Jan Crawford Greenburg (Click image to read her influential article.)
UPDATE: I’m listening via my DVR to Neil Cavuto who interviewed Mark Levin. Like Sen. Mike Lee, Levin mentions Jan Crawford’s article (“Roberts switched views to uphold health care law,” CBS). Levin says Chief Justice John Roberts was “focused on the optics” while Justice Kennedy was “focused on the Constitution.” Levin: “Roberts went political … they want these courts named after them,” e.g. the “Roberts Court” like the “Rehnquist Court.” Levin continues, “It is the most reckless, activist decision … since Roe v. Wade.” More Levin: “If we buy that he threw it to the political branches … he concocted, he rewrote [the Act]. … He reads the tea leaves. This is just the first.” Levin argues we need term limits for justices. (MORE BELOW.)

Original: Earlier I caught this segment of Megyn Kelly’s show and have been waiting for the video to appear so that, if you missed it, you can listen. This Mike Lee is one sharp guy. Megyn isn’t too shabby herself.

You don’t need a wrap-up from me. The video says it all. But I’d love to find out if — as I suspect — you’re hearing similar viewpoints and/or have considered Senator Lee’s points all on your lonesome.

Okay, lonesomes. Have at it.

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More on Jan Crawford Greenburg:

1) She blogs for CBS News at Crossroads. OF NOTE: She is CBS’s chief correspondent for the 2012 presidential election.

2) She authored a book on the Supreme Court: Supreme Conflict: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court.

Drawing on unprecedented access to the Supreme Court justices themselves and their inner circles, acclaimed ABC News legal correspondent Jan Crawford Greenburg [she formerly worked for ABC News] offers an explosive newsbreaking account of one of the most momentous political watersheds in American history. From the series of Republican nominations that proved deeply frustrating to conservatives to the decades of bruising battles that led to the rise of Justices Roberts and Alito, this is the authoritative story of the conservative effort to shift the direction of the high court-a revelatory look at one of the central fronts of America’s culture wars by one of the most widely respected experts on the subject.

The paperback is available for $6.40 (or less from third-party sellers).