The Obama Administration is divulging top secret, sensitive national security information in bald-faced, desperate effort to convince voters that he is a tough guy on national security. We are not talking about one isolated instance. It is a pattern of behavior that would secure an arrest and conviction for your average employee of the CIA or the Department of Defense. The list of leaks is disturbing:

1. The Obama White House, in the immediate aftermath of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, told reporters that SEAL Team Six, a top secret special ops military unit, had carried out the mission. Subsequent to this the White House continued the flood of information and exposed the Pakistani physician who had assisted the intelligence community in confirming that Osama was in fact inside the compound at Abbottabad.

2. The Obama White House was quick to take credit for stopping a plot to bomb airliners and exposed a British double agent who had penetrated Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

3. Obama National Security officials filled the ears of New York Times reporters with details about top secret drone strikes against terrorist targets while touting the “secret kill list” as an example of Obama’s courage and steely determination to fight terrorists.

But the Obama team made it worse this week.

They leaked the fact that the United States was behind a cyber warfare campaign to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program:

“This is unbelievable … absolutely stunning,” a former senior intelligence official said about the level of detail contained in the cyberattack story.

The official noted that the article cited participants in sensitive White House meetings who then told the reporter about top secret discussions. The article “talks about President Obama giving direction for a cyberweapons attack during a time of peace against a United Nations member state.”

This is close to treason. Dilvuging secrets essential for our nation’s security in pursuit of personal gain. Americans must keep this in mind when they go to the polls in November.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • lola828

    More of the same from you Larry Johnson… like a broken record.

    1. the entire planet was going to know that U.S. special ops did the job; no big deal. no different than other times over the years that the planet finds out about U.S. special forces ops. zero damage.

    There is no proof the U.S. exposed any information that got that Pakistani physician arrested. Nobody is saying that other than you and a few other political hacks.

    2. Again there is no proof the U.S. exposed a British double agent. In fact, it was more likely this news came out from others.

    3. Drone attacks have been public since Bush started them. There are no “secrets” that have been released regarding drone attacks. Absolutely nothing of value. “Secret kill list” my ass. Nothing like Bush’s playing cards.

    I think you need to get a little more informed Mister Intelligence.

    You quote Adam Levine? It is just his opinion. He has no particular first hand knowledge. Interesting you quote him, given his role in the Plame case. I would think he would not be a guy you would listen to his opinion on. He was the guy who got Rove off the hook regarding Plame.

    You are the one playing politics here. There has been nothing “leaked” of significance and no proof of it.

    • BuzzLatte2

      Hissy fit…^^^^

  • alicewolf

    Why wait for the election?  Hasn’t Barack Obama showed us he has no respect for the US Constitution which he swore to uphold, and cannot miss any opportunity to act contrary to it’s mandates.   Isn’t it time to have him to allow someone who desires for the USA to remain a sovreign republic rather than be subject to the decisions of the UN? or NATO?  Aren’t we meant to have three branches of government equally powerful as one another?   It’s time to reming ourselves what we are being forced to give up, we can’t wait for more trouble to brew, the sh.t has hit the fan already.

  • HARP2

    I`m waiting for Barry to start running as a white African American.

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Read Maraniss’ new book, “Barack Obama: The Story.”  Actually, Obama is an Afro-Arab White American (bloodlines in order of least to most).  In fact, the greatest of ironies is that while his “white side” ancestors were slaveowners over here, his “Afro-Arab side” ancestors where capturing black Africans and selling them to the whites.

      Race pimps like the Revs Sharpton and Jackson know all of this, of course.  But somehow they concealed the fraud.  Just business as usual for a race pimp, I guess.

  • elizabethrc

    Why is this not considered treason?

  • FLDemFem

    The MSM is starting to take notice, or at least their bloggers are. And they are getting front page links too. So it looks like the blinders are coming off, at long last. Here is a link,…

    Oh, and on a light comedy note, Pelosi is now touting Hillary for 2016. Apparently, being Secretary of State qualified her for the job of President.  Pelosi still hasn’t told us what qualified Obama for the job.  Or why she stabbed Hillary in the back in 2008.


    as we leave Afghanistan the Chinese move in.

    Backtrack signed an agreement to give Afghanistan money for years and the Chinese benefit.

    • Madame_deFarge

      Wonder if they’ll corner the opium trade?

  • stodghie

    larry i think it is treason. i think obama should be impeached for high crimes. our best most viable method i suppose is casting him out in november.

    hillary should resign immediately. if she doesn’t shame on her!

    • Madame_deFarge

      If Hillary cared one whit about the country she’d quit before being a part of this fiasco. She doesn’t and she won’t.

  • twobits2

    As many of us here are already aware, and have been aware since 2008, when this straw man was running for President and then elected, he is both shallow and weak.

    However, the question that always arises when I hear of yet another national security breach is: what is he trying to achieve? What are his goals? It can’t just be re-election.

    Over the past few years I’ve been listening to Rush Limbaugh and he says that Obama truly does want to destroy this country. I’ve been skeptical, but the more this sort of thing happens, the more I believe him.

