What’s the biggest complaint I keep seeing about Governor Mitt Romney, the man expected to go up against President Barack Obama this November? What’s that one characteristic flaw I hear over and over?

“He’s boring.” Well, shit. Too bad, so sad.

Boring is the husband who diligently goes to work every day, does his job exactly as expected, and comes directly home to be a family man every evening until he goes to bed early so he can wake up refreshed and go out and be boring again tomorrow, just like everybody expects of him.

Well, who’d want THAT in a president?

Maybe you’d rather have someone fun and exciting. Someone who plays golf or basketball all the time instead of doing his job. Someone who keeps you guessing whether he’ll be working this week or off on another Air Force One entourage vacation? Someone who doesn’t have the patience or respect to push his political agenda through Congress, so he just makes Imperial Fiats as the whim strikes him?

You know, someone unpredictable and self-centered?

Yeah, that’s more fun! That’s more exciting! We want a wild and crazy president!

Sorry, but for me, I’ll choose the boring guy to be president. At this point in history, someone who can just come in and get the job done is exactly what I want. Even if he is boring. Which he’s not, in my opinion. He’s rather sedate. Businesslike. Stoical. But not boring.

But everybody keeps complaining about how boring Romney is. I even saw an article on BuzzKill, er, BuzzFeed, another political blog, that said Romney is “terrible” for web traffic. They weren’t actually putting Romney down. As far as I know, they support him. Or maybe, like most voters this year, they support the candidate who is NOT Barack Obama. Here’s what they said:

In the war of partisan trash talk that frequently consumes online political media, one truth has emerged from this year’s election coverage that transcends ideology: No one wants to read about Mitt Romney.
The well-starched Republican’s traffic poison has been felt this year at websites across the political spectrum — including at BuzzFeed — and it’s left many editors, publishers, and bloggers yearning for the days of the unpredictable Sarah Palin, the maverick John McCain, and the Obama-Clinton blood feud. Bloggers and editors are left to decipher its causes — is it Romney’s discipline, his blameless personal life, or the simple fact that his supporters are less likely to be trolling the web?

Well, I don’t know. I see tons of support for Mitt Romney on the web, and even in print, but more on the web. I think people are still sizing him up, and he’s not a flashy guy… but then, who needs flashy? If I want flashy, I can watch TV. Mitt’s style seems to be to keep his head down, try to stay on script and not make any more gaffes than necessary, and keep the focus on his opponent. This works well because most of the focus on Obama lately is negative. Voters are, in fact, holding him accountable for the depressing economy, at least those who aren’t still addicted to Hopium.

Let’s compare the situation to some other “real life” scenarios.
Let’s say that you know your supervisor is doing a poor job and that the bosses are pretty unhappy with his performance. It’s pretty clear that the supervisor is in danger of losing his job, and you are next in line, the logical choice to move up, should he be terminated. So, how do you play it? Do you strut around the office like you’re the hottest thing since microwave popcorn? Or do you double down on doing a good job, and just make the case that you can do the job better than the guy in the hot seat?

And speaking of bosses and supervisors, who would you rather work for? A guy like Mitt Romney, who has a strong track record of making wise investments and taking care of business? Or a guy like Obama who is an absentee leader whose decisions are mostly made for him by his “advisor” and his handlers? Or maybe an unpredictable ticking bomb like Newt Gingrich, or a holier-than-thou ideologue like Rick Santorum? I’m pretty sure I’d prefer Mr. Dependable. Boring as he may be, by comparison.

OK, new scenario. Dating! Whatever the gender, when you’re just dating, and not looking for a spouse, people tend to fall for the exciting ones. The guy with a motorcycle or a hot car is exciting. The guy driving a sedan (even if it’s a Mercedes) is less exciting. The guy who likes to go out partying all the time, who likes to drink tequila shooters and maybe smoke a little weed is a fun date. The guy who is the “Designated Driver” is a dud. But when you’re tired of all the partying and you’re ready to settle down, who would you rather take home to meet your folks? The guy who can drive you home sober in his Mercedes sedan, or the drunk guy on the motorcycle? No contest. Unless your folks are bikers.

As near as I can tell, Mitt Romney is a real nice guy. He’s squeaky clean and he has a history of just doing a good job and being a model family man. I can’t help but like him as a person, even if he is boring, which I don’t personally feel is the case. I’m not saying he’s perfect, or the ideal man for the job, but he’ll do nicely for the task at hand, which is simply to win this election and apply his business experience and talents to fixing our country.

He gives me “Hope” that he can “Change” the sluggish and teetering economy. And best of all, he’s not Barack Obama. That gets my vote right there.

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    Why do Republicans hate the US so much?

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  • http://twitter.com/ChocChipsMusic The Chocolate Chips

    I made a new song about voting for Obama on November 6th, I thought you NoQ people might enjoy it:

    • MG6

      Put down the cup and step away from the koolaid….
      Go to the nearest psy ward for immediate care. You maybe suffering from Hallucinations, delusions brought on by lies, deceits and, did I mention lies?



    they must want to sell his seat pretty badly. 2nd dem wants to know more about jesse jackson jr health

    • getfitnow

      I know. After he gives her the facts, she still says it is more of a
      problem for Romney. These are the typical Obama voters.
      If you see the clip, you can see her searching her pea brain for more talking points.

      OMG she IS an idiot!


    rgNews tweeted:

    BREAKING: Fitch Affirms United States at ’AAA’; Outlook Remains Negative


    stolen from the crawdad hole

    Romney 5 steps to get economy going


    • Hokma

      I was just watching Bret Baer on Fox and they played a clip from that townhall in Colorado but only a segment where Romney bashed Obama on his failures. They left the clip you had out and asked shouldn’t Romney begin to talk about what he would do?

      They should have you doing their editing!


    In less than 4 years backtrack has

    given islands that belong to the USA to Russia

    signed a law of the sea treaty that weakens us

    stopped energy projects that would help keep us independent from the ME
    wasted billions on phony energy projects that just gave our money to this buddies

    failed to protect our border

    gotten hundreds killed in a failed operation whose main purpose was to implement gun control

    circumvented laws of the land by issuing executive orders

    plans to sign an UN treaty that does away with our 2nd amendment to the Constitution

    Has put us into debt that the next 5 generations will be paying off

    do you need any more reasons to vote for Romney to get backtrack gone?????????

  • foxyladi14

    Get your Mittens on!!

    • FLDemFem

      I will vote for Romney, but I will not wear mittens. I live in FL and right now it’s over 100 degrees RealFeel. Too hot to wear mittens.



    liberal group calls Romney too white for blacks to like

    so who is the racist????????

    • getfitnow

      I am so disgusted. Obama and his ilk have brought the very worst out in people.

      Liberals have license to say anything.

      • Madame_deFarge

        Why show up for a MLK anniversary when he has so little in common with Dr. King?

    • Madame_deFarge

      Funny that blacks will not criticize him because he is black…whites have no problem criticizing other whites. I get it that he’s the first black president. It makes me wonder if Idi Amin would be excused because he is black. Is he still in exile, living on his stolen millions or did the grim reaper finally get him?


    this is something we all should pay attention to


    us will sign gun control treaty on July 27

    will the 2nd amendment be a used to be????????????




