Mitt Romney: “Russia has faltered on road to freedom”
A thought that President Obama would do well to remember
In Poland, Romney heralds economic freedom,” CNN International

Classy: Reminiscent of The Pianist, there was spirited Chopin after Romney’s speech. (Hat tip to Dissentispatriotic for locating this C-Span video at The Hill.)

Not Classy: Most media didn’t focus on Romney’s remarks in Warsaw — “ABC Fumes Over Mitt Romney Aide ‘Getting Nasty With the Press’ During ‘Gaffe’-Filled Tripor his meeting with Lech Walesa or his laying of a wreath at the World War II Memorial Westerplatte in Gdansk. Oh no. Instead we get A.P. “raw video” that The Usual Suspects just loved:

Newsbusters found a prime example of the wretched coverage:
ABC Fumes Over Mitt Romney Aide ‘Getting Nasty With the Press’
During ‘Gaffe’-Filled Trip

Again, I used Google News’s new “real time coverage” feature, which gave me an astonishing number of news stories, photographs, and videos. It’s fun. As you can see for yourself.

RANT: GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY. The overwhelming majority of “news” titles made for a depressing read. When the media decide they don’t like you, they gang up and pile on. The worst part of it all is how little attention the media ever paid to Obama’s innumerable gaffes during 2008 — including saying there are 57 states in the U.S. He was pathetic before he was president and stupefyingly horrible as president.