    To finish the job, he has to stay in power.

    Is it some sort of truly bizarre sense of justice that he operates from? I look at his past – particularly the indoctrination he received from his “free-spirited” mother. Would she be proud of him – as Michelle and Valerie appear to be? I am at a complete loss as to understanding his motives.

  • KenoshaMarge

    I’ve been telling some Obama supporters I know all about this. Except I substituted Geedubya’s name. To a person they thought he should have been impeached. Then I asked, “what if he was still president, do you think he should be impeached now.” Of course they thought he should. “Damn straight”, they said.

    Then I explained that it wasn’t Bush it was Obama and this wasn’t back then this was now. Now what did they think? They thought I was a bitch. And they thought I was lying. Ain’t no cure for stupid.

    • HARP2

       Excellent !!!

      Life is tough……..It`s even tougher when you`re stupid.

      Ron Reagan.

      • KenoshaMarge

        I stole the idea from something I read online a while back. The suggestion was to simply replace Obama’s name with Bush’s and see what happened.

        I’m afraid to wonder how I would have reacted back in the days daze when I was a partisan pinhead. So perhaps there is a cure for stupid. If you are willing to take it.

        I took the cure in 2008 and am feeling so much better.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Very astute, KenoshaMarge.

      • KenoshaMarge

        In the course of a long life I have been called quite a few things, many less than flattering, but I have never, to the best of my recollection, been called astute. Thank you.

        • TeakWoodKite

          :) your welcome.


    my anger at the democratic party for putting the worst enemy of my country in my lifetime, in the position to do the most harm to her will never end.

    They have sold out this country not for thirty pieces of silver , but for dross.

    backtrack was just in Chicago meeting with the communist cabal that backed him  to get more money.

    • HELENK2

      in chicago with valarie jarrett

    • HELENK2

       word association

      democrat   –  quisling

  • jrterrier

    There was a pretty good program yesterday on MSNBC about the “kill list” where the attorney from the ACLU complained that some of the info that had been volunteered to the NYTimes reporters for the front-page article had been withheld by the Obama Administration in law suits brought by the ACLU.  In the lawsuits, the administration had claimed that they could not divulge the info due to security concerns.

    • HARP2

       Yes and what are members of his campaign doing attending these meetings ?

  • NellieS


    You said ‘This is close to treason.’

    Would you please explain to  poor elderly civilians, like myself, why Obama’s is NOT guilty of treason already, and what specifically in damaging National Security has to Happen in order for it to be considered treason??

    Holder be damned IMHO. He’s as guilty for NOT doing what we pay him to do, and she also be held liable IMO.

    Thanks for posting this. What is the next logical step in getting these people a room at Leavenworth or some other comparable facility?


    • Larry Johnson

       I’m leaving open the option of “inadvertent stupidity.”  He’s not a smart man.

      • David L

        Maybe he is just too stupid to know any better, wait, there’s no maybe about it.  This fucking clown is the dumbest president in the history of the country.

      • elizabethrc

        If the end result is exposing our secrets and our agents, does it matter if it was the result of ‘inadvertent stupidity”?  This man is the President of the United States.  He must be held to a higher standard than the average citizen.

      • HELENK2

         ignorance is no  excuse for  breaking the law

      • NellieS

        “inadvertent stupidity.” – totally agree with that.

        With his high school drug history creeping out, and what someone who knew him at Occidental wrote quite a while ago about being the “Cig Man” on Campus. Then  Ulsterman wrote about him dragging and an hour later looking fine after Michelle visited with a bag. Larry Sinclairs details at the DC Press Club rounding in out in Jun 2008. Would not be surprised if his brain is fried beyond repair.

        Whether through stupidity or intent – treason is treason, and we need a damn good AG to go after him and some of the others.

        Sorry, but I cannot even rise to the level of snark, when I think of his betrayals. What is stopping some of our special op and intelligent guys from saying the “hell with it”, and deciding to make some fast money to protect their families.

        The potential for our entire national security damn to break is just too great when you look at possibilities and permutations. I just feel a deep seated anger tinged with real grief for all our special forces and ops, and people who work with you.

  • HARP2

    Maybe a super pac needs to come out with an ad explaining the commie.

    • foxyladi14


  • DianaLC

    I’ve been reading a lot about this new leak about the computer virus.  Makes me sick.  Because lately I’ve been reading more blog information and not listening to the MSM, I’ve been reading a lot of negative commentary about his leaky ways.  

    But, I am frightened that the general public will no longer understand the old phrase about “loose lips.”  After all, many still don’t understand what the “big deal” was about the GW’s cronies and their loose lips.

    It’s why I left the Dem party.  I have always understood that it’s country before party.  I guess I was just too naive until ’08 to believe the political parties didn’t also put country before party.

    Keep preaching it, though.  Obama is a traitor!  You don’t have to be patriotic or even love your country–as it’s been totally apparent that Obama is not and does not–to be a traitor.  He claims citizenship.  He needs to be held as accountable as any citizen would be about leaking security information.