Face the Nation stages Democratic surrogate-op Bob “I know losing elections” Shrum to speak what is on the minds of the Clinton Coalition from the 1990s. Sean Trende, author, “Lost Majority,” (and RealClearPolitics poll analyst) explains that the Obama election of 2008 and the re-election of 2012 both depend upon the Clinton Coalition.

There are no Obama remarks of the Democrats and the available Independents. If the Clinton Coalition made up of the DNC and the Upper South (chiefly AK, TN and VA) are not sanguine, then the Democrats are not confident.

POTUS Obama as a candidate has done little to soothe the DNC (he mostly ignores the DNC) and nothing for the Upper South but dash into VA now and again for staging.

Bob Shrum talks of the “referendum.” The jobs report on Friday June 1 was the referendum. Game over, part 2.

The Democrats are in the grief-denial phase. Anger and bargaining and depression to follow.

The last stage is for November 6, acceptance.

The Obama fail was nothing the Republicans did or do. It is an augury by our National Augur, the economy.

I think of the election as early Roman sacred rite of seeking an endorsement for the future (divination) with the office of the Augur. We stand on the Palatine, holding the curved stick of our office and watch birds. Depending upon where they fly — direction and location and altitude — we recognize the past and the future.

The June 1 jobs number birds augured “game over.” Bob Shrum recommends that we “face reality here,” because he is less superstitious than many. (Never face reality by yourself, Mr. Shrum, since it is a shock wave going to blow you away like a June bug.)

The auguries have divined. What happens in Europe, Asia and the malls in the US is fixed. David Axelrod whines that the GOP is “high giving” bad news. Nope. The GOP is saying aloud and giddily what the Democrats are saying off camera and gloomily.

The auguries, Mr. Axelrod, the auguries, it’s reality facing time.

  • morris1030

    Bob Shrum is yesterday. He never creates winning strategies
    and has been part of a group of old timer democratic hacks.

    Using him in any way is not a credit to Obama’s campaign strategy. This just same old same old.

  • beachnan

    I pray that your comments come to fruition.  See you later Obama and your new DNC.  I am now independent of both parties.  I can’t say that I will never vote Democrat again, because I want to judge each candidate and party on their current actions, not rhetoric.  I can’t say that I would never vote for Hillary again.  If I feel that she is the best candidate, I will vote for her.  Each election will be different depending on the circumstances and the actions of that party.  Right now, I wouldn’t trust anything that has to do with the Obama administration.

    • KenoshaMarge

      Yet what would you like to bet that 90%+ will vote for Obama? And what do you think the reason would be for that?



    backtrack’s actions toward Poland are a good example of how he has treated the allies of America. He insults and betrays every chance he gets.

  • getfitnow


    backtrack’s donors from 2008  don’t give in 2012

    • getfitnow

       It’s interesting that most of the comments, in the article, come from those that think he hasn’t spent enough.

  • Popsmoke
    • stodghie

      yup they are standing up to dims pop. so deal with that.

    • Hokma

      You seem to pick links to far left wing websites like Raw Story. I’m not sure why Ornstein is claiming what he is but the fact is that there is polarizations for two reasons:

      1. Long term is the effect of the Internet replacing all other forms of traditional communication and serving to “reinforce” rather than “inform.” That is a phenomenom that began to impact the political debate only within the past decade.

      2. Lack of leadership. From Day #1 Obama never sought to work with Republicans and intentionally kept them on the sidelines for his first years before the 2010 election. since then his lack of leadership skills has prevented any bipartisan compromise on any issue.

      • FormerLiberal9

         Obama is a “my way or the highway” personality that is why so many Dems (like myself) left the party in 2008. And his minions rejoiced and chanted “good riddance” when we left. And for the same reason he couldn’t get any cooperation from Congress.

      • Popsmoke

         Well first of all not everything in Raw Story is liberal and two, I pull from many sources. Actually I am pretty fair about sourcing.

        I cannot dispute the impact of the internet has had on many subjects and a lot of the buffoonery that is written on it along with the nimrods who do not do any hard research and just believe crap..

