A few thoughts on Romney’s response to Obama: I liked it. It was measured. He came off as practical (not hopey changey dreamy). Romney’s a leader who looks ahead and finds solutions that will work for the long haul — not hasty politically-motivated quick fixes that fall apart or never happen. I’m 99% sure that Obama has no plans yet to implement his executive order. Identifying and “vetting” an estimated 800,000 young people 1) will cost a lot of taxpayer money, 2) will require a sophisticated nationwide system to ID those eligible, and 3) doesn’t guard against an influx of thousands more crossing the border.

Romney praised the efforts of Sen. Marco Rubio (D-Fla) (critical since Rubio has been working his ass off to build a bi-partisan coalition for legitimate immigration legislation — NOT a “unitary executive” fiat that ignores our nation’s citizens and elected representatives). And I’m concerned that young “illegals” could get jobs and college slots that should go first to young people who are already citizens. Obama, yet again, is not only failing to address job shortages — particularly jobs for young people — he is exacerbating the employment crisis.

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  • APO_AE_09173

    It is really important to understand the impact the “illegals” have had on the most vulnerable sectors of our economy. The rsources set aside for inner city schoold that disproportionatly serve the Black community have been impacted for years by the illegal students.
    These students now will also compete directly wih other minority stuents for slots in the colleges set aside fo minorities. This is a really bad thing.
    The pressure on wages with all the entry level workers will keep wages low and continue the 14% to 18% unemployment amon the Black youth.
    How can the Black community continue to support this man who has intentionally disadvantaged their community yet again–for nothing more than ensuing votes for him?

  • Flop_Flipper

    I find it unfortunate that the illegal immigration problem has brought out so many bad feelings here. As someone that has lived in another country, I have seen first hand how illegal immigration creates problems and how turning a blind eye to it only makes things worse. I am of the opinion that we are a nation of laws. When someone violates that principle they should not be rewarded for doing so. That said, we can’t be insane about things and insist on deporting undocumented people when we have no idea where they came from to begin with, even if we do know where they entered from.

    I would be in favor of allowing illegals to stay here and work if their tax rate took into account that they have violated our laws to get here. Double it. I am not in favor of allowing them the same privileges that we as law abiding citizens enjoy. I am also completely in favor of E-Verify. In other words, we must have a penalty for the people already here that have violated our laws to get here. Without a substantial and meaningful penalty we are left with amnesty which I do not in any way support.

  • Flop_Flipper

    Mike Huckabee made some rational points about Obama’s exec order and was then pilloried for doing so. That is the problem in the political arena. Too much dug in intransigence. I am open to a reasonable solution to illegal immigration. The first order of business is securing our borders so that no more illegals come in. Period. If the “left” was willing to seriously address that issue I think they may find some willing partners on the “right” to solve the problem of what to do with the folks already here illegally. We can yell and scream and beat our self-righteous chests demanding deportation but this is not a feasible, realistic solution.

    Here is a link to the video: http://weaselzippers.us/2012/06/16/huckabee-defends-obamas-immigration-policy-its-an-admirable-thing/

  • HARP2

    Stop stand-up urination for men, Swedish politicians urge

    A Swedish political party is taking a stand against upright urination.


    This will I`m sure stop dems from getting all wee wee`d  up and insisting on squatters rights.

    • HARP2

       Not sure I can stuff my ample posterior in one of those urinals and I`m  DAMN SURE  I can`t write my name in the snow sitting down.

      • HoosierinDixie

        Now that’s funny Harp. Best post tonight. Guess your pretty happy Bloomberg only wants to regulate soda after reading that.

    • FormerLiberal9

      Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and your link proves my point. And just when I thought that our government couldn’t sink any lower here come the Swedes to prove me wrong.

  • hedyanne

    Just wanted to say that Marco Rubio is a republican in the article they put democrat of Florida…..

  • twobits2

    Bottom line – no matter which party takes power, there will likely be no sending back of the 12 million illegals living here.

    Obama made a politial move. Period.

