A few thoughts on Romney’s response to Obama: I liked it. It was measured. He came off as practical (not hopey changey dreamy). Romney’s a leader who looks ahead and finds solutions that will work for the long haul — not hasty politically-motivated quick fixes that fall apart or never happen. I’m 99% sure that Obama has no plans yet to implement his executive order. Identifying and “vetting” an estimated 800,000 young people 1) will cost a lot of taxpayer money, 2) will require a sophisticated nationwide system to ID those eligible, and 3) doesn’t guard against an influx of thousands more crossing the border.

Romney praised the efforts of Sen. Marco Rubio (D-Fla) (critical since Rubio has been working his ass off to build a bi-partisan coalition for legitimate immigration legislation — NOT a “unitary executive” fiat that ignores our nation’s citizens and elected representatives). And I’m concerned that young “illegals” could get jobs and college slots that should go first to young people who are already citizens. Obama, yet again, is not only failing to address job shortages — particularly jobs for young people — he is exacerbating the employment crisis.

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