Face the Nation stages Democratic surrogate-op Bob “I know losing elections” Shrum to speak what is on the minds of the Clinton Coalition from the 1990s. Sean Trende, author, “Lost Majority,” (and RealClearPolitics poll analyst) explains that the Obama election of 2008 and the re-election of 2012 both depend upon the Clinton Coalition.

There are no Obama remarks of the Democrats and the available Independents. If the Clinton Coalition made up of the DNC and the Upper South (chiefly AK, TN and VA) are not sanguine, then the Democrats are not confident.

POTUS Obama as a candidate has done little to soothe the DNC (he mostly ignores the DNC) and nothing for the Upper South but dash into VA now and again for staging.

Bob Shrum talks of the “referendum.” The jobs report on Friday June 1 was the referendum. Game over, part 2.

The Democrats are in the grief-denial phase. Anger and bargaining and depression to follow.

The last stage is for November 6, acceptance.

The Obama fail was nothing the Republicans did or do. It is an augury by our National Augur, the economy.

I think of the election as early Roman sacred rite of seeking an endorsement for the future (divination) with the office of the Augur. We stand on the Palatine, holding the curved stick of our office and watch birds. Depending upon where they fly — direction and location and altitude — we recognize the past and the future.

The June 1 jobs number birds augured “game over.” Bob Shrum recommends that we “face reality here,” because he is less superstitious than many. (Never face reality by yourself, Mr. Shrum, since it is a shock wave going to blow you away like a June bug.)

The auguries have divined. What happens in Europe, Asia and the malls in the US is fixed. David Axelrod whines that the GOP is “high giving” bad news. Nope. The GOP is saying aloud and giddily what the Democrats are saying off camera and gloomily.

The auguries, Mr. Axelrod, the auguries, it’s reality facing time.