    If the economy gets straightened out, there will be enough jobs for everyone.

    One thing that I’m always reminded of, is that Dems want each group to fight for what they want. Reps – when being responsible and following the Constitution – want what’s good for the group.

    Let’s keep focused – James Carville had it right in 1992: it’s the economy, stupid. Fix that and everything falls back into place and no one will be worried about whether their kid will be willing to pick up dog poop at a rescue as a summer job instead of a Mexican day laborer.

    • stodghie

      first of all they have to control the border. any smart politican not given to just paristan politics knows this. i am tired of having to jump through hoops on immigration issues. i also taught english as a second language and like my hispanic friends and neighbors. but let’s face facts here mexico deports their illegal aliensl dang every country in the world does. can we send 12 million home? no not saying that. but i am tired of extending sympathy to those who are not legally here while american citiznes are kicked to the curbs and states are forced to pay for services they shouldn’t if the us govenment did their job.

      having obama pull this stupid move he did doesn’t help matters and the ultimate solution. like everything else he does, he muddies the water and makes a serious problem worse.

  • jrterrier

    from weasel zippers: “Sam Donaldson made his career out of interrupting Reagan — anytime, any place. Obama urinates on the Constitution in the Rose Garden and people wax shocked when a reporter exercises his guaranteed right, as well as his responsibility, according to the First Amendment.”


    i actually found President Obama’s nasty retort inappropriate.  This is a republic.  we elect a president, not a monarch.  we the people, and the press on our behalf, have a 1st Amendment right to question the president whenever there is an opportunity.  as obnoxious as Sam Donaldson was in his heyday, i never begrudged his intrusions.

    • http://www.theindependentview.com/ Matthew J. Weaver

      Agree 100%.

      And not only was “President Obama’s nasty retort inappropriate,” he never did answer any questions.


    I had a  teacher back in the dark ages that taught us that divide between groups was for the most part always caused by economic and power problems.
    if one  group was stronger then the other, there were less problems. As one group grew to be as strong as the other then there was a fight for jobs, for power.

    when the  Irish and the Italians first started to come to the US in large numbers. both fighting for jobs, for decent places to live the anger and fear between the groups cause a lot of tension.
    when a large number of Irish came to boston there were signs

    help wanted
    no Irish need apply

    What backtrack just did will cause such a divide between those here legally looking for jobs that are disappearing and those who backtrack just granted amnesty looking for the same jobs.
    While the acceptance of those here illegally was never that great now  it will be 10xs worse

    divide and conquer seems to be his MO and has been for years

  • jrterrier

    when Sec Napolitano was asked by Wolff Blitzer about the parents of the 16-to-30-year- olds targed by the Obama edict, she really didn’t have an answer.  Wolff wanted to know whether when the “children” identified themselves to the government, would their parents then be targeted for deportation.  No, Napolitano said.  We wouldn’t do that.

    So for Matthew Weaver and the others who weren’t too pleased with this Obama move, maybe you have cause for concern. The beneficiary popupation grows.  Then I suppose next will be the grandparents etc.  And we’ll soon have a new population ready to get SS and Medicare.  Great.

  • Flop_Flipper

    Perhaps the worst result from Obama’s action is that it distracts from the cause of the problem. It modifies the result but doesn’t even address what started it. In other words, he kicks the can down the road while pretending to have accomplished something. This is the typical Obama MO.


    a just because for the football fans.


  • scottymac54

    I think this is why it’s so important for Obama, Holder, and company to be held directly accountable for the “Fast and Furious” debacle.

    It’s totally obscene for this administration to hold those of us who support strong enforcement of immigration law as obstructionist to their goals, when they themselves run help run guns, drugs, cash, and victims of human trafficking back and forth across the border.   THEY enable the carnage that is causing this latest wave of illegals, driven not by economics or upward mobility, but sheer terror inspired by the very consequences their incompetent and dangerous choices the administration does in our name.

