If Obama could do economic policy like he does economic gaffes he would win come November without a doubt. But he doesn’t. I will say one thing for him, he is consistently ignorant about the economy and what is going on.

So, here is your chance to vote on which of the following Obama remarks is most egregious.

His first, spoken two months ago, described the private sector as “doing fine:”


The next, I’ll admit, is my fav:

And now, the corollary to “the Private sector is doing fine,” Obama insists that his policy has worked:

Obama is desperately trying to persuade folks that he was quoted out of context. Who you going to believe? Barack Obama telling you he did not say what he said or the actual recording of him saying it?

As a final note, I am amused by the so-called furor surrounding Mitt Romney’s truthful comment about the UK’s fumbling of the Olympics. When I first heard the “news” flash I thought, “What the hell did he say?” Then I saw the actual clip. He simply point out the fact that there was a major breach on the security side that resulted in the UK having to deploy military forces on the street as a belated attempt to cover up the initial failure. Then, last night, they couldn’t tell the North Koreans from the South Koreans.

Romney was not being critical. Just honest. Pretty refreshing after listening to the lies and delusions of Barack Obama.

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