    NAACP requires photo ID to see eric holder speak about his efforts to stop voted ID laws

  • arabella_trefoil

    Romney is bad for internet traffic? I’ll tell you what is worse for internet traffic: no electricity, global economic collapse, and failure of all our infrastructures.
    Let’s just keep voting for people who are good for internet traffic, but unable to manage government and the economy. Eventually there will be no internet for the little ones to play with.
    Oh how low can they go? Romney is boring, so don’t vote for him. The idiots – they just keep coming.

    • scottymac54

      Sadly, Romney’s negatives are just so pronounced.
      “Boring” doesn’t even enter into it (and never should).
      I’m just glad I recognized what was happening, right from the outset.


    Egypt’s supreme constitutional court rules to halt the president’s decision to recall parliament, judge says – @Reuters



    this should be interesting backtrack’s brother makes film debut

    • getfitnow

      Why isn’t our young, historic POTUS

      redistributing some of
      his personal income to help his family member?

      • FLDemFem

        He was shocked to find a half-brother older than he is. It proved his father was a bigamist. He would prefer that everyone forget about that and supporting his half-brother would raise questions as the legality of his parents’ marriage. It wasn’t legal, given that in the US bigamy is illegal. Therefore his parents weren’t legally married, and he is a bastard. No wonder he wants to keep his bro under the radar.



    backtrack put more people on disability than in jobs
    does not sound like success to me

    • arabella_trefoil

      He did? Hurray for Obama he actually accomplished something. What? Oh that’s actually a BAD THING.

  • Deapster

    America wanted celebrity values when they voted for Obama. Now they want solid midwestern values because celebrity values crashed and burned. Junk food values over time were downright undigestible.

    Back to basics. Back to what Romney is effectively standing for.
    Back to slow down agrarian values, which built this country. Careful cultivation, patience, reap what you sow, with a back-up plan in case there is no rain, or pests sweep in to undo what you expected to harvest.

  • Deapster

    Boring is good. Sane is even better. Enough of High Drama Obama.

    • http://twitter.com/ChocChipsMusic The Chocolate Chips

      Obama’s brought no drama – it’s the Obama haters that have brought that with their insane attacks on the man.

      • getfitnow

        I think trying to fundamentally transform this country against the will of the majority of the people, is pretty dramatic.

        • Madame_deFarge

          Putting avowed Communists in the WH and appointing them as Czars is pretty startling.


    more about those job numbers

    once again they are not what they seem to be


    off topic and above my pay grade.
    how does this effect us?????

    ChaveZ gives China control over oil


    check out this new website
    jobs outsourced by backtrack


  • lola828

    This is Romney “sane”.
    In 1990 Bain Capital purchased the controlling interest in Damon Corp. a Medical Testing Company….Mitt Romney joined the Board of Damon Corp. to help manage the Company…… two whistle blowers tipped off the government and Medicare Fraud Charges were brought against Damon Corp. In 1996 Damon Corp Plead Guilty to Frauding Medicare, they were fined $35,273,141.00 as a criminal fine in addition to $83,726,859.00 to resolve related liabilities.. Total Fines 119 Million Dollars.
    This represented a recovery of $3 for every $1 that they stole from Federal and State Healthcare Programs…The U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the case is quoted as saying “A case pure and simple of Corporate Greed Run Amok”. The Company went Bankrupt in 2002, thousands of jobs were lost. Bain walk away with a Profit of 12 Million Dollars. Companies close all the time, what’s at stake are the crimes, not job losses.
    At one point Romney denied knowledge of the crimes and later yes he flip flopped to say he was aware and on top of the problem.
    And this is the moron you want to be President. A greedy Wall Streeter who made his money in a dubious fashion and hides his income overseas so he can avoid paying taxes (he paid a lower tax rate last year than the lowest 15% tax rate for the very poor). What is he hiding by not wanting to release several years of tax returns like everyone else does? Very patriotic of Romney and very “sane”.

    • FormerLib160

      What LaLa seems to “forget” is Mitt Romney already paid the higher rate of 35% on his “EARNED INCOME” in the year it was EARNED.

      Now he is paying an ADDITIONAL 15% on “Investment Income”, just like Obama is doing.

      Color me shocked LaLa doesn’t know the difference.

      • lola828

        That makes no sense.
        That is not how our tax system works?
        Why does Romney have a Swiss bank account? Isn’t a bank account in Massachusetts good enough?
        It is hilarious the Romney wants to be the guy to reform the tax system and get rid of all the loopholes, when he could be no better example of someone who takes full advantage of all the loop holes.
        If any of you had the guts, why don’t read the Vanity Fair article about Romney and his taxes and earnings at Bain. Go read it and we can come back and discuss. See what kind of “sane” guy you are going to be voting for.
        You can read it here:
        “Where the Money Lives”
        “For all Mitt Romney’s touting of his business record, when it comes to his own money the Republican nominee is remarkably shy about disclosing numbers and investments. Nicholas Shaxson delves into the murky world of offshore finance, revealing loopholes that allow the very wealthy to skirt tax laws, and investigating just how much of Romney’s fortune (with $30 million in Bain Capital funds in the Cayman Islands alone?) looks pretty strange for a presidential candidate.”
        Mitt Romney hides his money in off shore banks, pays minimal US taxes, and went to France to avoid US draft. Mitt likes off shore activity in a BIG way.
        Mitt Romney is a towering example of financial fortitude and a true defender of free-market capitalism. It is no wonder that less than 1% of the population will spend almost any amount of money to get him elected (and protect their tax treatment).

        • FormerLib160

          The Vanity Fair article was written by an Occu-Pooper.

          If the IRS saw something untoward during Mitt Romney’s tax returns, I
          have a feeling that they would not hesitate for one minute to pursue it
          and extract every penalty that would be due.

          Now Warren Buffett for example has a big back tax bill that both the
          Huffington Post and the Blaze has reported on. Maybe it’s just me but
          I’m thinking if Mitt Romney had a similar problem, if he owed taxes, or
          had a big penalty or had to go to court to defend such issues we might
          just have heard about it during the Massachusetts Gov Campaign, or
          during his Senate Campaign vs Ted Kennedy, or the 2008 Presidential
          Campaign, or even in the primaries in 2012…

          …but we haven’t.

          Strange, that.

          So, in essence, I think it’s a lot to do about NOTHING

          • FormerLib160

            You may also want to ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz about her Swiss Bank accounts.

            Disclosure forms reveal that Democratic National Committee chair
            Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a member of Congress from Florida, previously
            held funds with investments in Swiss banks, foreign drug companies, and
            the state bank of India…

            Overseas investments are bad except when they’re not. And one way to tell they’re okay is when they’re made by Democrats.

            Oh, and DWS won’t release her tax returns, either. Again: she’s a Democrat. The same standard doesn’t apply to her. Duh.

          • lola828

            Read the article and judge for youself. Yes, Romney follows the letter of the law, like many rich people (their lobbiest wrote the laws), but that don’t make it right and certainly is not an example of the moral character of someone deserving to be President. Avoiding taxes, dubious profits, offshore accounts, secrecy, etc. We have never had anyone even close to a Romney and all his baggage as a Presidential candidate. We cannot even see his financials, but we are to believe he is a great business person who will save the economy and create jobs. We cannot talk about Bain, his financials, his time as Governor, etc. Pathetic. He looks worse than Bush on paper.