    • HELENK2

       it really scares me that I agree with you for once

  • foxyladi14




    isn’t nice of backtrack to finally let congress know that our military are in somalia and yeman. 


    richard trumka ok with backtrack immigration policy.
    do you think it is because union membership is down and he needs more members to get more money????


    • HoosierinDixie

      Yes Helen. Diminished union membership and movements toward “right to work” legislation has put a crimp in this nasty fat bastard’s lavish lifestyle and he sees this as an opportunity to reverse the trend. He is so desperate he is even trying to organize the unemployed. How could someone who doesn’t have a job pay union dues? Whereas there may be a slight uptick to unions such as SEIU that generally represent lower income janitorial and food service workers, I can’t imagine the rank and file of other unions such as steel, auto, construction workers and the like will be too happy with Obama’s announcement or Trumka’s endorsement. Trumka also fails to realize many illegals send money back to extended family in their country of birth on a regular basis. I can’t see them cutting off needy family members to pay union dues when unions in general are on the decline.

  • http://www.theindependentview.com/ Matthew J. Weaver

    No, never is amnesty in any form acceptable.   Romney looks like a weak flip-flopper by his yawning response.  This might not offend liberals but the rest of us find his passive pandering purely offensive.

    By the way, Obama suggested 800,000 people being legalized to usurp Americans and LEGAL immigrants from schools and jobs.  Elsewhere the media is talking about twice that and even as many as 3,000,000 illegals being rewarded by their illegal, costly, and unwelcomed presence in the U.S.

    Worse, one can only imagine a rush on families with kids into the U.S. and a document mill to fake their presence to be part of Obama’s Amnesty

    • twobits2

      Sorry, but the “rest of us” includes me and I am not a liberal. While I’m not in favor of simply allowing illegals to continue to live and work here without recourse, the reality is that many kids were brought here by their parents and, for all intents and purposes, consider themselves Americans.

      I thought Romney’s response was measured and fair. Obama created yet another problem about a situation that deserves more thought and consideration.

      • http://www.theindependentview.com/ Matthew J. Weaver

        I really don’t care how they got here, they do not belong here and have typically cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars, have taken seats in our schools, illegally taken our jobs, and, now, Obama wants to legalize them to do even more damage.

        Seriously, with 20-25% un- and under-employment, 50-75% or more in some communities and among young people, taking our construction jobs, etc., Obama’s action is a direct in-your-face insult to working and wanting-to-work Americans and LEGAL immigrants.

        Finally, let these illegal kids reconcile their fate with their parents.  Their U.S.-paid education will put them fare ahead of their peers when they return to their home countries.  Maybe a good way to grow change in Mexico and elsewhere.

        • scottymac54

          Matthew, your views on this line up with mine.

          But we have to be mindful of WHY Obama would do this, here, now.

          Steve King has already expressed his willingness to stick his neck out and block these plans, and there’s no way Obama’s people could not have anticipated this.

          This has to be their strategy to undermine any unity between the “pro-business” wing of the GOP, which Romney represents, those Hillary Dems who are choosing to support Romney this go-around, and the “Liberty” and “Tea Party” wings, who tend to support more stringent immigration enforcement, in conjunction with a “borders, language, culture” message.

          It’s about the only way they have to sow discord amongst their fiercest opponents, try to win back Hillary supporters and moderates who’ve defected, resurrect the “racism” meme,  and do it all in one felswoop, without having to spend a lot of money by operating covertly (the media will willingly provide cover for them, gratis).

          They may succeed.

          Romney needs to step up to the plate and redefine himself outside of the pro-business milieu he’s most comfortable in.

          He has to show he can lead on issues that might be diametrically opposed to corporate business interests, in response to a pivotal subject that Americans rightly see as key to their very survival.

          • http://www.theindependentview.com/ Matthew J. Weaver


          • BronwynsHarbor

            Keep in mind that the vast majority of likely voters are, at this point in time, far, far more interested in what Romney can do about the economy and jobs.

