UPDATE: NOW we have to wait until Thursday for the ruling. So much for planning ahead. And here I thought it was good to get a post up early today. Ha.

From WaPo story: “Obama’s legal tactics seen as possibly hurting chances to save health-care law” (Click image to view story.)
This is the last Monday when the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) normally announces its fateful decisions on Mondays and Thursdays before it closes shop for the summer. The last Thursday, June 21, came and went with not a peep.

The odds are that today we will learn if the so-called Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obamacare) survives in part (minus the now-infamous “mandate”) or if all of the Act is struck down by SCOTUS.

If Obamacare is struck down, what will happen next? Will the decision affect you personally? How? Will the decision affect your job or your business, if you’re fortunate to have either and fortunate to get health care insurance?

How will the SCOTUS decision affect the close presidential contest between incumbent president Barack Obama and his challenger, former governor Mitt Romney? Do you think the impact on Obamacare — particularly the parts already in play, such as extended benefits of parents’ insurance plans to children through their twenties — will affect how people vote in November?

Should Obamacare go down, there will be a huge stinking, nasty mound of shit contempt emanating from President Barack Obama and his White House crew.

Obama already has it in for the Court. He even attacked the members of SCOTUS — right in front of them — during his State of the Union speech two years ago. The Court members who had made the effort to see Obama deliver his SOTU were rightfully offended by Obama’s rudeness. It was one more instance that proves that Obama has no respect for the Constitution and its carefully defined branches of government. If Obama had his way, he’d ignore both Congress and the Supreme Court.

Some Democrats vow, if SCOTUS strikes down parts or all of Obamacare, that they will begin work on a new health care legislation immediately.

Please post any news you hear.