        • Hokma

          “That makes no sense. ”

          NO, you make no sense – ever.

          You do not know the tax code – you do not know fundamental economics – you do not know about anything about any industry and all you do is string togther google searches and left wing lies and waste everyone’s time and interrupt threads.

          Why Larry keeps you around? Probably entertainment and as a permanent example of just how ignorant left wings loons are.

          The charges coming from Axelgrease are just so pathetic not even their own news media are covering it.

          Do you have a friggin clue just how many people have bank accounts outside the United States and as importantly why?

          Romney has ALWAYS paid his taxes and compared to the rich leftists – more than his fair share.

          Why don’t you check out rich Dems like Kerry, Gore, Lautenberg. Or any of the Hollywierd leaches that contribute to Obama.

          • buzzlatte3

            Ah geez – did you have to present so much reality to LOLa at one time? Okay LOLa is either an outsourced numbskull or a basement dwelling numbskull…no brain required.

          • lola828

            As usual your rants sound like a childish kid. You never address the issue at hand with any substance. Just a lot of personal insults.

            You are just like Larry Johnson. You want to run from any push back whatsoever with screams of censorship.

            Larry does want to ban me, but he has no way of doing it.

            You can bring up any excuse you want and try to deflect by bringing up all kinds of people that have nothing to do with nothing, but just like Obama, Romney has to run on his record. Whether that is his job creation record, his personal finances, his Romneycare record, etc.
            Funny that you whine so much and yet you and NQ have spent years criticizing Obama and his past record on all kinds of things. You question everything about Obama. Most of it just complete bullshit.

            • Hokma

              What is pathetic is that you represent just how poor our education system has gotten.

        • getfitnow
    • Earl Stick

      What is he hiding? You’ve GOT to be joking. Sorry, forgot who I was addressing. You’ve GOT to be an OBOT!! Only an Obot would have the AUDACITY to HOPE we don’t ask about what OBAMA is hiding!!!

      • Earl Stick

        Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released (if one exists)
        vault copy birth certificate — Not released (lawyers’ fees greater than $4,000,000
        — a REAL birth certificate is $15)

        Certification of Live Birth (short form) — Released —

        Certificate of Live Birth (long form) — Released —

        Certification of Live Birth — Released —

        INS air travel records August 1-7, 1961 —


        Obama/Dunham divorce —
        Released but
        incomplete (by
        independent investigators)
        Obama Sr. INS file —
        Released — both U.
        Hawaii and Harvard wanted him expelled for “womanizing”

        Barry Dunham/Obama
        Kindergarten records —

        Records lost
        (this is a big one — read two
        marriage license — Not released

        Anna Soetoro/Dunham passport records — Released, but key years


        Barry Dunham/Obama/Soetoro
        passport records — Missing
        Soetoro adoption records — Not

        Fransiskus Assisi School School
        application —
        Released (by independent investigators)

        Besuki School
        record —
        Released (by independent investigators)

        Punahou School application —

        Punahou School records — Not released

        Noelani 3rd Grade records — Not released

        divorce —

        Released (by independent investigators)

        Selective Service Registration —

        Released (by independent

        Under suspicion

        Social Security Numbers —

        Released (by
        independent investigators) —

        Under suspicion
        Occidental College records — Not released

        Financial Aid Records — Not released

        Passport Records — Not released and records scrubbed clean by Obama’s
        terrorism and intelligence
        Columbia College records — Not released
        thesis — “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament” — Not released
        College records — Not released
        Harvard Law Review articles — None

        Illinois Bar Records — Not released

        Baptism certificate — None (never baptized)
        Medical records —
        Not released — nor is the source
        of this
        nasty scar
        Illinois State Senate records —
        Illinois State
        Senate schedule — Lost — really!
        Law practice client list — Not released

        University of Chicago scholarly articles — None
        Rashid Khalidi video

        Hidden by the L.A. Times

        White House Visitors list — Incomplete
        to the point of worthless

        The Blagojevich Interview — judge
        denies access to the FBI report

        The Osama bin Laden photos — sealed by Obama

        The Fast & Furious documents — Executive Privilege invoked

        The Illinois State Archives
        told Judicial Watch that they never received any request from Senator Obama
        to archive any records in his possession. In 2007, Obama told Tim Russert
        that his records were “not kept.”

        • lola828

          Obama has provide years of tax returns. Why does Romney not provide more than one year of tax returns?

          What is he hiding?

          Every candidate provides years of tax returns.

          • Wisewoman2

            He will when Obama provide ALL his records. NUff said, goodbye!!

            • buzzlatte3

              OMG! The no records accusations coming from the left…priceless example of moronic thinking. Thanks for the laugh LOLa!

    • Hokma

      “In 1990 Bain Capital purchased the controlling interest in Damon Corp. a Medical Testing Company….”

      It was in 1989.

      “Mitt Romney joined the Board of Damon Corp. to help manage the Company……”

      Yes he did.

      “In 1996 Damon Corp Plead Guilty to Frauding Medicare, they were fined $35,273,141.00 as a criminal fine in addition to $83,726,859.00 to resolve related liabilities.. Total Fines 119 Million Dollars.”

      Yes the government investigated Medicare fraud at Damon and they were eventually fined $119 million in 1996.

      But the rest of your little tale is a gross distortion or a flat out lie and I would wish you just get lost and take your left wing B.S. factory with you.

      Your claim that at one point Romney denied any knowledge of it is correct because he never ordered it or engaged in it and did not know until it was discovered moron.

      When Romney was running for Governor of Massachusetts he did acknowledge that he had some knowledge of what was happening because he had helped uncover the illegal activity at Damon, asking the board’s lawyers to investigate as soon as he was made aware of it. As a result the board took corrective action. Had you done your own research and not did another superficial google search you would understand that there were a number of Damon labs engaging in this and it took some time to uncover what was happening.

      But once uncovered, Bain wanted nothing more to do with Damon and sought to sell it. In fact, when Damon pled guilty to the charge and was fined in 1996, Bain no longer owned it. They had sold the company to Corning in 1993. And Bain had nothing to do with their bankruptcy (2002) either.

      The rest is political bullshit trumped up to try and make Romney look bad. What you and Obama read was the insidious actions by Gingrich and his allies to misrepresent Romney’s tenure at Bain. Had Romney done anything bad, you can be sure that the Clinton justice department would have made sure to prosecute Romney and other Bain executives. That was never even a thought. I wonder why?

      • lola828

        Sorry but you have not disproved anything I say above. You actually confirm most of it.

        “…he had helped uncover the illegal activity at Damon”

        It was his company and he was on the Board. It was his negligence or responsibility.

        You can read all about it over at RedState.