            The immigration thing could be a distraction, IF (!) we let it.  If only the Hard Right knew that it’s important to, as the saying goes, pick their battles carefully.  It is especially a no-win effort to draw a line in the sand against OTHER REPUBLICANS and those inclined to vote for Romney.

            If Romney swings too right, he cannot win.  He would guarantee an Obama victory.

          • buzzlatte3

            I don’t think it will succeed for the dems.  They’ve had no way to measure just how deep and nasty the distrust goes since May 31, 2008.  Well, it’s immeasurably deep and when I have friends in CA, no less, saying their not going for Obama (again), the *high* has definitely worn off.  

        • elizabethrc

          I’m in agreement with you Matthew.  If Obama is so intent on making these people  ‘legal’, no matter what terms he uses, why not target their parents who came here as illegals?  If they have not become legal citizens, send them back.  I suspect  a goodly number of the younger folks will want to be with their families and might just decide that Mexico isn’t so bad, after all.
          In any case, the adverse and unfair effects of illegals in our schools is already being show.  One instance is the college which is lowering the tuition costs for illegals.  This is hard to fathom and I hope that the ‘disadvantaged’ legal students plan a pretty vigorous law suit against that particular college, as well as any others which decide to do the same thing.
          America has for generations, opened her doors to foreigners, but unlike those generations who assimilated, learned the language and were proud to call themselves Americans, and not some hyphenated name, today’s immigrants expect us to change.  Most of us will fight to keep our identity.  Those who like Mexico’s identity better maybe should think about staying there.

          • DianaLC

            Do you know anyone in this situation?  Have you taught them?  Read my response to Helenk2 about Metro State College of Danver–the college you refer to.  I have taught there.  I live in Denver.  It’s easy to make a black/white decision on ideological grounds.  It’s not so easy  when you LIVE the problem.

            Again, I mostly agree with you on issues, but not on this.

          • HELENK2

            I went back and read your reply. It sounds like a great an much needed school. My gripe is that out of state legal citizens would pay more than illegals. Make it the same tuition for both, that would be a lot more fair and not punishing one group

            as a grandmother, I am bragging my grand daughter graduated 22 out of a class of 244 and got a small scholarship that all the teachers and coaches and school administration had to vote on. It is awarded not only on marks but on character. She will be  going for one year to a local college and then wants to go to the Coast Guard Academy. she wants a career in law enforcement

          • buzzlatte3

            DianaLC below:  I usually agree, but in this case –  no way.

            The professional situation I was in was this:  Illegals bringing their illegal offspring to the US – working for a few months and then taking the whole family  back to Mexico for a two month VACATION – then slipping back over the border and receiving free education for their children, bleeding heart provided eye and dental care which LEGAL citizens didn’t get and showing up with the WHOLE family at lunchtime at school – not caring if it took lunches out of the mouths of other children.  There were no thoughts as to the consequences of what they were doing.  It was entitlement attitude on steroids.

            I could spend another hour just on what it did to schools when 25+% of their student population didn’t speak english, had many students who left for two months from Jan. to March, for a vacay in Mexico  who, of course, didn’t go to school during that time.  Yet, the same schools were required to meet the standards of  NCLB in the spring.

            The gang crime went up by 30%, the real estate prices dropped in the school attendance area, the chulos were hanging out in their low-riders, and the pregnancy rate went up for age 15 years and up.  Why?  Because latina girls with parents who hold onto the ways of the old country don’t see finishing high school as a real great idea.  Get pregnant with an anchor baby, get the husband and that’s the end of the story.  

            Yup, that’s a story from the frontlines.  Thank God ICE came in.

            Nope I draw the line at this one.  Illegal is illegal.

            The one! I worked with who had parents that came legally – graduated from HS!  

          • twobits2

            The use of the phrase “these people” is extremely offensive. I live in a neighborhood that has many of “these people” in residence and, for the most part, they are better neighbors than those who would have them shipped back across the border without blinking an eye.

            We need to close the borders. Period. That said, you don’t uproot established families and send them back somewhere that has no relevance to their current lives.

