H/t Anthony_1 for alerting us
to Mitt Romney’s new ad, “Jolt.”

Just in case you missed it, check out Larry Johnson’s post, “More Delusional Economic Nonsense from Obama.” Here’s the opener:

Barry Soetoro Obama remains his own worst enemy. He’s like a cocaine addict or alcoholic that refuses to admit he has a problem. As long as he denies he has a problem he will be unable to take steps to fix it. In his clouded brain there is nothing to fix–things on the economic front are swell.

Read all of Larry’s post which is a great match for another new Romney video, “Fine?”

P.S. Let’s all hit YouTube and subscribe to + watch Romney’s videos. I’m a bit puzzled by the number of views for a video like “Fine.” YouTube says that only 65,000+ people have watched “Fine?” YouTube shows that “Jolt,” the video Anthony_1 shared, has just 309 views . . . yes, it’s brand new, but I hope enough Romney supporters are clicking and watching as well as subscribing.