As a resident of Wisconsin who has lived through the guerilla warfare in my state for nearly two years you can imagine my surprise to find that the struggle wasn’t about Governor Walker and the recall, it was about Obama. Is everything always about Obama? If he keeps this up he’s gonna give narcissism a bad name.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was in Wisconsin with her brand of lies and distortions, and she relayed the information that if Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) doesn’t prevail over Gov. Scott Walker (R) in next month’s Wisconsin recall election, there won’t be any ramifications for Democrats nationally. One has to wonder if she would say the same thing if Barrett was leading in the polls.

Sure enough, and true to form, the DWS flip-flopping, back-spinning lying machine tells Candy Crowley on CNN that the recall in Wisconsin is a “dry run” for Obama. It’s always about Obama.

She can’t seem to keep from talking out of both sides of her mouth. It’s a genuine talent and admirable if you happen to like hyperbolic bullshitters. 

Somehow when I envisioned women in high office Pelosi and her giant gavel, and DWS and her giant mouth never came to mind. Oh well, live and learn. Gender is nice but integrity is better.

Salon has a post about Wisconsin being a “harbinger” for Obama. Glad we could provide some insight for the Obama campaign as the state tears itself apart. This recall that has tied our state in knots, divided friends and family might have some importance other than as a “harbinger” for the Obama campaign. But everything is always about Obama.

An honest to Dog  “leader” might think about trying to bring people together. He might pull himself out of campaign mode once in a while and act like a leader. Don’t hold your breath. He makes Bush the divider look like an amateur. Obama in campaign mode thinks only of that campaign. Which begs the question, “when the hell isn’t he in campaign mode?”

So far he’s staying clear of the battle in Wisconsin. One wonders why the mighty Osama slayer is such a chicken shit. Would a loss for the recall thugs and mugs in Wisconsin somehow taint him? Has his “star” power and perpetual “coolness” dimmed? Is he not enough to drag  Barrett over the finish line? 

 Now that the courts have struck down the Photo I.D. law the Dems can once again bus in the homeless and get them to vote for Barrett for a pack of cigarettes. Considering the other programs the Dems have implemented to buy votes that one was a steal. Especially since the judge involved in striking down the law signed the recall petition. Some might think that was a conflict. 

Meanwhile Wisconsin voters wait to see how the voting goes. We should be able to get out of the perpetual campaign here in Wisconsin on June 5th and get back in on June 6th. 

So the country sits and seethes with the hot weather yet to come.  Will anything  be done on the hot issues? Not a chance kiddies. Our perpetual campaign mode is now in full swing. Time to get the talking points lined up and memorized. Lead? Govern? Pshaw!

Those that wander off the reservation like Cory Booker will be yanked back into line. Silly man, did he think he was allowed to say what he thought?

Has he abased himself enough by now to be forgiven? Probably not. Word is that Obama was “furious” with him. Hint to Booker, be on the lookout for a drone heading in your direction. Just kidding  Cory.

Cory can always send up some smoke signals to Fauxcahontas, the woman of color running for the Senate in Massachusetts, for directions back onto the reservation. If nothing else she can send him some Pow Wow Chow. Or perhaps he’d prefer to eat some more crow.

Seriously I wonder what Obama is concerned about. The media continues, for the most part, to act as his press agents. 

Is that media bias no longer working? Could it be that the Obamamedia doing their best to drag him into a second term may not be enough? Maybe some more stories about Mitt Romney’s High School days will do the trick.

With with the MSM playing on his team shouldn’t he be doing better than a virtual tie with Romney?

Has the magic fairy dust lost its potency?

  • The Chocolate Chips

    Pretty funny headline coming from a blog that seems to spend all of its time attacking Obama (mostly over stuff he has no actually responsibility for) …. this is probably a question you should ask yourselves.

    • HoosierinDixie

      “Mostly over stuff he has no actual responsibility for” Your kidding right? Obama takes credit for everything and responsibility for nothing. Maybe that’s a question you should ask yourself.

      • BuzzLatte2

        …and that’s the way the cookie crumbles….into nonsensical whines that a 2 year old could best…

        Ah yes, the election of 2012.  The one where the lights went out on the democratic party.

