arguments.  However,  I do think it’s fair game to go after Obama in regard to his inability to tell the truth about his own history and be consistent with it.  It’s OBVIOUS to anyone with a brain that functions that O knew about those publicity booklets from his agent.  He never corrected them.  It’s now OBVIOUS to many that his supposed “memoir” was not really totally written by him and that it contained many falsifications of events and times in his life.

    Why is it not fair game to call him a LIAR.  Most of us who are Christian know that connection between Satan and the act of LYING.  In fact, I don’t know any accepted religion that supports lying for personal gain.  I know there are laws against lying in court or to public authorities. 

    To me, it’s that simple.  Obama is a LIAR.  There that makes me equal to at least one Congressional Representative (Joe Wilson).

    • Wisewoman2


  • shelldoll2

    Oh and stop calling people kooks. Those of us that did not buy GWB’s
    WMD nonsense turned out to be right.  We were called kooks. You might want to think about that. Read the Bible. One man’s kook is another man’s prophet.

    • Steve_in_KC

      I keep forgetting to tag my posts as “satire,” which is why it’s hard to tell where factual commentary and humor intertwine. 

      I didn’t call anybody kooks.  I said that the general public considers people kooks when people believe things the general public doesn’t.  So my advice was to not take the bait the Obama camp wants you to take.  They want us to look like kooks.  It’s part of their game plan.

      And I admitted to being a kook myself, so that should make part of my intentions clear.

      Don’t be so sensitive!  Smile!  Be happy!

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      I take your point, but now I feel guilty about calling Edd Byrnes “Kookie.” (smile)

  • shelldoll2

    Why did it take Obama over 2 years to produce a so calle BC?  I can get mine in two weeks.  Lay off the birthers which is what the MSM calls the. So you believe them on this buy your has called them liars.  At least be consistent.

    • jbjd

      “Why did it take Obama over 2 years to produce a so called BC?”

      It didn’t; he still hasn’t released it. What was released on his behalf was an image (and accompanying copy) which was the focal point paid political announcement that coincided with the launch of his 2012 re-election campaign. (Under the U.S. Code, you cannot expend campaign funds unless – you guessed it – you are actually in a campaign!)


      (Doesn’t anyone here read my blog anymore?)

      • lola828

        nobody reads your website because you are a nut.

      • trixta

        Thank you, jbjd, for all of your hard work on the matter!

    • FormerLiberal9

      “Why did it take Obama over 2 years to produce a so called BC?”

      IMHO Axelbum used it as a distraction and as a way to marginalize the birthers and by association Republicans as nutcases. Then along came Donald Trump asking the same questions and pledging to get to the bottom of it with private investigators. Voila the BC magically appeared. The Dems were afraid because these kooky birthers were now getting some credibility thanks to Mr. Trump.  And then the BC issue would become a liability to Obama.

      But now the focus of the Campaign should remain ” the economy”. Let historians in the future debate this issue someday the truth will come out. But now we have an election to win.