Mitt, during the Bain days

In re sad-eyed Donnie Box of the (unnamed above steel mill): This is a half-hearted update (see video below the fold) of video of Mr. Box from January ’12 (below). Box was more vigorous in the earlier version of his life six months ago.

This is the tale of GST Steel closing in Kansas City, MO. Box appears to be wearing the same U. S. Cavalry cap, but last January … he sat with a cool-looking workbench behind him with lots of excellent tools.

Perhaps he found six months of celebrity wearing. This is a story that needs more questions of Box as to what he has been doing since the mill closed? What is the U.S. Cavalry iconography?

Deeply tempting to do semiotics.

Is this video a product of hasty cut and paste with left-over material? Did they reshoot or put this together from the outtakes? Is there a metatext in a campaign op language?

Perhaps we can learn from this game. When pitched Donnie Box to Priorities USA Action (SuperPac), what was the mission statement? Priorities did the “Lori and Ampad” video. Same story, different character. This is the sad-eyed archive.

OFA (Obama For America):

OF NOTE: That OFA used the GST Steel mill closing for another sad-eyed video last month (below), May 2012, that gained a New Yorker blog of the ordinary and the usual.

This GST veterans team (Joe Soptic, Donnie Box, John Wiseman, David Foster, Andy Cruz, Jack Cobb) is fully-employed at reality TV acting.

Is Team Obama out of material? Working GST three times in five months?

Romney is a bummer is the theme. Okay. And then? It is like an online registration robot — it keeps sending me in a loop back to the start?

Capitalism is creative destruction. And the alternative is…?

Chicago is spending data-mining in speaking to the same shopworn demo, its own base voters. What about the swing staters who voted for Obama in 2008? Do OH or VA swing voters make up their (fickle, cluttered, Indie) minds because of the testimony of MO red-staters, or KS red-staters? Puzzle.

January 2012,

May 2012, OFA: