“This effective image just arrived in my inbox from the Romney campaign,” says your very own “armchair activist,” mocking herself:

That’s not all. There’s a companion video.

From Mitt Romney’s YouTube channel.

Have you noticed by now that this “armchair activist” never runs out of videos, images and articles to post on this blog? Yeah. Me either.

This is also an open thread. So it’s your turn.

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    liberal teacher group says July 4th fireworks equal pretend war.

    there are no words to explain the thinking

    • FLDemFem

      So when my sisters and I “fenced” with our sparklers, we were preparing to be soldiers? Well, it didn’t work for us, none of us joined the military.


    can someone explain why the Secretary of the Navy has decided that half the fleet should be on biofuel that cost $26,00 a gallon and a lot of the ships use 100 thousand gallons a day??

    • HELENK2
    • FLDemFem

      Any bets on whether or not the biofuel supplier is a major donor of Obama’s? And personally, I don’t want the Navy sailing around smelling like french fries. It would make it hard to do maneuvers with any stealth at all with the smell of french fries preceding ships anywhere they go.

  • DianaLC

    Here’s my healthcare horror story:
    I had a strange heart incident two years ago. It’s a type that, as in my case, the doctors can’t figure out why it happens. In fact in my case it happened without any reason being present at all, when usually it happens during an extremely emotional situation. But it’s also an event that easily rights itself and never happens again. So two years later the cardiologist who treated me at KP called to say I should come in for a re-check. Usually with KP if the test is ordered by KP as a preventative, it’s free, as in the case of mammographies, blood work, etc. So when she told me after the EKG was perfectly normal and the blood work was perfectly normal, but she said she would like another echocardiogram, I agreed without thinking much of it. I thought, “What the heck! Those are easy and quick–usuall 15 minutes or less.” So I go in for it. My bill? $900, and my results were perfectly normal–as I could have told her.
    The reason for such a high cost? I had used up almost none of my deductible, as I avoid doctors as much as possible. So I had to pay almost my entire deductible. for that stupid test. I called the doctor and let her office know that from here on out I would call them and they were not to call me.
    Now I am thinking to myself, do I hope I get sick during the rest of the year because that bill plus my pretty high monthly payments still will not be enough to give me a healthcare deduction on my income tax?
    KP is one of O’s favorite types of insurance providers.

    • http://twitter.com/jbjdjbjd jbjd

      It hardly seemed appropriate to hit the ‘like’ arrow; but I wanted you to know, I ‘felt’ your ire.

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Will no Obama supporter explain how Obama has kept these specific campaign promises?

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Crickets. Interesting to watch HHS gear up to tell physicians what the most societally cost effective treatment is for their patient’s condition. If they prescribe a different course of action, they will not be paid by the patient’s insurance carrier.

  • SantaFeK

    These graphs are great to pass along to those who think they are immune.
    Money quote of the day from Debbie Wasserman

    “Speaking on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” Wasserman Schultz said Monday, that the law should be enforced by the federal government’s taxing arm because “it’s simply a matter of ease in administration.”

    “The way we usually think of taxation, Wolf, is that taxation as the IRS administers is collected on broad swaths and large categories of individuals,” Wasserman Schultz said. “This is a penalty that will be assessed on the tax return if you choose to roll the dice and make us all pay for your being irresponsible and increase all of our health care costs.“We’re not going to tolerate that any more in America. You have to be responsible and you have to pay a penalty if you choose not to be,” she continued.”

    • HARP2

      Except for Congress critters and 1200 waivers for companies close to Democrats.

    • FLDemFem

      And if you are self-pay, pay all your own bills and do not expect the government to pay for any of it? I do that, and I dare anyone to tell me I am irresponsible about my health care costs. I pay all my own bills. Every friggin’ dime. And I pay up a lot faster than the insurance companies do and I don’t haggle. So how is that irresponsible?

      • Flop_Flipper

        It’s not only considered irresponsible, it will become illegal soon.

        • buzzlatte3

          That’s my gripe, also. I go once a year but I will be penalized for managing my health which until the progressives came along humans had be doing for thousands of years. What a scam!

  • samb1

    Do you think he is (O) trying to include himself in this?



    this is just weird. Chinese building cities and no people in them

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/N4NSPJQH5LFRMKI5SRWCLYMQWU Aaron

      I drove through one of those cities last year while visitng a friend who lives a couple hours outside of Beijing. It really was bizarre.



    suddenly backtrack is going on a bus tour of Ohio and PA.
    Will he use the Canadian built busses????

