Conservative journalist S.E. Cupp’s treatment by Hustler Magazine in their “article” and fake photo depicting a phallus in her mouth is a disgrace. According to an article in Mediaite, this mag thinks it is quite amusing to demean women by wondering, “What would S.E. Cupp look like with a d*ck in her mouth.”

What prompted this behavior is her pro-life stance and desire to defund Planned Parenthood. While I strongly disagree with her views on these issues, no women should be subjected to this disgusting and frankly, violent, treatment.

When later interviewed, Cupp pointed out that no one will remember their disclaimer that “no such photo actually exists” – they will only remember the picture. That is what will be circulated far and wide. After all, the internet is forever. No matter the tasteless source of the article, the result can be used again and again to punish the subject, which is its design:

“The fact that I work very hard and I’m an ivy league educated woman with a pretty good job doesn’t matter when you look at a photo like this.”

She also wondered if Nancy Pelosi or Michelle Obama had been treated that way, would there be the comparative non-outrage. Cupp also spoke about the other degrading behavior aimed at women such as Sarah Palin — but she only mentioned conservative women. As Dylan Stableford reports in Yahoo News:

“The outrage of Sandra Fluke will not be matched on my side,” Cupp said. “It seems that feminism has devolved into an institution that has picked losers and winners and has decided that some women qualify for respect and other women do not.”

Fluke, though, called Hustler’s depiction of Cupp “offensive,” adding on Twitter: “Sexualization of female public [figures] attempts to limit them to being sexual figures and [nothing] more.”

Planned Parenthood also tweeted its support of Cupp.

I was encouraged to see that both Planned Parenthood and Sandra Fluke came out to denounce Hustler Magazine’s behavior. And while Ms. Cupp’s remarks were accurate as far as they went, she should also have stressed the fact that it is not only conservative women that are treated like this. Politically inconvenient women get this kind of treatment, no matter which side they are on.

It is a bad habit of conservatives when noting the insults hurled at Palin, Michelle Bachman, Laura Ingraham, Nikki Haley and others to conveniently forget that mainstream media, social media, comedians and trash mags lobbed disgusting images and slurs at Hillary Clinton, too – and did so for many years with no let up. It was a favorite, longtime hobby to use visual depictions of Mrs. Clinton that were sexually explicit and degrading.

Years ago, SPY magazine had a cover with Hillary’s dress being blown up above her waist, showing male underwear with a bulging penis underneath. That was a milder image and it was just the beginning.

Hillary toilet paper, Hillary nutcrackers, facebook depictions of sex acts being committed on Hillary by animals: was that not degrading treatment, too? She’s not exactly a conservative. Both the left and right were guilty here. In fact, in 2008, the left attacked Hillary Clinton just as viciously as they would any conservative woman. According to them, the ends justified the means.

Conservative women do not deserve to be treated like Cupp was – and no woman does. Just as it is inexcusable that only a liberal woman would be defended against misogyny– both sides need to realize that to be taken seriously, we need to defend any and all women against this kind of treatment. Both sides need to stand up in a loud voice as one and demand that it stop.

And just as Cupp complains no liberal will stand up to defend her, there was not exactly a deafening roar by conservatives when Hillary Clinton’s own party condoned the 2008 verbal and visual media stoning we all witnessed.

An article that was released in Playboy a couple of years ago about “conservative women we’d like to hate f*ck” was likewise horrifying. Hate f*ck? Is that anything like rape? Likewise, Sandra Bernhard commenting that Sarah Palin would be “gang raped if she dared set foot into Manhattan” – is this what we want to wish on a woman just because we disagree with her politically? Bill Maher also wished reporter Lara Logan’s horrid gang assault upon The View’s Elizabeth Hasselback.

No side has a claim to purity and no woman is immune. If a woman’s politics or aspirations conflict with or supersede that which the other players feel is appropriate, sexually degrading material is hauled out to put her back in her place. It is not only insulting, it telegraphs violence — not wit, not humor. This sort of attitude and treatment of any women promotes violence and disrespect towards all women. Not acceptable.
Anita Finlay is the author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin: Sexism and Sabotage, a Hillary Supporter’s Rude Awakening, now available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions.

