If you think that the economy is going to calm down, even if Romney is elected, think again. Don’t get me wrong–Barack Obama is a socialist and is not a genuine American. He was raised during the most formative years of his childhood as a muslim in a muslim country. He was not imbued with the ethos of the American spirit.

What is that spirit? It is the belief that America is a land of opportunity. You are not defined nor limited by your economic class or your ethnic heritage or your religion. I am not saying that America is free of racial, religious or economic bigotry. It exists. But it is not the defining essence of this country. Even in the midst of slavery and Jim Crow, a black man like George Washington Carver could excel.

America is a country created by immigrants fleeing class-based, rigid societies, where your average schlub was supposed to know his or her place. Most countries in the world did not have as the center of their political ideology the belief that the individual, not the state, not the community, is the most important element of our nation. Individual freedom is the bedrock of America.

But that is not Barack Obama’s mindset.

In his world, you owe everything you have achieved to the collective. Roads, bridges, telephone lines, sewer systems and public schools. What Barack and his ilk do not understand is that until 50 years ago, those things were luxuries not enjoyed by the average American. An old friend of mine–she’s a nurse and a widely respected expert in the field of cancer research–was raised on a farm in Missouri a couple of hours north of Colombia, Missouri. She graduated from high school in the late sixties and was still using an outhouse. They were not poor nor ignorant. She just illustrates the point that roads, bridges and other public infrastructure can make us more comfortable but are not critical to be an educated, successful person.

In Barack’s world the money that comes into and fuels government–Federal, state and local–is just magic. He does not understand that the taxes paid by people who own businesses and work in the private sector provide most of the money that keeps government going. When government takes the money of its citizens–through coercion–and builds something that benefits those who paid for it, the government is doing you no great favor. It is merely doing what the citizens expect.

But not Barack Obama. In his world, you the citizen owe the debt to your paternalistic, bureaucratic daddy back in Washington.

So, now let me tell you why the economy that most of us over the age of fifty have known is going to change dramatically. Take colleges and universities, for example. They are a financial burden and drain on society. They are no longer relevant in the 21st century, at least in their current structure and operation. Before the computer, the internet, bandwidth and wireless communication emerged as a “norm,” it made sense for people to leave their homes and go to a bricks and mortar institution where the academic talent of educators could be assembled. Books, magazines and electronic media could be stored and accessed in brick and mortar libraries.

If you go to a top-shelf, Ivy League institution you are likely to spend time in giant lecture halls with hundreds of other students listening to some academic luminary impart his knowledge. But you will also be graded and probably mentored by an undergraduate or temporary professor. And how much does that “privilege” cost you? Upwards of $50,000 a year. Spend four years at one of these schools and, unless your family is wealthy, you will probably walkout with a diploma owing someone almost a quarter of a million dollars.

We are in the early stages of using on-line education, but that is where we are headed. Hundreds of small colleges in the United States, some with great traditions, are likely to go bankrupt and disappear in the next 20 years unless they shift to an on-line, internet based system.

We have come along way since knowledge and books were harbored in monasteries and subject to rigorous discipline of monks and priests. We have entered an era where knowledge can be accessed literally from thin air.

The movement from horse carriages to automobiles was not instantaneous, but it did cause dramatic economic and social upheaval. We are in a similar era.

This point was driven home to me recently while chatting with a Infiniti car salesman in Florida. The man was from New York City and he had been the owner of a multi-million dollar printing business that serviced Wall Street. Well, guess what? You no longer need to wait for a hardcopy of a printed prospectus. It can now be emailed to you and downloaded into a pdf file. This man lost his business. Other men and women like him also lost their business. Buildings that once hummed with printing presses are now being converted to condos and apartments.

I realize this is a lot to dump on you, but I wanted to get the wheels turning. We are in the midst of a full blown new economic era. The transformation will be painful and not easy. But I am certain of one thing–the mentality of Barack Obama is not the mentality that will equip you for success in this new era. On that count, Romney is operating on a completely different and superior level.

Think about it.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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    here is an example of a new way of doing business

    kabbage lender to on line business

    • Flop_Flipper

      I appreciate Boehner for sticking to his guns and sticking up for the Constitution.


    remember those who stabbed us in the back in 2008 that are now running in 2012

    carol shea porter




    more and more is coming out about holders dept of crime
    the black panthers at a Phila poling place

    • Flop_Flipper

      That’s rather refreshing and exciting. A SuperPAC ad with this info would be quite interesting.

    • getfitnow

      It sounds like the venue is going to look like some of the stadiums in England.

      I won’t be tuning in.



    Romney does well in Poland. backtrack not so much

    • scottymac54

      REAGAN is revered in Poland. But they despise Barky.
      So, Romney is seen as a far more sympathetic figure.
      That, by no means, indicates any sort of fawning level of approval.
      They are still somewhat traumatized by the mysterious loss of almost their whole government in the plane crash, and disgusted with the circumstances surrounding the loss of the anti-weapon system (although this is exaggerated in the neocon media complex).

  • HARP2
    • Flop_Flipper

      That is kind of misleading, to say the least. That isn’t what they are doing at all. They merely changed the rules so that the top 2 of each country would compete against one another in the All-Around final. That isn’t handing a medal to every country. Not even close. And EVERYONE knew the new rules before the competitions began.

      I appreciate Brietbart and all but sometimes they are just out of their fucking minds. Let’s please leave the crazy talk with no basis in fact to lola and other such idiots.

  • TrumanTown

    FedEx delivers makes millions delivering packages using airports that just appear like magic. Ford, GM, and all the other car companies sold automobiles to people who drove them on roads also built by…the auto companies. In the 1860’s, the railroads spanned the nation thanks to land grants they received from…the Federal government, of course! And when the money from the land grants ran out, the railroads started to go broke. Everybody wants to talk about limited government and free enterprise, but every major technical breakthrough has depended on big chunks of government money to make them feasible. Isn’t it odd that those who are screaming for limited government are paying the most for all those lobbyists and political consultants in Washington? Someone’s paying for your ride, friends, and you don’t even know it.

    • Flop_Flipper

      Yeah, but when government is in the way of free enterprise and individual responsibility IT is the problem.



    FBI ignoring sex trafficking of minors

    can I ask a favor please. will everyone who reads this link please e-mail the link to their congress person and ask for an investigation into holders dept of crime to find out why they are doing nothing about it

    • HARP2

      No surprise there.

