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Sack? Shun? Silence? Disappear? Terminate? All of them?

What? Bill Clinton? Deval Patrick? Cory Booker? Ed Rendell? These staunch Democrats? Given POTUS’s blessings? Directed to act as his most powerful surrogates?

President Obama, a narcissist, requires fulsome praise and deference. He had expected loyalty from surrogates in their public remarks. Until recently, he and Axelrod never imagined that, instead of widely circulating surrogate videos and transcripts to news and blog outlets, the campaign staff would be mired in cover-ups and scripting invented excuses for renegade surrogates.

H/t to JRTerrier who shared Rendell’s remarks in a comment:

It’s as if all the DEMS that can are jumping ship. This is really astounding:

Charlie Rose, CBS News: “You supported Hillary Clinton, strongly. Do you think we would have been in a different place if she were elected?”

Fmr. Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA): “I think she would have come in with a lot more executive experience. I think the president was hurt by being a legislator only. For example, healthcare and the stimulus, two bills that I think did good things for the American people — too much of it was left up to the Congress. He sort of said, ‘here is my concept, you guys flush it out.’ I think Hillary Clinton would have sent them a bill and said, ‘here’s what I want.’”

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Now, we turn to more surrogates including President Bill Clinton, an extrovert if ever there was one. Clinton is regarded by many in both parties as a great president whose reelection unnerves Barack Obama. Particularly since Obama has proven he’s in over his head and has tried blame administrations of the previous “30 years” for his own failures. Astoundingly, Obama attempts to lumps Clinton in with the other presidents of the past 30 years, all Republicans save one (President Clinton).

Charles Krauthammer had some things to say about Clinton, the heretical surrogate, and his fellow surrogates, Patrick and Booker. From my transcription of the panel on Bret Baier’s Special Report a few days ago:

Clinton doesn’t do a good obfuscate. It was obvious he didn’t have his heart in that.

And the reason he was being used to … by the Romney campaign is because he didn’t attack Romney. It’s because he said that Romney has had a “STERLING” business, and after the Obama campaign had poured millions of dollars into saying this guy [Romney] is a vulture and a vampire.

When you get the leading surrogate — the Number One Democrat in the country — saying “sterling.” And you get Deval Patrick, who’s an ally of Obama’s and governor of Massachusetts, saying that he’s a perfectly good businessman. And, of course, Corey Booker, the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, who had to make a . . . he said [originally] that he was NAUSEATED by the attacks on Romney and Bain.

It tells you that it’s not going to wash.

How come the Democrats run on this when their own surrogates are contradicting it so openly? …

  • KenoshaMarge

    Just as Governor Walker’s win in Wisconsin will energize the Repulicans, this kind of crap will demoralize the Dems.

    The idiot thugs in the Chicago Obama campaign headquarters that said that Cory Booker was “dead to them” certainly did Obama no favor.

    I know that at this point in time nothing puts a smile on my face like a Democrat circular firing squad.

    I will enjoy it while I can. This is waaay too good to last.

  • David L

    We have the best politicians money can buy !!!! 

  • jrterrier

    and look at this.  i’m really astounded.  it’s an open insurrection.  i can’t remember this many members of a president’s party being so vocal about their disagreements.  and it’s only June. 

    Lanny Davis Goes Off On Obama Aides: “You Have Vicious People Who Are Working For The President”

    there’s no surrogate smoother than Lanny Davis.  He is very measured and diplomatic, not bombastic at all.  and in this tape, lanny davis refers to the “kool aid” people who are trashing corey booker. i’m speechless. seriously, this is stunning.


    he also upset the Kennedy’s. There is still a large part of the  democratic party that remembers the bygone era of the Kennedys
    so now think about this
    the two most popular presidents in the democratic party
    John F Kennedy and William Clinton
    and this fool disses both families,  payback will be big

  • FormerLiberal9

    It seems like there are a fair share of our fellow Clinton supporters who are having second thoughts about their choice to stay in the party and support BO. Could this be because many of the Clintonistas were center left and Obama has been continuing to preach to the hard left. I would bet that Romney starting to look pretty good to them now compared to Barrack. Oh no! division in the kingdom.

    Barrack poor fellow can’t seem to get a break lately.

  • foxyladi14



    even tweety tingles is jumping ship.

    last week it was maureen dowd

    that iceberg is getting closer and life jackets are in short supply

    • shelldoll2

      Perhaps had they slept together.