Posted by SusanUnPC … Rumored for a day or so on the Drudge Report, the Clinton campaign made it official on July 16 with a press release on its campaign site:

Fmr. Ambassador Joseph Wilson Endorses Clinton

The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsement of leading Iraq war critic and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson.

“I have known Hillary Clinton for a decade. She is the one candidate who, in my judgment, understands the need to get Americans out of harm’s way and to move this to a political process,” Wilson said. “She knows what to do. She has the leadership. On day one, she will be able to reach out to the international community, and I am delighted to fight the fight with her.”

“I admire Joe Wilson’s courage in standing up to this administration … and holding it accountable for the misinformation that led us into the Iraq war,” Clinton said. … continued below


“I’m honored to have his support as we do everything in our power to bring this war to an end and begin bringing our troops home safely.”

A career diplomat in the US Foreign Service, Wilson spent more than 20 years in postings across Africa and the Middle East. He served as Deputy Chief of Mission in Baghdad, Iraq, from 1988-1991 on the eve of the Gulf War, and defied Saddam Hussein by giving shelter to hundreds of Americans and other foreigners. From 1992 to 1995 Wilson was Ambassador to Gabon and São Tomé and Príncipe, and later served as a special assistant to President Clinton and Director for African Affairs at the National Security Council.

Wilson is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Politics of Truth: Inside the Lies that Led to War and Betrayed My Wife’s CIA Identity: A Diplomat’s Memoir.

— From Press Releases at the Hillary For President Web site.

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  • Shirin


    Hear! Hear!

  • CK

    Let us all do the nuance dance; read the tealeaves of Hillary’s or Obama’s or Rudy’s or McCain’s stance on how many american soldiers should be stationed in the middle east long after the 2009 inaugeration is over and done. Or you could elect someone who will bring the troops home and keep the troops out of other people’s business. If you are a party loyalist democrap variety you have two choices: Kucinich or Gravel, if you are a party loyalist rethug variety or anyone else you have one choice: Paul.
    It was a pleasure watching Ron Paul demolish Ben “helicopter” Beranke the other day. There are days when I dream of not having my income be reduced every year by the 6% ( and rising ) inflation tax that is fiat money and not having 30% of it dissapear before I even see it let alone determine what I might want to do with it. Dream of not reading demands that I support killing someone somewhere who I have never met and have no issues with whether they be in Palestine or Iraq or Darfur or East Timor. I dream sometimes of days when thugs are not passed off as newspaper columnists and “deep” thinkers. I wonder how these people who are so scared of their own shadows came to represent the received character of the USA. So many cowards and craven lickspittles with microphones and airtime and column inches. There are even days when I dream on not seeing another set of dead names with military ranks. Unfortunately the oil that the USA must steal cannot be loaded all at once into the getaway tanker and steamed home, it will take decades for the theft to be finalized, and that means decades of names of dead soldiers.

  • konopelli/wgg

    Joe Wilson’s a brave man.
    That said, he’s a 100% DC insider. If he’s a Democrat at all (he was, after all, GHWB’s guy), he’s DLC all the way. That means, as somebody noted above, “bidness as usual.”

  • Shirin

    I agree with you, OBF.

  • osama_been_forgotten

    I’m sorry Joe, but Hillary cravenly put our troops in harm’s way. She claims that she was lied to by George W Bush? I don’t believe it. That’s the most retarded “dog ate my homework” excuse ever.

    I gotta say no to “business-as-usual” Hillary.

  • taters

    That said, I’m not sending anyone any money simply because none of them resonate with me at this point. I’m certainly a Dem and I will back whoever wins the primaries. And I see no one of interest on the GOP ticket.
    And some of you may know I’m a Wes Clark supporter and until he rules himself out – which he hasn’t – I’m keeping my powder dry.

  • taters

    Interesting Fox poll posted by Greg Sargent at TPM election Central.
    It shows Hillary beating out Giuliani on who would do better in Iraq. In general, it states that Clinton & Obama fare better than any GOP candidates all the way around.

  • Shirin


    OT, but I don’t want you to miss my reply to your comment (which I unfortunately missed until today) wondering about a possible increase in violence if the U.S. left. It is below your comment on this page

    • Leslie

      Yes, I saw your reply, thanks Shirin. But you miss my point, which is about what the Iraqis are doing not Americans. For example: the ethnic cleansing. Turkey amassing troops along the Kurdish/Iraq border. The so-called Maliki government and many in the US-trained Iraqi forces [aka militias], the fight for control between factions, etc. That’s what I was referring to. That is likely to continue–it may lessen or it may increase. But it is likely to continue for some time. And who knows how many more people will die, be injured, scarred, or forced to flee their homes.

      • Shirin

        Leslie, I think we are somehow talking across each other. I think you missed at least part of MY point, which was not what Americans vs Iraqis are doing. You posed the question “what if the slaughter increases without the Americans there”. I took your question as an expression of concern, and tried to explain why it is extremely unlikely that will happen. I think the information in my response is worthwhile (and by the way, so do quite a few other people, including some anti-war activists who have asked to base a flyer on it).