    • Flop_Flipper

      Probably doing nothing about it because they are responsible for causing it.

  • Flop_Flipper

    In today’s Too Insane to Not be True episode is an 11 year old girl screeching The Star Spangled Banner at a major league soccer match. In answer to her critics, she said everything was ok because it was (I kid you not) God’s plan. Or as Obama might have said: “You didn’t sing that, God made that happen.”

    Now unless God wanted the whole world to know how bad of a singer this unfortunate girl is, I’m fairly certain she did this all on her own.

    “It wasn’t my best performance because I couldn’t hear myself and the blowhorns got me off key,” Harper told FoxNews.com. “But God allowed this to happen, so I know it’s what he wants. So I wouldn’t change it. Next time I hope there’s no blowhorns.”

    Warning: NSWEP (not safe without ear plugs). And perhaps a shot or two of some good whiskey.



    here is a good example of inovation and technology
    what do sick kids and formula 1 race cars have in common


  • HARP2

    Anti-communist leader Lech Walesa
    told Mitt Romney today that he must be successful in the November
    elections not just for America but for the rest of the world too. The
    former Solidarity leader understands how the economic decisions by US
    leaders influence global markets.


    • Flop_Flipper

      On a similar note:…. The Palestinian Authority said Romney is a racist. He must be doing something right.

      • HARP2

        What race do Palestinians belong to again?

        • scottymac54

          What species do you belong to?

          • HARP2

            Answer the question, or is it beyond your usual sitting on the fence rules?

          • shelldoll2

            Not yours.

            • Flop_Flipper

              To quote an all too frequent scotty phrase: LOL!

        • Flop_Flipper

          I used to think human.

      • shelldoll2

        Last refuge of scoundrels: racism.

        • Flop_Flipper

          Which explains why the Obama camp jumped all over Romney for this. Hell, even the local news here covered this nonsense accusation rather than what Lech had to say.

          I seem to recall that Muslims claim to be from the same lineage as Jews. If that is true then how can they accuse Romney of being a racist for supporting Israel? If it isn’t true then what race are the Palestinians?

          And I should state the obvious. The Palestinians are upset because Romney said that Israel exported technology, not terrorism. That is what they are really upset about. And yes, that is a part of their culture.

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Good insight, the vignette about the Wall Street printer going out of business resonated with me particularly. Just five years ago, everything in the securities industry was hardcopy. Now, I can’t remember the last time that I actually printed a prospectus for a client and they e-sign pretty much everything except their initial e-sign authorization (the one that allows me to accept their e-signature for everything from then on).
    Online education will eventually completely change brick and mortar universities. I sat in on an online undergraduate accounting course that one of my employees is taking and it is every bit as relevant as sitting in a classroom, if not more so. Considerable business enterprises are now run collaboratively on the internet–Boeing engineers even collaborate securely over the web to design aircraft.
    The question that we as a people need to answer is: What leadership team will best understand this dynamic and allow it to flourish and prosper?

  • doc99
  • DianaLC

    Larry, as usual you are absolutely correct about this. When I was an undergrad, I attended the local university. To do my research, I had to use the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature in order to locate possible journal sources.
    It was a painstaking system of copying titles, journal titles, month and date–but ONLY after checking the library list to see if our library carried the journals. If it didn’t, I was out of luck finding some of the more pertinent articles.
    Then I had to walk the aisles to find the hardbound copies of those journals and find the article, take it back to the table, and take my notes. If I had more money than usual, I could make copies. If the research topic required that I find much older journal articles, I had to go to the basement that literally had cobwebs in ceiling corners.
    As a student and teacher, i watched as book index card files were being converted to computer indexing systems. I saw the interlibrary loan system evolve so I could call in books from other research libraries.
    It’s just becoming more and more streamlined.
    I remember a Ray Bradbury story often reprinted in middle school age texts about students stationed with their parents on Mars being educated at home through some sort of strange electronic device–something written long before home computers. And now we see ads for on-line public schools.
    I remember teaching a research writing class not so long ago in the early 90’s when one of my students wrote about the possibility of something called the “internet.”
    I remember my nephew and I being the first people in our family to send each other an email on a MS DOS system.
    Things have changed so drastically in just my own lifetime that i sometimes feel dazed about it–and sometimes very nostalgic for the slower life of my youth.
    But I am also so very frightened for our educational system. I get students in the community college who know how to Google but who have absolutely no concept of how to choose and find academic, well-researched information. The librarians do a great job of acquiring good databases for them to use, but many of the students are totally unaware of the library as anything but dusty shelves of books–which none want to take the time to attempt to read.
    The access to information is mind-blowing. The ability to find and judge the best information is hard. And there are far too many students I’ve met who can barely use a computer for anything but game playing.
    I see Obama as the Iphone candidate building and rebuilding a playlist of his favorite hip hop music so he can groove while he golfs. I see Romney as the one concerned about the fact that our federal government’s computer systems are some of the most outdated and least integrated.

    • DianaLC

      I wanted to mention, too, that last night I watched our local history channel’s presentation of the landed gentry in England during the Edwardian age. It documented their way of life in the big manor houses and the rapid change during that period because of the move from wealth based on land to wealth based on industry, fueled by bankers, etc. (Brief summary, but it was an excellent example of what you are writing about–how ways of thinking and ways of living can be overturned in one lifetime.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Freespirit/100000801917982 Jo Freespirit

    Wow! Larry, wonderful article.

    “America is a country created by immigrants fleeing class-based, rigid
    societies, where your average schlub was supposed to know his or her
    place. Most countries in the world did not have as the center of their
    political ideology the belief that the individual, not the state, not
    the community, is the most important element of our nation. Individual
    freedom is the bedrock of America.”

    The above paragraph really spoke to me. The progressives in this country condemn the qualities of individuality and independence that “Americans of European descent” value. They argue that these qualities represent selfishness and the historical oppression of minority cultures by the dominant white culture. The Progressives claim that the ideals of community and collectivity which characterize the the African American cultural experience, support the value of the “greater good”, as opposed to selfish individualism of white Americans.

    I’m so damn sick of that kind of twisted reasoning. Forward thinking, independent, individuals, regardless of where their ancestors lived, are responsible for breakthroughs and progress in every area of life.