        ” It is about the largest federal medicare fraud in it’s time and most of those frauds occurred under the management of Mitt Romney. In one of the debate, Romney stated explicitly that he had never done any business with the government (another lie). Just as the Feds were completing the investigation on Damon Capital, Mitt Romney sold Damon Capital to Corning (questionable timing!). Initially Romney claimed to have no knowledge of the medicare fraud which happened under his watch. Then he changed his tune that he reported the fraud to the authorities (so which is which Mitt?). The sale of Damon Capital netted Bain Capital $12M of which Mitt Romney netted $437,000 ( not much!!!!). ”


        Another example of “sane” and “boring” Romney. A rich Wall Street guy who is “sane”, “boring” and has no drama, as he smiles and robs you blind and pays no taxes.

        • Hokma

          Look dimwit. I did prove something. Your functionally illiterate.

          I just got through telling youy that all you and Obama did was read what Gingirch and his minions trumped up about Romney in January and you just barf back exactly what I told you – Redstate – never any fan of Romney.

          You have not learned a thing. You are either very lazy or you need to try and remove those birds chirping between your ears.

          • buzzlatte3

            Ten likes and it must be really boring to be LOLa. And lonely…

          • lola828

            Again nothing but a juvenile reply with no substance.

            Deal with the issues. Romney was responsible for a company that undertook the largest Medicare fraud at the time? True or false?

            His company cost the taxpayer plenty.

            • Hokma

              1.As the head of Bain, Romney acknowledged full responsibility for the problem – the buck stops here – a concept that is completely foreign to a weasel like Obama who has ALWAYS sought to blame anyone else for his mistakes – and they are countless.

              2. I guess you must have failed math as well as everything else in school. How did “his company cost the taxpayer plenty” if, by your own admission, the fine was $3 to every $1 of fraud committed? For a bird brain like you that might be a trick question. Maybe you should google search math formulas.

        • Flop_Flipper

          You are stupider than you look. Even stupider than we all think you are. And that’s really stupid. Mitt and Ann Romney paid $3,434,441 in taxes for 2011.

          Fucking Obot idiot!

          • lola828

            What was his tax rate? He has paid less than a 15% tax rate which is lower than the lowest rate for the poorest people in this country. This guy took advantage of every single loop hole as only the rich can. Legal, but not of moral character. Not the kind of things that Presidents are made of. And this is the guy who in good faith is suppose to bring us tax reform. Yeah right. His 1% who are trying to buy this election are certainly not interested in closing tax loop holes that they benefit from. Yeah Romney is the best guy to look out for the interests of the middle class in this country. He cannot even stand by is own Romneycare.

            • Hokma

              That was 15% on the investment of money he already paid 35 % tax on when he orignally made it.

              What tax loophole moron? Like I said you are p[ainfully ignorant of the tax code. You can access his tax records. Show us the tax loophole.



    something to think about. we want government for the people by the people. Well then WE better get to work and stop expecting a president to be the be all and end all. It is our country how do WE want it to run??????????

  • lola828

    “He’s Not Boring, He’s Just Sane”

    Not sure if he is “sane”, as anyone who believes in Mormonism and magical underwear is a bit strange.

    One thing that is clear is that Romney is the most dishonest candidate for President ever. Even half his own party doesn’t trust Mister Flip-Flopper. What kind of candidate for President has Swiss bank accounts and has investments in offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas?

    • Earl Stick

      I strongly object to your frequent use of religious bigotry, regardless of the purpose. You can bet that there are plenty of people who find the worship of a torture device – the crucifix – mighty strange indeed. Or any of the practices of any religion. They all have “strange” factors. But to use the religion or its practices as a club to beat up politicians for their religions is flat out bigotry, and I hate seeing it from anybody.

      • lola828

        Funny stuff. I am not writing a post suggesting that Romney is just a regular guy who is “sane” and “boring”.

        You just have to look at his oddball religious beliefs to see how sane and boring Romney is.

        All fair game. His religious attitudes toward women, toward minorities, toward gays, etc. are all fair game (this is a guy who basically lynched a kid because of the color of his hair, thinking he was gay).

        Funny, but where are your comments on NQ about all those on this website who beat up regularly on Obama claiming he is a muslim and somehow that is bad or about all his years at his own church?

    • DianaLC

      We need to find a word like the “racist” label we get for not liking O’s politics that will explain lola828’s prejudice–something like religionist. Or is it anti Mormonism? Or really anti-Christian…..at least anti-Catholic? The magical thinking about the huge numbers of virgins one might have at one’s disposal for killing oneself and many others is obviously not magical thinking for lola828.

      • KataKimbe

        Religious bigot is fine.

      • lola828

        If you think the mormon religion is not strange then I am not sure what planet you are living on.

        Very predictable that you would call me a religious bigot because I think the mormon religion is strange.

        Funny coming from those who participate on a website that has done nothing but spent years trashing the Muslim religion.

        • DianaLC

          What is very predictable is the attitude of superiority on the part of lola828. You evade the issue of some of the strange fundamental Muslim beliefs. You don’t say if you have ever lived near, taught, or worked alongside Mormons (which, by the way, I have).
          I have a nephew married to a Mormon girl, I have taught many Mormon high school students and found them far LESS strange than the ones who dress like Goths, gangstas, or sluts (if they’re girls). They were polite and industrious.
          You don’t address the fact that in any religion a person who does not have a religious belief finds some of the practices “strange.”
          But, pray tell, what is your disagreement with having a Mormon candidate if it isn’t religious bigotry? Would you have also been one of those worrying about Kennedy’s Catholic faith–something I remember others worrying about during that election.
          YOU ARE A BIGOT–against anyone who does not worship at the altar of Obaby.

          • lola828

            “attitude of superiority”..? Funny stuff.

            I am sure mormons are great people. They just have some strange beliefs.

            DianaLC your own beliefs, particuarly toward women, minorities and the youth, on full display in your many posts, are fairly peculiar.

            I don’t have a problem with Romney being a mormon. You are free to believe whatever you want in America. I do not think it disqualifies him from being President. I have no religious test, like those on the “right”. Certainly I do not have a problem like many who somehow think Obama is a muslim, while harping on about the Christian Rev. Wright, and hold that falsehood against Obama.

            However, it does make me a bit nervous that anyone that is very religious has their hand on the nuclear button.

            What do you think of the mormon practise of baptising all those who die to convert them to their religion? The Jews particularly like that.


            Like I said a “strange” religion and Romney was and is a senior leader in that Church.

            • DianaLC

              I’ve answered your question before about the baptism practices. I think nothing of it. They may do as their beliefs dictate. Do you think that a person who believes strongly in his or her own system would also believe that another system could conatradict it?
              Research after research has shown that early training in places like religious institutions–i.e., Sunday schools, and confirmation schools (since this country was mostly Christian as I grew up–made young people more grounded, intelligent, and well behaved. Our literature, whether Western or Eastern, is so infused with allusions to the religious stories–even the mythologies of early religions–that having religious beliefs, in my mind, makes a leader a better leader, one who would make more humane decisions.
              The god forsaken socialists, communists, materialists are the ones with no humanity.
              You judge my beliefs about women and minorities and youth because I do not approve of women, minorities, and your who acto and spout off the way you do with a sense of such superiority, founded on such a lack of knowledge that you obviously have.