  • Flop_Flipper

    I am so happy for you Marge. You are privileged to take part in history tomorrow. The vote heard round the world.

    I read an excellent article on what it all means. I highly recommend this.


    I do not know whether to laugh or cry at this story

    liberal confesses we have nothing to fear but the fear of thinking itself

  • foxyladi14

    Applauding here.


    how did the wisconsin  recall become a fight in the so-called war on women????

  • HARP2

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday
    shows Mitt Romney picking up 48% of the vote, while President Obama
    attracts 44%. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, and five
    percent (5%) are undecided.

    These figures include 40% who are certain they will vote for Romney and 36% who are certain they will vote for Obama.


    per barrett, Walker wants to be the poster boy for the tea party.


  • HARP2

     Obama Gets Left Behind

    Everyday I get emails from former members of Move On,
    a pro-Democratic Party group that was famously active during the
    build-up to the Iraq War in 2003. They’re complaining about one man:
    President Obama.

    In these emails, one thing is apparent.  When it comes to the left wing liberals, Obama is being left behind.

    • BuzzLatte2

      Even the comments from democrats re: the article have a certain melancholy about them.  They truly were/are bamboozled by Obama.  They don’t even begin to see the corruption of the party.

      GO Romney!

  • no_longer_a_democrat

    Obie sure loves disrespecting the military, its always alllllll about him.

    “I doubt if this will even be reported in the media. But, it should. This was not our day…it was their day…the boys who lost their lives. But it was their brothers day to come and touch their names on the Wall and remember them. It was also Decoration Day…the day we recognize those who gave all for all of us. It was not about our narcissist president and his attempt to appeal to the Vietnam Vets for votes. Shut out, we met next to a hot dog stand under a shade tree and held our semi-annual ritual for our fallen. Later that day, one of our men stayed behind and saw to it that the wreath was placed at that section of the Wall when we lost the most during the war.
    We won every battle in that war and were denied victory. We had to listen to an illiterate world say that we had lost our war. Our troops suffered more degradation, insult, hatred, and disgust from our countrymen than all other US troops from all wars combined. We came home to a country that didn’t want us…and to many countrymen who loathed us…but yet we persevered. Today…was just one more cut…but it was a cut that will not heal any time soon. (name redacted)
    Godspeed to all of America’s warrior heroes living and God bless our fallen, as it should be, always, but most especially on Memorial Day. If we can’t place their needs and desires above ours then, then when can we, or a president do it? That seems a worthwhile question to ask under any circumstance, in my opinion.”

  • Flop_Flipper

    It’s a genuine talent and admirable if you happen to like hyperbolic bullshitters.


    Gender is nice but integrity is better.

    AWESOME sentences!!!

    To me there is no mystery as to why Obama is ignoring Wisconsin. As DWS said, this is a dry run. If Obama were to visit and campaign against Walker and then lose, the hit his campaign would take would be worse than Friday’s job numbers.

    • KenoshaMarge

      That’s what I think too. If his “Rock Star Power” doesn’t work in Wisconsin it will tarnish his “Rock Star Image” and that will never do.

  • Popsmoke

    Don’t like Soros? Wait here his his evil twin….

    Like Wall Street ain’t burning the candle at both ends…..

    • Hokma

      Don’t see any comparison between Kovner and Soros at all other than they are both highly successful hedge fund managers. While he is a very interesting person, there are many like him on the right and the left. Soros is in a class of his own.

      • Popsmoke

         No matter the class, they are all puppet masters….

        • Hokma

          But you called Kovner Soros’ “evil twin” which implies that Soros is no evil.

          There are many Kovners but Soros is in a league of his own as a puppet master and there was talk that he was behind the meltdown in ’08 in order to sway the election to Obama (McCain was leading in the polls until the financial meltdown).

  • Popsmoke

    Here is a few more good ones for your Sunday morning reading pleasure….

    DoD’s contract audit agency hobbled by backlog

    SEC: Taking on Big Firms is ‘Tempting,’ But We Prefer Picking on Little Guys…

    You can put Mickey Mouse in the White House and it would make no difference today. But you can blame me, you and the rest of the voting knot-heads for this insanity….

    When the hell are we going to grow up?