    I’ve never been a flag waver, but, as you said, certain characteristics and values represent the American Spirit (and whining, which characterizes Barack, ain’t one of them) It is not necessary, nor does it benefit African Americans or any other group, to attack and destroy the value system that built this country.

    You don’t have to undermine one group or culture in order to build up another. Unfortunately, that is not the philosophy of this president, who has made it his mission to create division among the races, classes, and other groups within this country. Doing so benefits Barack by motivating his base.

  • HARP2

    Obama: Letting People Keep Their Own Money Is a “Giveaway” from the Government

    On Wednesday, President Obama argued that not raising taxes on certain
    households is a “giveaway.” On Thursday, Jay Carney repeated and
    defended the term.

    Read more: http://atr.org/obama-letting-people-their-own-money-a7078#ixzz227NYH4dj

    This is the root of the problem.
    This Government just assumes that 100 % of your earnings belong to them and they know best how to SPEND that money.

  • Hokma

    About six years ago, there was a series of lectures to D.C. officials about the impact of the Internet and how that impacted the political dialogue.

    There has been and continues to be a Communications Revolution that actually began in the ‘90s. For those in their 50s and more, we grew up with a landline telephone, 3 TV broadcast networks, AM/FM radio, movie theatres, vinyl records, the post office, Kodak film cameras, newspapers, and magazines. There were well established business models to for industries to make money.

    But in just the span of a decade, we expanded television to include hundreds of cable stations, telephones were now mobile, communications became digitized, and the Internet was created which is now the center of commerce and communication. And now we are in the midst of which has been termed “the great convergence” – one form of delivery for all communication into every home and office.

    The noted sociologist Ogburn noted that during the Industrial Revolution the country went through a “cultural lag” where technology exceeds the ability for culture to catch up and adjust.

    What you are speaking about regarding education can be called “maladjustments” and they have been pervasive throughout our economy and society during this time.

    The music industry is still trying to adjust to going from the business model of record albums sold in stores to digital uploads through the Internet. The airline industry is still far away from adjusting away from travel agents and SABRE systems to Orbitz and Expedia as well as on-line conferences that eliminate the need for in person meetings and travel. The retail industry has done a good job of adapting to Internet selling or, in the case of JC Penny’s, eliminating the need for cashiers. Even Wall Street was affected by the advent of online self-service trading. And, of course, the print/broadcast media were very affected because of the enormous loss of advertising revenue as people stop buying newspapers and magazines and in place read news for free online.

    Our education system is archaic and built around the needs of teachers and professors rather than the needs of students. But can we dispense with schools themselves?

    That is the one fundamental problem with the Internet. Reliance on the Internet to the degree it has become eliminates the ability to develop socially and can also take away the ability to reason (i.e. Lola).

    Even the Internet itself as a learning tool is heavily flawed simply because of who owns the tools. Popular websites like Google and Wiki have built-in biases that drive you toward a certain point-of-view. The very last place you can learn history is from a Google search or a Wiki mention.

    Obama never learned anything in school so I would never have expected anything out of him. It would be interesting to see what a private sector innovator like Romney would do to empower that development.

    • Flop_Flipper

      As much as enjoy the variety of products offered and the ease with which I can order them on the internet, there are some things that I prefer to take time buying where an actual person completely capable of discussing my questions or concerns exists. So I guess a part of me is old school even though I embraced the new school some time back. I may be a dinosaur but I don’t have a tiny brain.

      Your comment about the inability to develop socially is spot on. Instead of real relationships people nowadays are gathering “friends” on Facebook and engaging in 140 character missives from strangers that seem to be all the rage. As if so few characters could possibly really inform someone. About anything. And yes, Google and Wiki are not the friend of intelligent beings. Google in particular is perhaps the worst thing that has happened. Tailoring it’s results to what it thinks you need to know, or what their advertisers want you to see rather than the plain cold hard facts from which we can reach our own conclusions.

      It’s not impossible to actually learn something in this new world. But it sure is getting a lot harder to accomplish.

      • scottymac54

        “As much as enjoy the variety of products offered and the ease with which I can order them on the
        internet, there are some things that I prefer to take time buying where an actual person completely capable of discussing my questions or concerns exists…”
        100% right on. I could never order things like shoes without trying them on to see how they feel, or items like electronic equipment, etc.
        I’ve also found differing levels of quality, place of manufacture, etc. between going to a brick-and-mortar retailer, and an online vendor, with the SAME item.

    • scottymac54

      “Obama never learned anything in school so I would never have expected anything out of him…”

      Here, I disagree. If he actually attended Columbia, he most definitely DID learn the lessons they taught him.

      The only problem is, he’s of no use to us or the nation, if this is all he’s got, and we’d have seen positive results by now.

      At this point, the only use he has to me, is to provide an effective bulwark against the neocons in the culture war, as well as a tool to throw up disinfo and expose the crimes of the banks and multinationals, weakening the GOP establishment infrastructure.

      In that regard, he comes up short and there are more effective strategies at hand, that do not divert attention and give the people far more reason to hope for something better.

      “It would be interesting to see what a private sector innovator like Romney would do to empower that development….”

      Unfortunately, there’s no time for social experiment.

      Romney needs, frankly, to demonstrate that he can bring the positive aspects of his prior experience to the presidency, while leaving the negative aspects of being a successful venture capitalist, behind him.
      The way a true believer does that, is to talk about it, in a way not calculated to appeal only to his contemporaries, and fellow conservatives.
      If there had been a concerted effort (as I advised, at the time) to question Obama about how a community organizer’s experience could help America at that crossroads, much would have been different, and the same types of chicaneries and falsehoods we saw would never have passed muster.

      • Hokma

        “If he actually attended Columbia, he most definitely DID learn the lessons they taught him.”

        If you are referring to “socialism” that is probably all he paid attention to. Just to be specific, Obama could only gain admission to Occidental College. He got into Columbia as part of their affirmative action transfer program which back then was pretty aggressive. Michelle Obama has admitted that she and her husband both struggled to get “C’s.”


        “Unfortunately, there’s no time for social experiment.”

        Scotty, the history of the United States has been one long social experiment that is ongoing.

        What other country in the world has a melting pot of so many immigrants from so many places?

        From the beginning, this country was founded on the freedom of the individual and the empowerment of the individual for self-reliance, which did not ever exist anywhere in the world before.

        Even the transition of Presidents, we have never had a military insurrection to replace a President going back to Washington.

