Barry Soetoro Obama remains his own worst enemy. He’s like a cocaine addict or alcoholic that refuses to admit he has a problem. As long as he denies he has a problem he will be unable to take steps to fix it. In his clouded brain there is nothing to fix–things on the economic front are swell.

Really? Private job creation is fine?

Obama signed his economic stimulus package into law on 17 February 2009.

In March 2009 U.S. civilian noninstitutional population was 220,317,000 and there were 140,887,000 employed. Unemployed stood at 13,161,000. Number of folks “not in the labor force?” 81,038,000.

So where do we stand as of May 2012? Our civilian noninstitutional population increased to 242,784,000. The number of employed now stands at 142,287,000. Unemployed are 12,720,000. And the number of people not in the labor force has soared to 87,958,000.

Mr. President, are you this totally clueless? Are you really that uninformed?

In the three plus years that Obama has been President our population of potential workers has grown by 2.4 million. Yet, there are only 1,400,000 more people working today than in March of 2009. The only thing Obama has achieved is that he has driven 6,920,000 Americans from the labor force.

Yet, the ignorant Mr. Obama continues to insist that the Private sector is doing great and that he has created 4 million jobs. Bullshit. Deal with the actual numbers.

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