            I have a lot of issues with the immigrants in my neighborhood – don’t get me wrong. There is a lack of manners that my second grade teacher Sr. Aloyisina would have gone ballistic over.

            That said, most of my neighbors are hard working, clean, take their kids to school everyday and are kind and friendly.

          • BronwynsHarbor

            DIANALC — Your comment was the last indentation available so I can’t reply to you directly.  I’m with you on this.  I grew up in a vast agricultural area — and I grew up around so-called illegal immigrants.

            DianaLC, you are so right about living the problem … about how ideological positions look so different when you are.  Then there’s that most rigid critics are worried about Latino illegals, not Canadians … yeah, some opponents do sadly have racist tendencies.

            The migrant workers of my youth did the jobs that farmers could NOT FIND Americans to do, except for a few high school students. My dad hired them — he admired their tremendous work ethic and close family bonds.  

            ALSO: To this day — no matter how high the unemployment #s are —  too many Americans will NOT WORK the jobs that “illegals” will — in slaughterhouses, etc., and for less than minimum wage sometimes.

            We can’t hunt down and kick out the 13+ million “illegals.” Obama’s move is selfishly political — we need intelligent legislation and leaders who can implement it.  It will never be perfect, but it can be improved.

            • Popsmoke

              Ditto’s! BIG Ditto’s…

          • getfitnow

            How is this “program” supposed to be enforced–under what legislation? Is That One going “legislate from the Oval Office?

        • DianaLC

          I wonder where you live.  This is the issue that got Gov. Perry scorned in one of the debates.   Think about it.  Perry had to deal with this issue in Texas.  I am from Colorado.  We have to deal with this issue here and have for a long time.  You probably didn’t read my comments in the last thread on this subject.

          We have always been a country with a sense of compassion.  Do you even KNOW anyone like the young people in this situation?  I have grown up with some, have taught some, have been close friends with many. 

          I am from a family in which I grew up hearing a different language from English being spoken in myh grandparents’ homes and hearing my parents and aunts and uncles speaking both languages.  I am NOT Hispanic.  But my grandparents and parents were not asked if they wanted to come here.  They did come here legally.  And they worked alongside people like the ones you are so authoritation about in the fields of CO.

          Both Republican and Democratic administrations allowed this situation to arise.  We as a people allowed it to go on during their lives as they grew up here.  So now you want to send them back to a country where they no longer have real ties and no longer really speak the language fluently and don’t have any idea how to make a living there or how to act there?

          I agree with you on many issues, but on this you are being cruel.

          • buzzlatte3

            Yes, I do.  We are a nation of laws.  I do not agree that illegals have any right to usurp those laws.

            I want the playing field to be even for those that came into this country legally.  I’m sure your ancestors did.  I want bona fide citizens to have a fair shake, too.

            For damn sure if you pulled or I pulled the same  illegal stunt of going into the country of your ancestry, you or I would be facing legal sanctions and possibly jail.

            The pendulum is swinging and if you think this is cruel, imagine what would happen in another country.

        • BronwynsHarbor

          Try telling that to Rick Perry and John McCain and Marco Rubio.

          • Justine00

            Rick Perry, John McCain, and Marco Rubio are wrong on “immigration reform.”  Evidently Romney is, too.

          • DianaLC

            And these three men each have long ties to communities that have to deal with the immigration issue constantly.  I am often put off by others who really like to make judgements but without having to actually know other than Ideological and theoretic knowledge of the subject.

        • jrterrier

          the problem for the election is not immigration.  this is no solution to the immigration problem and immigrants cannot vote. 

          it’s the rhetoric that’s going to come out of this that might alienate voters who are of hispanic descent.  in that sense, romney’s response was measured and appropriate. 

          • HoosierinDixie

            I agree with you jr and with Romney’s response. You have to look no further than this thread to see how deeply divided people are on the subject. Both sides of the arguement have pros and cons and can’t say I disagree with much of what has been written here from either side. My hope is that Romney takes his time to develop a message that is clear, logical and firm but fair without  pandering to anyone or exasperating the problem and the rhetoric.