        And the biggest experiment was the concept of economic freedom (versus government controlled economy) which did not exist anywhere else in the world. It has always relied on the confidence in individuals to achieve and to have a strong work ethic. Over the course of history it has been proven time and again that the more government controls an economy, the less opportunity there is for individuals.

        That does not mean there is no role for government (banking system, currency, labor laws, etc).

        But inherent in this ongoing economic experiment is the fact that there are no guarantees and economic forecasts are as reliable as weather forecasts. If you are looking for guarantees then you have to look toward government controlled economies like China or the old USSR. The former or sputtering while the latter collapsed.

        As far as Romney, what his core experience and strength is from Bain as well as the Salt Lake City Olympics is someone who can analyze a complex problem and has the ability to arrive at solutions. He has the discipline to manage money which is something that is unheard of in D.C. His success rate at Bain was unusually high and a lot of people benefited: from investors to entrepreneurs to workers.

        If anyone major Democratic contender other than Obama were President, our economy would not be in the tank and I would not be that concerned or engaged to be honest. But one more term of Obama and this country will be off the cliff.

        • scottymac54

          Excellent reply. Thank you for taking the time to express your perspective.
          I especially appreciated the way you presented economic capitalism as a viable way forward, as opposed to a status quo or a quaint throwback.
          This quality has not been in evidence, among political pundits, business cable, or even what remains of print media these days.

          • Hokma

            Thanks. You’re right. Reading or listening to political pundits becomes something between annoying and boring – and there is still 99 more days of it.

            One of the things that liberals talk about is the idea that there is no social mobility for average people. If you step back and ask why that is, you will find it is primarily because of government’s boot that straps in a status quo with tax policy and regulations.

            When small to medium business makes plans, it is always in their interest to keep and grow employees which means advancement opportunities/more money/more benefits/profit sharing etc.

            When the government increases taxes, imposes fees, forces greater regulation (which costs money to follow), then that takes money out of these businesses that they would have used more productively.

  • Flop_Flipper

    You know Larry, you and I share something besides love of country and disgust for Obots. My father’s family is from Missouri and my mother’s family is from Kentucky. One side ranchers, the other farmers. And one quality they share is the belief that you work as hard as necessary to get the job done. No one in my family is wealthy. Not even close. Some have done better than others but it wasn’t because the government, or anyone else, made that possible. They applied their selves to what needed to be done and made it happen. They didn’t look for handouts. They considered taking them cheating. If
    they couldn’t make it on their own they felt they had let their selves
    and their families down.

    When the Great Depression occurred my grandfather and his brothers didn’t bitch about it and cry to the government to save them. Well, knowing my grandfather and uncles they probably bitched (and cussed) a lot. Instead, they traveled to several states building highways. Gone for several months at a time, away from their families, they scrimped and saved and sent their hard earned wages back home. It was a matter of pride for them. And responsibility to their families and nation.

    And my grandmother from Kentucky? She could outwork any of her grandchildren until toward the last few years when her body finally gave out at the age of 93. Because that was the way she was raised. And it’s something she tried to instill in the rest of us, much to our dismay at times.

    That isn’t the world we live in today. Rather than do what is necessary, folks look to the government to solve all their problems, to bail them out. And it’s ridiculous. It’s destroying our country, not to mention the fabric of our society.

    • lola828

      Cry me a river. Funny how so many corporations look for hand-outs. The biggest welfare States in this country are Red States like Kentucky and Missouri.

      Did members of your family ever receive a public education or social security or Medicare? How about you? Have you ever received public assistance?

      The hypocracy of you conservatives is always funny.

      • Hokma

        Social Security – the Federalized Ponzi scheme? An outdated and virtually worthless program. If I took what I gave the government for social security and instead invested it in a basic mutual fund, I could retire on the earnings at age 60. But with social security today it is the most worthless investment.

        Medicare. My understanding is that you need Medicare Advantage to make it worthwhile.
        Public education? Today it is worthless.
        AAnd public assistance? Knowing a couple of people who had to resort to it, they told me their stories and it is a nightmare and indicative of how badly ANY government run programs are.

        This country was founded on self-reliance – NOT on government reliance.

        There is not a single business owner I know supports government backed programs.
        You’re running out of talking points – better call Axelgrease.

        By the way, how’s that Obama campaign going. The guy is so desperate to have something to run on, he’s forced to beg his buddy Bubba to join him in Charlotte so he can run on Clinton’s record. Axelgrease is doing the best he can to get the Obama propaganda industry (news meda) to actually fabricate things and Romney just laughs it off as do the American people.
        Just 99 more days before we get rid of the Obamination and get a better economy.

        • scottymac54

          On the other hand, Barky’s the worst president ever, and Romney still cannot win a poll, at a point where polls are beginning to matter.

      • Flop_Flipper

        Perhaps you should learn how to spell before spewing your bullshit. Yes, I received a public education. My parents taxes paid for it. When I went to college I paid for it. And yes, I have relatives that have received social security and medicare. But they all paid for that too.

        Asshole, I am not a Conservative. I am an Independent and very fricking proud of it. I support the GOP now because the democrat party is corrupt and full of idiots like you. So fuck off. As a matter of fact, fuck off again.

  • buzzlatte3

    Great article….and the internet world runs great until there is a massive power failure like the one in India.

  • foxyladi14

    Excellent Larry. I just shared on my Face book page.

  • HARP2

    A liberal Government is like Christmas at my house.

    Everybody wants to eat at the government’s table, but nobody wants to do the dishes.

    Limited Government and personal responsibility still provide the best answers to all problems.

    • foxyladi14

      Nailed it Harp.

  • respectfulguest

    The “Internet Revolution” will create as much instability, misery, and new opportunity as did the “Industrial Revolution”.

    • respectfulguest

      And who is currently piloting our ship through this major worldwide economic shift? A community organizer.

      • scottymac54

        Thank you. Very solid, balanced comment.

      • getfitnow

        I think the specifics are coming.
        Seeing the negative Obama ads the past month, I forget that Gov Romney has not been “introduced to America” yet. The convention change that.

        As an aside, I hope Romney runs installments of “These Hands” in all 57 states.

