The “You didn’t build that” gaffe by Candidate Obama pushes OFA (Obama For America) to play defense for the first instance in more than a month.

The Bain attacks have fallen on deaf ears. Polls show that the opinion of Romney has become more positive since the Bain-bashing started last February by the Gingrich team.

OFA rushes to blunt the damage by the “Build” ad released by American Crossroads. Is it enough? Sure. Except that Candidate Obama’s remark will play like a golden oldie for the rest of the campaign. OFA cannot interpret Mr. Obama’s remarks any more than we can.

OFA claims Mr. Obama was talking about “infrastructure and education.” It is not possible to find the word “infrastructure” or the word “education” in Mr. Obama’s remarks. It is all tortured rhetoric, it is fair to conclude.

The Obama team defense is as frustrated as the Romney team offense. There will be more of this sort of confusion. Candidate Obama is not a careful speaker, and the presumption is fixed that he is disdainful of self-made men and women.

A marquee announces a fundraiser for President Barack Obama at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, Calif., Monday, July 23.


The USA Today/Gallup poll just published indicates that the Bain attacks over the last month have not convinced the American voters about Mr. Romney’s ability to help the American economy: by two to one, the American people believe that Mr. Romney’s experience at Bain will lead to positive decisions in office.

At the same time, by two to one the respondents believe that Mr. Obama is more likeable that Mr. Romney. Question for John Avlon, John Fund, Taegan Goddard: Does likeability mean electability? Does Romney’s total identification with turn-around lead to the voters choosing a guy who would fire them if it brings results?

Update Oakland:

A report from OFA fundraisers in California suggest that Candidate Obama is stung hard by the “You didn’t build that” attacks.

MSNBC quotes POTUS speaking spontaneously to the crowd at the Fox Theater in Oakland, “When folks just like, omit entire sentences of what you said, they start kind of slicing and dicing… he may have gone a little over the edge there.

The edge is where campaigns like to live, and going over the edge sounds more exciting than Mitt Romney. Then again, the attack ad is by American Crossroads, the Karl Rove operation.

Update Gaffe Parade:

The launches (see below) a new best-of Candidate Obama’s gaffes these last months with regard the economy. Some well-known, some minor.

This is the small-scale attack stuff that the bigfoot media shrugs off, however it is necessary to observe that the small-scale stuff is what the partisans love and hate, and what confuses the minds of the undecideds.

When both sides mock the opposition, then neither side gains an advantage in the polls. Hence the buzzing attack videos.

  • Janet Satterwhite

    I read that there were Marijuana protesters outside his fundraiser in Oakland who are pissed he has been sending in the Feds to bust up the medicinal marijuana pharmacies. Won’t play well with the citizens of my state.

  • FLDemFem

    Here he is pandering to the black community Executive Order to “give African-American students greater access ‘to a complete and
    competitive education from the time they’re born all through the time
    they get a career’.”

    This is an interesting bit in the story, pretty much explains the reason for this concern.

    “Obama’s executive order comes in the wake of a new report by the
    National Urban League’s Policy Institute that warned the president could
    lose three key battleground states — Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio
    — if African-American voters don’t match their strong turnout of 2008
    in this year’s election.”

    If he keeps this up the Democratic Party will have to change its symbol from a donkey to a Pander Bear.

    • getfitnow

      I comment on this. It seems to be a form of racial profiling to me.

      • FLDemFem

        It’s only racial profiling if white people do it.


    backtrack stepping up damage control over remark.
    can’t take the comment back and it is hurting him. some words are not forgotten

    • HoosierinDixie

      They can’t unring a bell. The more they try the worst it gets. I hope they continue to do so.


    I do not understand this likability thing with backtrack. Many people I know turn off or change the channel on the tv when he is on. He has the manners of a goat and is as ignorant as cat sh-t. So where are the likability numbers coming from?

    • Hokma

      Unless you are viewing Rasmussen or Gallup you should ignore all other poll for reasons of methodology intended to lean in a certain direction (i.e. over sampling of Democrats, leading questions).
      Obama sycophants always focus on “likeability” because that is all they have to support Obama.

      • HoosierinDixie

        Agreed. I always thought that “likeability” question was something straight out of a bad Cosmo quiz. This election will not be based on what president they want to date, share a beer or take in a ball game with. Despite efforts to divide us on social and economic levels, people will vote on the issues that have a direct correlation to their own lives. Is the young mother struggling to put food on the table with future predictions for price increases going to vote for the status quo? Is the family man facing home foreclosure because he has been out of work for over a year prepared to ride out the next four years? Is the recent college graduate content to live in their parent’s basement waiting on a promise of “Hope and Change” that never materialized? Those are the types of questions that are going to be motivating people to get out to the polls in November. Unfortunately for the Obama sycophants that push this foolish “likeability” meme, people are going to “like” their odds with Mitt much better.

    • scottymac54

      Remember, most liberals don’t look at him as critically as we do.
      Firstly, the negatives we see are not in evidence on the media sources and blogs they follow.
      Second, they’ve conditioned themselves to dismiss most criticisms of Barky as right-wing distortions, or situations that Bush actually bears responsibility for.
      Third, they don’t necessarily draw distinctions between the candidates they saw during the primary, so Romney is just the representative of a party they are dead against, and simply will not vote for….Obama is their only option.
      Fourth, the Democrats place a higher value on youth, whereas Republicans tend to respect experience and “seasoning” a bit more. Barky still looks younger, “cooler”, and more in touch with their values.
      I NEVER liked him, but I get why they do.

  • getfitnow

    Unintended consequences?
    BTW, his fundraiser in Peidmont CA this week–there were 60 guests invited or expected. My friend who was “spying” from across the street said close to 20 walked through the front door. And she’s sure that’s the only entrance that was available. That One stayed about one hour.

  • getfitnow

    That One shouldn’t have
    complained about being “taken out of context” because in the fuller version
    of his speech he really is unlikeable, petty, small, jerky speech – no Mr.
    Smooth. And the longer version shows he said exactly what Mitt said he said.

    • PainKillerJayne

      I bet Bill Clinton is snickering in the background smoking a cigar…….and Barry said I was racist. ha!

  • jbjd

    This is a bit off-track but, the article affords an opportunity to point out the ‘abc’s’ of political campaign expenditures under the U.S. Code.

    In August 2008, OFA also began as Obama for America. That is, once Obama was made the D Presidential nominee. They took over the promotion for his on-line ad campaign, “Fight the Smears,” which up until the nomination was “Paid for by Barack Obama.” After the November election, OFA became “Organizing for America, A Project of the Democratic National Committee,” with the additional caveat, “THIS COMMUNICATION IS NOT AUTHORIZED BY ANY CANDIDATE OR CANDIDATE’S COMMITTEE,” as required by law.

    I only learned this after noticing, the attribution in the footer of the “Fight the Smears” web page kept changing…

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