We already know the Obots are not normal…

Oh, wait!  Almost forgot the disclaimers!


Now, where was I? Oh, yeah…

We already know the Obots are not like normal humans.  They have what might be considered handicaps of a mental nature.  They are mostly young, “hip” people who don’t have much experience in life, or they are older people who still think they are young and hip, like George Clooney.

To understand Obots , you would benefit from first endeavoring to understand the meaning and context of why they consider themselves so “hip.”  This is a challenging task, not just because it’s difficult to understand them, but mostly because it’s so damn difficult to want to understand them.

Most people equate “young and hip” with “cool.”  I have come to think that the phrase “young and hip” can be roughly translated as “smug and obnoxious,” although the meaning can vary in different situations.  “Cool” can also be roughly used to describe someone who is tolerant of dope usages, a participant of dope usage, hangs out with dopers, and/or is a dope.  I used to be hip.  Some of my friends used to be hip too, until they ended up in jails or asylums.  Others took a path similar to mine, which was to get clean, grow up, get a real job, and stop feeling so smugly superior to those who got clean, grew up, and got real jobs.

Other indications that someone might be “hip” may include being “street black” or acting like you are when you’re not, being unworldly (intentionally or not), being other-worldly (like Mork or Zaphod Beeblebrox), being stoned, being anti-establishment (whoops! scratch that one, because the Obama and the Democrats are The Establishment now) , being unemployed by design, and/or being a half-black/half-white Hawaiian guy who went to preppy schools while living with his white grandparents and who appears to be gay or bisexual and has admitted to using illegal drugs on a regular basis in the books he had ghost-written for him by a white terrorist/anarchist while vacationing in Bali on a government grant.  People like that are kind of hip, aren’t they?

Here are some other indications that one may be young and hip.  Going to parties where dope is openly used and/or abused.  Getting stoned alone at home.  Dabbling in the occult.  Being bi-curious because you think it’s the “cool” thing to be.  Hating Republicans.  Wanting to save the world by buying curly light bulbs containing mercury, and drinking endlessly from plastic water bottles and Starbucks cups.   Hating the rich and freely telling everyone you know all about it… on your iPhone, using the Internet to post on Facebook and Twitter, all of which are owned and run by people with no money at all.  (Note: sarcasm).

But the Number One indication that someone is hip:  They still think President Obama is “cool.”  That’s how totally unworldly and uninformed they are.  It’s kind of tragic, when you think about it.  Kind of like still thinking Keith Richards is cool.  Or Keith Olbermann, but that’s a whole ‘nother sickness.

Another thing I’ve noticed.  These young, hip, cool Obots think it’s way cool to seek out blogs that they deem “uncool” and force their coolness upon the old, straight, racist conservatives who don’t want Obama to be re-elected.  Are they motivated by charitable intentions, wishing to spread their gospel of Saint Barack?  Are they trying to save our souls?  Or are they just obnoxious little bastards who think they are so much smarter than those who disagree with their tunnel-vision view of the world?

Do they really think that making specious arguments instead of engaging in logical exchanges makes them look smarter, cooler, hipper, and therefore superior?  Naw, nobody could be that naive?  Could they?

But these people forget one thing.  People like me have an advantage in that we were once young, hip, and cool.  We know what it’s like to be naive yet smugly superior because we’ve already been there, done that, and grew out of it.  They have absolutely no experience with being older, wiser, and more mature.  And that, in a nutshell, is why it is so hard to care enough about them to want to understand them.

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Excerpt from the current issue of “The Week” article, “Trolls of the Internet: a guide>”

    “What motivates these people?