        • Popsmoke

          Matt your entire response here is unexceptionable, alarmist and very elitist. Yes there are problems with this but folk like you only add to that problem. I really have a problem with views like this especially coming from a NQ featured writer. This is not a site that advocates this type of nonsense. Its dangerous and does this website no justice.

          Seriously Matt, you really need to rethink what you wrote here.

          • http://www.theindependentview.com/ Matthew J. Weaver

            Offended a troll did I? Can’t handle a diversity of opinion? Demand intolerance?

            • Popsmoke

              First of all I am no troll, but nice Freudian projection trip. Secondly if that is your reply then there is no difference between you and people like David Duke and the KKK.

              Yes there are problems with this directive. That I agree. Issues will need to be worked out.

              You have a right to your beliefs and opinions. But those beliefs and opinions are supposed to be based on reason and on an informed bases.

              Your statement as written is based on ignorance and prejudice. NQ featured writers need to be held to a higher standard than commentators.

              Matt seriously, if you think your view, the way you wrote it, is normal for any human being, especially for a featured writer? Then your in the
              need of professional help.

              Let me add this Matt. Your views are your views and that I do not have an issue with. But the way you express those views especially as a featured writer is an issue.

              • scottymac54

                It’s such an emotional issue, because politicians of all flavors have fled from it for decades. The practical aspects and what are very moral questions have been allowed to fester for far too long.
                I wrestle with myself, as far as how I can hear myself coming off, when I opine on America’s immigration question.
                As the latest influx of the undocumented reaches critical mass, the only thing hardliners like myself can do is to try to temper our frustration with conflicting messages from government/business by forcing ourselves not to forget to look at it all from a social services perspective.
                I still maintain that we’ve inadvertantly contributed to the long-term destruction of at least one indiginous culture, and the breakdown of the Mexican family unit through seperation without end.
                For the last forty years, we’ve been taught that the primary function of immigration law was to reunite families. Have we been successful with that, particularly in regards to the Mexicans, those from Guatemala, the Ecuadorians, and Salvadorans?
                It’s not all “unhinged xenophobia” from all of us, although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t driven chiefly by a desire for cultural preservation at home.
                I get your concerns, though.

      • BronwynsHarbor

        twobits2, I’m with you all the way.  See my comment above, and THANK YOU for yours.

        • buzzlatte3

          While I  personally don’t think any group should be protected from the immigration laws,  I do think that Romney did the smart thing.  

          He co-opted the message and in doing so took Obama’s thunder once again.  It’s a smart strategy and I think it will benefit Romney in the end.

          The Romney campaign let the Obama campaign think they won,  but, heh,heh,heh, I have a feeling it’s going to come back and bite Obama in the tukus with the young black vote that now has 40% unemployment, parents trying to pay for college for their LEGAL citizen child, and LEGAL young college graduates that see yet another entitlement group take their jobs.

          Distasteful but smart strategy on Romney’s part.  He can’t be blamed for the young illegals plight…he agreed!

    • BronwynsHarbor

      No, that wasn’t a flip-flop.  Romney had been somewhat compelled in the primaries to shift to a hard-right position, but that is NOT who he is.*

      His inclinations are best reflected in some very thoughtful remarks he made about Marco Rubio’s efforts on legislation.  

