This Romney TV ad is running in Florida:

If you follow the link, you find yourself at Mark Halperin’s “The Page” for Time magazine. Yeah, but his site is handy for catching the latest ads and scripts (this one’s below). As I grabbed the video code, I noticed this headline under the “Happening Now” heading: “Romney meets with Aurora shooting victim in Colorado.” Here’s Politico’s story by Maggie Haberman:

Ginger Gibson reports:

Mitt Romney met with McKayla Hicks, a victim of the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting before a campaign stop in Golden.

He told the crowd that Hicks was in the crowd. He said she was watching the movie in the next theater when the shooting occurred and a bullet passed through the wall and hit her in the jaw.

Romney then asked the crowd to show their love and prayers for the victims by applauding. The crowd then gave a standing ovation.

Did any of you see this Colorado story on TV? I didn’t, but I was away from the news for much of Thursday. Honestly, I don’t expect positive coverage of Romney any more.

Here’s the script for the Florida ad:

NARRATOR: “Four years ago, Barack Obama was concerned about Florida’s economy.”

SENATOR BARACK OBAMA: “[W]hen wages are flat, prices are rising, more and more Americans are mired in debt, our economy as a whole suffers…”

NARRATOR: “But under President Obama, 8.6 percent unemployment, record foreclosures, six hundred thousand more Floridians in poverty. He focused on Obamacare instead of jobs. Barack Obama: what a disappointment.”

“He focused on Obamacare instead of jobs.” So simple. So devastating.