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The political boohooing and cable news spectacle surrounding the mass shooting early this morning at the start of a new Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado, is shameful. I am not insensitive to the loss suffered by the families and friends of those who died or are fighting in an ICU to survive. But Barack Obama orders the nation’s flags at half-mast because one asshole goes on a shooting spree? That is bullshit.

While doing his best “mourn for Trayvon Williams” quivering voice, Obama continues to say not a damn thing about the murders of 275 Chicago citizens, most who are black, as gangs battle for drug turf. The message is clear–if you are majority white, live in the burbs and can be milked for political advantage, we give a shit. If you are black and in the inner city, fuck you.

But it is not all the fault of Obama. He is just reacting like one of Pavlov’s dogs to the reality of the news media. He understands that the news media, especially cable news, do not give a damn either about inner city drug violence and so-called “collateral” damage. Can you imagine the nation’s reaction if the cable news shows devoted even a tenth of their coverage focused on Colorado to the murder rampage in Chicago? But they don’t because it does not provide the wonderful Hollywood story and optics of a madman shooting up a movie theater. Pass the popcorn.

Obama’s reaction does not stop with the speech and the flags. By God he is going for the full Monty for the victims in Colorado.

He is assembling his national and domestic security team this afternoon for nothing more than a photo op. So almost 20 times the number who died in Colorado are killed on the streets of Chicago and what does Obama do? NOTHING! Kill and wound some movie goers and it is seized on as a repeat of 9-11.

Just wait, there will be a memorial service in Colorado and Obama will be running for that stage.

I “love” the faux sympathy oozing from the poker faces of gleeful anchors at Fox, CNN and MSNBC. They love this shit. A chance to strut their stuff, boost their ratings and play the heart strings of America like a Stradivarius violin. Meanwhile, the victims in Chicago are not all gang bangers. Two of the victims were little girls:

Heaven Sutton
Kitanna Peterson

The victims include 7-year old Heaven Sutton, shot to death selling candy outside her house; and 10-year old Kitanna Peterson, shot as she played in the spray from a fire hydrant. She was treated at the trauma center last week.

“They just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Starr said. “They’re collateral damage to some of the violence that is happening out on the streets.”

No flags at half-mast for these little girls. No Presidential crocodile tears for them. Why? No political gains to be made by focusing on the story of black people being killed by black people.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • GabbySummers

    Agree completely Larry – and he waited until Sunday night – when that is prime time viewing for people, he would NEVER do it during the day, like on a Saturday.

  • Popsmoke

    By the way, keeping up with my sarcasm, for all you Romney fans out there in NQ Land. While we pound away on Obama for playing the political card on the shootings. I find it very funny that ole Mitt decides to quell the hunt by quoting from the Book of Mormon ( Mosiah 18:8-9 ) rather then the Bible.

    Lets see one lowers the flag the other quotes from the Book of Joe Smith rather then the Holy Bible… Just great! Two knuckleheads….

  • Popsmoke

    Holmes lost it… We are not going to stop anyone from going over the edge like this and the call for gun control will go no where. With some 50 to 60 million gun owners neither Romney nor Obama is going to touch anything dealing with gun control this late in the election game.

    Chicago ranks #2 and is mostly noted because this is Obama’s home turf and this is an election year. New York City actually still leads in murders. Then comes Detroit, Philadelphia, Los
    Angeles and New Orleans …

    Of course as a Country we rank far below others….

    OK so Obama is running to Colorado… Bill and Hillary visited one month after the Columbine shooting. Of course Bill was not running and it was not that close to the the election. Eh can’t fault the guy for that it is of course an election year. But lowering the flag? No offense to the families. But what is next? Military honor guards?

    The Colorado visit is one thing. But who wants to bet that in September Obama invites the families???

    • Hokma

      Saw this:

      “Chicago hasn’t seen murders at this pace since 2003, when the city suffered 283 homicides by the end of June, and 601 over the year. The violence that began to explode in neighborhoods across this city this spring represents a 36 percent increase in murder over the same stretch of last year.
      In contrast, New York City has seen a 17 percent decrease from last year, putting the city on pace to record fewer than 400 homicides this year—which would be the fewest since reliable records began being kept in 1963”

      I don’t know what the rankings actually are, but clearly Chicago is not going in the right direction and this has been going for years.

      Obama has not made any effort to put resources toward the Chicago problem since he has been in office. Yet he did manage to personally get involved to try and get Chicago an Olympic bid at the very time when his city was lawless.

