Writes Daniel Halper for the Weekly Standard “Yesterday, MSNBC also spent the morning talking about how the bad the Obama super PAC ad is. SAM STEIN IS ESPECIALLY STRONG, as is (will wonders ever cease) MARK HALPERIN:

Mark Halperin said then: “This is about as low as either side has gone … it’s a despicable ad.”

And even the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein said, “This is like so beyond what we need to discuss. … This just I think takes it too far.” (Read all.)

The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler aka the man who “awards” the dreaded “Pinocchios”: “As we noted, a case could be made that Bain’s involvement extended the life of a dying steel plant, in which case Soptic kept his insurance longer than he might have expected.” (Below the fold, see more from the WaPo‘s Glenn Kessler.)

As soon as I spotted Romney’s powerful collection of verifiable quotes, I asked myself why I should re-write what Romney’s press release already makes so very clear. So I left well enough alone, and am re-printing “What They’re Saying About The Disgraceful Obama Super PAC Ad,” along with some comments. (There’s also a “Lola alert” below).

At the very end, I also make some RUDE remarks [UPDATED] about Mr. Sostik’s insistence on blaming Mitt Romney for all that ails him, perhaps even his occasional need to consume prunes.

“Dishonest” … “Scurrilous” … “Sickening” … “Despicable” … “Over The Edge”

Former Representative Joe Sestak (D-PA): “Over The Edge.” “‘I thought the ad was wrong in terms of trying to tie a presidential candidate to a personal tragedy of a family,’ said former Congressman Joe Sestak, a Democrat from Pennsylvania. ‘This ad goes over the edge.’” (Peter Nicholas and Colleen McCain Nelson, “Star Of Anti-Romney Ad Explains His Stance,” The Wall Street Journal, 8/8/12)

     Bronwyn’s Note: True-blue Democrat Joe Sestak was Bill Clinton’s Director for Defense on the National Security Council. During 30 years in the U.S. Navy, Vice Admiral Sestak commanded the USS George Washington carrier strike group during combat operations in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean” and, following 9/11, was “the first director of ‘Deep Blue’ (code name), the Navy’s top secret counter-terrorism unit.”

Time’s Michael Crowley: “Dishonest … Scurrilous.” “It is at once the most dishonest and substantive ad of the summer. Narrowly judged, the ad is scurrilous.” (Michael Crowley, “That Priorities USA Ad: Dishonest But Important,” Time, 8/8/12)

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski: “Not Telling The Truth.” “Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe this morning, responding to the Obama campaign’s claim that it had no involvement with or idea about the specifics behind a pro-Obama Super PAC’s TV ad linking Mitt Romney to a woman’s death from cancer. ‘There’s no price to pay, because they can say ‘Well, I don’t know the details’. You know what, at least on this show, that’s just not going to pass. They’re not telling the truth.’” (Christian Heinze, “Mika Brzezinski: Obama Campaign Is Lying About Cancer Ad,” The Hill, 8/9/12)

Time’s Mark Halperin: “Lines Of Decency Are Crossed…” “There is a fair amount of outrage on the left directed at journalists who seem intent on holding the Obamans accountable for the Priorities USA TV ad that features a man explaining how Mitt Romney’s actions at Bain Capital led to his wife’s death. … But when lines of decency are crossed, more strenuous efforts are required.” (Mark Halperin, “Why the Obama Super PAC Ad Is Different,” Time Magazine, 8/8/12)

LOLA ALERT: Larry can’t have you all to himself! So LISTEN UP: Please, Lola, note the remarks made by Brent Budowsky — a true “bleeding heart liberal” — from his column at The Hill. By the way, Lola, Budowsky’s writings have been featured at NoQuarterUSA, where all views are welcome (if rational and without rancor). Now here are Brett’s remarks:

The Hill’s Brent Budowsky: “Sickening … Despicable.” “It is sickening. It is despicable. It is unworthy of a sitting president. It is unworthy of a candidate for president. It is unworthy even of the campaign from hell we are witnessing.” (Brent Budowsky, “Obama Should Demand Priorities USA Pull Its Ad Suggesting Romney And Bain Killed A Woman,” The Hill, 8/8/12)

The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler: “Stretches The Bounds Of Common Sense And Decency.” “As we noted, a case could be made that Bain’s involvement extended the life of a dying steel plant, in which case Soptic kept his insurance longer than he might have expected. … On just every level, this ad stretches the bounds of common sense and decency.” (Glenn Kessler, “New Anti-Romney Ad: Same Steelworker, Tougher Message,” The Washington Post, 8/7/12)

CNN’s Brianna Keilar: “Not Accurate.” “A new attack ad by a Super PAC backing President Obama appears to blame Mitt Romney for a woman’s death from cancer after his company, Bain Capital, shut down the steel mill where the woman’s husband worked. … It’s a very heart-wrenching story, but it’s not accurate. Here is the actual timeline…” (Brianna Keilar, “Ad Linking Romney To Death Of The Wife Of A Laid Off Steelworker Not Accurate,” CNN, 8/7/12)

Real Clear Politics’ Scott Conroy: “Unrelentingly Negative Style Of Campaigning…” “The new Priorities USA ad marked a deadly serious turn in the unrelentingly negative style of campaigning seen so far, but the two candidates demonstrated within hours of each other that neither one is above the kind of name calling that’s more befitting a schoolyard than an election to decide who the next president will be.” (Scott Conroy, “No End in Sight For Campaigns’ Negative Focus,” Real Clear Politics, 8/8/12)

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Here are excerpts of today’s “Morning Joe” segment, via The Weekly Standard:

“This morning on MSNBC, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough blasted the pro-Obama super PAC for running an ad that suggested Mitt Romney was responsible for a women dying of cancer.”

