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Time Will Tell + Open Thread

How things can change. Yet not at all.

Or? I see good signs for Romney. Rasmussen finds him up in Florida, and he outraised Obama in June. (My inbox is full of frantic e-mails from Obama’s campaign begging for $3.) Ed Morissey of Hot Air concurs in “This just in: Bain attack still not working“:

Two analyses from the flawed WaPo/ABC poll, as well as spending in swing states, deliver grim news to Team Obama this morning. Their main line of attack in which they hope to paint Mitt Romney as an uber-rich vampire capitalist clearly isn’t moving the needle among voters — and that’s true despite an overwhelming spending advantage Barack Obama has enjoyed in the early going. Unless they can come up with a better argument, Romney’s fundraising will shortly put them in a very big hole. …

From “President Obama, Mitt Romney deadlocked in race, poll finds,” A.P. & Washington Post, via Memeorandum:

A pair of tepid jobs reports, landmark Supreme Court decisions on health-care and immigration laws, and an unprecedented barrage of negative ads have shaped the opening months of the fall presidential campaign. The impact on the horse race: virtually none.

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney remain in a deadlocked contest, tied at 47 percent among registered voters and basically where they stood in late May.

The new numbers reflect a stubborn constancy: Only twice in 13 surveys over more than a year has either candidate held a lead exceeding the poll’s margin of sampling error. Now, the campaign appears destined to remain extremely close in the final four months before Election Day.

The fundamentals seem firmly planted: About two-thirds of Americans consider the country seriously off course, a majority have not approved of Obama’s overall job performance in more than a year, and the president remains in negative territory on dealing with the economy, health care and immigration. Also unmoved since fall are Americans’ attitudes toward spending, with as many saying they would prefer an increase in federal spending to try to spur economic growth as wanting to prioritize deficit reduction. …

  • MG6

    So much for respect and peaceful religion….

    Egypt people are in for it…the Muslim Brotherhood will decimate and destroy everything to impose their will on the people.

    Gosh! This sounds like the Obama and his lefty government.

  • beachnan

    Polls are always interesting, but apparently the demographics of this poll were 33% Democrat, 27% Republican and 40% Independent. The media wants to drive the narrative that this race is tied. The media wants the public to think that the President is doing well despite the economy. Does anyone really believe that the Democrats are going to show up for this election over the Republicans by a 6% margin? I don’t think that’s is going to happen. Saw an interesting bumper sticker today, “I was against Obama before it was cool to be against Obama”. To quote Obama, “can I get an Amen!” Amen!

  • MG6
    • binky354

      If this comes to pass, it will truly be a sad day.

      • Flop_Flipper

        Sad is not the word I would use to describe it. I am outraged that these idiots have even considered doing so. The pyramids are an architectural masterpiece. An emblem for mankind. If these assholes destroy the pyramids expect holy hell to arise. And I almost mean that literally.

        • FLDemFem

          The Pyramids are a UN World Heritage site. Perhaps the UN can do something..perhaps. Of course, the Buddhas that the Taliban blew up were also a WH site, so who knows. A lot more people know and admire the Pyramids than knew about the Afghan Buddhas. I can just imagine Dr. Hawass’ reaction to this. Poor man, he spent his whole life preserving and studying the Pyramids and what came out of them. This must be a living nightmare for him.

          • Flop_Flipper

            As someone that has been enthralled with the pyramids since my youth and has studied Egyptology I would be just a little more than upset. Not to mention the curses that they would let loose in doing so.

      • buzzlatte3

        Are the forces of darkness gathering in the guise of the Muslim Brotherhood? Where’s Aragorn and Gandalf?

  • KenoshaMarge
    • Flop_Flipper

      Thanks for the heads up. Nice article. The Obama strategy seems to be: It’s not important what the truth is, it’s important what people believe. And if they don’t believe, either castigate them or make them believe.

  • elizabethrc

    Does anyone think any of these messages are getting through to Obama’s consciousness? Doubtful. Once a narcissist, always a narcissist. It will be his downfall. He’s become a politically distasteful commodity.

  • alicewolf

    If the GOP was serious about an American Economic Recovery surely their candidate wouldn’t be discussing Obama’s economic ideas on the road. They would be working on stopping the rot and putting an end to the disaster that is the current administration.

    • getfitnow

      How serious is Harry Reid, is a better question, imho.

      • MG6

        That is the stop guard of Obama. Reid needs to be removed so that the stagnant waters can begin to move and fresh ideas brought forward.

      • alicewolf

        He’s in it up to his neck. If he goes ahead and does something sensible for a change how will he respond to questions from the people who stuffed the ballot boxes on the reservations so he got elected last time around. Ask him.