    • FLDemFem

      Will he actually ride the bus, or fly from place to place and just use the bus as a limo to get around? The busses would be flown from place to place too. That’s what he did last time he went on a “bus tour”.

      • HELENK2

        meechele is offering her seat on the bus for a donation to the campaign. I do not know if it is over or under the wheels

      • scottymac54

        It’s another example of the “new” environmentalism, as opposed to the old conservation, which was so simple, and effective, they had to eradicate it.
        When he comes here, it always seems to be in the late afternoon, and large sections of midtown and, increasingly, the area around the PATH station at WTC, are disrupted for several hours. It’s now not unheard of for the frozen zones to simultaneously impact everything formerly surrounding the entire “Hudson Terminal” area, Penn Station, the Battery Park underpass, and Grand Central, near the hotels that host his fundraisers….all you see are people hanging around, waiting, on phones, smoking….
        It throws mass transit into complete chaos, we of the lowly peasant class plan our vacation days around avoiding this regularly scheduled yet unpredicatable chaos.
        The twenty-four hour radio news stations run advisories for days in advance, and even Bloomberg….Bloomberg!….is now openly criticizing the sheer folly of these frequent disruptions to orderly freedom of movement not to mention the unnecessary security risks they cause, with their inability to communicate and cooperate with local authorities, the DOT, the Port Authority, the transit authority, and the various private jurisdictions that have no “umbrella” to pick up the slack.
        People get home afterward, turn on their TVs and hear how wonderful the economy is doing, and the Herculean efforts the administration is putting forth at “moving forward”, after half the region has spent the day standing in place.

  • http://twitter.com/jbjdjbjd jbjd

    If Marco Rubio becomes Gov. Romney’s running mate; under TX law, he is not entitled to appear on the general election ballot. Because the rules promulgated by Secretary Andrade, only require candidates to establish the federal qualification in the election statute; by swearing on a ballot application, they are Constitutionally eligible for the job. (And, that they are telling the truth.) And the only time both the R’s and D’s fill out a ballot application in TX; is to get on the primary ballot. But Rubio, like all of the D’s on the primary ballot in TX, including Barack Obama, filled out no such application.

    We want to take the Secretary to court to keep those names off the general election ballot. Wanna help?

    (This is what I have been ‘up to,’ from my chair!)

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      So, under Texas law, what names could appear on the General Election ballot as candidates for POTUS?

      • http://twitter.com/jbjdjbjd jbjd

        No D’s; and only the R’s who appeared on the primary ballot in that state. Because SoS Andrade only promulgated enough rules to require applications to the primary ballot as evidence of federal qualification, spelled out in the statute as the prerequisite entitlement to getting on the general election ballot. (Read the article.)

        The party designation will be there; and voters are only electing party Electors, anyway.

        Hopefully, people in TX (and other states) will finally ‘get’ that under existing election laws the only mechanism for ascertaining federal qualification for office; is at the point of the ballot. (And that notwithstanding years spent examining electronic images in political advertising for evidence of the candidate’s authenticity; no one else who had to certify the candidate’s eligibility to the ballot mistook these as a legitimate basis for verifying he was for real.)



    this is a new message for the American government to give to the people.
    we must overcome Pride and Self Reliance beliefs

    • HELENK2


      the death of personal responiblility.
      these two seem to go together

    • buzzlatte3

      Ever see the old silent movie, Metropolis? Ironically it was made in Germany before the National Socialist Party or Nazis took power. It’s a warning against this kind of thinking. *sigh* nothing has changed with the dems.

  • DianaLC

    I get these emails also. I think the Romney campaign is doing a good job of building a base and giving them good reasons to vote for him.

  • buzzlatte3

    OT but perhaps a sign of the times> Oregonians! Yes, Oregonians speaking out against Obama and the liberal agenda. Worth checking out. Feds Silence Fourth of July…


  • BronwynsHarbor

    Remember when Taylor Marsh was one of us? Her Tweet is the second one below:

    Anne Leary ‏@backyardconservYes. THIS is the real truth to the power:RCP Video – Rep. Allen West: Obama Wants Americans To “Be His Slave”

    Taylor Marsh ‏@taylormarsh
    Another Disgraceful Tea Party Performance by Allen West.

    • scottymac54

      If I agree with her assessment, what does that make me?
      One of “us”, or one of “them”?

      • Flop_Flipper

        It certainly does.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/N4NSPJQH5LFRMKI5SRWCLYMQWU Aaron

      I wonder how many disgraceful OWS performances she has tweeted about.



    Newsweek poll
    voters say Jimmy Carter was a better president than backtrack

    • foxyladi14

      At least he loves this country.