        However, in all seriousness you cannot just say that the Obama Administration will not work with the republicans. That my friend is a two way street. The republicans have refused to work with the administration as well. Its also “my way or the highway.

        However that too is somewhat bullshit.

        The government can’t spend one single penny, not a single penny, without the Republican Houses approval.

        So lets be fair here with the criticism.  The republicans have zero backbone as well and this is politics at its lousiest hour…


        On the topic of being fair. That also includes taking shots at Romney and his political duck-walk…. http://www.washingtontimes.com/blog/inside-politics/2012/may/7/romney-rejects-ron-paul-style-austerity/

        Try taking the money from spending not the economy! Balance the budget! But hell lets make more ships and add more troops and make no cuts at all from the military! But of course Mitt does not want his sons to join the military either.

        None of these guys want to make the serious cuts that are necessary. Its all about getting reelected and making the cuts that need to
        be made would make them look bad. Yes it would hurt. But if done fairly, and across the board fairly. The pain would be just for the short term and felt by everyone.

        But then again this is not about saving our economy. Its about getting reelected….

        • Hokma

          I gave a speech on this some years ago to several groups inside D.C. It’s not just bloggers, free news access drove down viewership of broadcast news and readership of all newspapers and magazines – all of whom depend on ad dollars to survive. The result is that it forced newspapers and magazines to focus on a less broad audience and a more core audience for which they are more finitely targeting their editorial to have as strong an appeal to them as possible to get whatever ad revenue they can. That is why the New York Times and Newsweek magazine today is not the ones most of us grew up with.

          The internet is also taking away our need to and ability to reason by simply reinforcing any pre-existing beliefs.

          As far as Dem and Repubs using polarizing politics, it does go back before Obama and this level of polarizing politics is rooted in the Watergate period. The Clinton impeachment was the Repubs effort to get even for Nixon. It was disgraceful to waste taxpayer resources over the fact that a man lied abut an extramarital affair. Then came payback for that under Bush and so on and so on.

          I think what the news media never spoke about was what happened over social security privitization. It was NOT Bush’s idea. It was the idea of Moynihan and was introduced with a bill by Moynihan and Bob Kerrey. The GOP did not support it as it should and it went nowhere. Then when Bush tried it it was the Dems turn to bash the idea they they originally introduced. So now we all suffer because of these childish political games. Enter need for term limits on Senators and Congressmen.

          But when it came to Obama, during the first 2 years, the GOP had no voice and Obama refused to listen. Reid and Pelosi completely dismissed any GOP ideas. And you recall that joke of a public bi-partisan healthcare meeting with Obama who acted like a complete jerk (ignorant one at that). I would say that there was not one U.S. President who worked not to include the opposition more than Obama did. The last 2 years? It’s a bit too late for Obama to make believe that he is bi-partisan after how he acted the first 2 years and how bad he made the economy. The biggest obstructionist in D.C.? Harry Reid.

          And Romney is right. First priority to get the economy back into aggressive growth with renewed confidence which at that time you can more aggressively address the structural problems of the budget and structure of government.

          But $1 trillion in the first year while the economy is stagnant at best? Not prudent.

          • Popsmoke

             We agree on the internet and the vicious political cycles.

            At this point neither party wants to compromise on record. Its election season! Though they are all doing it when its comes to actual spending.

            Yes basically Romney is correct. But with national security proposed at $910 billion in total. Who the heck is he kidding?

            The cuts have to be hard and across the board. For me $1 trillion is a good negotiating starting point….

            We cut and save from there….

          • Hokma

            Agree on the starting point and the tough cuts.

            This is a prediction based on past history and a couple of people down on Wall Street who would know.

            Obama has no chance of winning the election, apparently it is in part due to his own political party who are more concerned about the economy than winning an election (ie Clinton who is leading the sabotage).

            There is a huge amount of wealth just waiting for order and confidence to be restored which was not happening with Obama.

