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The political boohooing and cable news spectacle surrounding the mass shooting early this morning at the start of a new Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado, is shameful. I am not insensitive to the loss suffered by the families and friends of those who died or are fighting in an ICU to survive. But Barack Obama orders the nation’s flags at half-mast because one asshole goes on a shooting spree? That is bullshit.

While doing his best “mourn for Trayvon Williams” quivering voice, Obama continues to say not a damn thing about the murders of 275 Chicago citizens, most who are black, as gangs battle for drug turf. The message is clear–if you are majority white, live in the burbs and can be milked for political advantage, we give a shit. If you are black and in the inner city, fuck you.

But it is not all the fault of Obama. He is just reacting like one of Pavlov’s dogs to the reality of the news media. He understands that the news media, especially cable news, do not give a damn either about inner city drug violence and so-called “collateral” damage. Can you imagine the nation’s reaction if the cable news shows devoted even a tenth of their coverage focused on Colorado to the murder rampage in Chicago? But they don’t because it does not provide the wonderful Hollywood story and optics of a madman shooting up a movie theater. Pass the popcorn.

Obama’s reaction does not stop with the speech and the flags. By God he is going for the full Monty for the victims in Colorado.

He is assembling his national and domestic security team this afternoon for nothing more than a photo op. So almost 20 times the number who died in Colorado are killed on the streets of Chicago and what does Obama do? NOTHING! Kill and wound some movie goers and it is seized on as a repeat of 9-11.

Just wait, there will be a memorial service in Colorado and Obama will be running for that stage.

I “love” the faux sympathy oozing from the poker faces of gleeful anchors at Fox, CNN and MSNBC. They love this shit. A chance to strut their stuff, boost their ratings and play the heart strings of America like a Stradivarius violin. Meanwhile, the victims in Chicago are not all gang bangers. Two of the victims were little girls:

Heaven Sutton
Kitanna Peterson

The victims include 7-year old Heaven Sutton, shot to death selling candy outside her house; and 10-year old Kitanna Peterson, shot as she played in the spray from a fire hydrant. She was treated at the trauma center last week.

“They just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Starr said. “They’re collateral damage to some of the violence that is happening out on the streets.”

No flags at half-mast for these little girls. No Presidential crocodile tears for them. Why? No political gains to be made by focusing on the story of black people being killed by black people.

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