What’s the biggest complaint I keep seeing about Governor Mitt Romney, the man expected to go up against President Barack Obama this November? What’s that one characteristic flaw I hear over and over?

“He’s boring.” Well, shit. Too bad, so sad.

Boring is the husband who diligently goes to work every day, does his job exactly as expected, and comes directly home to be a family man every evening until he goes to bed early so he can wake up refreshed and go out and be boring again tomorrow, just like everybody expects of him.

Well, who’d want THAT in a president?

Maybe you’d rather have someone fun and exciting. Someone who plays golf or basketball all the time instead of doing his job. Someone who keeps you guessing whether he’ll be working this week or off on another Air Force One entourage vacation? Someone who doesn’t have the patience or respect to push his political agenda through Congress, so he just makes Imperial Fiats as the whim strikes him?

You know, someone unpredictable and self-centered?

Yeah, that’s more fun! That’s more exciting! We want a wild and crazy president!

Sorry, but for me, I’ll choose the boring guy to be president. At this point in history, someone who can just come in and get the job done is exactly what I want. Even if he is boring. Which he’s not, in my opinion. He’s rather sedate. Businesslike. Stoical. But not boring.

But everybody keeps complaining about how boring Romney is. I even saw an article on BuzzKill, er, BuzzFeed, another political blog, that said Romney is “terrible” for web traffic. They weren’t actually putting Romney down. As far as I know, they support him. Or maybe, like most voters this year, they support the candidate who is NOT Barack Obama. Here’s what they said:

In the war of partisan trash talk that frequently consumes online political media, one truth has emerged from this year’s election coverage that transcends ideology: No one wants to read about Mitt Romney.
The well-starched Republican’s traffic poison has been felt this year at websites across the political spectrum — including at BuzzFeed — and it’s left many editors, publishers, and bloggers yearning for the days of the unpredictable Sarah Palin, the maverick John McCain, and the Obama-Clinton blood feud. Bloggers and editors are left to decipher its causes — is it Romney’s discipline, his blameless personal life, or the simple fact that his supporters are less likely to be trolling the web?

Well, I don’t know. I see tons of support for Mitt Romney on the web, and even in print, but more on the web. I think people are still sizing him up, and he’s not a flashy guy… but then, who needs flashy? If I want flashy, I can watch TV. Mitt’s style seems to be to keep his head down, try to stay on script and not make any more gaffes than necessary, and keep the focus on his opponent. This works well because most of the focus on Obama lately is negative. Voters are, in fact, holding him accountable for the depressing economy, at least those who aren’t still addicted to Hopium.

Let’s compare the situation to some other “real life” scenarios.
Let’s say that you know your supervisor is doing a poor job and that the bosses are pretty unhappy with his performance. It’s pretty clear that the supervisor is in danger of losing his job, and you are next in line, the logical choice to move up, should he be terminated. So, how do you play it? Do you strut around the office like you’re the hottest thing since microwave popcorn? Or do you double down on doing a good job, and just make the case that you can do the job better than the guy in the hot seat?

And speaking of bosses and supervisors, who would you rather work for? A guy like Mitt Romney, who has a strong track record of making wise investments and taking care of business? Or a guy like Obama who is an absentee leader whose decisions are mostly made for him by his “advisor” and his handlers? Or maybe an unpredictable ticking bomb like Newt Gingrich, or a holier-than-thou ideologue like Rick Santorum? I’m pretty sure I’d prefer Mr. Dependable. Boring as he may be, by comparison.

OK, new scenario. Dating! Whatever the gender, when you’re just dating, and not looking for a spouse, people tend to fall for the exciting ones. The guy with a motorcycle or a hot car is exciting. The guy driving a sedan (even if it’s a Mercedes) is less exciting. The guy who likes to go out partying all the time, who likes to drink tequila shooters and maybe smoke a little weed is a fun date. The guy who is the “Designated Driver” is a dud. But when you’re tired of all the partying and you’re ready to settle down, who would you rather take home to meet your folks? The guy who can drive you home sober in his Mercedes sedan, or the drunk guy on the motorcycle? No contest. Unless your folks are bikers.

As near as I can tell, Mitt Romney is a real nice guy. He’s squeaky clean and he has a history of just doing a good job and being a model family man. I can’t help but like him as a person, even if he is boring, which I don’t personally feel is the case. I’m not saying he’s perfect, or the ideal man for the job, but he’ll do nicely for the task at hand, which is simply to win this election and apply his business experience and talents to fixing our country.

He gives me “Hope” that he can “Change” the sluggish and teetering economy. And best of all, he’s not Barack Obama. That gets my vote right there.