Where oh where to begin. Well, let’s try here first: Have any of you visited Obama/Biden’s campaign Web site? I’m still on its home page, yet my jaw hit the floor so many times, I had to stop reading to get myself an E.R. doc, nurses, straws, liquid sustenance, and elephantine pain pills (uh, make that by I.V., okay?).

You won’t need my interpretations. Or a TOTUS. So here are some screenshots. We travel back in time to June 8, 2012, the day that an obviously GRIM “Ann Marie Habershaw, Chief Operating Officer” wrote “In the aftermath of yesterday’s news ….” First, the “news” followed by the “aftermath” part:


You get the idea. Visit Obama/Biden’s campaign Web site at your own peril. Or, better yet, share what you find there.

WELL. I can’t resist. Here’s one more. Thing is, my trusty screenshot app couldn’t capture it with a single image, so here’s a spliced version:

That FOCUS part was kinda clever, I gotta admit. Even Don Draper might be impressed. (Have to wonder what Mad Men would have done with Obama.)

One bitsy problem. Isn’t the FOCUS a Ford car? And didn’t Ford … uh … oh well. Never mind.