Leave it to Barack Obama to try to one-up George W. Bush, but not in a good way. Bush the younger pissed away an historical opportunity in the aftermath of 9-11. He had the country united behind him and could have moved decisively to crush the Islamic extremists behind the 9-11 attacks. Instead, he squandered the moment and plunged the United States into a war of choice in Iraq that, ironically, has empowered Iran, tarnished the reputation of the United States with the stains of torture, weakened our strategic posture in the Middle East and rallied Islamic extremists. Not exactly a homerun.

Dropping a festering turd like that in the public policy punchbowl is tough to match, but by golly, Barack Hussein Obama is working his damnedest to erase the memory of Bush’s incompetence and replace it with his own insane legacy. This weekend’s failed summit in Chicago is a case in point. First off the G-8 could not agree on a response to the impending collapse of the Euro. You might ask, “Why should we care?”

Very simple. If Europe implodes, then the world will be plunged into a depression that will surpass the debacle of 2008. In the “good old days” the United States had some power, clout and influence. Not this time. All the world got was a whiny, petulant man-child too busy preening and posturing to actually risk demonstrating an inkling of leadership.

The problems on the international agenda are complex and far reaching. The ill-advised promotion of the “Arab Spring” has given new life to the very Islamic extremists that produced the attacks of 9-11. Obama’s answer to this? Try to empower them. The United State currently is backing some radical Islamist groups that are closely affiliated with Al Qaeda in Iraq.

In Afghanistan? Barack has played his hand too early. He showed his trump cards to the enemy. He has promised to abandon the country by 2014 and given the Taliban a date for preparing to retake the country where we have spent billions trying to move them from the 13th to the 14th Century.

Whoops. Forgot to mention Egypt. Islamists opposed to preserving Israel’s borders are on the verge of winning the upcoming Presidential election. They are already ahead in absentee ballots. Although the military may try to steal the vote, the outcome will only energize the extremists and throw Egypt into even more turmoil.

As far as international economics are concerned, the Obama economic and foreign policies are simultaneously promoting the radical Sunni extremists while helping, via oil sanctions on Iran, to drive the price of oil up. This further curtails economic growth and promotes decline among key European and Southeast Asian countries.

Obama has become an international joke. But he ain’t funny. In the process he is helping weaken American beyond the damage inflicted by George W. Heck of a job, bucko.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
  • morris1030

    IMO Romney will win the election. Obama’s campaign strategy is so flawed and tone deaf that I cannot see him conecting with voters by knocking Bain. This backfires. We all know private equity has its flaws, but it certainly helps fuel the economy and s a “staple”.

    Obama seems disconnected. Again. He s not getting through to young out of work disaffected former supporters, and Indies are not enthusiastic.  Biden is no help. His lack of foreign policy smarts and weak personal leadereship in this area are glaring.

    I say Obama loses the election.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1429578258 Cerry H Klaver
  • Denise Betters

    And to quote the Gop-hers

    blah blah blah Obama blah blah blah Obama 

  • lola828

    So according to Larry Johnson the weekend G-8 meeting was a failure. They failed to agree on solving all of Europe’s problems in one weekend and the falling Euro made the meeting a failure and you are even inferring that it was Obama fault. Complete garbage.

    You are losing it Larry Johnson.

    We get it you are not for the people of the Middle East trying to obtain some freedom. We get it that you favor the old tyranical regimes like Mubarak over the current transition and changes going on. That is just your view, but not all that surprising coming from an ex-CIA coldwar guy.

    Your comments on Afghanistan are equally off base. I suspect coming to an agreement to leave U.S. troops in Afghanistan until 2024 is abandoning Afghanistan in  your eyes. However, Mr. Johnson you are in the minority. Most Americans want to get out of Afghanistan entirely.

    It is now according to you the Obama conspiracy to support Sunni extermists and jack up the price of oil through Iran sanctions huring our allies. That is Obama grand plan in your mind. So why has the price of oil fallen fairly significantly in the last month? And all those students in Egypy are big Sunni extremists.