  • lola828

    “If you think that the economy is going to calm down, even if Romney is elected, think again. Don’t get me wrong–Barack Obama is a socialist and is not a genuine American. He was raised during the most formative years of his childhood as a muslim in a muslim country. He was not imbued with the ethos of the American spirit.” Larry Johnson has completely gone off the deep-end. You are not a serious person with a ridiculous comment like that. That paragraph does not even make sense. Your first sentence talks about the economy and Romney getting elected and then you somehow transition to a funny statement about Obama. In fact, this paragraph is a great representation of NQ and every single post Larry Johnson has ever written. He starts with a serious statement and then immediately transitions to some conspiratorial or factually incorrect trashing of Obama. If America was only so simple and black and white. Larry Johnson takes creating a strawman to a whole new level in this post. All of this name calling and garbage by Larry Johnson because Obama wants to raise the taxes on income over $250,000 by a couple of percentage points to where it was under Clinton. The reality is for most liberals Obama has been a disappointment precisely because he has not gone far enough. We get no public option or push for single-payer healthcare. We get healthcare reform 100% reliant on the private sector. We did not get a stimulus bill that was more infrastructure spending or large enough, but relied 40% on tax cuts. In fact, taxes have never been so low as they are today under Obama. We get a financial bail-out of the private sector or financial sector with no “Swedish solution” or the taking over by government of the failed banks or at least forcing them to split up because of too big to fail. In fact, the financial sector has been pretty much left on its own after they casued the biggest recession since the Great Depression and we are left with only a weak Frank Dodd reform bill. You could go on and on. Obama has at best been a moderate Republican when it comes to economic policy and he is clearly a conservative when it comes to foreign policy. Now your “conservative” Tea Party Republican party now including Romney has completely gone completely off the deep-end. They are purely wanting to destroy anything that has to do with government. It is too the point where conservatives are destroying this country by disessembling government, which has been the bedrock of this country. Strong government is been about the single most important reason this country has been successful. If provides the framework and environment in which individuals and entreprenuers have been able to thrive in this country. The infrastructure, education, enforcement of property rights, subsidies, etc. are and have been the key to economic prosperity in all areas of the U.S. economy. And the Republicans are disassembling that. You do not believe that then go try and live and make it as an entpreneur in Mexico or Somalia. We have basically had 30 years of conservative economic policy and it has and is failing. A continued push for de-regulation, a complete trust that the free market has all the answers, a tax code that favors the top 1%, etc. (just look at Romney lack of paying taxes; he is so embarrased that he will not even release all of his tax returns) has led to the current economic calamity and the biggest disparity in income and wealth in U.S. history. Social scientists/economists are now saying that the U.S. has about the lowest social mobility of any industrialized western country. These trends have been long time developing (really since the 1980s), long before Obama became President. So go on and listen to a nut like Larry Johnson. He is lying to you, as conservative or Republican economic policy has been lying to you for more than 30 years. The top down economic policy that Republicans and Larry Johnson preaches will just continue to drive the current trends of ever concentration of wealth, income and power to the top. Funny how the most economically conservative states tend to be the biggest economic basket cases in this country. It is also funny how almost every pure Red State in the nation has to be bail-out or receives financial subsidies from Blue States in the form of the number of dollars Red States put in versus how much they take-out of the federal government. The funny thing is that conservatives like Larry Johnson (he built a career on tax dollars) and Bobby Jindal (had a very big hand out for stimulus money) or Romney (took huge government coin for Olympics and as Governor and within many of his investments) talk a good game, but they are the first to line up for a government hand-out. Who exactly are the socialists? It is hilarious that Larry Johnson preaches his free market anti-government bullshit and then goes on to criticize the entirely private or free market ivy league school system in this country.

    • Flop_Flipper

      You are so full of shit that it has clearly become toxic. You need to seek medical attention immediately. Yes, you are an Obot and unfortunately for that malady there is no cure. But there is help. And with a little kindness and a lot of hard work (this will take effort on your part so I realize it is something foreign) just maybe you will be able to live out the remainder of your days in relative normalcy. Except for that big gaping hole in your head where a brain is supposed to be.

      • KenoshaMarge

        I usually subscribe to the idea that ignoring the trolls is the best policy. However this response…

        • Flop_Flipper

          So I’m assuming you approve?

          • KenoshaMarge


      • respectfulguest

        There’s no cure but often the young ones grow out of it—-as soon as Mom and Dad push them out of the nest and they get a few paychecks with all the deductions, they figure it out.

        I’ve got $10 that says Lola is under 21. Who else would say “Strong government is been about the single most important reason this country has been successful”?

      • lola828

        As usual a quality response from you and your NQbot friends. Funny how Larry Johnson or his collection of NQbots never actually address the points I make. Only ever insults. You and Larry Johnson really have no response when someone questions your bullshit. It does not take much to make these posts by Larry Johnson and his motley crew of amateurs that just cut and paste and do nothing but make varsity personal insults on NQ look really stupid.

        • Flop_Flipper

          Damn dude/dudette you kinda made my night. I haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time. Me cut and paste? Surely you jest. Or is that surely you are a joke? I always seem to get those two confused. Undoubtedly, you are a prime example for why we really need to reform our education system. And while we are on the subject, I suppose we really need to take a hard look at our mental health facilities. They sure as hell haven’t done much for you.

    • Hokma

      What is amazing is that in about 16 paragraphs you did a lot of talking but it had nothing to do with what Larry wrote (except of course the first paragraph where you quoted him).

      Your rambling diatribe has nothing to do with anything discussed.

      However your ramblings are a very good example of the failing of our education system that Larry was talking about and what a waste of money it has been.

      • scottymac54

        No, Hokma, this comment is 100% on target, even if it’s not reflective of your political viewpoint.
        Because he’s questioning aspects of the Romney campaign, where clear, tangible answers have either been sorely lacking, insufficiently argued for clarity’s sake, or altogether nonexistent.
        Unlike past elections, there’s not a surplus of “undecideds” left for you to win over to your side….incredibly, there are only a few days remaining for each “camp” to wrap up their final arguments for their candidate, before the bloodbath commences.
        The anamolies that “lola” is highlighting, are exactly those reasons that will prevent the few remaining crossovers to trust, not in you, flop, LJ, etc., but in the candidate you endorse.
        If you guys continue with this sneering, paternalistic contempt that so exemplifies the attitude of the so-called “job creators” have for pretty much every other American, you’ll have no one but yourselves to blame for the consequences.