        So, if concern about the possibility that the slaughter might increase was not part of what was behind your question, then what WAS that question really about?

  • Shirin

    A lot of strange stuff happened in his innings that peeps don’t like to comment on.

    I have commented on it numerous times here to my peril.

    Bill Clinton presided over the deaths of more Iraqis than either Saddam OR George W. He also presided over the disintegration of Iraq’s society, the slow destruction of its economy, the deterioration of what infrastructure the Iraqis were able to rebuild after Bush One destroyed it. And he did his share of bombing too – small bits of bombing a few times a week, and one major bombing. In short, Bill Clinton “softened up” Iraq for George W.

    I’m NOT saying it was his intention to prepare Iraq for Dubya. I’m just saying…

  • Thinker

    Let us not forget that the link between Iraq I and II is Bill Clinton. A lot of strange stuff happened in his innings that peeps don’t like to comment on.

    No better example of how Clinton would happily drive misrepresentation or misinformation in the national interest was the Y2K hoax. In fact it should be called the Y2K taxpayer heist. But, I guess no one died as a result, so in that respect it is an improvement on today’s heists.

    Hillary, and God forbid I make a point of not venting prejudice, could be trouble. Connect the dots, as MrM always says.

  • Shirin


  • Shirin


    CC Susan

    Look after the period in my first comment. What do you see? 🙂

    • Leslie

      Oh, an emoticon! How’d that get there?

  • graywolf

    That’ll get about 3 votes:
    The wilsons and Larry Johnson.

  • Shirin

    Susan, lighten up. I was teasing you.

    • Leslie

      Emote 😉

  • Leslie

    If we elect a Democrat to the White House, any of them will do, then the Wilsons will be more likely to see justice.

  • It’s not a fault. It’s his opinion, one which I support this time. Now, I saw him speak in Seattle in March 2004, right after I’d visited the Howard Dean headquarters. Someone in the audience asked him who he supported for president. He said John Kerry. I was disappointed at the time because I was a diehard Deaniac, but Joe’s early support for Kerry helped me make the transition to working for Kerry’s campaign by the fall of 2004.

    It also impressed me that Kerry, then, and Clinton, now, are seeking Joe’s advice.

    • Leslie

      Hey fellow Deaniac!

      • Leslie, I replied to you, but somehow it got appended to the thread above. I was curious if you were at the NYC rallies I saw on TV. Those were the days.

  • Leslie

    Olbermann was wonderful tonight again. Instead of asking they resign, he demanded Bush and Cheney be impeached. He opened his show with a special comment about the Pentagon’s #2 jackass Edelman telling Hillary that asking for a troop withdrawal plan was treason.

    It is one of the great, dark, evil lessons of history,” begins Olbermann, “that a country, a government, a military machine can screw up a war seven ways to Sunday; it can get thousands of its people killed; it can risk the safety of its own citizens; it can destroy the fabric of its nation; but as long as it can identify a scapegoat, it can regain, or even gain, power.”

    The Bush administration, says Olbermann has found its scapegoat for Iraq in presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

    What a coincidence Hillary is from the opposition party too.

    • That was good. I can’t bear to watch Faux News, but I’m curious if they’re prattling on about Edelman’s bizarro allegations today.

      • What a time we had. It interests me that some say people make their political decisions based on emotion because I don’t think, initially, that was it at all for most of us who became interested because Dean was so clear in his opposition to the Iraq war, at a time when most were hedging their bets, and then because he had a lot of executive experience as governor and more. His experience as a physician and with state health programs also appealed to us. Later, we became emotional in our enthusiasm and willingness to work our tails off for him.

        It was incredibly exciting. I’ll never forget standing at the back of the stage in Seattle during his “sleepless” tour and seeing a sea of people — so huge that the police had to open up side streets to accommodate the crowd.

        Were you at the NYC rallies, Leslie? I watched it on TV.

        I’ll always wonder how Dean or Kerry would have fared as president. Every setback in Iraq post-2004 would have been blamed on any Democratic president. The GOP U.S. Senators who are covering for Bush would have screamed at everything Kerry or Dean did. (They’d probably be planning an impeachment around now — smirk.) It would have been hell. That’s one reason I’m for Hillary Clinton because she’s tough, battle-hardened enough to handle the endless attacks on any Democratic president. And she’d be ready to go from the start — no need for time to learn on-the-job. Given the crises we face, that’s crucial.

    • Rob

      I wonder if the British would consider taking Washington back again?

      Ambrose Bierce said it all;

      Revolution, n. In politics, an abrupt change in the form of misgovernment.

      • I’ve been begging my Canadian friends to invade. But they’re all too nice.

  • Shirin

    Oh well, no one’s perfect, and I guess Joe has his faults too! 🙂