  • Popsmoke

    I will re-port this one too….

    A Peek at Pentagon Pork: A Taxpayers’ Guide

    Yep the House will save us all! Bullshit…..

  • Popsmoke


     How about we also focus on issues like HR 4624  which would delegate governmental authority for the oversight of investment advisers to one or more industry funded self-regulatory organizations (SROs).

    Now while we lambast Obama (rightfully so I will add), lets not let petty disagreements get in the way of lambasting republicans and their Heir apparent to the WH,  Ole Willard (Mitten grabber) Romney and his Goldman Sacks adviser Jim Donovan for not reining in their own party… or maybe they don’t want to???

    So Mitten-grabber is going to be the savior of our economic disaster eh?

    Both Obama and Romney need to go back to their respective homes and let someone with integrity and guts really make effect change….

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Registered Investment Advisor.   HR4624, which doesn’t effect me because I already have to answer directly to State regulatory authorities and have grown large enough that I now have to submit to direct SEC regulation, as well as having to be registered with the SRO FINRA, corrals a few non-FINRA and commodities registered RIAs operating niche businessness, but does absolutely nothing to insert government oversight into the FINRA and commodities SRO-regulated practices that resulted in 2007/2008.

      But it does look pretty cool on paper as a campaign checkbox to answer the question, “What have you done?”

      • Popsmoke

        Unfortunately we either have way to much oversight or almost none at all ….

  • AnitaFinlay

    Great post — the perpetual campaign mode is frightening and did not just launch itself a few weeks ago.  It feels like it never stopped.  With so many serious problems, where does he find the time…

    • KenoshaMarge

      He doesn’t seem to find the time for Wisconsin. Doesn’t that seem strange? Because Wisconsin is and has been a battle ground since Walker and the GOP  won big here in 2010.

      His staying away tells me that the Dems don’t think they’ll win. That concerns me in that others may feel the same way and stay home on Tuesday.

      Most of the Walker supporters I know are so pi$$ed off they would drive through a snowstorm to vote. And Tuesday is supposed to be 66 degrees and Sunny.

      • DianaLC


        I would love the think that the Dems are keeping BO away from Wisconsin because they think it’s a losing cause for them.

        After the ’08 primary, however, I believe I am still suffering from a sort of PTSD where the dems are concerned.  Be very hyper vigilant.  Where are the fixes occuring?  Whos is receiving bribes?  Whose making the bribes?  I just don’t trust him and the machine that created the O product. 

        • KenoshaMarge

          I don’t trust them either and I am concerned. The Judge that struck down our photo I.D. law also signed the recall petition. Conflict of interest much? There was also lots of hanky panky in the recall petitions, some of it caught on film. But no outcry about that. What was the point?

          Being bullied by union thugs? Don’t look for the Police to protect and serve, they were standing in solidarity with the thugs doing the bullying.

          I’ve/we’ve seen a lot in the past two years here in Wisconsin. And many of us are in a perpetual state of outrage. We wouldn’t have believed that such goings on would be going on in the United States. Now we know.

          As for all those good law-abiding, decent Democrats who sit silently by while this is going on? Fuck you! I hope that there is a special place in hell for cowards like you. Evidently corruption is fine and dandy so long as it serves your purpose.

          We intend to be vigilant but when your law enforcement is in the tank with the crooks there isn’t a whole lot of hope.

    • DianaLC

      The dems are still trying to “frame” the discussion.  When will they learn that they listened to the wrong linguist, one who is far past doing good work in linguistics?

  • TeakWoodKite

    Yes, it must always be about “ME”
    If it isn’t, I will co-opt it.
    If I can’t co-opt it, as Nancy Pelosi said, I will destroy it.
    If I can’t destroy it, I will make it about me and blame everyone else.
    One of the raw resources required to make “magic fairy dust” is $$$$, and not just any money. The kind of money needed for primo halal magic fairy dust is payed for in lies.
    O is broke.


    rappers and rollers have concert against walker


    the latest Ulsterman  A MUST READ

    just where is backtrack tonight and who is he with???

    • no_longer_a_democrat

      I’m sure “the precious” will tell him what to do…. lol.

      I’m so happy to see romney not doing what Mccain did in 2008!