        • Hokma

          What you just said is not what Lola said at all.
          To summarize, Lola said that Obama was a disappointment and not socialist enough, and that it is a strong central government that makes the economy work. The rest are unsupported left wing rhetoric about lack of social mobility, taxes, etc.
          Larry was talking about the impact of the Internet on our economy and our education, and how Obama is not equipped to deal with that and that a private sector innovator like Romney can.
          Regarding what specifically Romney will do with the economy they are on his website although he should whittle them down to a few points.
          If any other Democrat were President (Clinton, Biden, Kerry, Edwards, whomever) I would not be that engaged or concerned. But as you note Obama is a communist and his actions to date are unprecendented and dangerous to the welfare our of country.

          • scottymac54

            “Regarding what specifically Romney will do with the economy they are on his website although he should whittle them down to a few points…”
            Not good enough, and I’m actually insulted by this inference, because it’s exactly the same response the “Obamabots” gave us in 2008, and if it didn’t fly then, why would it now, particularly with an opposition candidate?
            I don’t have time to be bothered with Kudlow/Pethakoukis-inspired talking points regarding vague “growth” values and a “free-market” capitalism that hasn’t existed since the early seventies.
            I want actual, specific economic indicators, spoken by Romney himself, so he can be held accountable and responsible for honoring them.
            Obama is not the problem, in this regard. Romney’s caginess and unwillingness to be characterized, is the problem.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Freespirit/100000801917982 Jo Freespirit

      You seem awfully threatened by Larry. Yet, the fact that Larry hasn’t banned you confirms that he does not feel threatened by you. Maybe you should rethink how much energy you’re willing to put into trying to slam Larry. It’s obviously not having the desired effect.

      • lola828

        Not threatened. Just like to push back on his bullshit. Larry Johnson wishes he could ban me. God knows he has tried many times. He now usually just deletes my comments, but that just makes him look weak.

  • no_longer_a_democrat

    Excellent article…. I dont think Soetero is a socialist, he’s more a marxist, in a socialist society, everyone has the same things, there are no distinctions… he is a marxist, take from those who earn, work hard, etc, and redistribute to others who cannot. I’m not against a safety net for those who temporarily need it, but I oppose a permanent welfare state, and that is what Barry believes in.
    Because after all, once that dependency is built in, you have a permanent voting class for power.

  • KenoshaMarge

    I see the same things and in much the same way as you articulated so well LJ. I have seen so many of the things you describe happen during my lifetime. Hell I remember the joy of our first “color” television. I was “modern” and “hip” because I played 45’s and not 78’s on my record player. A lifetime ago.
    Life evolves and we must and should evolve with it. My fear is that we throw out too many of the older values with the outdated technology.
    Standing on you own two feet and providing for you family was once a thing to strive for and of which to be proud. Today? Not so much among a large segment of our population. Technology won’t solve that. Only character. And I see far too little of that.


    things like this will not help


    workman’s comp rates will have to be increased.

  • Fred82

    Unlike years past, our current governing elites want the privileges of being in power without any of the responsibility.

    Then again, I do not believe that the Founding Fathers intended being in government to be particularly appealing with regards to rewards and such. Maybe the benefits of being in government have simply gotten too great, especially given Washington DC’s recent performance.


    Until the convention when Romney gets the nomination, why should he make his ideas public so the dems can steal them or trash them. After the convention I think there will be ideas all over the place. I do think Mitt knows what he is doing and having invested in different businesses knows where to look for the coming changes and how to use them

    • elizabethrc

      Helen, I think you are absolutely right. Obama has few original ideas (that are good for this country), and has shown that he isn’t above stealing Republican ideas if he thinks people will forget their origins.
      I think Mitt is far more savvy than the Obama folks give him credit for. He knows what he’s doing and unlike Obama, he does have a plan. Holding it close to the vest and knowing his adversary all too well just shows that he has a self-assurance that is without all the drama that Obama used for over 3 years to ramp up a phony enthusiasm for what wasn’t real. Mitt seems to me to be firmly grounded in a reality Obama is incapable of comprehending.
      Larry’s second sentence about Obama not being a genuine American lies at the crux of his problem. That indoctrination into what amounts to anti-Americanism is impossible for him to escape, not that he wants to.

      • kirkbride

        I had assumed that MRwas not revealing his plans as O would simply steal them – as he did with Hillary!!


    when I got married, my husband was a printer. the business went from hot type to cold type to computers. The printing business went the way of the oil lamp.
    Just look at how many book stores are not longer in business due to the e-book. You have high school students here in California that learn at home through the computer. Look at home schooling more prevalent due to computers.
    Through history as one era dies a new one is born. Different ways of educating and doing business will emerge.
    I have been reading that the education loans are the next bubble to burst like the housing bubble. This will cause economic problems but with the right leadership that problem can be overcome.
    New ways of doing things will have to be learned in order to survive and prosper. I do have faith in the American brawn and brains to do so

    • getfitnow

      New ways of doing things will have to
      be learned in order to survive and prosper.
      I’m certainly doing thing differently. I used to travel and teach classes. I now do it online. Many years ago when I had a brick and mortar business, I paid “good money” to have a website built. I’ve learned, online, how to do it myself. When I need to meet with educators participating in a non profit project I created, and I’m in Baja, I no longer have to return to the bay area. There are internet resource tools that allow me to meet with them and vice versa, no matter where any of us happen to be.

      All of us need to see the opportunities.

      Here’s someone that did.

      BTW, it’s said that AVON Cosmetics used Madam Walker’s sales strategy as their model.

  • scottymac54

    “On that count, Romney is operating on a completely different and superior level…”
    Really? Or, is he just not Barky, just not the communist in the White House?
    I haven’t really seen much in terms of well-rounded, dynamic ideas from the campaign that support your conclusion, so far.
    It’s as if the mysterious secrets of economic recovery are contained in this mysterious code that only lifelong fiscal conservatives and supply-siders are privy to, and the rest of the nation can go take their piddly votes and screw off, if they don’t share the faith.
    Everywhere I go, when folks talk about Romney and the subject of economic development and management of the debt crisis comes up, it’s either about how bad of a tax cheat he is, or how the policies will simply replicate some amalgam of Reagan and GWB, depending on Congress.
    I don’t think that’ll help sustain the nation through an entirely different economic paradigm, but it would be nice to hear actual specifics on what it is he plans to DO, rather than pie-in-the-sky scenarios and trips down memory lane from his surrogates, while he gallivants around reacting to every distraction imaginable, a hundred days before Election Day.
    We’ve heard several thousand variations on “Obama is Satan”. Does the campaign EVER intend to offer up something concrete, on the economic front?