            Within the first six months of next year under Romney, he will look like a miracle turnaround artist if all he does is get rid of Obamacare and Dodd-Frank as well as a gazillion EPA regulations and then revisit Bowles-Simpson. The direct result of that is predicted to result in possibly the greatest market growth in history. The reaction in the stock market will be enormous and maybe even before a Romney inauguration.

            The best analogy would be imagine you were isolated for 2 years in Antartica after which your first exposure to civilization was in Ricks’ Cabaret in Houston. The minute any degree of confidence proven then the amount of money unleashed on the street will be huge.

            That period will result in much greater government revenue as well as start a recovery worldwide. Reagan’s greatest weapon was his ability to instill confidence back into the economy before he had a chance to actually do anything.

            Then we will have to see if Romney will just ride the wave out and do nothing – or – use the opportunity to make historic changes in government structure and the budget. That I have to admit will be TBD. 

  • Popsmoke

    When push comes to shove.. Republicans will vote for Republicans, and Democrats will vote for Democrats . As usual it will be left to the indies to make the final decision. Most will not be engaged for another two to three months…

    The Clintonians will not screw themselves over Romney. No matter who thinks what….

    • stodghie

      actually pop that isn’t true. i am a moderate and used to lean left. hell will freeze over before i vote for dim again. and i know hundreds who feel the same. so do the math. and keep the insults to yourself please. ty

      • BuzzLatte2

        Bill drew less than 1,000 in Wisconsin over the week-end… is that hint enough that the dems are in trouble?

      • KenoshaMarge

        I feel and will vote the same way. The recall election in Wisconsin has only solidified my loathing for the Democrat Party.

        Doesn’t mean I think the GOP is all that great either. But hopefully they learned a lesson from their time in the wilderness. If not, there is always another election and a few 1 term presidents may open some political eyes. Doubtful, but it could happen.

      • Popsmoke

         One dimensional thinking…..

        • stodghie

          poor ole pop! that’s all you have? just another insult among learned and well thought out comments? good day

    • BuzzLatte2

      The Clintonians?  The ones who were so rudely dismissed in the debacle of May 31, 2008?  The ones whose votes were stolen and given to Obama in that bit of corruption?  Poppy – we’re  long gone.  Dems with 30 plus year voting histories with the dems….we’re GONE!

      • Popsmoke

         “we’re GONE!”

        One dimensional thinking…..

        • stodghie

          pop you must be standing in front of a mirror while you yell “one dimensional thinking” LOL

          • Popsmoke

            stodghie, your neurons are not just misfiring. Your entire electrical system needs an overhaul. 

          • stodghie

            for ole pop! geez fellah or gal, just insults and copy paste from liberal web sites.  how boring! laters LOL

  • Lemuel Vargas

    Think the Clintonian Coalition (Hillary Dems)? has already been bamboozled by the Obama Operatives so many times that a majority has resolved never to vote Democrats again. Some has already come over to Tea Party Repubs while others have remained independents.

    And, this might come as a suprise to others, but my observation points to the fact that the Occupy Movement protesters might stay home and not vote at all or might vote ABO (Anything But Obama)..

    just my 1 cent worth of observation..

    • getfitnow

       What ever happened to Clinton’s DLC? It seems that “blue dog”, moderate democrats are a thing of the past.


    has any one ever gotten an accurate count of the democrats that left the party in 2008????? How many like me that think ” hell would freeze over before I would vote democratic again:?

    The economy is a very large part of the problem.

    but one that they do not seem to get is  they took the votes of 18million people and said your vote does not mean shit to us.
    They are still doing that

    They have not figured out how to work with the other side of the aisle to improve the problems of this country and backtrack has shown no willingness to do so. He makes it worse.

    His actions while in office have hurt this country both here and abroad.

    Now you have pelosi saying that Hillary should run in 2016.
    Too late for that.

    • getfitnow

       Remember what Pelosi did to Hillary in ’08–the backstabbing, threatening super delegates, bribing.

      And when asked about the misogynistic  attacks –she hadn’t heard them–too busy with the House’s business.