     Trolling gives its anonymous practitioners the catharsis of venting forbidden feelings and ideas without suffering any consequences. On the internet, you can cuss out a stranger with even more vigor and impunity than you can a bad driver from the safety of your own car. “The enjoyment comes from finding a context in which you can let go, take a moral vacation,” says psychologist Tom Postmes of Exeter University in the U.K. “Trolls aspire to violence, to the level of trouble they can cause in an environment.” That prospect is particularly appealing to disaffected men in their late teens and 20s, but they are hardly alone: CNN tracked down a troll putting anti-Islamic screeds online and found that he was a 39-year-old father in Belgium. Rider University psychologist John Suler says an “online disinhibition effect” allows people who might never utter a hateful word in person to unleash withering vitriol on comment boards. Politics, race, gender, and religion all serve as lightning rods for troll rage, provoking such witty banter as “you n—er lover” and “you racist scumbag.” But almost any topic can lead to outpourings of bile. When author Paul Carr recently wrote a column in The Wall Street Journal about quitting drinking without the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, he was greeted by an avalanche of furious commenters calling him a “narcissistic dry drunk” and predicting he would soon relapse and ruin his life.”

     On NQ, I have coined the term “OBorg” for the various trolls who surface with the intent to disrupt the blog.  One wonders what they will do if Obama is not re-elected.

    • Escoffier

      There are more and more studies being conducted about the psychology of these sorts. They really have a lot of problems and are often the types with violent fantasies, anger and impotence (not sexual necessarily) issues, and social dysfunction. One I ran across recently was about marketing for organic food of all things. The people it appeals to most displace what would account for normal altruism with organic food use and think it makes them morally superior. I think that is the basic psychology for many progressives who think their very selective support of certain fashionable causes automatically makes them somehow morally superior. The article about the organic marketing is here  http://reason.com/archives/2012/05/26/do-organic-consumers-shop-exclusively-at

      • Retired_from_SPOnaj

        This certainly seems to ring true when considering how some celebrities act. The South Park “Smug” episode offers a hilarious parody of this type of attitude and behavior.

    • lola828

      Sounds like you are exactly writting a description of yourself…

  • a_doctor

    Great post! Seriously, very wise. Mature. I always come here for the wisdom, maturity, and humility by all around. 

    I’m sure everyone here has such loving relationships with the under 60 crowd. And if not, it is because they don’t deserve it. That is what maturity is. You all are better than your political rivals and everyone should know! The reason you are superior to Obots is that you are more mature and they think they are cool, but you have greater wisdom and humility. You are actually cooler than cool!  You were cool and now are cooler and they are not cool at all.

    I am totally with you. I also can’t stand Obots because they think they’re cool and that they don’t realize that I’m even better than cool – I’m mature like Steve! I really let all the 20s-60s Obama voters know that their coolness is not as good as my maturity and I think they really learn from me. I too, don’t really want to understand them and also call them smug and obnoxious dopers who look gay.  They will grow out of their cool years and become mature and wise and better- even more cool. Like you.

  • lola828

    Sorry Steve if you cannot deal with a changing for the better world…. that is basically the deal with NQ and most NQbots.

    The old and stupid disease. The older generations spent all the money, took the country into endless stupid wars and now complain about deficits and debt, but don’t want their military spending, medicare or social security touched. The older generation cannot deal with the changing demographics of America and the loss of power to older white guys like Larry Johnson. It was you generation that screwed this country.

    • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

      First of all, I know a whole bunch of people who fit the description in that article above who are in their 40s and even 50s. They smoke dope and want to save the world – and many are Obamabots but many are also far leftists who are disappointed with Obama. 

      Second, a large number of young people are now Ron Paul supporters – that’s actually more “cool” to them. Furthermore, you are kidding yourself if you think young conservatives don’t exist.

      You are so out of touch it’s not even funny.

    • Steve_in_KC

      Thank you for proving, with your comments, most of the points I made. 

      This “changing for the better world” that you speak of started changing
      in the 1950s but didn’t really take off until the late 60s when our
      generation entered the workforce and universities.  It was our
      generation that developed personal computers, the Internet,
      and most of the electronic marvels of the world.  Your generation is the
      beneficiary, not the creator. 

      Anyone who thinks themselves knowledgeable would know these things.

      You equate older with “stupid,” and yet you have no concept that we have twice as much life experience as your generation, and therefore much more knowledge of how life and the course of recent history have evolved.

      What you seem to ascribe to “the older generations” is simply naive and uninformed.  In the year 2000, our “boomer” President Clinton had the national debt flipped to a surplus.  We were not at war, and the last few military engagements were handled without American casualties.