    • susiepuma

      Heard on the news today on Fox Sun from one of the ‘fox insiders’ who ss a Repub that he had talked to romeney’s campaign about the negativity and lack of stated plans for the country and the romeny campaign dude said they are not going to stop with the negative ads – this is all he/they know how to do. these guys also said that the fraud has turned to ‘nice’ campaign ads – to change the tone (won’t last IMO) – I don’t live in a state that had to listen to the the constant trashing of the other dwarves that were running in the primaries with mittens but from what I understand – the negativity was hot and heavy from the mitt campaign – I loathe this plastic ken doll flipp flopper – he is a nasty, mean, petty little man – since he was not selected by McCain to be his VP and his feelings were hurt because a woman was selected over him – he and his minions have consistently and constantly backstabbed and demeaned Governor Sarah Palin along with additional help from the rest of the GOPE – I will not be voting for the mitt nor will I be voting for the fraud in chief – my vote will be a write in for Governor Palin –

      • beachnan

        I don’t know if I would have voted for Palin if she was the GOP nominee. She blew her opportunity the first time around and wasn’t up to the task. Do I think she was treated unfairly–yes, but I also think she hurt herself. Was it really that difficult a question by Katie Couric, when she asked Palin what newspapers she read? Was that really a gotcha question? Seems like a gimme, and I believe that Hillary would have answered in a heartbeat. I voted for McCain the last time around, but I wasn’t all that enthralled with Palin’s lack of knowledge in several areas including foreign policy. The GOP would have gotten killed if Palin was their nominee- just my opinion.

        • Flop_Flipper

          I would have voted for Daffy Duck last time around should that have been the nominee. Fortunately this time we have a credible candidate with experience and wisdom. And we are going to win.

          Dick Cheney was right about the Palin pick. I mean no disrespect to Sarah Palin because I actually like her. But ready to assume office on day one? Not a frickin chance.

          • scottymac54

            If you like Palin so much, you’d be well advised to reach out on behalf of your candidate and work together your own noble cause, because you sure as hell aren’t going to win over any hearts and minds among independents, moderates, and Democrats, with your reprehensible, hateful expressions toward half the populace.
            Good luck with that, LOL! I’m prepared to go the distance, regardless of the pathetic results I expect from your lot.

      • shelldoll2

        I’m sorry but that is a wasted vote. While I think Palin was treated badly by her own party I don’t remember Mitt Romney leading the fray.

        Adults, if you live long enough, learn that you don’t always get what you want.

        You also don’t waste your vote in a snit either. That’s called behaving as a child.

        Suck it, grow up, and make an intelligent choice.
        Voting for someone not even on the ballot is not an intelligent choice.

        Write in Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse. It will make as much sense.

        • Flop_Flipper

          Honestly I don’t know what to make of these loons. They claim to care about our country yet are so entrenched in their ideology that they are willing to let Obama win again just because Romney isn’t everything they think he should be.

          Yes, adults do understand the art of compromise. It’s what make us civil and tolerate. Anyone that has been in a serious relationship knows that you need to make compromises just to get along and get through. No one is ever satisfied that they got everything they think they need but everyone comes away having won something.

          • foxyladi14

            We go to war with the army we have.Not the army we wish we had.

          • scottymac54

            “The loons” have the nerve to think that they actually own their votes and don’t feel the need to comply with your version of “compromise”, when it only involves going your way, and shutting up about it afterward.
            IMHO, Palin is the lowest form of life, but her supporters worship her as if she were a pagan goddess and, she WILL use them to disrupt the “Milquetoast”
            convention, she WOULD be a constant thorn in the side of any Romney presidency, and this IS the fault of Romney supporters, because Romney is far too weak, and intimidated by any aggressive political personality, to stand up and sort out any of the Tea Party factions before they do serious damage to his own plans.
            I still can’t understand how Romney can be trusted to stand down Putin when he can’t even stand up to an upstart trollop who can’t even keep a network job but, hey, that’s what’ll make this convention popcorn-worthy (and I’m fine with that).

            You assume quite a bit, thinking these types are going to just roll over and support Mitt willingly, just to get rid of Obama.

            • Flop_Flipper

              You don’t know the first fricking thing about politics. Despite my statements about Sarah Palin she is far from the lowest form of life. She is a decent person that cares about her family and her country. I may disagree with her tactics but I do not doubt her sincerity. You? Not so much.

              • scottymac54

                I heartily endorse any and all efforts for the Romney and Palin campaigns to join arms and work together to obliterate all eeevil Democrats from the face of the nation, LOL!

      • Flop_Flipper

        Geez, what rotten egg did you hatch from? A vote for Palin is a vote for Obama. So at least be honest enough to say that you support this present clown and stop the misdirection, pretending to care about the country.

    • Lemuel Vargas

      We could go and vote Tea Party for MAJORITY CONTROL of both the HOUSE and SENATE in the COMING ELECTIONS especially those who consider and embrace Sarah Palins’ platforms of
      1.fighting the legal corruption (or as Sarah said nicely, crony capitalism)
      2. An end to expanding the federal government via a respect for the Tenth Amendment
      3,Repealing Obamacare.
      4. No more runaway debt. This necessitates prioritizing and cutting spending.
      5. Energy independence, an “all of the above energy policy.” She distilled it down to this: “America’s economic revival starts with America’s energy revival.”
      6. Making America the most attractive country to do business. Included in this is eliminating all federal corporate taxes, which frees up job-creators but requires that they “stand or fall on [their] own.
      If Obama wins the Election, he would be forced to work with the Tea Party or he could be overridden by the House and the Senate.
      If the Mitt Romney wins the Election, he/she would still be forced to work with the Tea Party or be overriden, too..
      But the only thing to do is still to GO OUT TO THE POLLING CENTER AND VOTE even if there is no intention of voting Mitt (not recommended) because there are the DOWNTICKET TEA PARTY CONTENDERS THAT STILL NEEDS OUR VOTE.
      A lesson learned by me during the 1986 Peoples Revolution in the Philippines is not to waste a vote by boycotting or not voting because if the majority of voters has the same sentiment, a despised dictator or in this case, a dangerously narcissistic POTUS and a crony laden Congress will win this election and then we could kiss our american dreams goodbye because of the balooning (or burst) debt crisls which is surely to follow.