    Again you are losing it.

    • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson


      You do not know a fucking thing about these matters.  Typical PPAA.  You change your name but your stupidity is unmistakable.

      • lola828

        I really wonder what the hiring qualifications where in the 1985 for CIA? I guess Hatch got you in.

        You have not even been in the game since 1993, so what do you really know? You are left with a website full of kooks surmizing about Obama conspiracies. There is no respect in that. 

        How much cash have you sucked out of government with Berg, Palisades and your various other consulting firms to support this website? Aren’t you biting the hand that feeds you?

        • Retired_from_SPOnaj

          Larry, lola wrote: “You have not even been in the game since 1993, so what do you really know?”

          LMFAO!   Sorry, lola, but your ignorance as to “what Larry knows” is hilariously ignorant.

          Do you think that we really “retire?”

        • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

          If you really “knew,” (as Retired correctly notes) you would not make such a stupid claim.  But, as I noted in an earlier comment, “stupidity” is the only thing you’re good at. 

          • lola828

            You have been very successful at parlaying a relatively short CIA career into all kinds of media attention and going over to the consulting world to suck as much cash from taxpayers as possible. No wonder you run a fear-mongering website. It helps with business. You cannot even give Obama credit for taking the shot, when all others were suggesting dropping a bomb.

            You are just on the outside looking in. Your website makes that very clear.

        • Popsmoke

           This is the type of crap you want to stick in a can and purposely kick the can with steel toed boots…..

      • Popsmoke


        lola/PPAA makes dirt look like an Ivy League Grad…

        • Retired_from_SPOnaj

          Actually, lola’s comments do serve a useful purpose.  Professional blog disrupters use them as an amusing training device on what not to do.  They laugh their asses off whenever lola makes a comment.

    • Madame_deFarge

      I doubt it’s an Obama “conspiracy” rather Obama idiocy.

  • foxyladi14

     Obama has become an international joke. But he ain’t funny
    you are right Larry we are not laughing.

  • jrterrier

    what does it mean that Crocker, the US Ambassador to Afghanistan is stepping down this summer?


    not real good at working on problems when he has a chance is he????


    US -Pakistan tenisions deepen in Chicago

    • jrterrier

      that seems kind of dumb, not taking advantage of an opportunity for a face to face with the president of pakistan, a sometime-ally.  might have been able to persuade him to our view of things.

      remember the campaign statement that he would meet with any head of state, friend or foe. 

      • Popsmoke

         “a sometime-ally”

        Man you just ain’t getting it are you?

  • jrterrier

    and one more good article on romney’s time at bain:


    newt also had a good statement on corey booker’s point of view — booker, the mayor of newark, knows that the only way newark is being revitalized is through private equity firms like bain capital, who can bring money and innovation to newark.  heaven knows that the govt has been unable to do it. 

    • KenoshaMarge

      And for having the intellect and the character to speak the truth Booker is being demonized by the left.

      Hell even “Tweety” is incensed. Ain’t nothing worse than an incensed “Tweety Bird” with a tingle running, is it up or down? , his leg.

      Furious Chris Matthews Explodes: Cory Booker “betrayed” and “sabotaged” Obama


      Hell hath no fury like a party that sees one of their own reveal the truth to the public.

      • Anthony_1

        That was a great vid for my morning coffee!

        Isn’t it ironic that The Changeling is now campaigning to preserve negative campaign tactics….

  • ObamaDubya2ElectricBoogaloo

    “What if Jackie Robinson hit .225?: The Barack Obama Story”

  • Popsmoke

    “Obama has become an international joke. But he ain’t funny. In the
    process he is helping weaken American beyond the damage inflicted by
    George W. Heck of a job, bucko.”

    And to fix this we want to put a Bush protege, advised by the same folk who advised the bumbling tumbleweed into office?

    What is the definition of insanity?