        • scottymac54

          “Funny coming from those who participate on a website that has done nothing but spent years trashing the Muslim religion….”
          Yes, 100% correct.
          That said, the Mormon apologist tour has not been universal. Popsmoke, who actually understands the tenets of his faith, tried to point out obvious conflicts between Mormonism and mainstream Christianity.
          And was skewered for it, because it didn’t fit the specific “success” narrative being pushed at that point.
          So there is little of value this diversion will accomplish, rather than rouse the indignants and foster further division.
          Is that the objective of your rant, Lola?

          • Earl Stick

            So there is little of value this diversion will accomplish, rather than rouse the indignants and foster further division.
            Is that the objective of your rant, Lola?~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Isn’t it always?

          • lola828

            Not sure about a rant, but the post is about how boring and “sane” Romney is. I guess there are many defintions of “sane”. I would hardly say a belief in a religion like mormonism (is it really a religion or a big cult?) is hardly boring. They make HBO TV shows about it.

          • Hokma

            Show evidence of this blog bashing the Muslim religion. Muslim extremists? Yes. But the religion in general? No.
            Conflicts between Mormonism and other sects is nothing unusual which is why there are different religions. It is not a reason to demean any one religion.

          • jrterrier

            Popsmoke admitted that he was biased against Mormons and posted that he was working on trying to get around that bias. He was the one who conceded his own bias.

            During those posts, when I pointed out to Popsmoke the myths and inconsistencies of the Catholic faith (of which I am a believer), he attempted to explain each away. I am not an expert on religions but it does appear that every religion has its myths and questionable practices and tenets.

            I have never trashed the Muslim religion — or any religion.

            I condemn vile individuals like the morons in Afghanistan who just chanted praise to Allah as they watched the coldblooded murder of a 22-year old defenseless woman dressed in a burka whom they accused of adultery (another story states that the woman was caught between two rival taliban leaders who each were interested in her and to save face, they had her killed). I condemned the vile men who flew planes into the World Trade Center and killed thousands of innocent men, women and children. I hope that I would have condemned the catholic priests who participated in the Inquisition.
            Romney has led an admirable life. His Mormonism has not appeared to have prevented him from loving his wife. making a good living, and helping his community.

            Next question.

            • scottymac54

              JT, I don’t recall singling you out in particular (although it’s strange to me that Mr. Smoke doesn’t warrant the same consideration…does there ALWAYS have to be a lightning rod, a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter?)

        • Hokma

          Like most liberals you are a bigot.

          We bash Muslim extremists and rightfully so – not the Muslim relgion.

          But liberals are good at lying through their pearly whites.

          • Wisewoman2

            Liberals like lola think they can deceive the unwashed masses because they think they are bright and superior to everyone. It’s not working so they are getting afraid. That makes them even more contentious.

          • lola828

            “We bash Muslim extremists and rightfully so – not the Muslim relgion.”

            That is a funny one. You and NQ paint with a very broad brush when you talk about the muslim religion. I remember some pretty outrageous commentary on NQ about the muslim center to be built close to the World Trade Center. I remember plenty of negative commentary on NQ about Obama being a muslim.

            You and NQ are hypocrites as always.

            • Hokma

              People behind the Muslim Center were extremists. even so I recall that no one here was against a Muslim center in Manhattan – just not at that location. Throughout history whenever Muslims conquered a territory the first thing they did was build a mosque in the most significant part of that territory. The symbolism of that mosque at Ground Zero was to symbolize a conquest to the rest of the Muslim world which was also insensitive to the friends and families of the thousands who were lost on 9/11.

              Other than some bogus comment like that show us where we paint a broad brush to bash Muslims?

              • lola828

                “People behind the Muslim Center were extremists. ”

                That is very funny. You have a very broad definition of “extremists” then. So what extremist acts have they been doing since the controversy. Seems like it has been a pretty normal religious center with no big issues. People go there every day and no problems.

                Proves all your faux outrage about the religious center was complete bullshit.

                • Hokma

                  When your source of funding is from people who provide funds to terrorist groups like Hamas that pretty juch makes those people extremists.

                  In addition you just confirmed your willful ignorance of the Muslim history. Go do some more Google searches brainless.

      • HELENK2


      • jrterrier

        no, need to find a new term for what ails Lola.

        it’s not about mormonism. if Romney were Catholic, Lola would be bashing the Pope. If he were Muslim, suddenly the MSM would find it ok to bash Muslims.

        It is blind allegiance and an attempt to tear down Mr. Romney. It’s an old ploy based on false logic. I think it dates back to Aristotle — the “ad hominem” attack. When you cannot address an argument with logic and facts, you attack the person.

        Romney is too white, too much of a family man, too rich, too stiff, too straight, too upstanding. All the things that never bothered DEMS until Mr. Romney ran against their hero.

        Remember how Hillary was not nice enough, not warm enough, not funny enough.

        • lola828

          Not sure I am bashing any religion . I just think Mormonism is a strange religion, stranger than most, including Catholicism. In fact, my post is really about Romney being considered “boring”. Anyone who believes in a strange religion is not really “boring”, espcially someone who holds a senior position in that religion. .

          • Hokma

            More proof of the woeful bigotry by you and the rest of your liberal friends.

      • buzzlatte3

        ‘religionist’ is one I have seen. The LOLa’s are so stupid.

    • KataKimbe

      Really? You are being a religious bigot? Personally, as an Agnostic, I think all religions are a bit too magical for me. And as far as flip flopper… none has done as much as Obama himself. You are so predictable.

    • jrterrier

      you’ve crossed the line. you are a religious bigot.

    • Wisewoman2

      Like Obama you are a deceiver. I hope Mitt will begin to point this out. You like Obama use deception to try to manipulate people. It’s really a con job and a deliberate scheme to pull a fast one on the voters. Once the voters find out that Obama uses lies, distortions, and deceptions to try to sway voters, they will come to the realization that they can not trust him. When and if they do it will be a sad day for him and the democrats because it will be a landslide election against him.

    • FLDemFem

      “What kind of candidate for President has Swiss bank accounts and has
      investments in offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas?”

      The kind that recognizes that foreign banks often give higher interest rates on long term investments, think Certificate of Deposit type of thing, than US banks. The dollar was fairly strong back when he made the investments and the banks would have been looking for dollar investments and giving good interest rates for them. And I would like to point out that the money invested there had already been taxed at a 35% rate when originally earned and the investment income from that money invested in those banks is taxed at a 15% rate. So Romney will be paying taxes twice on it. So much for getting away with anything. He pays more taxes every year than you will in your whole life.

      • getfitnow

        He pays more taxes every year than
        you will in your whole life.
        ….and gives away too.

  • Flop_Flipper

    I don’t find competence boring. I get a rush from it. I will put it this way: I trust that Mitt Romney will take the office of the presidency seriously and that he will devote his efforts to creating jobs and lowering our debt. That is really all I am looking for in a leader right now. And if that is shallow then I have shallow needs. Whatever.

    I also believe that Romney will have regular meetings with the Congressional leadership of both parties. I’m not predicting that he will break the gridlock but he will provide an environment conducive to open discussion and honest disagreement. And perhaps provide the leadership to bridge the gap. He would try. Of that much I am certain. And that is all I expect. That some leader honestly try to lead. Not just give us a load of crap to get elected and then go about doing whatever the hell they please.