  • Retired_Coach

    It’s great that you will stand up for women and I applaud that; probably humane treatment for animals too.  Why can’t you then stand up for the unborn?

  • libral_conservative

    Fantastic Article Anita!

  • Anita Finlay

    Thank you for the link to Larry’s piece – I finally saw it and agree it is offensivh.  Whatever joke he was trying to make, all that needed to be said was that in his opinion her claim for needing $3,000 a year for birth control was outlandish.   End of story.  
    However, if you are saying that a magazine doctoring a picture of a woman and saying that the best way to shut that woman up is to shove a d*ck in her mouth is somehow less offensive, I disagree. 


    somewhere along the line the democrats have lost any sense of decency. They do not even realise when they insult women.

    Tom Barret running against Walker talks about GOP war on women, then has a gansta rap singer degrading women in his song. and they do not see anything wrong with it.

    • FormerLiberal9

       They are HYPOCRATS.

  • FormerLiberal9

    Sorry OT but I couldn’t wait. I don’t know if this article frightens anyone else but is frightens me.

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  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    I’ve only been able to watch one episode of Real Time, and that was only because Valerie and Joe Wilson were appearing and I was texting Valerie in the Maher Green Room right before she went on.  I’ll readily admit that I was not a big fan of Joe, but I warmed to him considerably as he (unintentionally) made a total fool out of Maher on live TV by going on at length about the custom made matching leather coat and cowboy boots that he was wearing that Valerie had bought him for his birthday.
    Mr. Animal Rights (Maher) was mute, looking like a Mormon locked in a cathouse (sorry, Mitt), as Joe Wilson deliciously sliced Bill to bits with his story of how Valerie had thoughtfully selected the carefully-tanned skins for his stylish New Mexico clothing.
    Hypocrisy, thy name is Maher.

  • piattq

    Like many Hilary supporters who found refuge in places like No Quarter, I can only add amen to every word and sentence of this post.  What is it that concentrates the worst sexual/verbal abuse on women, not just here but it seems in almost every culture.  How confounding that we have a Mother’s Day and then we have this.

    • JJ_the_PUMA

      Well said.  I’ve been struggling with something.  What to do it Obama puts Hillary on the ticket??

  • foxyladi14

    Good post Ani.

  • MG6

    O/T..O/T !!!

    Have a great weekend…and don’t forget to….

  • Flop_Flipper

    Flynt and Hustler are in the business of degrading women. It’s their entire industry. So it should be no surprise that they attacked Cupp because she is an easy target, a beautiful and intelligent woman that didn’t do anything wrong. And it is an intentional targeting because of it’s shock value. No surprise to me.

    While I can appreciate the righteous indignation at the way Cupp has been portrayed, I think the real devil here is the entire porn industry that both objectifies and degrades women as a business venture.

    I was a little surprised that NOW didn’t come out and say something about this. Not that I believe they are the bastion of feminism but I do think some things are just so over the line that any reasonable person or organization finds them unacceptable. Not holding my breath for a condemnation though.

    This video is from The View where Cupp was in the audience. One of the things that disturbed her the most is that her future children might see the photoshopped photo.

  • KenoshaMarge

    Once “feminists” decided that it was all right to treat somewomen with disrespect they made their brand of “feminism” irrelevant. I believe for the most part what passes for “feminism” today is a “Feminist Industry” just like the “Race Industry.” Neither actually gives a rat’s ass about those they claim to support.

    I see Feminism as simply female liberals who think that respect is only for other liberals and that anything done to conservative females is quite all right. If not they would have been very vocally outraged at the treatment of both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. But they were too busy swooning over a man to care. F*cking hypocrites!

    I have heard a few conservatives mention the treatment of  Hillary Clinton. I believe it was Angela Tantaros on The Five who did it just yesterday.

    Whatever, the kind of treatment depicted above should be condemned by anyone, anywhere, from either party. If women expect to be taken seriously when they complain about some treatment for “their” women, they need to condemn any similar treatment of “our” women. And to me, our women, is all women.

    We are either all women together in our outrage over outrageous treatment or we just happen to be women who belong to one certain party or ideology.