    • DianaLC

      Very disturbing, very Freudian.  If Valerie hadn’t picked out MECHELLE for Barry, she could easily be the Lady Macbeth in this drama–Out, out, damned spot.

  • no_longer_a_democrat

    I hope Walker pulls it out in WI. I wish I could go and volunteer, I gave what little I could to his campaign and the lt gov’s camp also.
    So Barry goes to every state around WI to fundraise and even flew over WI. Personally I used to be for unions, they played a very important part in american histroy for working considtions, etc, those are now codified into law…. it seems the main thing unions are there for now is to make the union bosses rich, its not about the union members any longer, its about the 500K salaried union bosses.

    Go walker!! balance the budget so more teachers, good teachers can be hired, more jobs can be created.

    • KenoshaMarge

      I was raised in a “union” household. We were good union folks. But the unions became as corrupt as what they were formed to combat.

      The Dems march to the tune the unions play for money and organizing power.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that the GOP is somehow made up of Saints. I am hardly that naive. It’s just at this time and place and on this issue I am 100% on their side. The recall for Walker was and is total bullshit!

      I hope the GOP in Wisconsin is doing as much to get people to the polls as the Dems are. Dems are going into poor neighborhoods and hauling van loads of people to vote. I wonder how many even know what they are voting for.

      I also wonder how many homeless they are paying for their vote with cigarettes as they paid them to sign the recall petitions. At least they can’t have children show up to vote like they had them sign the recall petitions.

      • no_longer_a_democrat

        yep, agree with your post. I have union members in my family too, I never realised that right to work state meant you could still join a union, you just aren’t force to.

        Its all about Trumka and highly paid goons like him, its not about the the union members, most of them tend to be decent hard working patriotic americans, I know the ones in my family generally vote conservative, and deeply resent having union dues taken from their paychecks, even when they don’t want that to happen, especially seince it goes to left wingers, and they have absolutely no say in it.

        • KenoshaMarge

          What is fair or free about being forced to join a union in order to get or keep a job?

           My spouse is a Republican. He has always been a Republican. We had some dandy discussions back in the days when I was a Democrat.

          But even then I understood his outrage that money would be taken from his pay and given to the party that he opposed. The union that extorts money from him is also absolutely useless when it comes to protecting workers. It took months before he could even find out who his union steward was. And when asked the steward usually sends the questioner to the office to find the answer. The Office? Isn’t that management? WTF?

          We still have some lively discussions but not as often as we had in the past. Now that I’ve left the dark side we even agree on some/many things.

          And we will both be going to vote for Scott Walker on Tuesday. On that there has never been an disagreement.

        • DianaLC

          Study the numbers of the union membership rolls after Walker was elected.  Several unions lost members by the thousands since they no long HAD to join.

    • Popsmoke

       “Go walker!! balance the budget so more teachers, good teachers can be hired, more jobs can be created.”

      Is that really what is happening? Or have the 527s taken over? and–and_denies_it!/?page=2  and and and …

      • DianaLC

        Popsmoke, just for once tell us how you would solve some of the problems if you were in charge.  It’s always easy to make the point that there should be compromise and search for common ground.  It’s another thing to set that in motion.  What are you accomplishing by always throwing cold water on any idea whatsoever?

        • Popsmoke

           Diana … I have posted exactly what I think needs to be done several times. You are either not reading the posts or just not getting it..

          • DianaLC

            O.k.  Treat me like a second grader.  Tell us in easy to understand terms what exactly your method of turn the country away from this political mudslinging would be.  In other words, tell us what your plan as a presidential candidate would be.

        • Popsmoke

          Okay for those who are handicapped… One Mo time… Here are my top five…

          First to make it really happen, it would take a village…otherwise a nation….

          1. Term Limits.. 6 for House 2 for Senate.
          2. Moderation and openness in government.
          3. Balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.
          4. Line Item Veto for the President..
          5. Cap the bureaucracy and special interest.

          No one on this platform will get elected unless the village folk grab torches and get to the polls.

    • DianaLC

      My uncle here in CO attends local Tea Party meetings all the time.  His group has been manning the phones for Walker for a while now. 

