As a resident of Wisconsin who has lived through the guerilla warfare in my state for nearly two years you can imagine my surprise to find that the struggle wasn’t about Governor Walker and the recall, it was about Obama. Is everything always about Obama? If he keeps this up he’s gonna give narcissism a bad name.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was in Wisconsin with her brand of lies and distortions, and she relayed the information that if Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) doesn’t prevail over Gov. Scott Walker (R) in next month’s Wisconsin recall election, there won’t be any ramifications for Democrats nationally. One has to wonder if she would say the same thing if Barrett was leading in the polls.

Sure enough, and true to form, the DWS flip-flopping, back-spinning lying machine tells Candy Crowley on CNN that the recall in Wisconsin is a “dry run” for Obama. It’s always about Obama.

She can’t seem to keep from talking out of both sides of her mouth. It’s a genuine talent and admirable if you happen to like hyperbolic bullshitters. 

Somehow when I envisioned women in high office Pelosi and her giant gavel, and DWS and her giant mouth never came to mind. Oh well, live and learn. Gender is nice but integrity is better.

Salon has a post about Wisconsin being a “harbinger” for Obama. Glad we could provide some insight for the Obama campaign as the state tears itself apart. This recall that has tied our state in knots, divided friends and family might have some importance other than as a “harbinger” for the Obama campaign. But everything is always about Obama.

An honest to Dog  “leader” might think about trying to bring people together. He might pull himself out of campaign mode once in a while and act like a leader. Don’t hold your breath. He makes Bush the divider look like an amateur. Obama in campaign mode thinks only of that campaign. Which begs the question, “when the hell isn’t he in campaign mode?”

So far he’s staying clear of the battle in Wisconsin. One wonders why the mighty Osama slayer is such a chicken shit. Would a loss for the recall thugs and mugs in Wisconsin somehow taint him? Has his “star” power and perpetual “coolness” dimmed? Is he not enough to drag  Barrett over the finish line? 

 Now that the courts have struck down the Photo I.D. law the Dems can once again bus in the homeless and get them to vote for Barrett for a pack of cigarettes. Considering the other programs the Dems have implemented to buy votes that one was a steal. Especially since the judge involved in striking down the law signed the recall petition. Some might think that was a conflict. 

Meanwhile Wisconsin voters wait to see how the voting goes. We should be able to get out of the perpetual campaign here in Wisconsin on June 5th and get back in on June 6th. 

So the country sits and seethes with the hot weather yet to come.  Will anything  be done on the hot issues? Not a chance kiddies. Our perpetual campaign mode is now in full swing. Time to get the talking points lined up and memorized. Lead? Govern? Pshaw!

Those that wander off the reservation like Cory Booker will be yanked back into line. Silly man, did he think he was allowed to say what he thought?

Has he abased himself enough by now to be forgiven? Probably not. Word is that Obama was “furious” with him. Hint to Booker, be on the lookout for a drone heading in your direction. Just kidding  Cory.

Cory can always send up some smoke signals to Fauxcahontas, the woman of color running for the Senate in Massachusetts, for directions back onto the reservation. If nothing else she can send him some Pow Wow Chow. Or perhaps he’d prefer to eat some more crow.

Seriously I wonder what Obama is concerned about. The media continues, for the most part, to act as his press agents. 

Is that media bias no longer working? Could it be that the Obamamedia doing their best to drag him into a second term may not be enough? Maybe some more stories about Mitt Romney’s High School days will do the trick.

With with the MSM playing on his team shouldn’t he be doing better than a virtual tie with Romney?

Has the magic fairy dust lost its potency?