  • yuer442

  • scottymac54

    Yeah, I saw that. The same one-upmanship, from the same cast of characters, that we’ve all grown weary of.
    The end result remains the same.
    Thanks, jrterrier.

  • HARP2

    70 % of Indies say the country is off track.

    • KataKimbe

      That is me.

      • BronwynsHarbor

        You’re 70% of the Indies?

        • MG6

          Ha! Uhmmm, I am part of the 70%.

        • KataKimbe

          I am an Independent these days, and yes… country is way off track. I wasn’t born here but moved here by choice because of the free spirit that could be found. Now I wonder… Back track, off track… same crap.

  • jrterrier

    Could Romney pull a W and make Sununu his VP? it would ensure that he won NH, wouldn’t it? and Sununu doesn’t mince words. He is sharp as a tack. And has the experience necessary to be President, is a former Governor.

    And look at his background. He probably speaks Spanish, could win some Latino voters over:

    “Sununu was born in Havana, Cuba, the son of Victoria (née Dada) and John Saleh Sununu, an international film distributor.[1] He is of Palestinian Christian and Greek descent [2]. His father grew up in Jerusalem and his mother was born in San Salvador, El Salvador.[2][3] He is a Maronite Catholic.”

    • KataKimbe

      If he was born in Cuba? Were both parents Americans?

      • jrterrier

        maybe not from the bio in wikileaks.

    • Flop_Flipper

      Sununu is an awful choice for VP.

      • jrterrier

        after i read up on him, you are probably correct. he seems to have had some problems riding govt planes to arguably political or personal events while he worked for George Bush-41.
        he is a good surrogate for romney though.

        • Flop_Flipper

          Agree. Good surrogate.

        • KataKimbe

          Doubt he is eligable. But he could be in the Cabinet… or press secretary as noted above. He’d put those snotty reporters in check.

    • getfitnow

      I think he would make a great press secretary.

      • elizabethrc

        He would scare the crap out of all those msm Obama lackey-reporters. Now that’s something I’d love to see.

    • scottymac54

      I really hope Portman is the selection.

      • Flop_Flipper

        Portman is experienced and an adult. He would be very competent. I kinda like him. But banking on Romney choosing someone not immediately on the radar that when announced everyone says: good choice.

      • KataKimbe

        I certainly disagree… more bland and boring. And he has no name recognition what so ever.

  • jrterrier

    This one is for Scotty relating to whether there is any truth to the Obama claims that Romney outsourced. Note the not only is the press not calling Obama out on the lies but it is trying to prop up the lie. I understand it’s Andrea Mitchell, who was once a legitimate newsperson but now that she is at
    MSNBC i guess she has sold her soul to Mr. Obama:

    MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell struggles in her attempt to respond to a charge by guest John Sununu that President Obama is the job outsourcer, not Mitt Romney.

    Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC: Isn’t it a winning issue for the White House, fundamentally, granted that the PolitiFact folks and the Washington Post pointing out that the President’s campaign ad on that issue had a lot of questions and a lot of questionable attacks?

    John Sununu: But they said it was wrong. A lot of questionable tactics is not right, it was wrong.

    Mitchell: But the point is, that isn’t Mitt Romney more vulnerable than the President on this issue because there still is — the whole question of private equity of outsourcing. Yo could argue about when he left Bain Capital and whether he was still getting money from Bain Capital and what some of the companies in Bain were doing, companies that did end up working overseas and sending jobs overseas. But isn’t it a bigger problem for Republicans than for the White House?

    Sununu: No. When you’ve sent $500 million to Fisker and it goes to Finland immediately. When you send the solar money and it goes to Mexico. When you send the turbine money and it goes to Denmark. And we can go on all day. There is $29 billion worth of purchases that came out of this administration, outsourced jobs to foreign countries.

    Mitt Romney outsourced zero –

    Mitchell: Zero?

    Sununu: Zero. He wasn’t there when those issues came up.

    Mitchell: Well, first of all the $29 billion are not all outsourced from the administration because —

    Sununu: Sure they are.

    Mitchell: A lot of those jobs still remained here. There are jobs — when you do a grant, governor, there are jobs here as well as overseas.

    Sununu: [laughing] You’re struggling, Andrea. You’re struggling.

    Mitchell: First of all, these are competing claims and we will get back to you with all of the numbers

    • binky354

      Good find. Thank you. Sorry I missed the Sununu interview, but I never watch MSNBC.

    • buzzlatte3

      It’s on

    • getfitnow

      This is a perfect example of agenda-driven journalism.
      She could care less about the “facts”. She is simply a shill for That One’s administration.

    • Hokma

      Andrea Mitchell should be the poster-child for why onlu 21% of Americans have any trust in the TV News according to Gallup. Mitchell and her fellow morons at MSLSD are responsible for their own demise (and lack of audience).