    • BuzzLatte2

      And you think Obama would be better…how?

      Is this one of those forest for the trees things with you?

      • jrterrier

        no, it’s Pop’s blind spot when it comes to Romney, the Mormon.

        • BuzzLatte2

          I have my doubts about the veracity of the Mormon religion since I was raised in it.  I gave it up a long, long time ago.  But I can say this, the Mormon goofiness is far less damaging than the last 3 1/2 years and/or another term of Obama the Fake.

          I do not relish the thought of the church having an inroad to the WH, but I’ll take it over the brand of hatred Obama engages in.

          • elizabethrc

            Somehow I doubt that Romney will be pushing his religion on Americans. 
            The same worries circle around JFK, as I recall and they were needless, just as they likely will be here.

          • BuzzLatte2

            elizabethrc below:  It’s not that Romney will push his religion.  It’s that the church presidency will have his attention that bothers me.  Like any other institution, the church has it’s agenda.

          • jrterrier

            Admittedly, I know very little about the Mormon church or its bishops.  One of my child’s best friend is a Mormon classmate.  And there is nothing odd about him. 

            Is there any evidence from his time at Bain that he allowed Mormon orthodoxy or the bishops to interfere with the running of the company.  This reminds me of the attacks on JFK that he would allow the Pope to interfere in the running of the country. 

          • morris1030

            I doubt Romney’s religion will have much effect.

            It’s just that neither Romney or Obama represent dynamic leadership. Romney seems to follow GOP & Tea Party and changes positions. Obama..well we know.

        • Popsmoke

           Take your head out of your republican ass and look around….

          • jrterrier

            Pop, you volunteered that you have an anti-Mormon bias.  And said you are working on it.  I am not saying this because I disagree with your point of view.   

            In my opinion, your posts reflect the blind spot you have on Romney.  That doesn’t mean that I have my head in anyone’s arse.  I am always respectful and ask that you be the same. 

      • Popsmoke

        No I do not think Obama is better.. But I do think that voters (you included) need to grow up, get themselves educated and stop the partisan bullshit.

        That is the only way change will really happen….

        • BuzzLatte2

          And you would suggest that me, as a registered Democrat, should grow up how?  I did not vote for Obama and I don’t care if he puts Hillary on as VP – his whole regime is toast.  I voted for McCain – the first GOP I have ever voted for.  How is that being partisan?

          We are educating ourselves, Popsmoke, on a daily basis since 2008.  We cannot change the facts as they come to us.  We can change our response to them.  Many are doing that now.  For example:  The rejection by Booker of the negative Bain ad campaigns, the rejection of the War on Women tactics, the rejection of the Rev. Wright story as a tactic, the silent outrage that is growing exponentially about the fundamental changes Obama is making to the country and government are changes that are shaping the course of this election.

          Change always comes.  Just not in the time or fashion that you want, apparently.

          • Popsmoke

             Your a democrat and I am the pope… Who the hell are you kidding?

          • BuzzLatte2

            to: Pop below:

            I get it.  Negative attention is better than no attention at all.   


    • jrterrier

      Come on Pop, a Bush-protege?  are you talking about Papa Bush? They’ve crossed paths a few times.  if you are talking about George W, you are full of hot air.  because by no means is Mitt Romney, who has been a serious man his entire adult life, W’s protege. 

      The last time I challenged you on this, you came back with a list that for the most part are not 1/4 as accomplished as Romney. 

      • Anthony_1

        Challenging Popsmoke on what seems to be a pathological hatred of Mormons will do you no good.

        I tried very politely recently to address the “Mitt Romney=Mormom=Bad” and “Harry Reid=Mormon=Good” bullshit and all I got was spin.

        I’ve grown to expect a Romney slam finding its way into every comment this poster makes, and now just ignore his comments.

        • Popsmoke

           Your another jackass… I supported Huntsman a Mormon… Now go play with the family dog idiot ass….