      • Flop_Flipper

        I find it humorous that you call this Sarah Palin’s platform. Is she a candidate for office? Last I knew she was a commentator for Fox. This “platform” as you put it is general conservative ideology and has been around long before Sarah Palin came onto the scene. It also just happens to coincide with Mitt Romney’s platform. You know, the dude actually running for President.

        I like the Tea Party. But I do find many of it’s declared members to be intolerant and unwilling to compromise. And compromise, working together for the sake of our country, is what we need in Washington. Not more of the intolerant activities (my way or the highway bullshit) perpetuated by liberals on one side and Tea Party fanatics on the other.

    • Flop_Flipper

      You need to realize that Romney is a professional. He isn’t going to show his hand just because the Dems cry for it or the Repubs do so. He has a plan, I assure you. He didn’t become successful by reacting in the wind to every confusion someone sends his way. He will do things his way and in the end we will thank him for it.

      • scottymac54

        So you’re coming right out and saying that the campaign’s intention is to sell us a bill of goods, as opposed to simply being incompetent, LOL?
        There are too many parallels to how Barky treated the voters in his own runup, between hardcore Romney supporters are treating the uncommitted voter (‘just FOLLOW, like the simple sheep you are, you don’t NEED the reasons why”!), how utterly lacking the Romney economic prescription for recovery is, in recognizable and stabilizing actions and reforms that might actually see the light of day, and how devoid of substance Romney himself is proving himself to be.
        So, now we should vote for the man, so we can find out what his policies will be, LOL?
        This is all against a backdrop of this very conspicuous gun-grabbing, the shredding of the last remains of Posse Comitatus, and Obama’s preparations for “civil unrest”…
        These two candidates are simply too dangerous to be considered for president.
        Elections should be cancelled until viable candidates can be found.

        • Flop_Flipper

          I said nothing of the sort. Have you been sneaking lola’s Kool-Aid?

          • scottymac54

            You said EXACTLY that, LOL!
            Did you not claim that Romney has a plan, and all we need to do is trust him?
            If that didn’t work on us with Obama, what makes you think it’s any more believable with Romney?
            Unfortunately for you guys, lola’s last comment was right on the money, because he laid out all of the reservations that anyone not already sold on Romney, is going to have with supporting him.
            We can discuss “the bedrock of America” and other such quaint, romantic themes, and repeat “socialist, socialist, socialist” until we’re blue in the face, or we can break it all down into what really matters, get specifics on the record, and see what can happen, from a no-bullshit discussion.
            I’ve had tremendous luck convincing committed new donors to the GOP, to forestall for the time being, based on the content of the last three speeches, and the fact that there’s really no reason not to simply reinvest, reevaluate later, and even consider holding off for 2016, when they can truly make a difference.
            If Mitt Romney cannot convince working-class voters that he’ll work for their interests rather than against them, he’s toast, and the large in charge get that.

            • Flop_Flipper

              No scotty, I did not say that. I assured the readers that he has a plan. I did not mention the word trust anywhere.

              Is this a bad day for you or something? Did you decide to play devil’s advocate or something? Frankly I don’t care if you are or have. But do not misquote (actually you failed to quote anything)me or put words into my mouth that only exist in your imagination. So if you want a no bullshit discussion perhaps you should bone up on things on your end first.

              • scottymac54

                “He has a plan, I assure you. He didn’t become successful by reacting in the wind to every confusion someone sends his way. He will do things his way and in the end we will thank him for it…”
                Flop, , sorry, but this is exactly what you I said.
                If you want to parse my interpretation of it to try and make it look like my reading of it is off base, go right ahead.
                But I know what you wrote, and you know what you wrote, and I repeat, if you think I’m taking ANY political candidate on faith, you’re sadly mistaken.
                It’s not a question of “playing devil’s advocate”, it’s a question of making choices based on facts and not being quite so willing to jump on Romney’s bandwagon, just because he’s NOT OBAMA.
                I have no desire to “bring back the past” and help anyone “take OUR (LOL!) country back, because Barky was a mistake I never made and my children will not be sucked into a death spiral for it.

                • Flop_Flipper

                  scotty, I’m beginning to wonder what the hell you are smoking. I didn’t parse your interpretation, you restated my commentary to fit in with what you want to believe I said. I don’t take anyone or anything on faith. And I didn’t ask you to trust Mitt Romney or to follow anything blindly. So don’t try to lump me into a lie. I said what I said. Period. If you want to get all “lola” on me and make ridiculous assumptions with no basis in fact then continue to show your willful ignorance. I’m fairly careful about the words I choose to express myself. And I am not responsible when people intentionally disregard what I say and instead skew the language to mean something not stated. Or intended.

                  • scottymac54

                    You know what? This is beginning to get too attack-oriented for my taste….I’m not “smoking” anything, LOL!, with absolutely no gains whatsoever. I’d rather be able to converse civilly with you on issues we do agree on, rather than try to convince you of anything, so I’m dropping this.

                    • Flop_Flipper

                      You should have dropped it before you accused me of saying something I did not. I don’t mind conversing with you civilly with you on any subject whether we agree or not. Just don’t mischaracterize my words and everything will remain civil.

                    • scottymac54

                      “Just don’t mischaracterize my words and everything will remain civil…”
                      Excuse me?

                    • Flop_Flipper

                      There is no excuse for you scotty.

  • TeakWoodKite

    I am glad to see you chumming. Spot on. Available knowledge on the internet is growing exponentially, beyond a humans ability to comprehend…but I ask, who built the internet? Is it a road or a bridge? Today I read that Republican governors have “changed” their position and will be willing to tax the internet. Billions of dollars annualyl will flow in to state coffers. See Amazon and New Jersey. Amazon knows “tax free” won’t last forever and is seeking favorable tax status in that state. The greedy bastards will get to sail in it yet. Just wait. Knowledge is going to become very expensive. Or in Obama’s case the lack of it.
    Get ready to come about,LJ. Hold on to that wonderfully marbled chum. Shame to waste it on the sharks….

  • JJ_the_PUMA

    I think that destruction has been and will always be a part of a dynamic economy. That does not concern me. What does worry me is that soon a majority of the people in this country will see themselves as dependent upon government and helpless to create wealth on their own.