      I listened to a well-spoken Tea Party worker in Wisconsin.  She was carrying the message that the worst thing to do would be to vote for the recall election because that recall was started immediately after an election.  It was an effort to undermine the election process.   The recall is costing lots of money that could better be spent elsewhere.  The normal process is to let the voters have their say, then if their elected officials are not working out, vote them out in the next election.

      She did go on to say that it’s especially now apparent that the voters called it right and their decision should have the chance to work it out in the originally allotted time without having to deal with campaigning instead.

    • HELENK2

      the left is leaving him.

      the butterfly effect?????

  • DianaLC

    Great post!  Wish I could sneak in the voting booth with you and vote illegally in Wisconsin.  I would most definitley NOT vote like one of those illegally bussed in ACORN or SEIU voters.

    My fingers are crossed for your state.  This one could be the turning point for our country.  Maybe the old domino effect we read about in regard to Viet nam and communism will come into play with all our “57” states and work instead for capitalism and representative democracy.


    Paul Ryan on recall and  how it matters to America

    • KenoshaMarge

      Thanks for that clip Helen. Ryan stated it perfectly. Everyone wants “something” done but when someone does what needs to be done they are demonized.

      Walker has proved that doing what must be done works. No one was “destroyed” as the Dems claimed. But some union folk with a lot of clout have been reined in. As they should have been a long time ago.

      Funny thing, now that union dues aren’t automatically deducted from teachers checks, some 30,000+ have decided not to pay them. That’s what the unions really fear.

      Wonder how those 30,000+ will vote on Tuesday. Or if they will vote.

      • Popsmoke

        Ryan stated it perfectly. Everyone wants “something” done but when someone does what needs to be done they are demonized.”

        Ryan should not be talking….. His budget plan is no boost to this country either…..

        • KenoshaMarge

          Ryan was talking about courage, something that is in very short supply in politics.

          You may not agree with Ryan, obviously you don’t, but he had the courage to put a plan forward. He knew he would get attacked and demonized and he did it anyway.

          Personally I don’t think his plan goes far enough but if we had some competence and concern for the country in D.C. they might want to use it as a starting point.

          IMO, no bill should be accepted as written and without input from both parties.

          But then again a camel is a horse designed by a committee so they say.

          • Popsmoke

            Marge… Ryan talking about courage is no different than Obama talking about change.

            If one holds back cutting ones favored step child’s budgets, there is no courage, which then leads to, no change….

            Then you can also say, there is no difference….

          • KenoshaMarge

            Replying to Popsmoke below:

            I dont’ see it your way at all. And Ryan DID show courage IMO.

            Once again, let’s just agree to disagree. Once in a while we do agree about something.  Once in a great while.

  • Hokma

    Great post Marge.

    Obama has never been in a position where he is told that he is
    wrong. Now he has over half the country telling him he is wrong. And with Wisconsin he is wondering whetever happened to all those union workers that were going to lock up this recall election for the Dems?

    • KenoshaMarge

      Note how he went to Michigan and Minnesota and hopped right over Wisconsin? Why not come to the rescue of the Dems here? Why not campaign for Barrett? Afraid his “star” power isn’t enough?

      Instead we were subjected to Bill Clinton. Not surprising, if there is a crowd and a microphone, Bill Clinton will show up. Will his “star” power be enough to drag Barrett across the finish line?

  • twobits2

    I’m a native of Chicago, but have a soft spot in my heart for Wisconsin because that’s where we spent many of our summer vacations. It strikes me odd that a state with a mid-western work ethic (at least when I was a kid – a million years ago) would have lost itself. Something about the unions being for the working folks until they weren’t.

    I lost a good friend over the Walker issue – I liked him, she didn’t. To this day, I cannot understand why. Walker is an honest, upstanding man of his word.

    Funny how the Dems find that something to be opposed to.

    Funny how so many are still drinking the kool-aid while their 401(k)s go down the tubes and it costs a day’s pay to buy a gallon of milk – forget about gasoline.

    Let’s hope that honor and dignity will win out on June 5 in Wisconsin. I’m in CA and there isn’t even a Republican running for Congress in my district – just 2 Dems and a non-partisan guy who runs for something in every election.