Halper continues: “Then, Brzezinski and Scarborough went after Obama’s campaign for playing along, pretending not to know that the facts of the ad are wrong. ‘They’re not telling the truth’, Brzezinski said.

“‘This is so short-sighted and stupid that I can’t believe an organization that is this good has allowed themselves to be caught in such petty lies over the last 24 hours’, added Scarborough.” […]

FOR THE VIDEO OF TODAY’S MORNING JOE: Larry has that video up in his new post, Obama’s Campaign Goes Stupid.”

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MY RUDE COMMENTS [UPDATED]: It defies credibility that your wife never exhibited any symptoms before you took her to an ER with pneumonia. I have known people as they went through various stages of lung cancer. The symptoms are painfully obvious — long before the friends got to a doctor.

Either your wife hated going to the doctor and refused, or you didn’t pay enough attention to her to see any of the obvious symptoms. Just sayin’ … that maybe your anger at Mitt Romney stems from your natural inability to face the prospect that both your wife and you knew she was quite ill, long before you took her to an emergency room. Now that is truly tragic because she might have lived a few more years or even, in some cases, beaten the cancer.

There is also the fact that, had she not had her own health insurance, you could have — if you’d prioritized expenses — added her to your own health insurance available to you through the school district.

By the way, school districts almost always offer excellent health insurance, well worth sacrificing elective purchases and eating out or, instead of buying new clothing, hitting the thrift and consignment shops that are available in every town and city across the entire nation. Some people even give up their cable/satellite TV reception, and rent movies from the local public library.

However, had your wife not worked and had your paychecks placed you below the poverty line, your wife could have received excellent health coverage free of charge via Medicaid — which would have immediately qualified her for disability had she been properly diagnosed with cancer. Or she could have applied for use of every hospital’s charitable donations funds towards her health care. The fund comprised of charitable donations are made available to needy patients from every hospital I’ve ever heard of.

Had she seen a doctor and been diagnosed with cancer, she would also have been eligible for Social Security Disability. The major drawback of SSD is that there is no health insurance coverage (Medicare) for the first two years — one of the more nonsensical Congressional exceptions I have ever heard of. That said, when she was awarded SSD, she would have received several thousand dollars because coverage is retroactive to the date of application.

Furthermore, during the two-year wait for Medicare to kick in, many states have basic health insurance plans that she could have signed up for. At the time your wife became ill, these state basic health insurance programs had sufficient funding to take new people. However, since Barack Obama became president and because states handled their budgets as if the good times would never end, some states have ended their basic coverage plans.

Additionally, had you not qualified for Medicaid or charity because the total value of your assets place your financial worth above guidelines, you could have applied for a loan or a second mortgage in order to pay for your wife’s Cobra plan (should she not have been working any longer) or to pay for her medical costs. It is worth noting that every public hospital will care for its patients, regardless of financial status.

Some people even sell their expendable assets — a second automobile, a boat, jewelry, coin collections, guns, a Hummel collection, fine china, silverware, baseball cards, and on and on.

Truly desperate people even sell their homes and move into an apartment if it means that their loved one can get proper medical care. At the time your wife was ill, you could have sold your home at a profit and, after paying capital gains taxes, still have had enough money to rent a lovely apartment or condo and to be able to add your wife to your school district insurance plan.

Or, you and she could have rented a spare bedroom, basement or attic to a student or newly single person who can’t afford an apartment. Yes, you would have had to share your kitchen and washer/dryer, but those are easily handled obstacles. Additionally, you could have charged the renter for a percentage of the utilities and TV cable/satellite bill.

There are also churches, religious organizations, and community groups that gladly donate money to needy people. And, surprisingly, you don’t have to be destitute to ask for help. A relative of mine who was worth millions, lives in a McMansion and has a wife who makes $65+/hour thought nothing of asking his church’s congregation for financial help to pay for the $2,000/month experimental cancer treatments he received. It was touching to read his note of thanks to the congregation for their substantial donations.

Regardless, of course, your grief is so understandable. What is not understandable is that you’ve turned Mitt Romney into your personal whipping boy. It is not dignified. And it is not honest.

I trust that Mr. Sostik realizes that — having exploited him to the max — Barack Obama, Stephanie Cutter and Bill Burton will never again give him the time of day. And let’s hope that Mr. Sostik isn’t day-dreaming about a personal tour of the White House by Michelle Obama.