      Going to scenes of mass devastation. That is what Presidents do.

      Gun control? Would an assault weapon ban prevent Holmes from using homemade bombs to kill people?

      As you well know we still treat mental illness as a stigma and as a result young people like Holmes end up getting ignored until it is too late. But that is an inconvenient fact that gets in the way of left wing gun control narratives. In this case they intentionally ignored how this kid booby trapped his apartment with explosives and just focus on the guns.

      A couple we knew who are well-to-do had an older son who was a very nice and polite kid but seemed always a little troubled. About a year ago, without any warning he loaded up his car with an assortment of weapons, went to an intersection, began firing in the air to attract police, and then forced the police to kill him. The similarity with Holmes is that they were both bright but both troubled and not never got proper treatment.

  • susiepuma

    Watch for more of these incidents to happen prior to the election – the fraud is desparately trying for a 9-11 moment of his own – if the bombs in the apt had gone off – perhaps it would’ve been close – who knows?? The fraud thinks that a 9-11 type incident will guarantee his 2nd & final term (or coronation) and complete destruction of this country as we know it……. too bad the plastic kendoll flipflopper is no savior – he just wants to be Prez because his daddy didn’t make it – kinda sounds like the reason the younger Shrub went to war with the Iraq – to finish what Daddy started…. what a bunch of milquetoast wussies – no spines and no cajones – no wonder Repubs always lose….
    I hate both wings of the current party – neither one of them is worth the powder to blow them to hell and I do mean that – they have destroyed our Constitution, our economy, and our country – we have no morals, no sense of justic, we have been infiltrated by communists, socialists and muslims in every system and section of our country – our schools are worthless – from kindergarten to college – the children are taught nothing except to hate this Country – our military has been infiltrated – scary thought there huh? – you think Major Hassan is the only one? – our intelligence agencies are also infested with the commies, socialists and muslims –
    The country is so dumbed down that nobody can connect the dots and if they do, they are so afraid of being politically incorrect they are afraid to speak up…….
    Guess the Founders were right after all, we had a Republic, but we couldn’t keep it……………………………

    • scottymac54

      Well put. I like the way you’ve connected the dots.

  • buzzlatte3

    For those of you looking for the OWS – Holmes connection. I put the direct link for the pat dollard site down below. Hmmm.

  • bbf
  • twobits2

    Bill O’Reilly runs a piece on the Chicago gang-violence almost every night on his show. He did buy into the Colorado shooting, but give credit where credit is due – he is one of the cable voices that shouts out for answers about Chicago and the gang problems. He also asked the same questions about the CO incident that I did: what was a 6-year-old child doing at a midnight movie?

    • FLDemFem

      When you can’t get a babysitter, you take the kid to the movies with you.

      • buzzlatte3

        Much to the annoyance of many in the audience…but hey, times are tough and people are not aware of how things might affect others lately.

        • twobits2

          Kids should go to matinees, not midnight shows. Call me crazy, but a sense of normalcy, which includes bedtime makes for healthy kids. This mom is now in critical condition and her child is dead. Sometimes it helps to use common sense.

      • twobits2

        That’s what the reply was on O’Reilly. Go to an earlier show so the kid can be in bed at a normal time. I understand economics and babysitter issues. The child’s health needs to be considered as well. In this instance, it was a really bad call, wouldn’t you say?

  • Flop_Flipper

    Saw Batman today. With all the press I had to see what it was all about. I think the similarities and connections to OWS in the movie are a stretch. There are a few sentences spoken here and there but not what I expected from reading some of the more politically slanted reviews.

    Perhaps that is the lesson to this. People see what they want to see. They spin it to make it conform to their reality. And then they argue and fight with folks that disagree with their perception of that reality.

    If you like the series, you will love the ending.

  • foxyladi14
  • MG6

    Found this great video: Kim Dotcom, from New Zealand


  • JohnnyTwoDog

    Some deranged people are unable to separate fantasy from reality, but they don’t harm anyone. Children can’t separate fantasy from reality which is why they are inherently unreliable witnesses, especially after being coached.

    Evil occupies the mind that steals life. It’s sick beyond my imagination. Preying on children is the worst kind of evil sickness.

    It deserves no less attention in Chicago or Florida or anywhere than the attention Aurora is getting.

    The CDC declared a “West Nile Virus Epidemic” in Tarrant County TX after confirming 16 cases, 5 hospitalizations and one death.

    How many need to die in Chicago to get an epidemic?