    • KenoshaMarge

      There have been a lot of friendships destroyed over this. Wisconsin has been a “union” state even though most of it’s citizens are not union members. Even though many who are union members don’t want to be but are forced into having money extorted from their paychecks and given to the Democrat party.

      40% of union members are Republicans. They feel betrayed and yet must keep their heads down and their mouths shut or risk losing their jobs. This has been their reality for a long time. Every Dem who uses the word “fair” should turn to stone for hypocrisy.

      The rift the recall has caused is so deep and so wide here in Wisconsin that no matter who wins the bitterness will not disappear soon. If at all.

      • elizabethrc

        Yesterday I had a conversation with a gentleman who is in the financial industry.  It was an eye opener for me.  We were talking about the state of business today, how politics have mangled it  and even shaped it to some extent, and ultimately, it got around to dems and Republicans.
        He started talking about how Repubs have said no to everything, putting the blame squarely upon them for the mess we’re in.  I pointed out to him that the only reason Repubs have said no is because Dems tagged on additional, onerous pieces of legislation to most of the bills, making it imperative to vote them down.  He didn’t know that.
        I then told him how, as one of the first actions of this President and his Congress undertook, this most transparent President in history, was to willfully and consistently keep Republicans shut out of bill creations.  I told him they were actually not ALLOWED to be present, much less part of the process.
        He didn’t know that.
        It was an eye opener to me that something as little as calmly and politely exposing the facts can take the wind out of  a person’s sails.  I don’t know that I’ve changed his mind about Obama, but at least he now has something to think about.  I’m hopeful that as an intelligent person, he’ll not just take Demspin as gospel.

        • KenoshaMarge

          We should all endeavor, to the best of our ability, to find the truth. Not the Dem truth/spin or the GOP truth/spin but the truth.

          The first thing to do is discount almost anything said/spun by the MSM LSM. Then we can start to inform ourselves, again as best we can, since they refuse to do their Dog-Damned job.

          Good for you for spreading the truth.

        • beachnan

           Good for you.  My husband and I, along with my brother-in-law, have been trying to open the eyes of my in-laws for a while now.  We start out with facts, and polite conversation and end up in huge arguments because they parrot back the left’s talking points and don’t  answer any of the questions we ask of them.  We present facts and they present talking points with nothing to back them up.  It is so-o-o-o-o frustrating.  Sometimes, to keep peace, you’ve just got to avoid politics.  I haven’t given up, but I am at a loss on how to get through to them.

          • elizabethrc

            I feel for you.  Until recently I avoided upsetting anyone who was an Obamaite, but I realized thatI was the one who went away frustrated and I was tired of it.
            This has been a latent weapon the Democrats have used effectively because we didnt’ fight back. 
            Facts, calmly stated, will eventually get through because unless they are completely brainless (yeah, I know that some are) they can’t help but notice the increasingly frequent boneheaded, anti-American acts Obama is creating.  Armed drones to spy on our cities and towns being a particdularly onerous one. 
            I know this works because one of my dearest friends who is quite active  in the LWV and stay abreast of politics and who has been an ardent arguer for Obama, has been quite silent for months now.  That speaks volumes to me.


    Iowa Hawk

    @keder Scott Walker should be recalled. For example, I recall he balanced the Wisconsin budget.


    this  made me laugh

    Fla tells holder to blow it out his ass

    • HELENK2

      meet the  dept of crime lawyer trying to force Fla to keep dead people and illegals on voter rolls.

      She went to the meeeschele school of fashion


    from the voters of Wisconsin and the rest of America to the new democratic party and backtrack

  • HARP2

    You said it all with…….. magic fairy !!

    • Flop_Flipper

  • Hank DeCat

    Althouse posted a letter she received from a pro-Recall group listing her’s & her neighbors’  voting activity for the last 2 election cycles and another post with letters listing political donations of neighbors — GOTV shaming.  Disgusting.

    • binky354

      This infuriates me.  I don’t know about Althouse, but I’d darn sure vote for the opposite party.  

  • David L

    I think lil Debbie is related to Sgt Schultz on Hogan,s Heros, ” I know nothing !!!”

    • FormerLiberal9

       Only one problem, isn’t DSM jewish I don’t think she’d by related. But then maybe she could be 1/32 Nazi soldier.