      It was the idiot Texan George W Bush and his neo-con cohorts – who, by the way, we consider to be idiots, evil, and not at all in our ideological camp — who started two wars and squandered the surplus, turning it into a mountain of debt.  They are also the ones who betrayed CIA agent Valerie Plame, a friend of Larry Johnson, by outing her to the press.  If there is anyone in the NQ group who supports the GWB administration and its policies, I’m not aware of it. There are no neo-cons in the NQ group, which you would know if you paid any attention. 

      In fact, there aren’t many true Republicans in the NQ group.  We are mostly from the Clinton Democrat camp who are now independent voters who just happen to think Obama is a bad president.  We used to be Hilary Clinton supporters when she was running for president, and about half of us would still support her if she ran again.  Others half lost faith in her, considering her to be part of the problem since she’s now part of the Obama administration.  If you truly paid any attention to the majority of the writers and commenters at NQ, you would know that most of us were sickened by most of the Republican candidates who made it as far as the debates, and we support Romney mostly as the least objectionable of the candidates, and certainly much preferable to Obama.

      Medicare and Social Security are not government hand-outs, they are funds that we have paid into all our working lives, just as your generation is paying into it today, if you are working.  That is our retirement fund, taken from our paychecks for many years.  We are entitled to it because we put that money in there.  We only get back what we paid in.  The only reason those funds are going broke is because politicians of both parties saw all that money sitting there earning interest and they couldn’t keep their hands off it, so they “borrowed” from it, and now they need to pay it back, which of course means they have to take that money from the current budgets to pay that debt to us workers who put that money into those funds.  They’d better keep their damn hands off it and pay it back, and that’s why we are pissed at the very idea of them trying to cut those payments to us.  That’s OUR money, not theirs!

      As for cutting military spending, that’s always a contentious and problematic issue, and it has nothing to do with generations except for the fact that those of us who are older and wiser, having seen how dangerous it is to show weakness to those who wish to do us harm, our enemies.  We know that they are not to be trusted and therefore we must always be prepared to defend ourselves and our interests.  Nobody likes war.  But it’s a fact of life that if we deplete our military to the point of weakness, if we appear weak to the world, there are enemies of the U.S. who would take advantage of our weaknesses, as occurred on 9/11/01.

      If you want to defend Obama and his policies, go ahead.  Make your arguments based on logic and facts.  But when you try to blame everyone over 30 or 40 for all the problems in the world, in just shows naivete.

      Let’s not forget that is was our generations that fought for civil rights for minorities and for women’s rights, so don’t lecture us about how we can’t tolerate changing demographics.  We fought for all people and called for the end of racial discrimination, gender discrimination, and age discrimination.  Haven’t you ever heard music from the 60s?

      We protested loudly against unnecessary wars in southeast Asia.  And we suffered violence for our efforts.  It was our generations that pushed for the reduction or abolition of nuclear weapons in the world.  It was our generations that were the backbone of the Peace Corps, NASA, and the War on Poverty.  We took our protests to the streets, and we put our backs into improving the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.  We worked our butts off for the betterment of the world and future generations, those of our children and grandchildren and beyond.

      Now go ahead and cherry-pick tidbits of what I’ve written here and try to deny them with your prejudiced outlook against older people.

      Have a nice day.

      • lola828

        You have no idea what generation I am part of. Always funny to watch you NQbots try and put a label on me. You and the rest of the NQbots have no idea.

        I will say the next 15 years will be about the fight or inner generational war in America about immigration, government spending, race, gay rights, economic social justice, etc.

        The world is changing and the old white folks and their Tea Party are fighting it, but it will make no difference. NQ and its hate toward Obama is a direct example of this resistence to change. Your audience fits the demographic perfectly.

        Sorry if you think that someone like Keith Richards is not worth being considered “cool”. I have no particular view of Keith Richards, but I can see why many around the world consider him “cool”.  

        These are just your very conservative views in this post. You like to claim yourself a moderate, but you views are quite often extreme conservative.

        And you are the guy who wants to vote for Romney and his right wing nuts in the GOP becaue you hate Obama so much, a guy who has spent nothing but 4 years trying to clean up the mess left by the GOP. Good luck with your newly adopted GOP party.

