Another in a series of 2008 posts that are as relevant today as when they were first published. You will agree. (Reprinted with the author’s permission and request for anonymity.) Special thanks to FlopFlipper for bringing this to my attention. Beyond Cullen Davis and Tony Rezko, note the inclusion of Valerie Jarrett‘s name below the fold. At that time (June 2008), no one could have known that she would become the top White House adviser to a president of the United States.

A little boy is dead because Barack’s key fundraisers cared more about profit than a safe environment for children. While his mother watched him to be sure he was safe, Curtis Cooper, a three-year-old boy riding his tricycle, was crushed to death by a heavy iron fence that suddenly fell over on top of him at a housing project run by Obama contributor Cullen Davis — whose family received huge government subsidies as well as a $1,000,000 grant for the properties from the Woods Fund’s board, whose members included Barack Obama and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers.

CBS2 reports (via NoQuarterUSA channel):

CBS2 Chicago also reports:

Curtis’ aunt Lisa Springfield said, “It just crushed him all up, his whole face.”

According to witnesses, five or six men rushed to the boy to try to pry the heavy fence off of him. An hour later he was pronounced dead at Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCullen Davis, the son of Obama’s first boss and major benefactor Allison Davis, is a beneficiary of Obama’s prominent effort to privatize the management of public housing in Chicago. As Un coup de des wrote here yesterday in “Boston Globe Exposé, Part I: Introducing Cecil Butler, Obama’s West Side Slumlord Patron,” the privatization of this housing — while highly profitable for investors like Cullen Davis, Allison Davis, and the now-convicted Tony Rezko — has left residents with chronic plumbing failures that led to sewage throughout units and backing up into kitchen sinks, “collapsed roofs and fire damage,” rampant rodent infestation, vacant units, and the displacement of thousands of low-income residents because the buildings are either uninhabitable or have been destroyed in order to “gentrify” neighborhoods.

Furious neighbors reacted last night, reports the Chicago Tribune:

A 3-year-old boy was crushed to death Friday evening by a large, rusted steel gate at the Cabrini-Green housing complex, prompting a crowd to gather and hurl accusations of mismanagement at property managers.

“How many accidents happen over here because of failed inspections,” screamed Willie J.R. Fleming, a resident and a director with the Coalition to Protect Public Housing. “There’s no accountability, there’s no oversight of this.”

Barack Obama and Mayor Daley backed the privatization schemes and personally interceded to ensure that THEIR cronies made money off the privatization. Here’s how DEEPLY INVOLVED Barack Obama is in these schemes that contributed to little Curtis Cooper’s death, via the Boston Globe’s “Grim proving ground for Obama’s housing policy“:

  • “As a state senator, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee coauthored an Illinois law creating a new pool of tax credits for developers.”
  • “As a US senator, he pressed for increased federal subsidies.”
  • “And as a presidential candidate, he has campaigned on a promise to create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund that could give developers an estimated $500 million a year.”

An outrageous example of the privatization profiteers is Tony Rezko. Reports the Boston Globe‘s superb investigative report (a must-read in full):

Antoin “Tony” Rezko, perhaps the most important fund-raiser for Obama’s early political campaigns and a friend who helped the Obamas buy a home in 2005. Rezko’s company used subsidies to rehabilitate more than 1,000 apartments, mostly in and around Obama’s district, then refused to manage the units, leaving the buildings to decay to the point where many no longer were habitable.

Campaign finance records show that six prominent developers – including [Valerie] Jarrett, Davis, and Rezko – collectively contributed more than $175,000 to Obama’s campaigns over the last decade and raised hundreds of thousands more from other donors. Rezko alone raised at least $200,000, by Obama’s own accounting.

You’ll note that on his Web site describing his business, Obama donor Cullen Davis, the owner of the property at which little Curtis Cooper died, touts that his company offers “visionary and strategic leadership to Urban Property Advisors (UPA) plus a number of companies and ventures impacting change in urban environments.”