    • Sabinal

      thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hedy.audette Hedy Audette

    Larry I have to beg to differ. I only watch Fox News since Obama came into office and I have heard this story on Bret Baier and Hannity because they were talking about Rhaum Emanuel and how violent Chicago has become and how he has done nothing to protect the innocent people…O is only going overboard for this tragedy because it is an election year….


    I keep seeing posts about the shooter being part of occupy black bloc and leaving the occupy movement in San Diego because it was not radical enough. Anyone know it this is right or just BS thrown out there??

  • HARP2

    Why are we not hearing about the Tennessee plates he had on the car ?

    Did he borrow it……Steal it ?

  • foxyladi14

    Pitiful he is just pitiful.



    so how will backtrack incorporate this tragedy into a reason to sign the UN Arms Treaty this week????

    • Hokma

      You better believe it!

  • TriciaX

    Harsh, Larry, but SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right on. Also, this kind of attention puts the idea of being “famous” in the minds of other home-grown nut cases. Wow–you can dominate he news for days!



    contains live feed video of police going into shooters apt

  • buzzlatte3

    occupywallst.org pulled it’s claim of Holmes being a black bloc/OWS operative in the shooting but patdollard.com has the screenshot. Chicago is eating itself.

  • HARP2


    3 dead, 18 wounded in attacks across city

    At least 21 people were shot, three fatally, across the city Friday night and Saturday morning.


    • Hokma

      This has been going on for years.

      • getfitnow

        ..and every weekend.

  • Flop_Flipper

    I’ve searched through most of the recent threads and haven’t seen anything from Diana. I sure hope she and her family are ok.

  • HARP2

    Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

    As you soak all this in, remember that the FBI had admitted to
    setting up terror plots, providing the weapons and gear, staging the
    location of the bombings and even driving the vehicles to pull it off!
    This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s been admitted by the FBI right out
    in the open.

    A decent AR-15 rifle costs $1,000 or more all by itself. The shotgun and
    handgun might run another $800 total. Spare mags, sights, slings, and
    so on will run you at least another $1,000 across three firearms. The
    bullet-proof vest is easily another $800, and the cost of the
    bomb-making gear is anybody’s guess. With all the specialty body gear,
    ammunition, booby-trap devices and more, I’m guessing this is at least $20,000 in weapons and tactical gear, much of which is very difficult for civilians to get in the first place.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036536_James_Holmes_shooting_false_flag.html#ixzz21G3ecDgF

    • Flop_Flipper

      I think this is reaching a little. Yes, there are many unanswered questions and, as the article states, how he managed to afford the guns and where he got the tactical gear are certainly legitimate. But if there is a conspiracy here I think that Larry may be on to something suggesting an OWS connection. But I honestly don’t know, as do none of us. At this point.

      Jumping the shark on this, making it appear as if the government is involved, is a dangerous path to walk down. As much as I hate Obama, I don’t believe he, or any of his cronies, lackeys or stooges staged this. I am not certain that he acted alone though.

      • HARP2

        Interesting article though.

        • buzzlatte3

          That’s been my question – how could someone get the money to get the equipment that Holmes had. Interesting take on drudgereport.com. The Symbionese Liberation Army of the Patty Hearst era had to rob banks. How did Holmes get the equipment? Perhaps the OWS connection will reconnect at some point.

      • TexMexSoup

        But the reality is, there is an agenda to control. So I am not surprised at all if it was staged. The underlying tone overall from the news outlets (beating the drum) that I’ve been hearing is gun control, gun control……erode our rights further is the meta message I’m hearing.

  • lola828

    So let me get this straight, you are equating a mass shooting in a cinema by a mad man to the constant everyday crime that occurs in a big city like Chicago. You are saying Obama should have no reaction to the Colorado shooting because he does not (in your mind) care about the day-to-day crime in the city of Chicago? Did you write this late night after drinking a bottle booze? I suspect if Obama ignored this shooting or gave a speech about the black-on-black violence in the city of Chicago you would be criticizing him for that.

    It is amazing how over the years Larry Johnson has written may articles about race, which real come close to being outright racism. He sets up many many strawmen based on race. Somehow I do not think Larry Johnson is to particularly worried about the crime happening in big cities like Chicago. Has he ever written a single post about crime in American and the tragedy of it all or about the violence in the black community? If you want to make yourself useful, why don’t you write a post about gun control and the tragedy of the NRA on behalf of gun manufacturers completely taking over our legislators?