    The choice is whether to accept a government that we are dependent upon or a government that is dependent upon us.

    You can hit the snooze bar any time you like.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Well said.

  • ehuntert

    Great analysis:competency trumps cool (particularly plastic cool).

  • myshiba


  • KataKimbe

    I was talking to a friendly neighbor of many years about TV shows this evening and I mentioned that I can’t wait for DEXTER to come back, because I like the fact that he goes after bad people and I’d like that legal option to rid the world. His response… “Can you start with Romney?” I said “What?” He said again “Start with taking out Romney”. My response “Why? And if so, not until I am done with Obama, but I really ONLY want to get rid of evil and both are neither”. His response “Obama? I am not going to have this conversation with you.” Seriously dude… you were the one who went political nuts on me…

    • scottymac54

      Have you noticed, that at parties, barbecues, etc., and especially family gatherings, people now seat each other, and self-separate beforehand, according to political compatibility?
      I see this constantly play out in my own life, nobody even sees it as particularly unusual anymore….just another one of those social norms we participate in, to “keep the peace”, and save our sanities….
      And THAT’s what Barack Obama did to the social fabric of our lives, something even the very divisive Bush couldn’t accomplish.
      I’ve seen it in other countries, where it seemed normal at the time, and maybe a little bit of it, back during Watergate….but never like this, here.

      • jrterrier

        Yup. Change you can believe in. I have lost many friends for my support of Hillary over Obama in 2008. And when I objected to the savagery directed at Palin, I was berated by men and women who would be appalled if anyone treated a DEM female candidate to the same treatment. For God’s sake, they went after her Down’s Syndrome child.

        My 100% DEM voting stopped that year. I no longer vote for DEM down the line. I now vote selectively for only those offices down ticket where I support the candidate.

        I don’t think I’m alone on that score.

        • DianaLC

          What I have learned is that in a large family like mine, we love each other enough NOT to talk politics at family gatherings. There is NO separation by political persuasion.
          The ex-friends I have because of the ’08 primary and GE are people I don’t miss actually. My friends who allow for different political opinions are real friends.

        • KataKimbe

          I am a lot like you… always was a Democrat of the moderate kind… now a Moderate who votes for who I thinks is best. Also, as a person who was a fosterkid as a child with a D.S. foster brother, I found nothing compassionate in the way Sarah’s child was talked about. :-( I have few friends left I can talk to… live in Los Angeles after all. Surrounded by them all. 😉

      • KataKimbe

        It’s beyond sad… it’s pathetic. But when you read on a FB friend’s wall, somebody you knew before FB came to be “Every time I see that someone views Reagan as a hero, I am amazed at the lack of facing the truth! Please check history in the FAKING!” I was not a huge fan of Reagan… but it is amazing how they tear any Republican apart and never criticize their own. They act so superior.

      • TeakWoodKite

        True that…, with the exception that “we” allowed it to happen.

      • Wisewoman2

        Scotty I know exactly what you mean. I had 14 (10 now) sisters and brothers. Over the years we were all “Johnsons” meaning we argued, disagreed and still got along because we respected each other’s opinion. We have family reunion every 2 years in diferent locations. Being from a black family, a Hillary and McCain supporter is looked upon as a traitor. One of my sisters and I were the only ones in the family who did not vote for Obama. We articulated our reasons for not doing so. Now family members separate along political lines. This is one of the reasons I truly despise Obama.


    backtrack and bunch must be getting worried. someone sabotaged Romney’s bus


  • beachnan

    Thank you Steve. I am getting so tired of all the people and pundits who are knocking Romney for just about everything he does. I think he is doing a great job so far and I agree with you, that less flash and more substance is exactly what this country needs. The MSM is in bed with Obama (oh my, that’s such a disturbing picture!), so there’s no doubt that Mitt is going to have to work harder than Obama. No problem, Mitt is a hard worker and smart too. I think people are constantly underestimating the intelligence of Romney. Do not underestimate the intelligence of the voters. I live in California and there are a few Obama stickers, but not nearly as many as there were in 08. The people who are going to vote for Romney are quiet about their feelings. I own a business and have had conversations with my clients about the economy (trying to stay neutral about my feelings because I don’t won’t to lose business over politics) and many of them have surprised me by stating that they would not be voting for Obama. That has been a wonderful surprise. Go Mitt!

    • Madame_deFarge

      I’ve had the same experience. I do try to avoid making any references to politics where I work even though everyone I work with are conservatives and will happily vote ABO but like Romney very much. In the complex where I live there are 2 Obama stickers out of several hundred. Of course, there are quite a few retired as well as active military here.

    • Madame_deFarge

      BTW, we don’t put stickers on our cars or signs in the windows due to the threat of vandalism by OBots.

  • TeakWoodKite

    When I was learning to fly a 747 pilot came into the class to give a talk and answer questions…A student asked if flying a 747 was exciting. The Pilot answered, “If it is exicting, that means there is trouble. A boring flight is the best possible outcome.”
    What was exciting was getting bounced around by a 747’s wake, as I was learning to fly near the inbound flight path for JFK. I would vote for boring competence everytime over exciting clueless BS.

  • Popsmoke

    He is just not boring. He is inexperienced. Remember boring Dick Lugar? That man would have been a good president. But to bad, so sad, he was boring….. But he knew what the hell he was doing and was honest as the day is long.

    • buzzlatte3

      Times change. People thought Harry Truman was a stick in the mud until it was time to do something that changed the history of the world. The next one was Reagan – “Tear down this wall!” America is due again and it ain’t Ochooma.

    • Hokma

      Inexperienced at WHAT???

  • jrterrier

    here’s what an exciting candidate gets you:
    The Obama Administration’s Economic Scorecard

    All of us can look around & see the
    lack of growth in the American economy. We finally can quantify what we observe
    daily from US Gov’t sourced data. Zero
    Hedge has compiled two charts to show just how bad the employment trends are
    & the obscene debt that the Obama administration has created to achieve
    nothing. Never in the recorded history of the planet has so much been spent to
    go nowhere effecting the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the world.
    Everyone should be outraged once they understand what has befallen upon

    Here are the

    Total Nonfarm Payrolls have decreased by -1.3 million from
    December 2008 (134,379K) to June 2012 (133,088); Source: St.
    Louis Fed
    Full-time jobs based on the Household Survey,
    have decreased by 2.5 million from 117,039K to 114,573K; Source: Table A.9,
    Parti-time jobs based on the Household Survey,
    have increased by 1.6 million from 26,3187 to 27,894K; Source: Table A.9,
    Foodstamps recipients have increased by 14.6 million from
    31.567 million to 46,187 (as of April 2012); Source: USDA
    Disability recipients have increased by 1.3 million from
    7.427 million to 8.733 million; Source: Social
    Security Administration
    follow the link to see the charts. it’s eye-opening:

    • buzzlatte3

      ten likes!

  • getfitnow
    • HARP2

      So true. If I`m having surgery, I don`t care if the doctor has a pleasant bedside manner, just as long as he can do the job.

  • Jim Gocht

    Jesus, Larry…Matt says Barack, was a “secret agent man”…while Willard was a missionary to “wayward women”, in Paris, France…! ~~~ http://thinkprogress.org/media/2012/07/09/513284/drudge-obama-cia-agent/?mobile=nc

    Is that even, effin’, possible…?