          • Anthony_1

            You should really introduce yourself to the apostrophe. It would make your comments read like they were penned by someone with at least an elementary school education.  (in case you’re wondering, I just used one in the same word you left it out of)

            As far as your penchant for calling people names, Pop, I would really take a closer look at yourself before you continue.  You sound like some hysterical old woman who finds a way to talk shit over the garden fence no matter how hard it is to fit a pejorative into the sentence.

            I don’t give a fuck who you supported in the GOP primary. Your screamingly strident Mormon bias (or maybe its just a brand of girlish,anti-Romney hysteria on your part) is more than just a little obvious, and hardly becoming.

            That said, I was raised to always try to fit in and considering the tone of your comment to me, I am proud to tell you to go fuck yourself until you feel better.

        • Popsmoke

          More smoke! Is that your response to my point? Are you really that stupid?

        • Popsmoke

          Another blithering dam idiot! I never said that Reid was a good Moron. What I said you blighter moron was that Reid did not play up his faith just like Huntsman who I supported. Idiot ass!

          How take your dam head out of your Blithering ass and get real. I also see that you rather do the jrterrier dodge than answer my question. Just another political dolt!

        • Popsmoke

           You want to challenge me? You want a shot at the title? Here ya go….

          Answer me this? Is this your answer to our national security problems?

          “Prime example of Bi-Partisan … I SAID BI-PARTISAN … stupidity!

          Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Banhttp://www.buzzfeed.com/mhasti…

          It will not change until, “We The People” grow the heck up and stop our own illogical political behavior.”

          And the one you blow off before…

          “The Republican controlled house passed a bill that was meant to spare
          national security spending from future cuts.  To do that it reduced
          programs like school lunch funding and other social programs. 

          So how much money is to be totally budgeted (including discretionary)
          for national security for 2013? Dam near $1 Trillion! One Trillion dog
          gone total taxpayers dollars!

          Here is the real kicker… They are doing this to circumvent the
          automatic spending reductions scheduled for January 2013 they all voted
           Let me add that neither side wants to reenact Glass-Steagall…. Where is the out cry?”

          Now rather than try and baffle me with bullshit try and educate me with a real answers…. Now where is your boy Romney on this? I already know where Obama stands….

          • Anthony_1

            You still sound a little cranky.  Maybe you’re not fucking yourself hard enough?

        • morris1030

          Neither Reid or Romney’s Mormonism
          will have any effect.  Romney as Gov. of Mass. did not let his religious beliefs affect his political positions.

      • Popsmoke

         This is exactly the problem with politics today. Neither side is wrong. Its just to others side.

        Yes a Bush protege and advised by the same crew….

      • Popsmoke

         Same applies to you Mr. Romney Kool-Aid inhaler…. Go to my posting to Teak and answer that one….

    • TeakWoodKite

      what do you suggest?

      • Popsmoke

        Tough question Teak and the answers are not simple. I guess the best response to this is for the American voter to really grow up and stop voting by sound bites and partisan politics.

        Look both parties are off their rockers… We want to criticize Obama (rightly so in many cases) for his stupidity such as LJ just posted.

        But were is the outraged by those from the republican suckers club with the latest stupidity in economic from there side?

        Give you an example….

        The Republican controlled house passed a bill that was meant to spare national security spending from future cuts.  To do that it reduced programs like school lunch funding and other social programs. 

        So how much money is to be totally budgeted (including discretionary) for national security for 2013? Dam near $1 Trillion!One Trillion dog-gone total taxpayers dollars!

        Here is the real kicker… They are doing this to circumvent the automatic spending reductions scheduled for January 2013 they all voted for….

        So where are all of the republican sucker club members on issues like
        these? Matter of fact where are the democratic sucker clue members on
        these issues as well?

        There is none! Why because many of the knot heads, and that includes “some” of those on this site. Do not give a shit about anything but beating Obama even if that means that while beating him the other sides is pissing all over them…..