    By the way you seem to be very good yourself at exploiting this tragedy on your website with your headlines about this being an “occupy wall street” shooter and this post about crocodile tears.

    • FLDemFem

      Hey, at least he doesn’t have a fake presidential seal hanging on the podium like Obama did during the last election. That was too tacky for words, and a preview of the sort of thing we have come to expect from both Obamas.

      • getfitnow

        ..and weren’t there headrest covers, with the seal, on his campaign plane? There was so much BS going on, I may be wrong

    • Hokma

      “everyday crime that occurs in a big city like Chicago”

      Chicago is the most lawless city in the country and has been for years now. Dailey and now Emmanuel have not been able to stem it yet.

      Larry’s outrage is very appropriate considering the bastard in the WH is from Chicago.

      Read my comment above. The cab driver’s name happens to be the name of a former President. I would never menton it because you never know who sees it and it could place his life in danger.

      When you do not know what you are talking about and its about something this horrible (Chicago) then you should just shut the &%$# up. You may think its a joke, but average people in Chicago do not and you have never seen Obama lift a finger. Not once.

    • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

      Who suggested that Obama not react and say something? I’m simply pointing out there is mass murder of blacks in Chicago and Obama is mute. Simply pointing out that Obama, rather than comment, is going into full politics mode to milk every ounce out of this tragedy that he can.
      So, once again, fuck off.

      • lola828

        “Simply pointing out that Obama, rather than comment, is going into full politics mode to milk every ounce out of this tragedy that he can.”

        Bullshit! In this post you are simply pointing that out…. yeah right. That is all you are saying here. So a President like all previous Presidents comments on a national tradegy and it is about politics. Bullshit. You are attempting to turn this into a race issue. You are the one making this political with your bullshit posts on this tragedy.

        • Hokma

          How the fuck is he turning this into a race issue????

          He is pointing out that his hometown of Chicago has a massive crime problem that has been going on while he has been President with kids getting killed intentionally or in crossfire and Obama has been silent and has done nothing.

          How is that a race issue?

          • buzzlatte3

            Remember the obots only have two cards to play – race and Bain. Both have been proven to not be lucky.

    • shelldoll2

      Ah the racist that could care less about dead black people is back.

  • artist

    Amen, love you, Larry.
    Watching Obama today was more painful than usual…I swear, if that man’s lips are moving, he’s lying.
    Funny…he never says…”Heaven and Kitanna could be my daughters”….., that was reserved for Trayvon…never let a crisis go to waste.

    • getfitnow

      I watched a clip of the end of That One’s speech. Of course the idiots in the audience were an embarrassment clapping and chanting “4 more…”; however, our beloved, young, historic POTUS didn’t just solenmly walk off stage. He shifted into campaign mode along with his audience.

      • BronwynsHarbor

        I hadn’t watched The One’s statement, actually because I was asleep at the time. Until I read your comment, I didn’t know about the “idiots in the audience.”

        I bet someone else has written this elsewhere on this blog, but I’ll say it anyway: WHY did Obama use a campaign stop to make his statement? IF he had to read a statement, imho the sole appropriate place to do so would be at the White House, on the lawn.

  • buzzlatte3

    occupy wall street website identifies Holmes as a member of OWS San Diego and a Black Bloc member. Google it. I didn’t want to go on an OWS website. OWS….the group Obama supports. Enough said.

    • Flop_Flipper

      Well, I did a search and came up with conflicting and unsubstantiated claims. Nothing concrete, mere speculation. I fully expect that OWS would distance itself from this guy. What I would like to see is proof. One way or the other.

  • alicewolf

    Who is behind these terrible crimes. The dog returning to his vomit. I’m not talking about Bo either.

    • Hokma

      Obama has not lifter a finger to find a way to alleviate the lawlessness in Chicago and people there are resentful of it.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Nor have other politicians. They are ALL to damn busy playing politics to give a rat’s ass about what happens to people unless they can use it to step in front of a camera and pretend concern.

        Now the usual suspects will use this tragedy to hype gun control. Bloomberg was the first and several other slimy Dems followed closely.

        Save your agenda until the bodies are decently in the ground. It would show something few pols have. Class.

  • http://twitter.com/jbjdjbjd jbjd

    I posted this article when I heard President Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


    The death of this 3-year-old black boy has Mr. Obama’s fingerprints all over it. He didn’t care then; he doesn’t care now.

    • Hokma

      Curing the rampant crime in his “hometown” Chicago never had any political benefit for Obama.

