Leave it to Barack Obama and his security minions to put American lives in jeopardy just to score some political points with a bullshit Hollywood movie. If you thought last year, in the wake of the successful hit on Osama Bin Laden, that Obama and his political operatives would try to garner political advantage from this, you would be right.

This is beyond disgusting. This is as egregious as the decision of the George W. Bush crowd to leak the name of my friend, Valerie Plame. Obama and his principal National Security Staff advisors–John Brennan and Denis McDonough–could not wait to slip top secret details of the operation that ended Bin Laden’s life to Hollywood. Obama and his team deliberately leaked the identity of the top secret unit that carried out the operation. That tidbit was never supposed to make it onto the front pages of America’s newspapers.

But Obama and his team did not give a shit. When it comes to getting re-elected and feeding the ego of this little man from Hawaii, security be damned.

Here are some of the damning documents:

15 Jul Xcript

Pretty self-explanatory. Except here is what you are not told–the Navy SEALS who carried out this mission were forced after the mission to sign specific non-disclosure documents. The White House did not want the SEALS telling what really happened. The White House wanted to shape the story.

So much for intelligence professionals in charge of the CIA. This memo makes it clear that Panetta and his toadies could not wait to spill their guts to the aspiring Hollywood movie maker.

Go to this link and you can read the docs for yourself. They are incredible. When you consider the amount of time that public officials spent pandering to Hollywood assholes on the taxpayer dime you, like me, may be pissed off.

Kathryn Bigelow has one goal in mind–make a successful film and make a lot of money for herself and her studio. I’m all in favor of capitalism, but this is capitalism shrouded in propaganda. Look at the 75 pages of emails sent trying to line up an interview with Michael Vickers (who served previously as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict). If you saw the movie, Charlie Wilson’s War, Vickers was portrayed in that movie as a weapons nerd who played chess. Guess Vickers has decided he can’t wait to perform fellatio on Hollywood biggies.

Page 40 in the 75 page email collection is beyond troubling. The White House and the CIA are in full court press to get the story out on their terms.

WH Okayed

Note, the White House sent the email to the Pentagon on 27 June 2011 telling them that Mark Boal, the screenwriter, would be contacting Mike Vickers. This was done at the direction of the White House. (see here)

I’m still reading through the docs. This is genuinely stunning.

UPDATE–Congress should immediately impeach Michael Vickers. His behavior in this matter is disgusting. It is there in black and white for you to read. Happily divulging information that the SEALS are not allowed to discuss. This was not on his own initiative. It was at the behest of the White House.

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