  • twobits2

    Excellent post.



    msnbc host uncomfortable called fallen military, heroes.

    excuse my language
    that sob can go fk himself

    • HELENK2


      a week in vegas with our wounded troop

      now these guys are cool

    • KenoshaMarge

      Language excused and repeated. What a POS!

      Lucky for him that our Heroes/Sheroes don’t just fight and die to protect the “good” people in this country. They fight and die for the good of all. Which allows a POS like this asshat to shoot off his stupid mouth.

      We have free speech in this country. Something this cretin hasn’t the wit or wisdom to see has been bought and paid for by better men and women than he will ever be.

      Some of us have the decency to be grateful. And we are just a tad uncomfortable with those who aren’t.


  • antielitist


    I’m sure you are aware of Hanson’s brilliant article on the subject.


    The Power of Cool

    From Barack Obama to Mark Zuckerberg, cool buys exemption.

    By Victor Davis Hanson

    When Barack Obama two years ago joked at the White House Correspondents’
    Dinner that potential suitors of his two daughters might have to deal with
    Predator drones (“But boys, don’t get any ideas. Two words for you: Predator
    drones. You will never see it coming.”), the liberal crowd roared. That failed
    macabre joke would have earned George W. Bush a week of headline condemnation
    from the New York Times and the Washington Post.

    Obama, in fact, has increased those judge/jury/executioner targeted
    assassinations tenfold during his tenure. But apparently, the combination of
    Obama’s postracial “cool” and the video-game nature of such airborne death — no
    CNN clips of charred torsos and smoldering legs, no prisoners with their ACLU
    lawyers in Guantanamo, no Seymour Hersh exposé on a Waziristan granny who was
    vaporized for being too near her terrorist-suspect grandson, no American losses
    for Code Pink and Moveon.org to demonstrate against — earned general exemption
    for that new liberal way of war. What bothered us about the Predator strikes in
    2006–2008 was not the kills per se but the uncool nature of twangy Texan George
    Bush, who ordered them.

    Last week 28-year-old, $17 billion–rich, jeans-clad Mark Zuckerberg took
    Wall Street for a multibillion-dollar ride, making his original buddies instant
    billionaires and his loyal larger circle millionaires. Note that there is no
    Occupy Wall Street protest at Facebook headquarters. Just as there are none at
    Oprah’s house or the residence of Leonardo DiCaprio, despite their take each
    year of between $50 and $100 million.

    No one has suggested that Hollywood lower movie-ticket prices by asking Johnny
    Depp or Jennifer Lopez to walk away with $10 or $20 million less a year. Steve
    Jobs found ways to dodge taxes comparable to those deployed by any Wall Street
    fatcat, but he was iPad cool, and so his iPhone billions were exempt from the
    Occupy nonsense. Cool capitalists are immune from the neo-Marxist critique of
    capitalism — a racket that $40 billion–rich Warren Buffett learned late in
    life, but well enough, with the “Buffett Rule.”

    We simply don’t mind that Google and Amazon rake in billions, but we despise
    Exxon and Archer Daniels Midland for doing the same. It is not that we need
    social networking and Internet searches more than food and fuel, but rather
    that we have the impression that cool zillionaires in flipflops are good while
    uncool ones in wingtips are quite bad.

    Much more at link.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jack-Kolkmeyer/1081903515 Jack Kolkmeyer

      well said…it’s very disturbing that some rich people are cool and others arent”t….what’s even more interesting is that those who make there billions peddling “illusion”….like moves, are cool but those who make your fuel oil and gas and electricity are evil….wow….we’ve turned everything upside down!!!

  • Dbb3

    Steve, I know you think you’re some combination of Joe Queenan and PJ O’Rourke but you can’t write for shit and there it is, I mean even the leading righty blogs would flush your product after the briefest of skimmings. You better hope Obama wins so the Big Rage can continue here.

    • stodghie

      well dbb3 thanks for jumping on the bandwagon and demonstrating what steve was saying. i don’t find your comment cool just obnoxious.

    • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

      Steve has never made any such representation nor suggested he was anything other than what he is.  Why the bile?  Are you biologically wired to spend your days spewing on others?