        • TeakWoodKite

          Granted that both sides of the isle have an agenda that many times has nothing to do with the obligations they were elected to execute. But the question remains.

           What do you suggest?
          Given the current squatter at Motel 1600, who is a clear and present danger to the Constitution of the United States and the national security of the same, do you think a vote for Romney would make matters worse?
          Rich man, poor man, begger man or thief, My suggestion is to act from a principled position in the context of a practicle reality.
          We are in deep shit.

          • Popsmoke

             “Given the current squatter at Motel 1600, who is a clear and present
            danger to the Constitution of the United States and the national
            security of the same, do you think a vote for Romney would make matters

            To be totally honest with you. Knowing some of the folk who are advising Romney and seeking WH positions. I am not all to sure about making any of these matters worse or not. On the domestics economics sides? Probably not. On the foreign relations and national security side?

            I am very deeply troubled….

    • morris1030

      We are in a fix. This isn’t good for America. Neither party has done a decent job of governing, and Obama  is a flake.

      • Popsmoke

         No argument from me here…..



    backtrack’s political team cut military commanders out of Afghan drawdown planning

    I do not even know what to say, how many will this bunch get killed all for the glorification of a putz????

  • jrterrier

    not a pretty picture.  what a sad waste of money and lives. 

    and don’t forget the car bomb in yemen that killed 90 today.

  • FormerLiberal9

    I am sure glad that our President is EVOLVING because so far he hasn’t proved himself up to the job. But its too little too late for my tastes and hope and pray he will be removed from the job come November.

    I agree with you that the Potus has been a failure in his dealing in the Middle East. For someone who supposedly has a great deal of knowledge he doesn’t seem to understand how the Middle Eastern mind works. What he views as reconciliation with the Islamic countries only looks like weakness to those countries. He seems to want to make friends in the Middle East but they really don’t wish to be friends with the Great Satan. They do understand power however and that is what the POTUS has squandered.   

    But I am perfectly ok with Sunni and Shia fighting it out in Syria. Let them kill each other if they want. I only hope this keeps them distracted from killing us or attacking Israel.

    The situation in Iran is a difficult problem, and the question remains do you want to deal with them now or do you want to deal with them latter when they have developed a Nuke. We should have all along been dealing with producing more energy domestically and thereby freeing up more foreign oil for our European and Asian friends.  But that wouldn’t have been the Green solution. It is Bio-Fuel or bust and now we are nearly busted.

    • Garookie

      I’m not sure what he’s evolving into but high on the list must be ignoramous. I happened to catch a piece of him this a.m. giving a speech and he refered to an agreement that was reached in Lisbond. (that’s exactly how he pronounced it, with emphasis on the D). I know most capitals in Europe and I know of Lisbon in Portugal but the one he’s refering to must be on another planet.

    • morris1030

      Listen, simply Obama hasn’t evolved.

      Chris Matthews desperatly shrill screed is so off putting that even an Obama supporter would gag at what’s going on at MSNBC.   Talk about Fox?  Neither are fair and balanced, but Matthews is by far furthest from reportage.

      It’s shilling,drilling, and chilling for Obama non stop with almost toal distortion of facts.

  • HARP2

    This is Obama’s Venture Capital using your tax dollars.

    • SunPower, after receiving $1.5 billion from DOE, is reorganizing, cutting jobs.• First Solar, after receiving $1.46 billion from DOE, is reorganizing, cutting jobs.• Solyndra, after receiving $535 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection.• Ener1, after receiving $118.5 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection.• Evergreen Solar, after receiving millions of dollars from the state of Massachusetts, filed for bankruptcy protection.• SpectraWatt, backed by Intel and Goldman Sachs, filed for bankruptcy protection.• Beacon Power, after receiving $43 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection.• Abound Solar, after receiving $400 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection.• Amonix, after receiving $5.9 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection.• Babcock & Brown (an Australian company), after receiving $178 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection.• A123 Systems, after receiving $279 million from DOE, shipped some bad batteries and is barely operating. It cut jobs.• Solar Trust for America, after receiving a $2.1-billion loan guarantee from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection.• Nevada Geothermal, after receiving $98.5 million from DOE, warns of potential defaults in new SEC filings.

    And Obama is criticizing Romney? Go figure.

    • jrterrier

      great new ad by Romney on the obama bain capital attack ads coupled with a statement from bain capital itself tearing apart the latest obama ad:


      and the obama campaign also woke up bain capital itself, who has now responded:

      In its statement, Bain suggested the Obama team’s attacks ignore facts that help explain the factory’s failure. It also suggests the focus on failed factories like the Indiana Ampad factory give an inaccurate picture of Bain’s
      overall success. The full statement reads:

      “Throughout Bain Capital’s 28-year history, we have been focused on growing businesses and improving their operations. We acquired Ampad from Mead
      Corp. in 1992, and grew the overall business during the four years we controlled the company. The Marion plant was a challenging situation in a business that was
      performing well overall, growing revenues and adding jobs. Our control of Ampad ended in 1996, fully four years before it encountered financial difficulties due
      to overwhelming pressure from ‘big box’ retailers, declines in paper demand, and intense foreign price pressures. Despite political attacks that emphasize the
      few companies that have struggled, the facts are that during Bain Capital’s ownership, revenues grew in 80 percent of the more than 350 companies in which
      we have invested.”


      and a statement from romney himself:
      “President Obama confirmed today that he will continue his attacks on the free enterprise system, which Mayor Booker and other leading Democrats have spoken out against. What this election is about is the 23 million Americans who are still struggling to find work and the millions who have lost their homes and have fallen into poverty. President Obama refuses to accept moral responsibility for his failed policies. My campaign is offering a positive agenda to help America get back to work.”

      • Retired_from_SPOnaj

        Billions for green energy, but not one cent for deficit reduction!

        • lola828

          “Billions for green energy, but not one cent for deficit reduction!”You do understand that those are loan guarantees and not one cent went to those countries.How about the tens if not hundreds of billions of taxpayer subsidies to nuclear, oil & gas and coal industries? What has been given to Green Energy is very very little compared to what has been given to those other energy industries over the decades.

          • Retired_from_SPOnaj

            Partially true. However, money “given” to the nuclear, oil, gas and coal industries has produced energy that people actually have used and are still using. The billions given to Green Energy have produced virtually nothing in comparison.  How typical of you and the Obama administration to try to draw moral equivalence between a waste of money that is on something that is stylish but has no substance with money spent that has actually produced something that people can use. 

          • lola828

            Retired as per your comment below… the U.S. government spent tens of  billions inventing nuclear energy.

            Today is no difference. The U.S. government is today investing a relatively much smaller amount trying to promote the new green energies just like every government on the planet is currently doing.

            I will ask you again. How much money has the U.S. government actually “wasted” as you say on green energy? Do you have a clue what you are talking about or are you just talking out of your ass.

            You are so full of shit. Renewable energy now accounts for 14.3% of all energy production in the U.S. This will grow big time thanks to the investments the Obama adminstration has made in green energy.

            31% of California energy comes from renwables.


            Why don’t you get off your sofa and find out what is going on in the energy business in this country? It is radically changing.

      • TeakWoodKite

        Bang on.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1429578258 Cerry H Klaver
      • morris1030

        Basically Romney makes good points.

        Obama doesn’t take responsibility and actually thinks he’s “transormative”.   Tsk.

    • FormerLiberal9

       Hope you don’t mind I cut and pasted your comment into a thread on The Hill as a reply to some bot listing some of Bains  bankruptcies. But I did give you credit for the post.

    • lola828

      Where did you get those numbers? Love to see a link to your source.

      By the way your very basic facts are wrong. No companies were give a penny by the DoE. Companies were given loan gurantees. That is completely different. Your source is full of shit.