  • Madame_deFarge

    I find it so ridiculous that they called him “No Drama Obama”…unless they equate that with “No History Obama”.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Freespirit/100000801917982 Jo Freespirit

      I have thought the same.

  • jrterrier

    OT- by the way something is going on with Jesse Jackson Jr. He’s been “sick” for a month now, just after an ethics investigation. I wonder if there is also being investigated for bribery in connection with the bribery conviction of former Gov Blago in connection with the IL Senate seat vacated by Pres Obama.
    Durbin: Jesse Jackson Jr. needs to explain his ailments http://www.politico.com/blogs/on-congress/2012/07/durbin-jackson-jr-needs-to-explain-128445.html

  • TexMexSoup

    Reminds me of the comments about my SA SPURS. How boring their game is. They are not boring at all and have been involved in some of the most exciting playoff games these past 15 years. The issue? BSPN (espn) & their obsession with the sound bites of “marketable” players. Romney is not marketable to the general population. We live in a society that bases their critical thought off twitter. Snippets of stupidity, reminds me of cave men grunting. Our vocabulary is laced with words like “troof” instead of spelling it correctly, truth. It’s sad and just pathetic.

    • buzzlatte3

      Yeah, some people found John Stockton boring – but couldn’t fault his game. I’ll take knowledgeable and consistent over lying and and dictatorship any day.

  • jrterrier

    100% right, Steve.
    Romney is someone who thinks that an economy that created 80,000 jobs this month, after 69,000 job-creation the previous month, with millions more underemployed or having fallen out of the economy or gotten on disability is a kick in the gut and we don’t have to settle for this. Romney does not believe that such dismal job numbers and economic picture is a “step in the right direction” as President Obama does.

  • FormerLiberal9

    Think of it as a Marathon not a Sprint. Marathons are boring until the last hundred yards or so when the winner makes his move. Sprints are exciting but require less strategy a runner just runs full out and relies fully on his personal speed to win. In a Marathon a runner wants to keep in position to win but save energy until the right time to make his kick to the finish.

    Romney’s personality makes him ideal to make this race a Marathon. Obama’s is like a Rabbit all flash right out of the blocks, he won’t be able to win a Marathon. Obama is spending too much money (according to some sources) and not taking in enough money. Obama strategy is still based upon raising a Billion dollars but it looks like his hopes will fall far short of that hope.

    Stay tuned folks because Romney is timing this election and soon he won’t seem so boring when he and his campaign Eviscerate Obama and his band of merry idiots.

    • getfitnow

      Yep. Don’t forget what he did to Gingrich/Santorum. Scorched earth, baby. And he has the $$ to do it again–I hope he does. He has got to bring a “gun” to the “knife” fight.

  • Madame_deFarge

    Mitt is like my Dad. He was consistent, caring, loyal, moral and we could always depend on him. If you needed a car, he’d find a good one for you and get the best price…starting with my first, a ’52 Chevy coupe. He kept the same wife for 42 years and was always the go-to son/brother for his mother and sisters after his father died. He mowed the lawn, kept up all their home repairs, changed the oil in their cars, and gave them advise when they needed more help than he could deliver. He liked to hunt and fish and he could do just about anything. He had a deep love for and took enormous pride in his country; never failed to tear up at the playing of the National Anthem…mostly before the World Series when he would always take a week of his vacation to watch every game. He was a Yankee’s fan as was the whole family. He never missed a John Wayne or Robert Mitchum film and he, too, cut quite a handsome figure at 6’3 whether in his suits or khaki’s and favorite Pendleton. My mother was the love of his life and he would do anything for her. He was indispensable and when he predeceased all of them in his 60’s it was like the world stopped. Boring, he was not. He was a real man and it seems to me Mitt is too, O’Bambi is still a kid they sent in to do a man’s job and it just doesn’t work.

    • getfitnow

      O’Bambi is still a kid they sent in to do a man’s job and it just doesn’t work.
      Yep, but he’s POTUS and that scares me.

      • Madame_deFarge

        We have every reason to be frightened especially seeing most of our predictions about him come true…actually worse than our nightmare.

        • http://twitter.com/ChocChipsMusic The Chocolate Chips

          In what alternate reality do you live where this is true?

    • DianaLC

      Are you sure you weren’t writing about my dad?
      We were both so very lucky to have dad’s like these.
      And, yes, this is the type of person I want in the WH. I don’t care how awkward he is at making speeches.

    • lola828

      Like your Dad I guess if your Dad felt it was very patriotic to pay as little taxes as possible by taking advantage of every loop-hole in the book, thought it was patriotic to avoid military service by going on nice trip to France, thought nothing of flip-flopping on every moral position he ever held, etc. Nice Dad… but, that kind of Dad does not make a President.

      Does policy even matter to you or do you just vote for people that remind you of your Dad?

  • Anthony_1

    Excellent, excellent post, Steve. I couldn’t agree more.

    Don’t mistake the lack of enthusiasm for a lack of support.

    The more people I listen to, the more I’m convinced that everyone’s made their mind up already. There’s silence in confidence, and I think Obama is in for a really big surprise come November.

    Not the first ‘silent majority’ to hit the scene.

  • JohnnyTwoDog

    Amen, good post Steve.



    here is a big difference
    Romney listens to the question and answers it

    backtrack lets you talk,but does not listen and gives programed answer that sometimes does not make sence

    I call him the over and out president.
    when talking on a radio
    saying OVER means I am finished talking now you talk to me

    saying OUT means the conversation is done for both parties

    OVER and OUT means you can talk but I am NOT listening

    • getfitnow

      He had the nerve to say today Romney needs to be more “open.” Can you believe that? I swear, there is something not right with the “blank slate” whose open book of “Dreams” is mostly lies, ah, that is composites.



    I brought this up from downstairs.
    Mitt is taking the gloves off. plans to call backtrack a liar on tv.

    never mistake kindness for weakness,
    always watch the quiet guy who does not posture, that is the one that means business

    • JohnnyTwoDog

      A respected gentleman Southerner once told me that no one should ever mistake his generosity for weakness.

      I concur. And nicest man you could ever hope to meet. From a Yankee no less.

    • FormerLiberal9

      “Talk softly but carry a big stick”.

    • jrterrier

      Ticks me off that the Obama ads on outsourcing are based on a single article by the Washington Post that their own ombudsman found lacking. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/post/obamas-new-attacks-on-romney-and-outsourcing/2012/06/29/gJQA5FbbCW_blog.html?wprss=rss_campaigns
      WAPO did the same to Hillary in 2008; they published an editorial saying that one of her ads was misleading even though she quoted Mr. Obama’s own words (from a meeting with a Vegas editorial board). Obama then used the WAPO editorial to run a negative ad on Hillary.

      • getfitnow

        I turn on the tv only once a day in the morning for local weather. I live in CA and That One is running tv ads here already;

        • jrterrier

          interesting that he is running ads in CA, which is supposed to be 100% safe for dems.

          • buzzlatte3

            Not so safe anymore. I have friends from CA that are actually talking up Romney. Between Gov. Moonbeam and Barry Ochooma – they’ve had enough.