    • elizabethrc

      Speaking of Angela Tantaros, I find it refreshing how she and the other women on The Five so frequently stop Bob Beckel in his tracks when he goes off on one of his brain numbing tirades against anyone who criticizes (tells the truth) about Obama or the Dems. 
      Granted, Beckel is in the minority on this show, but I do see that Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld also publicly chastising him for his dishonest spin and I see some slight modification in his attitude.  When he first came on the show, he was bombastic, confrontational and obscene.I guess no one had ever confronted the bully before but the people on this show come armed with facts to counter his nonsense.
      This is how in your face Dems need to be treated.  Facts ma’am, just the facts.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Beckel is a perfect example of a loud-mouth bully. Evidently it has served him well for most of his life.

        Like you I am delighted each time one of these “conservative” women puts him in his place. He seems particularly unnerved when Dana Perino does it. Perhaps because it’s less expected from her to be confrontational.

        I like to watch “The Five” but am so often turned off by Beckel’s bluster that I don’t watch all of it. Now I just DVR it and skip his bullshit. Easier on my ears, nerves and blood pressure.

        Besides after you’ve heard him yell “scab” or talk about someone, some Republican, “running their mouth”, talk about the pot and the kettle, he has nothing to say.

        Loud-mouth bullies seldom do. Good for him that he quit drinking but he still sounds like the obnoxious a$$hole at the end of every bar in every tavern in every town in every country on every planet. Drunk or sober, still a lout.

    • FormerLiberal9

       A word of support for Mr. Beckel even as I disdain the liberal opinions he believes and proposes.

      Since I have been a viewer of the “Five” since the beginning, I have noticed that all the panel seem to truly like him. And they feel comfortable taking friendly jabs at him when he expresses a Dem talking point. Hannity and seem to be BFF a much different feeling than when Hannity was teamed with Alan Colmes.

      I think Beckel is a big part of why “the Five” is so popular. He is kind of a grouchy lovable old bear and a person who you can disagree with and still be friends. 

      • KenoshaMarge

        I’ve noticed that the others seem to “like” Beckel. I don’t. I’ve also noticed that they seem to be disgusted with him from time to time. As I am.

        I’ve been a frequent viewer of “The Five” and mostly like it. I cannot like Beckel. His bullying style turns me off.

        And when he said during one show that he was a personal friend of that thug Richard Trumpka and that Trumpka was a “good: man, I lost any for use Beckel.

        But to each our own and on this one we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

        • FormerLiberal9

           That is fine I was just putting my 2 cents in on the subject.

          • KenoshaMarge

            Me too. What a boring world it would be if we all thought alike.

    • Wisewoman2

      While I agree with every thing you said I still think it is imperative that other liberals (like Pelosi) call out liberals who engage in this type of behavior and vice versa for conservatives.  Conservatives do come to the rescue of other conservatives.  The sad truth is that liberals do not because it “helps there point of view” or their side to trash that person.  In the past I thought of myself as a liberal but I have never engaged in or thought it appropriate to engage in such conduct.   That  was mainly due to the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” that my parents instilled in me.   Because of my principles I now realize that I was and am mostly conservative in my viewpoint.

      • KenoshaMarge

         Like you I am surprised to find that I am also far more conservative in my viewpoint than I ever thought/knew that I was. I was so partisan I didn’t even know who or what I was.

        What gets me all riled up is that I believe women should condemn any misogyny no matter who or where it comes from.

        In my younger years when I considered myself a “feminist” I thought that was the way it was supposed to work. I am now completely disillusioned and see no signs of “feminism”, only women who are conservative or women who are liberal. That’s really sad.

        I do not “like” Nancy Pelosi or Barbara Boxer. Nor do I agree with either of them about much of anything.  But I would be irate, I would be outraged at them being treated as Ms. Cupp was.

        I wish they would be as outraged at the misogyny directed at conservative women. They aren’t and that’s on them. They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. And for that I hope there is a very special place in hell just for them and their ilk. Of whatever party or ideology.

        • FormerLiberal9

          I was thinking today (shocking as that may be) that there are LIBERAL FEMINISTS and CONSERVATIVE FEMINISTS. And its important that the Conservative Feminists not allow their Liberal sisters to take the high ground. Its not all about reproductive rights as the Dems seem to think. Its about fair and equal treatment of women, more women in positions of power and protecting the choices women want to make about their lives. I’m sorry if I have left other important issue out.

