Editor’s Note: What better late on a Saturday night than talking movies?!

I love movies. My tastes are somewhat eclectic but my favorite is The First Wives Club. I love Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton and the parts they play in the film. I thought the rest of the cast was first rate too. How can you possibly go wrong with Maggie Smith, Marcia Gay Harden and Bronson Pinchot in supporting roles?

Somewhere near the bottom of the acting credits is Sarah Jessica Parker. You know, the latest “Obamagirl.” Only this one invited him home to dinner.

I can hear the groans from the menfolk at the very thought of this “Chick Flick.” Worse yet, while this is my favorite, it is closely followed by Steel Magnolias  which is followed by Fried Green Tomatoes. I can hear the menfolk  heading for the doors as fast as they can scoot.

I admit to a love of movies where women are strong. I also like women who fight back. So I do enjoy these  movies.

After that I then tend to go in all directions starting with my love of the movie Avatar. Yes, yes I know it’s the typical Follywood corporations are the bad guys film. I just fell in love with the Na’vi. And you must admit that Neytiri kicked some serious ass.

I suspect that if we ever really did run across a planet like Pandora , actually the moon of a gas giant, it would be our government that would lead the way to exploitation of the natives. But that’s an argument for another time. Besides we don’t go into space anymore unless we can hitch a ride with those that do.

I also love to watch and re watch Star Wars,  Willow and old John Wayne westerns, especially Stagecoach. I also loved and still watch To Hell and Back Gotta love a movie about a real-life hero starring  as that real-life hero. Or at least I do.

 I like strong women, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and other movies that “grab” me for whatever reason. I don’t like werewolves, vampires, prison movies, gangster movies or anything “historical” that isn’t somewhat close to accurate. Fiction is fine. Docudrama? No thanks. One or the other please.

My likes are indiscriminate and seldom follow popular culture. I like what I like and don’t much care if anyone thinks my taste odd or uncool.

I don’t usually read articles about celebrities. They just don’t interest me. Narcissism is boring. There are some who are real and decent and lead worthwhile lives. Far too many play musical beds and/or are drug or alcohol addled. You’ll have to excuse me if I’m not  sympathetic to people who have the world by the ass and feel the need to alter their reality. The young growing up in poverty-stricken neighborhoods surrounded by violence and despair have a reason. Celebutards? Not so much.

I don’t usually read about the rich and clueless fashion freaks and celebutards. It’s bad enough to have Sarah Jessica Parker cooing into the camera and telling me that “we need Obama and he needs us.” It made me bilious for days. The very idea that anyone would allow her to help them decide who to vote for is repugnant.

I was  amused when I saw an article about Sarah Jessica Parker having her apartment re-decorated by the Devil Wears Prada,  Anna Wintour.,  AKA “Nuclear Wintour.”  The re-decorating was because Ms. Wintour didn’t believe that Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shabby Chic decor was Barack Obama worthy. Tsk tsk.

 Anna makes SJP chic for O

Vogue editor and aspiring diplomat Anna Wintour added the role of interior decorator-in-chief to her titles this week by overseeing a decor overhaul at Sarah Jessica Parker’s luxe home before President Obama’s visit.

Wintour — who’s reportedly in the running for the US ambassadorship to Britain — was photographed with her daughter Bee Shaffer paying a visit to Parker and Matthew Broderick’s West Village townhouse just as movers were hauling furniture in and out to prep for yesterday’s $80,000-per-couple fund-raiser hosted by Wintour and the “Sex and the City” star.

Sources said the fashion oracle wanted to clean out SJP’s “shabby chic” furniture. One told us, “Anna was going crazy about the decorating. She was having a lot furniture removed and sending all of SJP’s tchotchkes upstairs.

“Some of the stuff in the house was shabby chic, and let’s just say, Anna wanted less shabby, and more chic,” the source added.

While Wintour, known for her painstaking planning of events like the meticulous Met Ball, was at Parker’s place Monday, movers lugged in a piano. Parker was reportedly strolling nearby with her kids and a nanny.

link: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/anna_makes_sjp_chic_for_u0b7xNFao48Rrckcwpm2FO

Isn’t this life imitating fiction? Didn’t the despicable “Shelly”, played by SJP in The First Wives Club get conned by Gunilla Garson Goldberg into allowing  Duarte Felice into decorating her apartment? The despicable Shelly, a clueless social climber was sure that she belonged up there with the “elite” and so must have a domicile worthy of her wonderful self.

The whole article, from Page Six in the NY Post no less is just too-too divine. Not to mention too-too indicative of the social elites in NYC who would tell voters who, or is it whom, they should vote for. Because Sarah Jessica Parker knows exactly what we need. As does Anna Wintour. Yeah, right.

Did you notice that Wintour is vying to be Ambassador to Brittain? Are you kidding me? Isn’t that position supposed to be for a diplomat? Wouldn’t the very fact that she is nicknamed “Nuclear Wintour” exclude her?

Meanwhile, Sarah Jessica Parker, her children and the nanny go for a stroll while Nuclear Wintour revamped her home to be worthy of the POTUS. Honest to Dog people, you just couldn’t make this up. No one would believe it.