      There’s an additional video up at Yahoo for which I couldn’t get the Embed code.  In that video, Romney expounds more on Rubio’s legislation and Romney also gets to flesh out his views on Obama’s sudden announcement.  It’s a must-watch video — here’s the title and link:Romney: Obama should have dealt with immigration soonerI’m with “two bits” in not liking to be folded in along with “the rest of us.”  I decidedly do not like being lumped in with the Hard Right.Thanks for the info on the 800,000 number, Matthew.  That’s good to know.  Do you have a link for that?  I might update my post to show that Obama, on top of everything else in his “Rosy Rose Garden” speech, fudged on the real numbers.I tell you, hard facts are, for Obama, a thorn in his side._____* The most rigid far-right people, thankfully, are a minority in this country. And that includes Grover Norquist, whose hard-headed pledge obsession is very detrimental to the Republican party, to the constituents of those who caved in to Norquist’s threats, to Congress, and to the nation.Rigid, no-compromise-ever types are not just difficult to work with, they make it impossible to have a real democracy. They usually can’t “work with others” well, and they also tend to undermine the positive efforts of others via veiled threats, back-stabbing (!), etc.  Those in the Hard Right are, plainly, as big an obstacle to a functioning United States as are members of the Hard Left.

      Romney, by nature, is person who is eager to work with other people.  Romney understands that democracy is a messy business that requires both negotiations and consensus.  

      Romney SEES why immovable edicts by the Hard Right would make him unelectable in a general election where he has to receive votes from moderate Republicans, Independents, and Conservative Democrats in order to even have a shot at winning the presidency.

      And Romney knows that, should he manage to win, he would have no shot at being a successful president if he were to refuse to listen to or work with anyone who might disagree with him in the slightest … that would be disastrous.

      • DianaLC

        Romney also knows UTAH.  Those of us who really have to live with this situation here in the West/Southwest have more compassionate views on the issue.

      • Flop_Flipper

        From the Yahoo video you reference:

        When asked if Romney needed the Latino vote to win…….

        You know, I think you do what is right for the country and you don’t make policy based upon politics. And I hope that if I become president of the United States I’ll get things right. I’ll do my very best to help all of the American people.

        Now, in my opinion, that is called leadership. He speaks plainly, sincerely and honestly. How long has it been since we’ve had a president like that?

      • Wisewoman2

        I usually agree with you and Diane most of the time, however on this one I totally disagree.  This is being done purely to get the Hispanic vote otherwise why was it not done sooner.  For a very long time in my life I thought the “right” or as many like to say the “far right” people were crazy.  When I stand back and objectively look at policies that are bankrupting the country I have to finally admit that smaller government means spending less dollars on “compassion” policies that the country can not afford.  The far right is correct, stop spending money we don’t have and stop implementing policies that will make the job situation worse.  With the country in the shape it is in all and I do mean all illegals should be deported.  They have broken the law whether they were old enough to know or regardless if they could have done anything about it.  Compassion taken to excess will be the death of the country.  At this point in time I rather agree with romney’s response.  Obama wants the conversation to be about anything but the terrible job situation.  I hope Romney don’t fall into his trap.

      • Popsmoke

        More Ditto’s….

    • Hokma

      At this critical stage of persistent high unemployment the media would have been responsible in pointing out that Obama’s reckless pandering to Latinos left out the fact that the highest unemployment rate is among young African Americans and the fact that Obama’s policy makes it even more difficult for them because the cost of an illegal worker even with a work permit  is much less:

         (1) they do not have to be paid minimum wage, and,
         (2) do not have to pay taxes.

      Those were two critical factors that Obama left out and the media has ignored.

    • FormerLiberal9

      My take on the subject of illegal immigration is that it would be a onerous task to deport all the 12 million or so illegals in this country. So the task should be to protect and guard the border. We need to shut the border down for all illegal activities including smuggling drugs as well as smuggling human beings.

      We tried amnesty years ago and it didn’t solve the problem of illegals flooding across the border. We could give amnesty to all undocumented persons in this country today and in less than ten years or so we will wind up with another 10+ million illegals.

      I am not a big spending liberal but in this case we need to INVEST in border protection for multiple reasons. When that happens I won’t have that much problem with legalizing the immigrants residing here now in this country.

      The one part of the Dream Act I agree with is the section dealing with the Military. I believe anyone who serves this country should have a shot at Citizenship. And I would take it a step further in that any immigrant deployed to a combat zone should have the option of immediate citizenship. I want all those fighting for us to be fighting for their country as well.