Welcome to my home. Wisconsin. The Badger State. Famous for cheese and cheeseheads, beer, brats, and the Green Bay Packers. One of the fly-over states that most members of the MSM don’t think of often. If at all. It’s just too nice (except for those Packers).

Wisconsin. Russ Feingold country . . . Oops. Not anymore. Now it’s the state holding a recall election that will have profound consequences for the entire country and the 2012 presidential election. Have we irretrievably lost our niceness? Have we gone cheesy? Us? Whodathunkit?

Today is the day that will decide the fate of Governor Scott Walker . After all the ads. After all the trash talk. After all the name-calling. Recall Election Day is here. Or, as I like to think of it, the Union Party’s Temper Tantrum Day. Or Mayor Tom Barrett’s Do-Over.

Most Wisconsin residents have taken sides and dug in. I am no exception. I voted for Scott Walker, I support what he has done, and I will vote for him today.

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is also on the ballot. She is the embodiment of “Wisconsin Nice.” Ms. Kleefisch has been subjected to the same kind of misogynistic attacks that every Republican woman experiences from The Left in their perpetual War On Conservative Women — a well-documented “war” that most of the media don’t bother to cover.

Three State Senators are also on the recall ballot. It seems an election is no longer an election here in Wisconsin.

Considering the cost to the voters of this state, I hope that Gov. Walker wins and that sends a loud message about this recall-without-a-good-reason crap. I don’t believe a governor, any governor, should be recalled simply because the opposing party, or in this case the opposing party and their pals in the unions, don’t like his policies.

If Barrett wins, he may find himself the target of a recall vote next. Because if you can “recall” a governor simply because you don’t like his/her policies, where does it end? I all ready “know” I don’t like Barrett or his policies. Sounds like a good reason for a recall to me. What the hell. It will only cost another $16,000,000 or so.

This is the first time that everyone single person I know is going to vote. None of the “oh it won’t make any difference”   talk. Every one expects this to be so close that every vote will count.

We know that we have to get every Walker supporter than can walk, hobble or crawl to the polls. Kenosha is union territory and we will be in a minority even though most Kenoshans aren’t union members. Many who are, don’t want to be. Still Kenosha always votes union. Go figure.

I heard that Neil Cavuto is coming here to Kenosha. Why here I don’t know. Perhaps he heard of the very special Cannoli’s at Paielli’s Bakery and the equally delicious ones at Cardinali’s. Cavuto is a man who has his priorities straight and knows that elections come and go but a good cannoli? Hard to find.

 Bret Baier and Special Report are here in Wisconsin too. Along with representatives of most of MSM. Wisconsin isn’t used to this kind of attention. In fact we are surprised that so many of the elite media folks even know how to find us. Probably got directions from MapQuest.

I am not a “fan” of Sean Hannity and seldom watch him. The times I do watch is when Frank Luntz does a focus group. The  focus group last night was a good indication of how things are here.

Tom Barrett claims he’s the one to “heal” us, to end this civil war. Is he stupid or just another politician that thinks that we are? If Barrett succeeds in ousting the Governor so many of us support we will loathe him. Deeply. Eterhally.

Tom Barrett is getting his do-over. The unions are attempting to take back their power. In pushing their agenda they have divided this state in ways I’ve never seen here before. The anger is deep. The anger is real.

Meanwhile that profile in courage in the White House “tweets” that he hopes Barrett prevails. A “tweet” in support of Barrett? Seriously?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1105381077 Jim Gocht

     We’re gonna kick some major GOP “arse”…come November…

    Hugs Hon’s…!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1105381077 Jim Gocht

    Well at least the “Dems” managed to wrest control of the State Senate from the “GOP”…!

  • Popsmoke

    Well Walker won… I might not like the guy and how he plays the game. But I also think that recall elections should be used only when there is a  a criminal reason to remove a sitting governor not a policy reason.

    But to say this is a preview of what is to come in November is all smoke. The money wasted in this recall election was just outrageous. The outside interference by both parties and their 527s/SuperPacs into local and states rights was also atrocious. I can’t imagine how this would have turned out if it remained just a local state issue.

    This is not how our founding fathers ever imagined the way we should ever turn out…

    However since you all were locked on Walker there was another race in another state that says a hell of a lot more than the Walker deal.


    By the way, for those here who say that the Clintonionans are all dead and buried? In Your Eye!

    • Hokma

      I’m surprised there was not more made of the NJ primary.

      In my opinion Bill Clinton is the smartest politician since FDR. I do not believe that he forgot the mistreatment he personally received in ’08 from the Obama campaign.

      He is deftly having it both ways with Obama. He worked out an agreement to get Obama to pay down his wife’s campaign debt while at the same time very shrewdly making sure Obama does not get re-elected. Part of the latter are Democrat money people who do not want another day of Obama in 2013 and are willing to accept a Repub for 4 years.

      This NJ primary is one more step of Clinton taking party from Obama. You have to love Bill.

      • Popsmoke

         Its going to be interesting….

  • Flop_Flipper

    Obama lent his 140 character support for the recall. Not exactly a profile in courage. 

    We all won this election. Obama and his liberal cronies are falling hard and I couldn’t be happier.