      • HELENK2

         a commenter at crawdad hole said

        she is trying for buy two and get one good president for free.

        if you vote for backtrack this time, we will let you have Hillary the next time.

        not going to work

        • KenoshaMarge

          Maybe back then when they told us they didn’t need us they weren’t smart enough to know that some day they might. Actions have consequences and the consequences of what the Democrats did in 2008 were visible in 2010 and will be in 2012.

          Don’t bother “promising” me Hillary Clinton in 2016. I don’t want her and I won’t vote for her if she runs. That train left the station in 2008.

  • http://www.theindependentview.com/ Matthew J. Weaver

    Interesting and notable that Hillary was up in the Arctic this past week and Bill is out saying that Mitt’s record is sterling.  I’d love to read a lot into that (and none good for Obama).

  • alicewolf

    Reinstate Glass Steagall, referendum be darned.   Give the banksters back their unpayable debts, and put the too big to fail banks that are insolvent into bankruptcy protection.   Congress will have to start uttering credit for worthy projects that will put our citizens back to work for generations to come.   Repairing sewers won’t cut it.
    We need NAWAPA, the North American Water and Power Alliance project, which has been on the back burner since the Jack Kennedy presidency, we need to get our US Steel Industry back to work, our concrete industry pumping again, we need a mag lev national railroad system, we need to start growing leafy green trees and vegetables where the new irrigation water management is being applied to more agriculture, to promote rainfall and lower the temperature by about two degrees.  We need to get NASA back to work so we can start figuring out how to protect our planet from asteroids and other galactic dangers, we need to study the galactic conditions that we know will help us to anticipate earthquakes and tsunamis before the human tragedy level is not too high.   We need to stop engaging in wars that are intended to get us to self destruct so that the oligarchs can realise their genocidal dreams and rid themselves of us, and above all we need to open ourselves up to the truth,JESUS  IS LORD.

    • felizarte

      Agree with everything you said plus return to at least one year holding of stock investments before qualifying for capital gains tax rates.  This should slow down stock turnover somehow and encourage investment in company operations/productions.  Perhaps even total tax exemption if stocks are held for more than two years or more?

      • alicewolf

        Hey there. Not completely up to speed with your remarks on stock holdings etc. but I do know that there are computer programs such as Solomon which was marketed by Bloomberg? I think, that caused for larger traders to be triggered before the regular market and make money based on completely unfair advantages. The brokers waiting for phone calls from their clients were left biting the dust. The recent issue of the Facebook stock was really peculiar, many people are getting their investment money back , or so they hope. The oligarchy have it rigged in their favour and they need to take a long hike. How about the outer darkness?

  • DianaLC


    I tend to agree with you.  “It’s the economy, stupid,” as everyone knows. 

    You write:  “The Democrats are in the grief-denial phase. Anger and bargaining and depression to follow.”  If the Dems of the Clinton coalition–which for some reason you also link to the DNC–had been so necessary, how in the heck did they lose the last primary to such an idiotic group of Chicago thugs and progressives?

    Because the group that put O in office, however, did such a good job of baboozling and hoodwinking the MSM and the American people in ’08, could they be capable of doing it again? 

    I personally hope not and truly think that this time it would take a David Copperfield type of magic act for them to do it again.  In your analogy, it would take a lightning strike from Jove himself to fix the economy quickly.

    Let’s just hope that somehow the Republicans are up to the task of doing something to help push things into a better financial future very quickly if they are put in charge.  After the Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush group with their Saudi friends and their neo-con followers were the representatives of the GOP and we saw how that worked out, I am hoping that the Republicans have changed their ways a lot too.

    • Lemuel Vargas

      That might happen if we GO OUT AND VOTE THIS NOVEMBER FOR THE DOWNTICKET TEA PARTY CONTENDERS even though you do not (not recommended) inclined to vote for Mitt. Remember, ABO (Anything But Obama) or the more apt analogy, OMG (Obama Must Go..


      • stodghie

        i will vote for romney because i know not doing so gives an opportunty for obama to complete destroying this country. it is as simple as that.