“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got her groove on while she danced at a party in Pretoria, South Africa.”

This is why I still love Hillary. She’s one of us no matter where in the world we are.

But I worry about one thing…

How long will it take some asshat to ruin the fun with snide comments?

  • xiaoxiaobin746


  • DianaLC

    Pat, I will not give you a snide comment about Hillary. She should have been our current POTUS. She is a great SOS, especially for her work with USAID. She is genuine in her desire to help people, and especially to make lives better for women around the world.
    The only remark I will make, and I hope it doesn’t come off as snide, is this: I do not want to see her standing as second to Obama if he should try to dump brainless Biden and ask her to run with him.

    • TriciaX

      I am with you, Diana C. I hope she takes a break now, writes a wondertful book about her SoS experiences, and decides to come back in 2016.