      • Dbb3

        Bit over the top I must admit.

        • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

           It is a hot day in the East.  You aren’t the first one to pop off out of emotion.  Just surprised that you felt the need to clobber Steve over nothing.  Go grill a nice kielbasa, drink a cold heffeweisen and enjoy the day.  Peace.

          • nickoury

            mmmmmmmm… kielbasa, just had some for dinner last night!

      • lola828

        Funny comment coming from you LJ. The king of personal attacks and bile on here. That is the environment you promote with all you personal attacks on anyone who pushes back on your BS.

        Dbb3 is exactly right. Steve is a lite weight. Half the time his articles make no sense.

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      I guess one man’s satire is another man’s???????  Interesting reaction.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Especially interesting critique from someone that can’t even write a coherent comment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jack-Kolkmeyer/1081903515 Jack Kolkmeyer

    To Cool
    What ever happened to cool?
    just sauntered outta sight
    drifted away
    into the dread
    right on the back of kerouk
    what happened
    to the slowness of momentum
    or the arc of understanding
    the fragrance of bop
    the uniqueness of color
    and the pinpoint mostly of words
    What happened to cool?
    the aura of presence
    on its vernacular tilt
    the ghostly of words
    spoken with a lilt
    the truth be told
    the truth be bold
    without a hint of guilt
    What happened to cool?
    the essence of suede
    that glint of gold
    that aromatic jolt of leather
    the reaction of feet to groove
    the art of the show stopper
    or dancin’ light as a feather
    and damn….
    now Dennis Hopper is dead!
    what ever happened to cool?

  • KenoshaMarge

    I can picture you as young, hip and cool Steve. Actually a young, hip cool smart ass. 😉

    I was young once, honest, but never “hip” or “cool.” I never wanted to be. Don’t know why. It just seemed silly to me. Still does. Maybe I was an old fart long before I got old.

     I was a smart ass then and now so does that count for anything?

    • Steve_in_KC

      Gee, Marge.  hip, ass, fart?  Are you irregular?

      • KenoshaMarge

        A below the waist theme? Or just a pro-biotic theme?

        Although being an old fart, I’m more a prune and fiber type.




    CIA honors it’s war Dead for Memorial Day

  • http://twitter.com/jbjdjbjd jbjd

    I think we likely underestimate the volume of vitriol directly attributable to paid ‘disinformers’ rather than to bona fide ideologues, at least as applies to utterances ‘printed’ on the internet. http://www.stanford.edu/~dkreiss/Kreiss_Instit.Contexts.pdf

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Exactly right.  This is why I have coined the term “OBorg” instead of obot.

      • KenoshaMarge

        I like your term. I’m gonna steal it. And resistance to my thievery is futile.


    now this is really YOUNG AND COOL


    12 year old raises money to build Normandy Memorial for WW2 vets

  • Dissentispatriotic

    This article speaks to Obama’s pocket of nastiness as well as the cool factor.


  • elizabethrc

    There’s just no substitute for having a living history.  It’s amazing to me how much smarter my parents got, the older I became.

    • Madame_deFarge

      They told me this would happen. I have lived long enough now to learn my parents were right about everything. Wish they had lived long enough to witness my maturity and ability to ‘fess up to them. Yes, the “yute” are naive and it’s painful to see your old self through them. I want to shake them awake even though knowing they have to go through it on their own. The old hippies who never matured are just part of the problem. No hope for them at this point. Sadly the only people who are hip are those who don’t know it.

      Buckminister Fuller one said he endeavored to look/dress like a second rate bank clerk…the most invisible member of society so as to not be distracted from his work. In the long run he was considered pretty hip by my generation.

      As for George Clooney I absolutely despise that smug self-satisfied look on his mug when he’s photographed with The Wonce.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Ditto the Clooney revulsion.

        • SantaFeK

          Triple ditto.  Will not watch his movies.  He understands his own pocketbook.  And don’t watch the other star droolers either.

  • HARP2


    We get too soon old, and too late smart.

    • foxyladi14


  • Flop_Flipper

    For the first time in my adult life I am finally proud to be square.