          Its a mystery how people like lola can make excuses for people like Maher. Well he’s a comedian he doesn’t count. I objected to both Maher and Limbaughs remarks because it is not a matter of Partisan Politics it a matter of right and wrong.

          • KenoshaMarge

            You nailed it. There is either “feminism” or there isn’t. Not of this “liberal” feminist or “conservative” feminist b.s.

            If the GOP really wants to take the high ground and show up the liberal hypocrisy about a War on Women they could start by an honest outrage at misogyny wherever and from who ever does it. And that includes Rush Limbaugh and his giant audience.

    • beachnan

       Amen to that!!

  • Larry Johnson

    So glad you did this.  Meant to send you an email encouraging you to take it on but figured, correctly in retrospect, that you’d be all over this.  And rightly so.   It is one thing to parody Jerry Falwell.  But S.E. Cupp.  This is outrageous on every level and I do hope she has grounds to sue.

    • trixta

      I hope so too, Larry.  Flint claims it’s satire, but this image of Crupp is a full on attack on her and her gender.  I hope she can sue….   

    • AnitaFinlay

      Thanks, Larry.  More than degrading, the image is frightening.  Clearly, this  is the way some men think is appropriate to “shut a woman up.”  Violence, or the threat of violence, has long been used as a way to keep a women in line.

      What is most unfortunate is that behavior like this gives others a bad name.  I am glad to see how many women and men are disgusted by it.  I hope she can sue, too, but I doubt it.

    • lola828

      Yeah… Hustler Magazine is so very important. Your sexist attack on Fluke was far more offensive.

      • Anita Finlay

        I replied to your question of me, but it showed up all the way at the end of comments…pls scroll…thanks.

  • David L

    This kind of garbage should disgust anyone with half a brain.  Liberals are allowed to post this shit, its acceptable for them.  The t-shirts  worn degrading Sarah Palen last election were totally disgusting, worn by both libtard sexes.  This crap would make me vote GOP even if I was a die hard Democrat !!  

    • Larry Johnson

       Thanks.  This helps explain why Lola828 is so damn clueless.  Only has a tiny fragment of a brain.

  • lola828

    So now you attempt to equate Hustler to a three day tirade against Fluke by a leader in the Republican party to his 20 million listeners. Limbaugh the guy who some of the biggest names in the GOP kiss his ring.

    Over all these years why have you not vigorously defended all the vitroil thrown at Nancy Pelosi. She has had more sexist vitroil thrown at her than Hillary and any other women including Palin combined.

    Where was your article defending Fluke? Where was your disgust with Larry Johnson and his sexist Fluke post, which was at least as bad as Limbaugh, or with the extreme sexist comments by NQ regulars like Retired below about Fluke at the time.

    It is funny you want to claim equivalency on both the Democrat and Republican side, but you never actually step up to the plate to criticize Republicans and conservatives for Fluke and Pelosi? Why is that? You are so transparent.

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Despite the moniker, I guess lola828 must be a guy.  He really has an long-term erection for Larry and I.

      It’s called priapism, and I’m told by my neighbor, an ER doctor,  that it can be really serious.  Please seek immediate medical attention.

    • FormerLib160

      O Fluke off already

    • Anita Finlay

      Pelosi has been on the receiving end of hateful tirades, but never to the extend Hillary has endured for 20 years.  When Hillary was enduring hell at the hands of the media and her own party, Ms. Pelosi was blissfully silent and even went so far as to deny it was happening. 

      I did write an article decrying the treatment Fluke received.  I write for several different sites. 

      I am pissed at Democrats on this issue because they pretend to be the party of women’s progress and yet saw no problem kicking women in the teeth when it suited them.  It is more painful to be betrayed by people you stood with and believed in for 30 years than it is a party you never had use for to begin with. 

      • Dbb3

        You didn’t say anything about Larry Johnson’s post that Lola referenced and asked you about- and you won’t either.  You could argue NQ wouldn’t allow it but you post regularly at the New Agenda, no?