  • binky354

    “But Barack Obama orders the nation’s flags at half-mast because one asshole goes on a shooting spree? ”

    Can someone help me out here because I have memory problems: Did POTUS order the nation’s flags at half-mast after the Ft. Hood shooting? Surely he did, but I can’t remember it.

    • artist

      no because that was merely “workplace violence”, but of course you knew that : )

    • getfitnow

      If that be the case, the flag should remain at half mast for the routine weekend massacres going on in his hometown.

      It’s all politics for this guy.

      • binky354

        I found this by googling, but failed to keep the link:

        In the case of Ft. Hood, Obama had to be bullied into the national gesture
        of mourning by Texas patriot, Anita Ross:

        FYI…the White House/staff had no intention of lowering the flags…in fact,
        early Friday AM after the “closet Muslim terrorist” had finished his “atrocity
        against Army” warriors, the flags were raised to “full staff.”

        Anita burned up the phone lines in D.C. And in
        Texas…Congressmen/women…Governor Perry’s office…White House…all heard from her
        as she “assaulted the arrogance” of the clueless bureaucrats who mostly despise
        our military…demanding that honor be shown by lowering the flags.

        She was stonewalled, ignored, shunned…everywhere but in Texas.

        When it became obvious that the Liar-in-Chief and his team were completely
        ignorant, insensitive and insipid toward the “atrocity” (not “tragedy”) at Ft.
        Hood…Read the rest of the story at Pam Geller’s

        In the meantime, Liberal press has already erroneously reported that
        today’s shooter, James E. Holmes was a member of a Colorado TEA Party. He
        wasn’t. Then ABC corrected the story with no apology, and later issued an

        Don’t misunderstand my meaning here. Flags should be lowered when the
        President decides they should be lowered, but his attitude toward the Ft. Hood
        killings continues to appall. Read my continuing ongoing reports on today’s
        shooting here.

  • TexMexSoup

    Black on black violence is out of control. Obama doesn’t give a shit but when his half black self needs to play up to the black community, they are right there cheering him on as he makes his way on the stage walking with a switch like Huggybear. What fools.

    • shelldoll2


    • getfitnow

      thread winner.

      • BronwynsHarbor

        What a reply. My face broke out with a wide smile.

        • TexMexSoup

          Gracias. Hasn’t anyone else noticed how Obama walks like he grew up in the ghetto when he is pandering to the black community? They eat that Huggy Bear act up. When are they going to wake up and realize how he really doesn’t care.

          He gets in front of the white community. & he walks like he has a stick up his butt. He might as well walk with a sombrero when he talks to the Hispanic community, he is so freaking patronizing.

          Bullshit politics and crocodile tears is pretty right on.

  • Hokma

    Obama has not shed a single tear for the on-going slaughter in Chicago.

    I was in Chicago on business just prior to Chicago attempting to be selected as a site for a future Olympics. My cab driver was an African American Chicago native, a Vietnam War veteran and the father of children and grandchildren who he wanted to stay in Chicago.

    He and his family lived in constant fear that one of the drug gangs would be banging down their door to terrorize them and rob them as they had done with many.

    He told me that it was not uncommon even for drug gangs to intercept cabs in traffic and rob passengers.

    After the shooting death of one of his sons, he forced his children to move out of Chicago while he stayed.

    He was a life-long Democrat but could no longer support Mayor Daley who was completely ineffective. He and many people in Chicago were very upset that the city could find the money to spruce up the city so that they could win an Olympic bid, at the expense of paying for more police and security.

    But most of his anger was at the man he voted in as President who was from Chicago – Barack Obama. “He just turned his back on us,” he said and was unsure he could support him again.

    I saw Obama saying that HE will do everything he can to bring this gunman in Aurora to justice.

    What has he done for Chicago?

  • buzzlatte3

    LATimes reporting that shooter Holmes had trouble finding a job in the Obama economy before returning back to school. thegatewaypundit.com

    • arturo_ui

      Clearly, that makes Obama responsible for this.

      • buzzlatte3

        That was your conclusion, Arturo…

        But the Obama economy could definitely have had an influence in Holmes’ decisions.

        So blame who you want to, the economy still sucks.

        • arturo_ui

          “That was your conclusion, Arturo…”

          No, it was yours. Otherwise you wouldn’t have brought it up.

          • Flop_Flipper

            Actually it was the LA Times that said he was having a hard time finding a job. Not exactly a right wing rag. And, in case you haven’t noticed, this is Obama’s economy. And it sucks.