    • BuzzLatte2

      It’s hip to be square.   – Huey Lewis

  • KenoshaMarge

    I don’t care enough to want to, or try to, understand them. Because if there is one thing I remember from before I grew out of thinking that I knew everything when I was too young to know much of anything, it’s that you cannot “teach” youthful arrogance anything. It has to “evolve.”

    Sort of like our “cool” Prezdint did after Joe Biden shot off his mouth and made him come out of wherever he was hiding with his evolving whatever.

    As an old fart I confess that I don’t find aged “rock” stars strutting on stage “cool.” Just because you can still cut the mustard doesn’t mean you have to do it in public.

    But what the hell if other old farts feel better about themselves by watching these “cool” old farts then it serves a purpose I guess.

    Used to come a time you had to grow up. Now I guess you don’t.

    Also we need to differentiate between youthful exuberance, ignorance and arrogance and a troll. A troll is just a POS.

  • Popsmoke

    “But these people forget one thing.  People like me have an advantage in
    that we were once young, hip, and cool.  We know what it’s like to be
    naive yet smugly superior because we’ve already been there, done that,
    and grew out of it.  They have absolutely no experience with being
    older, wiser, and more mature.  And that, in a nutshell, is why it is so
    hard to care enough about them to want to understand them..”

    I would like to have a time machine… Want to go for a ride Steve?

  • Popsmoke

    “But these people forget one thing.  People like me have an advantage in
    that we were once young, hip, and cool.  We know what it’s like to be
    naive yet smugly superior because we’ve already been there, done that,
    and grew out of it.  They have absolutely no experience with being
    older, wiser, and more mature.  And that, in a nutshell, is why it is so
    hard to care enough about them to want to understand them..”

    I would like to have a time machine… Want to go for a ride Steve?

  • shelldoll2

    I care about them.   It’s the ‘you owe me’ attitude that pisses me off.

    If opportunity practically kicks down the door and you don’t take it I’m fresh out of sympathy. 

    Good post.

  • Deapster

    Young and Hip means Boring and Unaccomplished.


    the young and stupid disease is something that happens to all of  us. If we are lucky we grew into the older and wiser stage of life.
    The obot problem is they think they are the only ones with a solution and can not understand that their solutions have been tried before and did not work.

    socialism sucks, ask the people who had to live under it and were lucky enough to gain freedom.

    No body owes you a damn thing because you happened to be born. There are millions born everyday all around the world that do not have liberty or the pursuit of happiness guaranteed to them. Appreciate what you are given and  work to get the rest.

    I remember telling my teenage daughters at a party, watch and learn from this lady. She was in her seventies and interesting enough that the whole party wanted to be in her company and listen to her. Obots have not reached that stage yet.

    On the railroad there is a saying, every rule in the book of rules was written in blood. Lessons learned the hard way. Obots have not figured that out yet.

    • HELENK2


      In my young and stupid stage I was a democrat.
      Grew out of that stage on May 31 2008. lesson learned

      • KenoshaMarge

        What a coincidence, that’s the same day I grew out of my partisan pinhead phase.

        And yeah, lesson learned.

        I might “support” the Republicans right now, but only as the alternative. I don’t trust them one tad more than the Dems.

        Young and hip? Cool? The only thing more disgusting that the young ones that find this fulfilling are the middle-aged fools that think they are still cool.

        Like botoxicated celebutards that post rants against Republicans on facebook. Hello Cher you pin-headed old fool. You quit being “cool” after your umpteenth face-lift. Or whatever else you had lifted in your endless quest to stave off growing old.

        • Madame_deFarge


      • FormerLiberal9

        May 31st Puma Independence Day. Me too.

        In regard to Mr. Obama it hard to distinguish between Cool and Cold.

      • Deapster

        A plug for “Dirty Words on Clean Skin” – which paralleled by own complete disaffection with the Democrat Party and their virulent war on women swiping both accomplished female candidates in 2008. 

        My last act for the Democrat Party was to march for Hilary in Denver, which was the scariest political scene I have witnessed confirming all my growing fears about the Obama take-over.

        • Flop_Flipper

          It really was a scary scene in Denver. Totally agree.