        • AnitaFinlay

          I do not have to argue with anyone.   I do not live at NQ or any website and do not have time to read every single thing written at every single site I write for — nor do I have to agree with it.

          The entire point of this post is that LIBERAL women have received the same disgusting treatment — last time I looked, Pelosi and Fluke were liberals — just like Hillary.  I get tired of people reading two lines of what I wrote and then go ‘off to the races,’ creating a straw man argument that has little to do with what I took time to compose.

          Once more, with feeling…misogyny is WRONG, no matter the SOURCE or the OBJECT.

          • lola828

            My ass. You know exactly what LJ wrote about Fluke. It has been pointed out to you before.
            Here why don’t you read it again:


            The fact that you seem very selectively outraged and continue to be associated with this sexist website suggests that it is really not about women or sexism, but really about your hatred of Obama for beating your candidate Hillary in a fair and square Democratic process. You are a hypocrite.

            If you think Liberals are the same as Conservatives with regards to women and women’s rights you have no sense of reality. The best you can come up with is Bill Maher? I hope you do not think Hustler represents Liberals, as that could not be further from the truth, but the truth has really not meant much to you.

            You have not time to read posts on the website you contribute to and particularly articles by LJ that have been pointed out to you in the past, but you seem to have time to read Hustler magazine… BS.

      • FormerLiberal9

         I hope this is not viewed as offensive. But it was clear to many of us (without a picture) that Hillary had a bigger set of cahones than all those little lefties attacking her. That is what scared them so much and caused them to wage such a vicious campaign against her. 

      • lola828

        What planet have you been living on?

        Pelosi arguably the most important and powerful women ever in U.S. politics was on the receiving end of way more, let me repeat way more, hateful tirades with a lot of it pretty sexist (right here on NQ for example) than was ever directed at Hillary. You live in an alternative reality. Why don’t you write a book about the attacks on Pelosi? The GOP spent $100 million dollars making fun of Pelosi in 2010.

        Again, where were all your posts on NQ about the treatment of Fluke. Instead we got nothing from you. Zero.

        Instead we get a BS and meaningless post about a picture in Hustler magazine? Where is your sense of consistency and proportion?

        Where are all your posts about all the anti-abortion and anti-women’s health and rights legislation that has been rolled out by Republicans all over this country? That is real. Hustler magazine pictures is a waste of time.

        Democrats kicking women in the teeth? Really? When? You are so full of shit. You have gone of the deep end. Must been those months of writing that book.

        Lets see the link to the article you wrote on Fluke.

        Did you criticize the post that Larry Johnson wrote about Fluke that was equally disgusting to anything Limbaugh said. You are a complete hypocrite to continue to be linked to NQ with the sexist filth that was written about Fluke on this website.

        • jbjd

           “The fact that you seem very selectively outraged and continue to be
          associated with this sexist website suggests that it is really not about
          women or sexism, but really about your hatred of Obama for beating your
          candidate Hillary in a fair and square Democratic process.”

          President Obama did not beat Senator Clinton “fair and square,” notwithstanding he was gifted the nomination through the Democratic process. (‘Take my delegates – please!’) A COUP, THROUGH and THROUGH

          And thank you for providing the link to LJ’s post about Fluke. Now, if only AF will access the link her busy life otherwise prevented her from finding on her own…

          I like this blog, most of the time. But giving a free pass to misogyny, let alone rationalizing this as resulting only from being too busy even to look; is wrong, on any blog, at any time. Period.

    • HARP2

       You are clinically insane.

    • FormerLiberal9

       Hate to break this to you but Rush Limbaugh is in no way a leader of the Republican Party. He is just a radio personality he may be a Republican but he has absolutely no authority in the Republican Party. And BTW that S. Flucke thing blew up in the Dems faces I don’t understand why libs keep bringing it up. Nobody bought that nonsense that was what was so transparent.

      • lola828

        So if Limbaugh is not a leader than why do all of the Republican leadership fear him and kiss his ass? Fluke think blew up in Dems face? Really? Not what women across this country are saying.