            • jrterrier

              if Romney wins CA, then we are talking Reagan/Mondale numbers — landslide.

            • Madame_deFarge

              Yes, as of today, 3 towns announcing bankruptcy in CA. So sad. When I was growing up in Stockton it was a great college town…American Graffiti could just as well been filmed there as Modesto. Now there are some neighborhoods who go in together to hire armed security at night to protect them. I was told this by a current resident before the bankruptcy was filed.

      • scottymac54

        Okay, but are they true?
        And can you succinctly explain why?
        This, IMHO, is what is missing from Romney’s campaign.
        This, is why so many anti-Obama voters are refusing to commit to them (they’ve been burned before).

        • jrterrier

          No, they are not true. The WAPO ombudsman himself tried to weasely explain that the story was not inaccurate — even though it is laden with innuendo — but that it was the Obama campaign that spun it. Then it ends by saying that they don’t give pinnochios to their own stories.
          Bottom line, the outsourcing did not begin until after Romney left Bain; and even the post-Romney “outsourcing” was just an attempt by the companies to service their overseas clients.

          Note the headline of the story and then the fine print that the outsourcing took place after Romney left Bain.

          “The Facts

          The article, by reporter Tom Hamburger, appeared on the Web on the evening on June 21 with a headline that said: “Romney’s Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas.”
          The headline was different in the print edition: “Bain’s firms sent jobs overseas.”

          The Obama campaign moved quickly to define what the article meant, with Obama senior adviser David Axelrod releasing a statement declaring that Romney “made a fortune advising companies on how to outsource jobs to China and India.”

          The actual article, in fact, does not say that transfers of U.S. jobs took place while Romney ran the private equity firm of Bain Capital. (Since Romney kept an ownership stake in Bain, he may have still benefited from transactions, but “advising” is another matter.)

          Instead, the article says that Bain was prescient in identifying an emerging business trend — the movement of back-office, customer service and other functions out of companies that were willing to let third parties handle that business. Several of the companies mentioned in the article grew into major international players in the offshoring field today.

          For instance, Stream International was a major client of Microsoft. As Microsoft grew, it decided it would subcontract to Stream some customer service work. Someone might dial a number listed on a Microsoft Web site if they had problems, but they would be connected to someone working at Stream.

          This was an important shift in the U.S. business landscape, and Bain Capital caught the wave, investing in companies that, as the article put it, were “pioneers” in the emerging market of handling such tasks for other companies. Originally, much of this work was handled in the United States. But with the installation of the first fiber-optic cable under the Atlantic Ocean in 1988 — and the burst of installation in the 1990s and beyond — it was only a matter of time before those jobs suddenly could be moved overseas.
          Stream International, for instance, is now Stream Global Services. This is how its Web site describes its business:

          “Originally formed more than 15 years ago as an outgrowth service for a large software reseller, Stream has grown to become a global provider of sales, customer service and technical support services for the Fortune 1000. Since its inception, Stream’s global footprint has expanded to cover 21 countries, with 33,000 employees across 49 locations. Stream currently manages millions of voice, email and chat contacts each year from customers around the globe.”
          Romney stopped managing Bain in 1999, so much of this movement overseas took place after he left the firm. But the firms Bain invested in were well-primed to take advantage of this opportunity. Major advantages in computing power also took place in the decade of the 2000s, allowing companies to create global networks that provide 24-hour manufacturing and customer service around the globe.
          Similarly, another Bain investment mentioned in the article, GT Bicycles, was a shrewd bet on bicycles being assembled largely from parts overseas. Eventually, domestic manufacturing of bicycles virtually disappeared.” the link to the story is in my post above.

          what do you think the media would do if Romney were misrepresenting the facts this way?

          • scottymac54

            “what do you think the media would do if Romney were misrepresenting the facts this way?..”
            Honestly? I don’t think you’ll see the media itself treat the issue, from one perspective’s view, or the other, simply because everyone’s mind is already made up on it, either way.
            Either you see him is part of the machine that enabled the outsourcing trend, or you see his existence as relevant to it. There’s little the media itself can do to influence this, now.
            Thank you for your excellent, detailed breakdown, which certainly provides an interesting angle on all of this.
            You certainly are a very detailed, diligent researcher.

            • jrterrier

              This didn’t take a lot of researching. I am just quoting the WAPO article “explaining” its misleading article.

              The WAPO wrote the untrue story and then when the Romney campaign demanded a retraction, the WAPO explained why it really was only a little bit full of innuendo.

              It’s shameful.

              The WAPO — that still prides itself on how it broke the Watergate Scandal — has forgotten the venerable role the press holds in our democracy. Its role is to challenge the administration, any administration. That’s what freedom of the press and the entire Bill of Rights was fashioned to be — a limitation on state power and the protection of the individual.
              They have it assbackwards.

              • Wisewoman2

                Scotty this is the first time I agree with you 1000%

            • jrterrier

              Scotty, you are closing your eyes to the reality of how the media distorts the truth and the news by the stories they run. Time and time again, the MSM (NYTimes & WAPO in particular) have run ‘expose” articles on Romney just on the day that the Obama admin runs an anti-Romney ad or introduces some initiative that touches on the sam issue. They ran the innuendo that teenager Romney cut that kids hair because he was gay (even though no one knew the kid was gay at the time) the day or two days after the Pres explained his evolution on same-sex marriage.

              I distinctly remember in the 2008 primary season, the WAPO writing an editorial calling Hillary out for what it claimed was misleading ad against Obama even though the Hillary ad actually played an audio tape of then-Senator Obama. The WAPO claimed that Hillary had taken Obama’s words out of context. I remember because I wrote a letter to the WAPO editor, which went unpublished of course.

              In my opinion, the Hillary ad quoted Obama correctly and did not take him out of context but those were the days when it was pro-Obama 500% of the time.

              Hillary’s attempt to explain that she was like LBJ, who was the one who actually got the Civil Rights Act throught Congress where JFK had been unable to do it and comparing Obama to JFK was labeled racist.

              • scottymac54

                You may be right about that. I’m just amazed at how little influence the papers actually have these days.
                You really see it on the commuter trains. Forget the internet, wi-fi, or any of it….NO ONE seems to read what is referred to as mainstream media anymore, and I don’t see this trend as particularly partisan, either, because if it were, the WSJ would have picked up the slack. They haven’t.
                This is amazing to me, because, after a long, slow downturn in readership, these news outlets have been abandoned, almost entirely, and that’s notable, considering the biggest loss of interest occurred among the public over the last two or so years.

      • FLDemFem

        Did anyone mention to the WaPo that Obama is outsourcing his call centers to Taiwan and Canada? And at a time when even that small salary would make a difference in so many American households. Shameful.

  • no_longer_a_democrat

    He gets my vote and my campaign time & what little I can donate.

    He’s like tofu, but heck he’s competent tofu compared to the stinky disgusting leftovers that is currently in the WH.

    • getfitnow

      Proud to say I signed up today here:

    • DianaLC

      Hey, my favorite lunch at a local Asian restaurant is sesame tofu. Don’t knock the tofu–I do prefer it, just as I prefer boring but reliable.