            • arturo_ui

              And it was buzzlatte who tied that fact into what he called “the Obama economy”. I guarantee you the LA Times did not call it that, and they most certainly did not write the ridiculous phrase “shooter Holmes had trouble finding a job in the Obama economy”. It was buzzlatte who tied all of those things together for their own, obvious conclusion.

              • buzzlatte3

                Idiot – read the headline.

              • Flop_Flipper

                Whether the LA Times called it as such or not is irrelevant. It is Obama’s economy. And it sucks.

  • Flop_Flipper

    It was obvious from the start of this coverage that it was biased; using unsubstantiated allegations to push the meme that Tea Party radicals were on the rampage and the government needed to take away our guns. Bloomberg was the absolute worst reactionary lunatic. But watch the left reignite the discussion after a day or two of national mourning for good show. It’ll be a regular Libfest Donkey Orgy.

    • KenoshaMarge

      Media Malfeasance?
      ABC Falsely Accuses 52 Year Old Hispanic Tea Party Member of the Aurora
      Massacre on Good Morning America

      People were massacred last night,
      many of them young teens, one was a six-year-old child. A three-month old baby
      was shot at point-blank range in the back but is still alive. I couldn’t go back
      to sleep thinking about them and I am broken-hearted.

      I am even upset
      about the poor businessmen who just opened the theatre where the massacre took

      While I was in tears over this, do you know what Brian Ross and
      George Stephanapoulos were thinking? They were thinking about how they could
      blame it on the Tea Party.

      Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s
      Good Morning America falsely accused/speculated that an Hispanic Tea Party
      member, James Michael Holmes, of Aurora was the possible shooter in the massacre
      at an Aurora theatre last night. They did this with no evidence whatsoever. In
      fact, George ridiculously said to Brian, “I know you’ve been investigating
      this.” Are you kidding me? He’s their investigator???

      link: http://www.independentsentinel.com/2012/….orning-america/

      If anyone, any where needs more proof that ABC, NBC and CBS have
      devolved into left-wing press agents for the Democratic Party they are as
      despicable as Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos who deserve to be run out of
      media on a rail! They are to reporting what a Twinkie is to

      Thanks ABC: Falsely Accused Tea Party Member Now
      Receiving Threats

      The well-deserved backlash continues for ABC and
      the beyond irresponsible, narrative and false agenda pusher Brian Ross. This
      morning, he repulsively falsely accused an innocent man of being the Aurora
      killer. Why? Oh, he was a member of the Tea Party. The horror!

      more: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlic….eiving_threa



    how do you even get to this place where there are fan pages for a mentally sick killer??

    • scottymac54


  • HARP2

    Well said Larry.

    I get annoyed at the absolute infantile questions they ask the witnesses.

    Were you scared ?

    Did you expect anything like this ?

    I have a question for them also.

    Why did you waste good money to see a disgusting violent movie ?

  • buzzlatte3

    …and what’s with Rahm Emmanuel going off Obama script regarding economy? drudgereport.com

    • Hokma

      Rahm Emmanuel has a big mouth and small feet.

      What Chicago needs is a mayor like Giuiliani who took over a lawless city back then and quickly made it very safe.

    • scottymac54

      We should probably be glad they didn’t ask them if they saw any Gadsden flags or military badges.

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Larry wrote: “No political gains to be made by focusing on this unfortunate story.” True. If the girls had been shot be a white guy with a Confederate flag tatoo, they’d be all over this. But black girls shot by black gang bangers? Nothing to see here, move along.

    • JohnnyTwoDog

      The MSM dismisses Chicago as a dog bites man story. Dogs bite. Not news worthy.

      What is wrong with the brains of those who work in the MSM and report on human rights atrocities in Syria and the rest of the world but can’t utter a sound about what happens in their own country?

      • BronwynsHarbor

        Christian Whiton, a former State Dept. “Senior Adviser” (2003-2009), just dared to be a truth teller about Syria.

        Mr. Whiton and Larry must know each other in real life, or they should. Mr. Whiton spoke the truth on Fox News @ one hour ago (my DVR is backed up). He dared to state that Assad isn’t in immediate peril of losing control and that, since the bombing, the streets of Damascus have “calmed” down.

        • Popsmoke

          Steve Yates? DC International? Whiton saying Assad is not in trouble of loosing Damascus? Oh boy…. The only way Assad is not going to lose control, and its only a matter of time, is if Israel attacks…