        • FormerLiberal9

           Limbaugh is a Republican leader only in your mind no one fears him or kisses his ass. Romney’s numbers jumped soon after that incident with S. Fluke and the H. Rosen debacle. Romney’s numbers are up with women too. I have no idea which country you are in, the last Troll we had was determined to be from another country. So I can’t counter your last statement but it does seem to be an over generalization.

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    I guess the difference between liberal mysogyny and conservative mysogyny is the liberal mysogynists are automatically forgiven because they don’t really mean it.  If you don’t believe this, just ask Bill Maher.

    • lola828

      There is a difference between a comedian who represents no one and a leader in the GOP like Limbaugh who has the GOP party leaders kneeling down before him.

      • Retired_from_SPOnaj

        Yep, that’s the Dem party line, alright, faithfully reproduced, as usual.  For consistent, slavish kowtowery, lola does not disappoint.

        • JJ_the_PUMA

          I don’t think anyone in the Democratic Party establishment would want Lola828 defending this.  The problem for Obama is he has such a fanatical following that he is increasingly losing control of them, as the likelihood that he is going to lose increases…..Its only going to get worse.

          • lola828

            Who is defending this?

            Just looking for a little consistency.

      • FormerLib160

        How did you get that one arm out of the straight jacket to type all that?

      • Anita Finlay

        Maher is a misogynist pig and he does not get a pass for his horrid behavior.  Limbaugh is a shock jock.  He is not the titular head of any party.  Limbaugh and Maher and just two sides of the same coin.   It is cognitive dissonance to pretend they are different.  As a woman, I take equal offense at both of them.

        Maher makes millions of dollars to say this filth.  If his audience did not like it, i.e., if it did not profit him — and if he could make more money selling vacuum cleaners, then he would sell Hoover and not spew filth about women.

        • BuzzLatte2

          And the scary part is Maher’s audience likes his tripe.  What does that say about them.  Critical thinkers.  No.  Echoing the brownshirts from another era?  Oh yeah.

          • FormerLiberal9

             What it says about them if they say they are pro women is that they are hypocrites.

          • foxyladi14

             Tru dat.

          • libral_conservative

            You know, Buzz? I like tripe.  All kinds.  I like Bill. BROWNSHIRT? Really? You sounds like that idiot Trump.

            I guess the point is that I AM A CRITICAL THINKER.  I watch Bill, but I do not make any decisions according to something Bill said.  I mean… brownshirts? Seriously? Oh Buzz… just never mind.

        • Jo Freespirit


          Misogynists on both left and right are deplorable, not to mention terribly unimaginative and perpetually stuck in adolescence. 

           Liberals had no problem with misogynistic comments leveled at Palin, and other conservative women.  Nor did they give a damn about the misogynistic treatment Hillary Clinton received.

          Conservatives had absolutely no problem with Hillary’s treatment, nor that of any other Democratic female.

          Both groups scream bloody hell about sexism and misogyny when it furthers their political agendas.  Their public outrage, expressed only when politically expedient represents the worst kind of exploitation of women.   In politicizing sexism and women’s rights, the pols show their true colors.  They don’t necessarily feel antipathy for women – they feel total disregard.  Women, in the views of these slugs just don’t really count.  Their primary purpose is to further the agenda of these stunningly stupid men.

        • elizabethrc

          I can see a bumper sticker with a picture of Maher with one of his vile quotes spewing from his mouth with the words (in large red letters) saying “This is what a Democrat looks like”!

        • mcnorman

           “Maher is a misogynist pig”
          Ani, you are such a nice person…that thing sends me into Tourrette yelling spasms.

          • AnitaFinlay

            You know how hard I work to stay polite!!!  :)

        • lola828

          No you are wrong. One is a comedian making jokes. The other wants to be taken serious in determining the direction of the Republican party. One is criticizing the ridiculous behavior of Palin through humor and the other is visciously attacking a woman just talking out about important issues for women. Stop with the false equivalencies already.

      • trixta

        Maher and Limbaugh are in the entertainment business.  I’m no fan of Limbaugh but he is not an official leader of the GOP.    Nevertheless, their misogyny over the years is despicable. 

      • FormerLiberal9

         Nonsense or more directly liar.

    • FormerLiberal9

       Bill Maher means it he is the definition of woman hater.