Apparently, Mr. Davis’s “vision” doesn’t include close inspection of old, rusting heavy iron gates. From CBS2 Chicago:

As for Regional Property Advisers, the firm which has been inspecting this CHA property for the past two years, it contended that due diligence was exercised.

Spokesman Ronald O’Neil said, “We visually check the property on a regular basis and I can tell you that in this particular instance, there’s a gate that has a chain on it and it has been chained up and it did not fall over.”

That’s of small comfort for Curtis’ family. They expressed skepticism over that explanation.

“They didn’t do anything to that one. I guess they thought because it wouldn’t move. The gate wouldn’t move, so I guess it was rusting out, that’s why it wouldn’t move. Then all of a sudden, he touched it and the whole dang gate fell on him,” Springfield said.


For more on the powerful who have managed to privatize and profit from these low-income housing projects, read:

Note: Un coup de des plans a series of reports on this privatization scheme that enriched Barack Obama’s allies and benefactors but left Chicago’s poor in disgusting, uninhabitable or dangerous housing.

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    Hey Bronwyn, since you’re going retro on us dredging up stuff you and the NQ crew wrote in ’08, here’s another:

    A real beaut from Larry that argues Obama’s visit to his grandmother at the 11th hour of the ’08 campaign was not to see her for the last time but a cynical ploy to gain sympathy – the old gal was frail, sure, but just fine. Madelyn Dunham died about a week later on the eve of the election. Larry must be real proud of that one.

    But hey, for the benefit of those who weren’t here four years ago, why not bring back the Whitey Tape posts?

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      That was one of the low points on NQ. Larry Johnson’s recent post trying to turn the Colorado shooing into an anti-Obama race issue is another low point.

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    Yeah, when you examine Obama’s relationships they have a way of appearing to come from the America’s Most Wanted list. Seriously, how many felons and other degenerates has Obama maintained association with?

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    So this is your argument against Obama. What a joke? This is the best case you can make to vote against Obama. Completely lame. NQ has zero substance.

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      Go screw yourself, IDIOT

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      Zero substance? They provided facts and links. Sooner or later it will all catch up to Obama and his Chicago thugs,

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      “NQ has zero substance.”
      So why do you waste your nand our time by coming here?
      So lola828 tell me, did 0zer0 show up to grieve with Curtis Cooper’s family? Or was this the pre-never let a crisis go to waste phase of 0zer0’s life; i.e., he will visit Aurora CO tomorrow.

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      Only an idiot like you would find no substance in this story. Oh, I forgot, it didn’t praise Obama for being the bestest, most successful President in the whole wide history of the world so it has no substance. I forgot the Obot daily affirmation quota. Sorry.

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      It also shows how racist you are. What’s one dead poor little nigger? I worship Obama and that makes my racism okay.

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        It all depends who killed the little kid. If it was a redneck cracker with a Stars ‘n’ Bars tatoo, it’s serious and merits examination. If it’s a rich liberal, particularly one that donates to a deferentially compliant black-appearing white guy like Obama, crickets.

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    This of course is not the way “privatization” should work. But it is a good example of political cronyism.

    As long as they have their votes, the old Democratic machine in Chicago could care less about the peple who live there.
    Stories like this shed light on who Barack Obama actually is and one has to believe that Blago took the fall for the sins of many more. As time goes on it will be interesting to see how Blago and his wife get financed while he is in prison – where that comes from – and will Obama do something about Blago’s prison sentence before he leaves office. The same with Rezko.

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    Great minds…

    In my ‘article,’ I only posted Curtis’ picture, with links below to articles about how he died. The first link was to this article on NoQuarter.

    jbjd • 17 hours ago −
    I posted this article when I heard President Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


    The death of this 3-year-old black boy has Mr. Obama’s fingerprints all over it. He didn’t care then; he doesn’t care now.

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    That is the Chicago way. Nothing I read surprises me. I believe I have read all that hasn’t been sealed about Obama and his minions. Despicable group of people.