      So far the DoE’s loan guarantee program started by the Bush Adminstration has been very successful at helping to stand up an important industry for the future. It has had a less than 2% failure rate, which is a far better failure rate than Bain under Romney. We should be increasing government support for this important industry.

      Here is a simple question for you: can you tell us exactly how much money taxpayers have lost up till now with regard to the loan guarantees to Solyndra?

  • HARP2

     Exclusive: U.S. lets China bypass Wall Street for Treasury orders

    (Reuters) – China
    can now bypass Wall Street when buying U.S. government debt and go
    straight to the U.S. Treasury, in what is the Treasury’s first-ever
    direct relationship with a foreign government, according to documents
    viewed by Reuters.


    • MG6

      Harp2…How about this one…


      Why does China get a pass and Americans are considered racist?  Seems to me the Chinese are the biggest Racist here!!!

      • Retired_from_SPOnaj

        Only white people can be racist.

        • KenoshaMarge

          That seems to be the consensus thinking on the left. Isn’t it nice that those white folks over there are not racist like the white folks on the right or in the center. Kinda strange too.

          Fortunately we have the obamamedia to set us straight any time common sense and reason raises it’s silly head.

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    OT, but the WaPo is reporting that lingering resentment over the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre may be a problem for Mormon Mitt Romney’s presidential aspirations.

    In journalism, a deadline can be a terrible thing.

    Will no Obama supporter stand up and explain to us what happened at Mountain Meadows and why it raises doubts as to Mitt Romney’s qualifications to be President?

    Note to Axelrod:  It this is the best that you can plant with a fawning, co-enabling press, you may have some problems.

    • jrterrier

      “OT, but the WaPo is reporting that lingering resentment over the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre may be a problem for Mormon Mitt Romney’s presidential aspirations.”

      great retort

      • KenoshaMarge

        And amazingly that 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre story wouldn’t be known by most of the country if the WaPo wasn’t highlighting it.

        I knew because I’m kind of a history buff. I was also handed Zane Grey books by my father from the time I could read and there were many stories of the early Mormon church in them.

        My favorite was The Riders of the Purple Sage and it’s sequel The Rainbow Trail . I loved all his books but while I read and reread the two mentioned above The Spirit of the Border remains my favorite.

        I don’t think the Mormon Church is as good as they would have us think they are nor a bad as their detractors would have us think. I suspect that’s true for “most” religions. Note I said most.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Mountain Meadows Massacre ….

      where the wind blows and the grass grows…”

    • FormerLiberal9

       So far the bullying a gay kid fifty years ago didn’t work. Now a terrible incident in Mormon history from over one hundred and fifty years ago is going to make the voters turn against Mormons and thereby against Romney. I think it will just make Obama seem petty and bigoted against Mormons. I think we should rename Obama from Backtrack to Backfire.

      • morris1030

        Sure to backfire, and seems desperate and unimportant.  Obama has not put forth a clear and convincing strategy for moving our economy forward.  His campaign seems fragmented and is picking the wrong issues.

        Bain? Mormonism?  I don’t think this works at all.

        He’s not able to make a specific case as to why he’d be superior to Romney in forging a better case for rallying the economy.


        • FormerLiberal9

           I think you are right. And I thought that Axelrod was the Democrats answer to Karl Rove. Maybe I overestimated the abilities of Mr. Axelrod because he seems to be floundering so far. 

    • KenoshaMarge

      Wait a minute, WaPo is reporting? Now that’s a story!

      • Flop_Flipper

        Thanks for a much needed morning chuckle.

    • elizabethrc

      Just how far back do the desperate D’s intend to go in smearing Romney?  Next up:  it appears that Romney was related to Cain, the first murderer in history.  Guess that sure disqualifies Romney to be president!

      • morris1030

        Smearing Romney loses. Being truthful, dealing with issues and where Obama’s plans and programs are superior could win.

        Except for one thing. The Democrats are lost. Obama’s ego floats.